Back to Square One – Chapter 5: Agreement


Ron gets up off of the couch, glancing at the time as he looks back over at her.

“Alright well you can stay the night and then figure out what you want to do in the morning,” he tells her simply as she shakes her head yes, accepting. “You can either head back to Pine Valley, get a hold of someone or…perhaps stay here for awhile as you get your feet set solidly.” Her eyes brows look over at him raised.

“You seriously would let me stay here for awhile?” She questions as Ron takes a deep breath. It was the option on the list that he debated even putting there. She was a great person and he had really enjoyed the time that they spent together a long time ago. He also felt bad for her in everything that she had gone through, ranging from Leo to Ryan to Kendall. However, he also couldn’t find himself to fully trust her. There were some questions as to what stunts she may pull in the future, and whether her games were done and out the window. He didn’t need to end up caught up in another mess.

“Let’s just say that I feel for you, and still consider you a friend. With that said, I can’t do anything that risks anything so I suggest that you keep your behavior in line.” She then shakes her head, understanding as she stands up and walks over to him.

“Can’t trust me yet?” He swallows the lump that forms in his throat as he looks into her eyes. There was something about her that always turned him on.

“I know the games that you’ve played in the past, Greenlee. It seems those have continued over the years. I can’t risk what I have right now. That’s all I’m saying.” She grabs his hand firmly with hers, sending a shooting rage of heat through him.

“I want to put the mistakes of my past behind me and move forward, Ron. You can trust me not to cause any trouble.” He shakes his head accepting as she lets go. “Do you want me to take the cou-” He found himself tempted to welcome her to his room, but knew that it was too soon for that on many levels.

“Spare bedsroom is just down the hall from mine. You can sleep there.”

“That’s fine.”

Once they both got ready for bed, they traded good night wishes and retreated back to their own rooms.

Ron flopped back in his bed, still surprised by everything that she had gone through over the years since their lives took them in different directions. He knew that if he went through something similar he’d be nothing like she was but rather broken into pieces. Heck, the stunt with David and Hilary almost did that alone.

He also found himself still heavily attracted to her, wanting to be close with her, and test those waters. It seemed those feelings from before hadn’t wavered at all during the years. However, he couldn’t ever bring himself to voice those concerns. The apprehension remained. What if she wasn’t done her games? What if it just brought a world of turmoil? He didn’t want to be stuck in the midst of some of her stunts as she seemed to find a way of always attracting trouble.

Down the hall, Greenlee got comfortable in the bed. She was beyond thankful that Ron had found her at the side of the road. She could only imagine what would’ve happened if she was been out there any longer.

She debated returning back to Pine Valley. It’d be nice to see Kendall and Bianca once again. However, she knew that she couldn’t do that. The place always brought drama to her life, and she didn’t know if she could face everyone after what had happened. It was for the best that she put the distance that she had created between herself and that place.

She also found herself thinking about Ron a lot and the discussion that took place between the pair. She even chuckled as she thought about the feelings that she had for him. Everybody kept their eyes on Jimmie, but she was the one who had her eyes on Ron. She remembered pursuing him, and how he pulled away with the racing dreams. She even contemplated now whether it’d be a good idea to go back down that road.

Though her eyes then glance down at the ring that remained on her finger as she lets out a sigh. There were no words that could describe how much she missed both Leo and Ryan. There were no words to explain how much she wanted to see them both once again. She knew it’d be difficult to love once again with them in the back of her mind. She knew that it’d almost feel like a betrayal, and there were guys out there that wouldn’t accept that she still loved a piece of someone else.

Would she ever be able to move forward without being knocked back two steps?

No matter the thoughts on both of their minds, they knew something was true about that night – they were both back to square one. Ron on figuring his best way to move past the street racing and what happened, and Greenlee on figuring the best way to move forward with her life.


4 thoughts on “Back to Square One – Chapter 5: Agreement

      1. I honestly hadn’t thought about that moving forward with Greenlee as I have other ideas for her and Ron. However, that could work and could happen, esp with all the characters that I still love to this day off of All My Children, in which her character is based off. She is still my favorite though 😉


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