Falling Deeper – Chapter 6: The Appearance

I don’t want to live this life
I don’t want to say goodbye
With you I wanna spend
The rest of my life


Jimmie let out a sigh as he picked up the last pair of pants off of the bed, folded them and placed them in the suitcase. He then glanced up at Candiss, shaking his head as he looked back down at the bed.

“I wish I could just cancel this appearance,” he comments out loud as he zips the bag up. “I want to stay with you.” She smiles as it was sweet to hear him say that, and she agreed with the sentiment.

When they originally started going together, she didn’t mind the time apart as she was the independent type. However, she had grown quite used to laying in his arms and being cuddled, and it made her feel better than she had ever felt before. Perhaps it was finding the lack of love that she had been missing as a child, perhaps it was simply the connection they’d built. Regardless, she didn’t want him to leave either.

“I know, but you know that you have to do this,” she tells him. “Got to keep the sponsors happy so they can pay for that car to go vroom vroom.” He smiles at her comment as he sits down on the bed beside her.

“Okay, fine. I wish that you could come with me then.” Normally when it came to appearances, she would travel with him as she wasn’t up to much else lately. She’d do the odd shift at the restaurant, but her life saw her focused on him now. This upcoming weekend was different, though.

“I wish I could go with you, but Letty and Dom have been planning this trip to come down here for awhile. It wouldn’t be fair to last minute cancel on them, again.” Jimmie shook his head in agreement. He knew that he couldn’t hog Candiss constantly to himself as she needed time with her other friends.

There was also a purpose to the trip from Letty and Dom. They had worked out more details in how to host the race wars event, from what rules they needed to how to make sure things went smoothly. Now it was just about location scouting and date deciding. They had some ideas in mind, in which they wanted Candiss’ opinion.

She also wanted to show them a couple back road locations throughout North Carolina that she had gotten used to street racing on to see if they’d work for that type of event.

“Well then at least you’re going to have some comfy while I’m just stuck with myself and Amy,” he states as Candiss smiles. She didn’t mind Amy as she was great at her job in doing Jimmie’s PR and keeping his schedule in line.

“Ah come on, Amy isn’t that bad,” she offers. “She shares some good jokes, and you have a nice friendship. It’s better than being totally alone.” He knew that she was right, but it wasn’t the same.

“But I can’t do this and love every drop of it…” He then leans in and kisses her lips lightly. “There’s nothing like the taste of your lips, that look in your eyes, and the slender body that I am proud to hold every night.” He then wraps his arms around her, kissing her lips once again,

“I also have no complaints about you either…” She lets herself indulge in the kiss for awhile, before pushing him back away from her. “We can’t do that right now. You have a flight to ca-”

“I can dela-”

“You can’t be late for your first appearance, either. I want this as bad as you do, but you know that you need to leave now.” He then lets out a sigh knowing that she’s right as he stands straight up.

“You’re no fun!” He then checks over the suitcase once again, before picking it up off of the bed. He then heads out of the bedsroom, going down the stairs as she follows him each step of the way. She stops at he bottom step as he grabs his shoes, slipping them on followed by a sweater.

“Be safe. Text me once you land, and call me each night. Be good and stay out of trouble. These two days will be over before you know it.” He looks back at her, hoping that she was right in those words as he could only believe at this point that they’d be painful and last forever.

“Don’t miss my call each night. I love you.” He then walks over for a final kiss.

“I love you, too. I’ll be sure to stay out of trouble, and keep the house in one piec-”

“Say that you’ll marry me.” Her jaw then drops at his comment as he focuses in on her eyes. “Say that you’ll marry me and we can be together for happily ever after.”

“Jimmie….” He then grabs both of his hands with hers.

“These past couple of weeks, we’ve continued to grow even closer. When you confessed your latest secret, it made me realize just how much I love you. It also made me realize that I never want to be without you. I always want to be by your side, comforting you, loving you – everything possible. I don’t want to say goodbye. I want to spend the rest of my life with you and there’s only one thing that I need to hear to make that possible.”

She knew that they were not quite a year into being a couple, but there was something about the love that they had for each other. She also knew that after everything they went through together, she couldn’t see herself with someone else.

While she was Ms. Independent and always believed that she’d be a single lady doing her own thing, she knew that was set to change with the next word out of her mouth.

“There’s only one answer that I could ever give you, but I think you know that already,” she tells him as she pulls him back close, kissing his lips once again. “Of course I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

The End


I know this ended off rather quicker than expected, but that is just the direction that the story took me. I’ve contemplated writing a sequel directly to this, but I’m not exactly sure the direction that Ron Malec sequel “Back to Square One” is set to take yet.  

So with that said, there will be no direct Jimmie/Candiss sequel, but the pair will probably come up in Ron’s solo story.


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