Cabin Fears – Chapter 9: The Second Package


Chase pulls up in front of the familiar house, climbing out of the car with the package in hand. The officer remains in the car, prying his fingers off the door bar and taking a couple deep breathes before climbing out.

“Just how quick did you make your way back here?” Dale questions as he comes out of the house to meet Chase on the porch.

“You don’t know, but I’d qualify well if I did it on a Friday,” Chase answers as Dale rolls his eyes. The pair then sit on the steps as they did with the previous package, as Chase places the box between them.

“What’s up with him?” Chase then glances up to the angry, white-faced officer standing before him.

“Let’s just say that he didn’t think it was a good idea, and he has an issue with an attitude. Let’s look at the package, and then we’ll discuss him.” Dale then looked at his fellow partner, surprised, having seen this type of attitude from Chase before. However, he understood the gratitude of the time being with Alyssa being missing.

“The package should be opened by an official and checked through before you view the conten-” The officer then starts as he makes his way closer while pulling his phone to call his supervisor.

“You guys know who is behind the packages, supposedly, based on the fingerprints on the first box,” Chase starts. “Secondly, you don’t get a say right now as the package was left for me so therefore it’s my decision. I don’t feel right in handing it over to you, especially after your stunts the past couple days. Thirdly, go ahead and call your boss and complain. Actually, tell your boss to come out here because I’d like to see him or her. I want to see the quickest way to get you fired.” Dale’s eyes then open even wider hearing the comments from Chase.

“What the hell happened today?” Dale questions as he picks up the package, catching Chase’s drift.

“I said I’d explain after,” Chase answers as he watches Dale rip open the box. “First, we have a box to check through, right?” Dale shakes his head yes as he rips off the end, tipping the box up as the contents fall out.

The pair then pick up the photos first, wanting to see evidence that Alyssa was okay. Each of them with a photo in hand clue into the binding situation that she was put in, with the straps across her waist and forehead, along with the chains for her hands and ankles. Chase then flips through, seeing the various angles. He then comes across the last photo in the pile, seeing Randy’s hand against her cheek, as if to be rubbing it.

Chase instantly feels as though his heart dropped, taking a swallow of nothing in his throat in the meantime. He shakes his head as he glances back through the images, trying to wipe the new thought out of his mind.

“Dale, you don’t think he’d rap-” Chase starts slowly and quietly, catching Dale’s attention away from the photos.

“Don’t let yourself think about that one bit,” Dale cuts him off quickly. “I’m serious, Chase. That’s just going to make your thoughts that much more hard to endure. Just try and think of the lone fact that they have her tied up so she can’t leave, and aren’t doing anything. Simple as that. Besides, it’s a ransom so they want us to feel as though she’s threatened and vulnerable so we fulfill the requ-”

“What the hell type of ransom could Randy be behind? You know he’s flat out for blood and harm – no exceptions. He’s get off on harming people. Remember the smiles? Remember the psychological stuff the lawyer discussed?” Dale shakes his head, remembering those long discussions in the lawyers’ offices.

“He may be short on money and know this torments us. He may not want money, but someone. Whatever the case, we’ll handle this, okay?” Chase slowly shakes his head yes as he picks up the note that had fallen out with the photos.

“So the note states, ‘Hope you enjoyed the view and what I’ve got planned for your sweet dear princess. Hope you let the thoughts run fully through your mind because your theories may play true. Let yourself think about that. Next package will be what you’ve been waiting for’.” The pair then glance up from the note, eyes locked on each other knowing what that means.

“Whatever he sends, we’ll handle it and she’ll be fine. I promise you, Chase, I’m going to do whatever it takes.” Chase then shakes his head in agreement as he glances back down at the note.

“You don’t have to tell me twice because I will do the same.” The pair then re-package everything into the box, before Chase sends the note sliding across the ground over towards the officer.

“So, do you want to tell me about the officer?” Chase then rolls his eyes at the reminder.

“How is it that we have two packages dropped off, and no trace of the person doing it? I mean, you’d think at a bloody airport that something would be said.” Dale shrugs his shoulders as he thinks it over. He didn’t want to think back how to the crime ring worked, but it’d be worth a thought here.

“We’re working with crime professionals here, Chase. These people are trained in their field and know what to watch out for. I’m going to get that they watched us for weeks, if not months, before landing this attack.” Chase shakes his head in disbelief as he didn’t want to think about the fact that Randy could’ve been stalking him for that long prior to this.

“The officer that I’ve got as my ‘security’ is a little lack of knowledge, if you will. He wasn’t the best for attitude on the first nigh-”

“Do you blame him for how long you were ou-”

“This was before then. And who in their right mind that works security leaves someone whose at risk at the side of the road by themselves?” Dale had to admit – that certainly crossed the line, and still angered him. “So today he knows that the discussion is bugging me while we’re flying, however he continued to press on the topics. Like, does he not understand personal space? Does he not understand the risk involved in flying and pushing someone? And then he also attitude after I found the package, after all that, too. Like, he doesn’t know when to draw the line.”

“So that’s why you want to get him fired?” Chase shrugs his shoulders. Perhaps he was pushing it a little far and the guy wasn’t that bad.

“Well, maybe not fired – but I should at least replace him with somebody else for me who actually is easier to deal with.”

“Now that’s the Chase that I am used to speaking.” Dale then wraps an arm around Chase’s shoulders. “Listen, I know this is tough – trust me, it’s eating me as well. However, let’s remember how strong she is, and let’s try not to bite off too many heads. These people are just trying to help and unfortunately, some of them didn’t go to the right school of compassion and understanding.”

“Perhaps you’re right.” Dale’s phone then goes off as he glances at the image, hitting the gate unlock button. “Who’s that?”

“Robby’s best friend Johnny.” Chase shakes his head, understanding.

“Are you sure it’s alright bringing him here?” Dale knew there was a slight risk for the fellow young boy, but it was a less risk than Robby going over to Johnny’s house.

“Robby wanted to spend some time with him, and I’d feel more comfortable if he was here instead of at Johnny’s.” Chase shakes his head as he glances over at Dale.

“But are you sure about this?” Dale shakes his head yes as he watches the car pull up to the house.

“It makes Robby feel better in having a distraction if you will, and that’s fine by me. He knows the meaning of words ‘missing’, ‘bad person took Alyssa’, ‘danger’, ‘pain’, ‘fear’ – the basics of the situation. However, is there any way that I can make a nine-year-old understand why someone would want to hurt his big sister? Is there any way to explain Randy to him? Nope. So I’m doing what I can in trying to comfort the unexplained worry and help him find a way to feel good.” Chase shakes his head understanding as he watches Dale get up and walk over to the car, speaking with the boy’s mother before watching Johnny get out.

“Hey Johnny!” Johnny gives Chase a quick wave before running in the house to find Robby.

“So he’s staying the night – which I can deal with. But you see what I mean?” Chase shakes his head yes. “Alright. Well, I better go check where they’ve gotten off to – and see how Elsa and Marie are…unless you want to talk?” Chase shakes his head no as he stands up.

“You handle that. I’ve got Regan and a couple others I can call if I need someone, Dale. I’ll let you know if anything comes up.” Dale shakes his head, before glancing back at the officer.

“Oh, and try to give him a bit of a break when you explain things to the supervisor.” Chase shakes his head with a slight smile. Dale then heads inside as Chase heads over to the pool house, letting out a sigh.

As he walks in the house, he shuts the door behind him, leaning back against it and closing his eyes. There had to be a way to get the image he had in his mind of Randy hurting Alyssa to go away.


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