Cabin Fears – Chapter 1: The Note

18-year-old Alyssa Earnhardt couldn’t be happier with how her life is turning out. She just graduated high school while racing in the NASCAR XFINITY Series for her father Dale Earnhardt Jr. Currently dating her best friend Chase Elliott, she can’t complain about how life is going.

At the age of 32, Chase Elliott is a Sprint Cup Series Champion, driving for Hendrick Motorsports, having moved past the fateful events of the past with life going great now. Honestly, there’s nothing to complain about.

But what happens when life turns upside down for both Alyssa and Chase, all because people circulate their way back into their lives and go after Alyssa’s parents, Dale Jr. & Marie-Ann Belle Kastona Earnhardt?

This is the sequel to Chasing The Love, which was the secondary future sequel to Flight 88. You do not need to read Flight 88 or Chasing The Love to understand, except if you want to know their past that’d be a great place to start.

Characters: Alyssa Belle Kastona Earnhardt, Chase Elliott, Bill Elliott, Cindy Elliott, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Marie-Anne Belle Kastona Earnhardt, Elsa Marie Belle Kastona Earnhardt, Kelley Earnhardt Miller, L.W. Miller, Karsyn Elledge, Kennedy Elledge, Ryan Blaney, Darrell Wallace Jr., Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart, and more


June 2028

Chase Elliott sat in his office, signing a stack of autograph cards.

It was a normal day for the superstar as once a week, Hendrick Motorsports officials would drop a bucket of stuff for him to sign in his office that had arrived from fans. Some of it would be simple autograph cards, while other things could include racecars, previous photos and momentos. It didn’t bother Chase a single bit as he always enjoyed seeing the fan support that he got, and wanted to honor it by giving back a simple signature in return. He just hoped everything didn’t end up on Ebay.

Glancing at the photo on his desk, a simple smile formed on his face. It was from earlier in the year at Texas Motor Speedway. On top of his head, he wore a cowboy hat, as did the female beside him in the photo. He had to smile remembering it was one of the many weekends this year that the pair had both won their respective races, meeting in victory lane.

After everything that he had been through, it was crazy to think how much happiness surrounded him right now. There had been no complaints thus far this year as everything on-track was going great, and off the track everything was right. There’d been nothing to scare him, and he was in a perfect happy relationship with Alyssa. Following their discussions in the spring, the pair had been able to move forward without any issues. There were no more nightmares, freezes up or anything. For the first time in his life, he believed he had finally put everything to bed.

It was crazy to think about everything he had been through, from betrayal to stabbed in the leg to almost froze to death somewhere in Canada. However, he stood now stronger than ever before and ready to tackle everything that came his way.

Letting out a sigh, he sets the marker down and twirls his fingers around a little. That was the last signature that he had on the day and it was a good thing as a cramp had begun to form in his fingers. He smiled as he knew the day would be done soon – a simple check on the guys in the shop, and then he’d get to meet up with Alyssa for a dinner for two.

After quickly answering the last series of text messages on his phone, he checked his twitter notifications quick and answered a couple fan questions. Once he felt he had sent enough for the day, it was time to head down to the shop.

He easily made his way down the stairs, speaking with the guys about the upcoming race that weekend at Pocono Raceway. They talked about the car they were preparing, how far they were already, and why they felt they could win another race this season. He was determined to get the win that weekend as Ella had been bugging him about the fact that she had five wins this year for HMS while he only had four. It’d be nice to walk up to her with another trophy in hand to stop the shop ribbing.

Satisfied with the discussion and knowing what time it was, he thanked the guys for their hard work and made his way out of the shop. Flipping his keys in his hand, he smiled as he looked at the sweet convertible parked behind the shop.

He wasn’t one for buying lots of cars, however knew as soon as the new corvette came out this year it’d be a great summer driver. It was in that moment at the end of May he bought himself the corvette, while buying Alyssa the beautiful 1969 Pink Camaro she had dreamed of. For him, it was a way to spoil himself for a change. For Alyssa, it marked the dream high school graduation present. Well, besides her dad surprising her with the fact that her Cup Series debut would come later on that year.

Unlocking the door and sitting down in the driver’s seat, a simple smile crossed his face as he focused on the steering wheel. There was nothing that could describe how sweet this car felt on the open highway going a good rate of speed. Finally he had found a way to make the drive to work more fun.

He was about to put the key in the ignition when he noticed a piece of paper sitting on the passenger seat. He then looks at it slightly puzzled, as he picks it up in his hands. Perhaps he had dropped it there that morning and forgotten, or maybe it slipped out of his stuff. Either way, it was worth looking over.

He unfolds the edges of the paper, curiosity increasing as he notices the red handwriting inside. It didn’t match any writing that he had seen from anybody close to him, which got him more interested.

As the last unfold was completed, his eyes locked on the writing inside of the paper. As he read the note word by word, one word at a time, he felt his heart beat faster, followed by sweat forming on his face and hands, hands turning into fists, finding it more difficult to control his breathing in what he was reading.

“Chase?” He hears from what feels like a distance as he remains frozen staring at the piece of paper. “Chase!?!” The voice goes unnoticed in his mind as he continues to stare blankly at the piece of paper in his hands. “Chase, what’s going on?” A hand then reaches out to take the paper from his hand, but he immediately moves the paper away from the hand. “Chas-”

“Don’t touch the paper,” he states as he turns to face the eyes that had landed on him. He then takes a couple of deep breathes, trying to find some way to calm down before speaking again. “Call Dale. Tell him to get his ass down here immediately. Tell him to bring Marie, Elsa, anybody else really important. I’m going to call the cops.” Chase’s quick reaction resulted in a look of puzzlement on the face of the person who had found him.

“Why? What’s going on?” Chase takes a deep breath, knowing that Jeff would find out anyway. If they were going to get anywhere, he needed to be able to say the words now.

“It’s Alyssa. She’s been kidnapped. Here’s the note.” He then slowly lets Jeff take the note from his hands as he climbs from the car, tossing the keys back in his pocket as he pulls out his phone. “Can you call Dale while I go see our security team here?” Jeff’s eyes remained focused on the piece of paper as he slowly shakes his head yes in response to Chase’s question. “Jeff, I’m serio-”

“Go, take the note to them. I’ve got the phone call under control.” Chase then snatches the note back and takes off running. “Alyssa kidnapped for ransom? I know it’s damn well possible but come on, this family has been through enough!” Jeff then makes his way back into the shop, heading up the stairs, debating the whole way what to say on the phone to Dale.


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