Chasing The Love – Chapter 110: Birthday

Alyssa woke up, stretching as she looked around the room. She fully expected to be greeted with breakfast in bed, morning kisses – something. Though as she looked around the bedsroom, it looked the same as any other day, but even worse actually.

There was no boyfriend to greet her, even.

Letting out a sigh, she climbed out of bed and smiled. He was probably in the kitchen making her breakfast.

She then walks down the short hallway to the kitchen, feeling the smile grow as she takes in the scent – bacon, eggs, hashbrown, toast – it was smelled delicious.

She walks into the kitchen, fully expecting to see Chase standing there, though freezes immediately.

“Dad?” She questions out loud as Dale spins around and smiles. She then looks around, slightly confused, before turning back to the counter and seeing only one glass. “Where’s Chase?”

“Read this…,” he simply says as he hands her the envelope that as sitting by her plate. She then takes it from him as she sits down before her plate of food.

“Scavenger hunt for my birthday? He is playing one of the common tricks. Like, really?” Dale then chuckles as she opens the envelope. She then stops and glances at him with a shocked expression. “What are you laughing about?”

“Just read it.” She then lets out a sigh as she returns her eyes back to the envelope, pulling out the folded piece of paper. She unfolds it, recognizing the writing right away.


Happy Birthday princess!  

I got something planned for you later today, but can’t you know what yet. I figured that well I get it all set-up and ready to go, you can spend the morning and afternoon with your dad. I hear that he has a fun activity or two planned for you.




She then folds the letter back up as she slips it back into the envelope and places it on the counter, looking up at her dad.

“Let me guess – he’s planning a surprise birthday party with family and you’re supposed to distract me?” She questions and Dale shrugs his shoulders. It was better that he kept his mouth shut to save his butt from being kicked.

“He never told me what he was up to,” Dale lies, wanting to take away any chance of something slipping out. However, the lie didn’t go unnoticed by his daughter.

“You’re full of shit so good try. So does he have a date night planned? Are you going to lead me to somewhere special?” Dale just simply shrugs his shoulders once again as he picks up his glass of orange juice.

“Why don’t you just enjoy your breakfast, get dressed into something comfortable and see what I have planned?” She then looks at him curiously as he walks by her.

“Do I even get a clue as to what we’re doing?” He then stops and looks back at her.

“Wear something comfortable, like jeans and t-shirt. Oh, and perhaps a pair that you don’t mind getting a little dirty or stained.” She then looks at him confused – for a second before a smile crosses her face. She remembered those words growing up and knew where they were headed.

“Paint ball for my birthday?” He shrugs his shoulders.

“I thought we could do a fun activity to start off our day, unless you’re worried about getting your butt kicked.” She then laughs as she smiles.

“There’s no way that a daddy would kick his girl’s butt on her birthday.”

“We’ll see about that.” Dale gives her a wink before heading to the other room.


The pair head to the back field of his property as she glances at some of the obstacles. She had heard the story previously in how he started this racecar graveyard, using old wrecked cars. As she looked through it now, about 20 years since it began, she knew that it could tell stories beyond disbelief in what it had seen through the years.

And now they were set to use the racecars as things to hide behind, and in, to avoid being shot by each other with a paintball.

“What color do you want?” Dale asks as he pulls a couple packages of balls out of the back of the ATV. She glances back with a surprised look. Normally everybody was simply assigned colors and sent to play. “It’s your birthday, so you can choose.”

“Rainbow,” she answers, referring to the new package of rainbow balls that they had gotten a couple months ago. When they were shot, they created a splatter of different colors.

“Here you go.” He hands her the gun, fully loaded with the first round of balls, while handing her some extras to load if necessary. He then picks up the package of blue balls, putting them in his gun.

“I’ll give you 20 seconds to hide before I begin shooting.” He then looks up as he finishes loading his.

“What happened to the 10 seconds?” She shrugs her shoulders as she leans back against the ATV.

“Let’s just say that I want to give you a fair chance before I make you look like a random painting.” He then gives her a quick kiss on the cheek.

“You can talk the talk, but it’s a question as to whether you can walk the walk.”  He then heads off to hide as she heads the other direction.

Over the next couple of hours, the pair shot the balls back and forth at each other, with some hitting and others flying over their heads. They laughed, rolled, and yelled at each other in the name of the game.

By the time it was over, there was no telling who won as they looked at each other covered in paint, laughing.

“I win – since it’s my birthday,” Alyssa declares after a bit of discussion as Dale smiles.

“You can only get away with that once a year,” he tells her as she smiles. “I still can’t believe you’re officially 19.”

“What’s wrong? Daddy all misty because his little girl is growing up?” Dale shakes his head no as he wraps an arm around her.

“No, because I know that my little girl will always be my little girl and come to me when she needs something. I love you.” He then gives her a kiss on the side of the head before they both get on the ATV to head back up to the house.

“So what else do you have planned today?” He looks at her with a smile, before focusing back on the trail. “Oh come on – give me something since you won’t tell me what Chase is up to, although I have a couple ideas.”

“You’ll find out what he’s up to later this afternoon. For now, we both need to go get something to eat for lunch and keep enjoying some quality father-daughter time together.”


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