Moving Forward – Chapter 31: Complicated Thoughts

Marie lets out a sigh.

No matter how much she tried to, she couldn’t get the words out of her head from Kelley earlier.

She hadn’t thought about the ceremony….yet. She had put together where they were having the ceremony, her bridesmaids, and some ideas for her vows. However, beyond that, nothing else had been solidified, therefore leaving the thought off the table.

Though since having the conversation with Kelley, she kept wondering – did she want to walk down the aisle by herself?

Ever since she was younger, she had been an independent woman, doing her own thing despite all the restrictions put on her by her father. She had proven her independence in how she had handled everything, sticking to her own guns.

The independence shined through when she took over the country. She immediately put everything into action with ease, becoming the natural born leader that everybody believed she was. Since she had taken over as ruler, there had been no problems within the country as laws went over easy, and everybody enjoyed the life they could live now. And while she had her staff to help her, she was able to handle mostly everything by herself with ease.

By walking down the aisle by herself, it’d be a symbolism of everything to date. However, was that what she truly wanted?

Normally, the person walking you down the aisle was your parent because they were giving you away – accepting the husband would now take care of their baby girl instead of them.

There were also other people who chose someone else to walk them down, for a variety of reasons. Since googling it in her questions, she had found other reasons for choosing certain people.

Some people had chosen someone for comfort. If they got cold feet, it was someone whom convinced them otherwise. Would she have cold feet? She didn’t believe so, as they had two kids together and been through a lot already.

Some people had chosen someone who had raised them from when they were a child. For her, that was her mother. Did she want her mom walking her down? She honestly couldn’t see that as things still hadn’t been smoothed over after everything.

Some people had chosen someone who was close to them, just so they had someone close to them that day besides their wedding party. Did she want someone like that in the role? There were a couple different people who played that role for her in the life that she had led – one within racing, and one outside of racing. John had helped Stacey run the country since everything and John was always close to her since day one. Did she want John to walk her down the aisle? Meanwhile, Steve had been her rock through everything when she couldn’t tell Dale things immediately, helping be the balance for them through the early stages till everything leveled off; he had also saved their daughter’s life, once. Did she want Steve to walk her down the aisle?

“I was wondering where you ran off too,” she hears, catching her attention as she spins around. Her thoughts had led her back to the church where she had stood three hours earlier. “We have to leave for Bristol shortly.”

“Sorry, I was just thinking,” Marie comments as she starts walking towards him. She was then surprised when she reached the end of the church, and he hadn’t moved.

“Do you want to talk about it?” She then lets out a sigh, as that may solve problems. However, the conversation from the other day rang in her mind.

“Remember we put off wedding plann-” Dale takes a deep breath, remembering his discussion with Greg.

“About that, I apologize for being so harsh. The past couple weeks haven’t gone the way I wanted and last week was the last straw it seemed as I snapped. I’m sorry that you were included in that war path. While I admit we should slow down things a little so I can focus more on racing, we can still talk about things.” His words made her feel a little more comfortable; it was nice to know that they hadn’t broken the barriers of communication.

“Forgiveness is easy as I totally understand the frustration.” He then smiles as he takes her hand into her own.

“So, what is it that you’re thinking about?” She then thinks over saying something, wondering if this was worth some more private thinking before sharing. Perhaps she was worrying for no reason.

“If I should have someone walk me down the aisle or not. I hadn’t thought about it till now when I was here earlier.” She didn’t want to say that the thoughts were due to Kelley or else Dale may yell at his sister.

“Well, that’s a personal decision for you to make and I support you every way possible. It wouldn’t matter to me. What do you think?” She found the thoughts of the past several hours flashing through her mind at once as she thought it over, shrugging her shoulders.

“I’m not sure. Part of me doesn’t seem to care if someone does, but part of me does.” He then lets go of her hands, rubbing her shoulders as he looks into her eyes.

“Well, there’s still four months till the wedding so you have a lot of time to think about it. Why don’t you take some time and think it over some more before making a decision? If you need someone to talk to, I’m here for you. But know this – no matter the decision, it doesn’t matter what others think and I’ll support you.” He then kisses her lips, lightly. “Now, are you ready to go win Bristol?”

“Let’s go!”


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