Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 51: Lack of Answers

Chase heard the buzzer in his office, glancing down at the phone to see who was trying to contact him. He was expecting a visit, however expected the visit to come in 15 minutes. However, if she was early, he wasn’t going to complain.

“This is Chase,” he states after pressing the button.

“It’s Alan,” he hears, recognizing his crew chief’s voice immediately. “Got some time to talk? I want to go over some stuff with you.” Chase knew Alan’s discussions normally took longer than 15 minutes and he didn’t want to be late for the appointment he had.

“Actually, I don’t. I have a meeting in 15 minutes with Kendall. Can we hold off till afterwards?” Alan lets out a sigh. He hated to hear the name ‘Kendall’ as he knew of her connection to ‘Harry’ and the happenings there.

“Yeah, that’s fine. Buzz me when you’re done. I’ll be in my office, but if not there, then buzz the shop.”

“10-4.” Chase then hits the button to end the conversation before glancing back at his computer. He had been going over a couple e-mails, some personal and other business related.

Normally, the PR reps would send e-mails of approvals with regards to sponsor appearances, commercials, and interviews. It was always the driver’s job to confirm whether they’d be available or suggest a time to reschedule. With the season set to start shortly, it seemed business was slowly picking up.

After answering some of the messages, he heard the familiar buzzer again, hitting the button immediately to instruct the receptionist to let Kendall through to his office. He then closed his e-mail browser, tiding the desk a little before relaxing as much as he could in the chair.

He couldn’t help but feel his stomach flip flop while he was waiting for her. It was always nervous to hear what she had to say, whether it be an update or a concern. When his and Sarina’s safety was connected to it, there were certainly concerns to be had.

He watches the door open a couple minutes later, standing up and shaking her hand, before being seated. He then lets her sit down before him, keeping his eyes locked on her with curiousity.

“You said that you wanted to see me, so I assume that you have something of interest,” he states as Kendall smiles, shaking her head yes. “Please tell me that you’ve captured him and my life can go back to normal.”

“I wish I could tell you that, but I may flip your life upside down instead,” Kendall comments as Chase looks at her with a tinge of worry. He hadn’t heard from Sarina for a couple hours – but had since Kendall had called him about wanting to meet up. So what could’ve happened of that nature? “What do you know about Sarina’s childhood?” Chase lets out a sigh, remembering the night Sarina initially confessed everything in regards to her parents and moving around. They had talked a bit about it more since, in relation to some of her fears, however it wasn’t a subject they touched deeply.

“I know of her father’s behavior with the police, and how that got him shot. I also know how she and her mom moved across town, but then her mother was found and shot. So are you saying that this guy is part of that and wants Sarina now dead as a result of her connection?” Kendall shrugs her shoulders as it was a possibility, but she didn’t believe so.

“Did you know that she had a brother?” Chase freezes immediately and slowly shakes his head no. There were no mentions of any siblings, or family, beyond her parents during discussion. “We obviously released the photo of Harry that was on file. We released any recording of his actions, and any past that we had. Needless to say, the public has a profile so we have the best chance of catching him. I got an anonymous tip last night that caught my attention, and brought me here.”

“Why do I have a feeling that I am not going to like what you have to say?” Kendall lets out a small chuckle as she pulls the folder out of her purse.

“Because you aren’t going to like it.” She then opens the folder. “When we ran Harry’s prints and it came up on him, we didn’t dig any further on family or anything as nothing connected immediately. However, after this ti-”

“Can you just spit it out?” Kendall shakes her head no as Chase looks on surprised. “Why not?”

“Because you may need a minute to digest this, say that you don’t believe any of it and call me crazy. Hence why I am taking this approach. Now focus, please.” She then flips through the pages to the second last page.  “After the tip, I went back in the system and pulled up Harry’s biological information, DNA and prints. I then pulled up Sarina’s because they’re in the system from the incident that happened. Notice something?” Chase then takes the paper from her, looking across the data before him. He could notice similarities, but nothing that he wanted to connect before him.

“There’s similarities. There has to be similarities as everybody can’t be totally differe-”

“Right, but nobody is that close unless they’re related. I also then compared it to Sarina’s father for more interest. And something came up of intrigue – family match.” Chase’s jaw drops and he shakes his head immediately.

“You can’t be serious…”

“Chase, Harry Butler is a fake name that this guy divulged around the same time that Sarina legally changed her name. I’d like you to meet Chris Dryer, brother to Chelsy Dryer, and son of Victor & Amanda.” Chase shakes his head in total disbelief as he sits back in the chair, not believing that as he knew that in truth, that meant that Harry – sorry Chris – was Sarina’s brother. “Sarina said that she didn’t recognize the photo, correct?” Chase shakes his head yes. “Well, obviously there’s an issue here.”

“Maybe it’s cause they hadn’t seen each other in a long time. Maybe it’s cause she didn’t know she had a brother. Maybe they were sepera-”

“Or maybe there’s a reason why she hasn’t mentioned him.” Chase shakes his head in disbelief. He wasn’t about to let Sarina get blamed for this one. She couldn’t had been behind the appearance of Harry, nor hiding information on purpose. There had to be a logical explanation given her behavior to date. “Regardless, this is something that the three of us need to talk about together and get to the bottom of.  I thought I’d warn you first before I went to her with this information.”

“There’s a reason, a reason that will get the heat that you’re placing on her taken off. She’s a good girl that just so happened to be put in a wrong situation. However, she’s overcame that and she wouldn’t do something to mess it up. Besides, if she was behind it, why would she had been in the plane?” Kendall shrugs her shoulders.

“I didn’t say that she was behind the attacks, but maybe there’s something that happened before in why she never talks about having a brother.” Kendall then takes the file contents, closing the file and standing up. “Regardless, the conversation is needed, and the sooner the better. When should we have it and where?” Chase felt himself sitting there in disbelief as he picked up his phone.

“In an hour at our place. We’ll both be done work and then we can get to the bottom of this.”

“Done.” Kendall then leaves the office, closing the door behind her, as Chase sits there in disbelief.

It seemed with Sarina, the twists never stopped as she had tipped his world upside down from the day that he had entered it. Regardless, he now found himself questioning a whole bunch of things, with theories twirling his head as he wondered why her brother would be coming after her.


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