Back to Square One – Chapter 7: Sleeping in Shop



Ron walks into the shop, giving a quick wave to a couple crew guys as he walks past them, before walking into his office and closing the door behind him. He then turns the blinds down, blocking the light that threatened to filter it’s way in.

He then sits down in the chair at his desk, putting his feet up as he lets out a sigh.

While he went through the morning like any other – well, this was obviously different due to Greenlee making him breakfast. However, he had acted as though he had gotten the necessary sleep that he needed to function for the day.

However, it wasn’t the truth and he almost brought himself to say something to her before he left the house.

All he could do was picture back to the night before, sitting on the couch in his living room, going back through the details from a couple months ago. He recalled going through how David and Hilary came into their lives. He recalled how David was set on finding Jimmie. He recalled how the racing morning went, including his meeting with Hilary. He recalled how things went following the crash, how he was doing his normal duty and swept up into her arms. He recalled the moments that he remembered from being in her hands.

On the surface, and the appearance that he put on to others, it looked as though he had been able to heal both physically and mentally from what happened. It seemed as it had no effect on him, and life would simply return to normal.

That was far from the truth, though. He found himself still haunted by the demons of what happened. He feared being alone at the track, memory flashing back to the kidnapping. He found himself glancing over his shoulder a lot more, wondering if someone was watching and lurking, ready to mark another move. He also hadn’t slept as much as he wanted the night before, his memory taking him through the events that happened.

Letting out a sigh, he wished that he could say that it was getting easier to deal with. However, that would be far from the truth. He found himself getting less sleep with each night, followed by those fears that he felt being heightened.

He thought about speaking with a friend, perhaps even Jimmie as they were close, but he couldn’t find himself to speak out loud. He could repeat the trail of events that happened. What was needed to be said that would make it easier to deal with?

He thought about taking further steps to deal with it – some in a positive direction of seeing a psychiatrist, or simply voicing his concerns to someone. There was also the negative direction that he thought about, looking for any cure possible to get the sleep that he craved. But he couldn’t bring himself to do that as he knew while times were tough, he’d regret it later as there was a life that he loved living and people who loved him.

He closes his eyes, drifting off to sleep for about 30 minutes, only to awaken at the sound of his door opening. He immediately takes his feet off of the desk, sitting up and facing the driver that stands in the doorway.

“Chad’s been looking for you,” Jimmie starts, eyes locked on his car chief and best friend. “He says that you had a mee-”

“Tell him I’ll be there in five,” Ron cuts Jimmie off as he tries to wipe the sleepiness off like nothing, opening the drawer as he searches for his binder. He knew that he had placed the binder with notes from the previous day’s discussion with the team members in the drawer. They had discussed adjustments and things to do with the car for a couple weeks ahead. He was supposed to debrief Chad and Cameron on that discussion, while taking part in discussions for that upcoming weekend.

“Okay. I can do that.” Jimmie then walks closer to the desk, eyes focused on Ron as he finds his mind scrambling for answers. He could tell that the car chief hadn’t been working before his appearance, but rather looking for some quiet space. He could also see the resemblance of bags underneath the eyes, meaning a lack of sleep. It was that moment that he found himself generally concerned for his friend. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah. I just have to make sure I grab the right bind-”

“I’m talking about you, Malec.” Ron grabs the binder out of the drawer, closing it as he looks up at his driver. He knew that Jimmie could see right through any lies that he told and could probably see the sleepiness that he tried to hide.

“Look, I didn’t sleep as much as I would’ve preferred last night so I’m a little tired. Hence why I was trying to grab a quick nap.” Ron then focuses on getting whatever else he felt that was needed as Jimmie crosses his arms. His comment seemed to go with some suspicions that Cameron had shared earlier in the week about how Ron was doing. The engineer had wondered whether the car chief was fine, or something was going on once again. Jimmie quickly brushed it off, knowing that they had all put everything behind them, but found himself curious now.

“Okay. So there’s nothing going on? You haven’t gone back on the pack that we made. You haven’t crossed paths with David or Hilary or anybody related to them. I have nothing to worry about, right?” Ron stands up and shakes his head yes, knowing that those things didn’t hi the needle on the head, as he focuses on the driver. “And everything is cool? You’re not sick or having emotional issues from what happened?” Ron knew that he couldn’t be truthful in stating that nothing of those statements were true, but he wasn’t about to admit it either. Though he knew that he could take a different approach. It was bound to come out that Greenlee was staying at his house.

“Do you remember Greenle-”

“I thought you said that you didn’t go back on our pack!” Ron rolls his eyes as he wished it was that simple, rather than the story that Greenlee laid on his shoulders that night.

“I didn’t, okay? She wanted to get away from some things that happened both in California and Pine Valley, so she came down here. She got stranded on the side of the road and I gave her a lift back to my place last night so she’d have a safe place to stay.” Jimmie didn’t know whether to relax in hearing that or not. He knew of the trouble that she had caused before, and the feelings that Ron had for her originally. “Let me go to this meeting and then I’ll come to your office and tell you everything. Fair?”


Jimmie sat back in shock as he listened to Ron divulge on Greenlee’s tale, from start to finish. He also couldn’t believe that despite her questionable past, Ron was set to give her a chance by allowing her to stay at his place and help her find a job. Though with a smirk, he could see why in the long run.

“Nothing happened,” Ron repeated as he noticed the smirk on Jimmie’s face.

“That doesn’t mean that you don’t want anything to happen,” Jimmie comments as Ron rolls his eyes. It seemed that Jimmie wasn’t far from the truth, though.

“I’m not even going to comme-”

“So it is true since you won’t address the issue.” Ron then stares down at Jimmie.

“Do I like her? Sure. Do I still have a crush on her? Sure. Am I going to move on that? I don’t know. Does she know that I have a crush on her? It may have slipped out after she made me breakfast. I’m going to tell you the same thing that I told her, though. We’ll see how our friendship goes, and how the feelin-”

“Famous last wor-”

“I have to think about whether I can put everything that she’s done in the past and trust her, and whether she’s done those games as I can’t have that bullshit again. She also has to think if she wants to love again after what happened with Leo and Ryan, and whether she’s willing to move forward. IF there’s any hesitation, there’s no way that I am doing this. But…maybe…just maybe….you’re god damn right.” Jimmie just smiles as he kicks his feet back, eyes focused on Ron. It was certainly an interesting scenario with her back in play.

“I knew something was there. Now, did you manage to get her a job?” Ron lets out a sigh as he checks his text messages, seeing a decline from both Malcolm and Tyler. Malcolm knew her shady past, and Tyler wasn’t taking on any new hires. “Say, she can work on cars, right? Chad mentioned something about needing a note taker. Perhaps you could throw that out to her. If she says yes, I’ll vouch for her….for now.”

“You’d do that?” Jimmie shakes his head yes.

“Tyler gave Candiss a second chance, and look at where things are now. Perhaps a second chance is all Greenlee needs for you both to be happy.”


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