Love & Work: A Combo of Madness – Chapter 29: Garage Winks


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Following the date arrangements from the night before, it seemed the pair entered the extra day with a bit of extra pep in their step.

Dale was excited for the week to come, set to plan the perfect date night for the pair of them together. Angelica was glad to have the pressure of hiding her feelings off of the plate, but also an understanding with Dale about taking it slow.

With the extra stress off of their shoulders for separate reasons, the pair simply traded a smile, set to focus on the upcoming day and what would come. They couldn’t think about the discussion or what was to come. It was time to focus and get the car working well ahead of Sunday’s race.

The weekend had started off to a good note as beyond the dating arrangements, Dale had qualified the car in the seventh spot. That meant that they’d good track position to start off the day. If they got the car close to good, he could break into the top-five and remain there throughout the day, hopefully finding that extra edge in the closing laps to capture the victory.

“Are we trying the set-up that we worked out last night in the hauler?” Dale questions as he walks in the garage, eyes locked on the familiar brunette that seemed to always capture his attention. She shakes her head yes as Kevin Meendering offers a wink at the crew guys. William Harrell simply rolls his eyes, knowing what Kevin was implying by night discussion in hauler glance, but knew it was probably all work between the pair.

“That’s the one that you believe will feel the best, and I believe will work the best based on yesterday’s practice so that’s where we’re going to start,” Angelica replies as she glances up from her clipboard. She then walks over to him, keeping her eyes locked on his blue eyes. “Unless you want to try something else.”

“Nope, that one sounds perfect.” She smiles as she gives him a pat on the shoulder.

“Good, because practice starts in five minutes so I expect your ass in that car.” She then lowers her tone with the next couple of words so nobody else could hear her. “Don’t expect me to change how I run my garage just because we’re dating.”

“I wouldn’t dare expect that from you. Keep work separate from play, right?” She smiles as she heads out of the garage, set to take her normal stance on top of the hauler. He then puts his helmet over his head, climbing into the car as the crew mates simply trade glances all around.

Once he is in the car and they back him out, set to line-up on pit road, Kevin and Travis head out of the stall to join Angelica on top of the hauler. Kevin takes his spot next to her, loading the timing and scoring on the screen as Travis holds his notebook close to him.

“Mr. Meendering, can I ask you a question?” Angelica asks, catching Kevin off-guard. Normally everybody was referred to by their first name.

“You can simply just call me Kev-” He starts as she looks over at him.

“What was that glance in the garage about? I saw the glance that you offered a bunch of the guys, followed by the roll of the eyes from William.” He could exactly tell why she had given him the last name treatment by the tone of her voice as Travis crossed his arms and looked over in curiousity. It was going to be hard to talk his way out of this one.

“We had taken bets as to whether Dale would accept the set-up that you told us to put in the car, or ask for changes. Considering he listened to you immediately, that meant that I won the bet so I gave him a wink as if to pay me up later.” She could tell that he was lying immediately, and knew that she had to keep an eye on the guys. IT was obvious that they hadn’t gotten the message last week. With the fact that Dale and her were going to truly start dating behind the scenes, it’d mean that they’d have to be extra careful.

“Okay. I was just curious since there’s been some interesting activity around the garage lately.” Travis couldn’t help but smile as he shared a glance with Kevin. If she was worried about small things like that, it meant there was probably more to the story with Dale than she had told them previously.

“I’ve heard the rumors and stories, but I believe when my driver and crew chief tell me that they’re not dating that they’re telling the truth.” She shakes her head in approval as she puts on her headset, set for the day of work.

The practice went off without a hitch with no issues as each run, they were able to make Dale more comfortable in the car while showing good speed on the charts. With the practices over, everybody separated to do their own thing. Angelica needed to run to the store to grab some things, Dale wanted to watch the XFINITY race with his team, and the crew set on having a late lunch together.

Of course, the lunch together brought forth discussions about what happened on the hauler, and whether there was something going on.

“I thin there’s something going on and it’s just a matter of time before one of us figure it out,” Kevin offers after sharing what happened. “Why would she be defensive otherwise?”

“I told you there was flirting at Daytona, and that continued last weekend at Phoenix,” David starts, causing an immediate eye roll from William. “Flirting leads to eventually realizing the feelings. They spend a night in the hauler discussing supposedly, and boom, next thing there’s going to be a date.”

“It wasn’t flirting the past couple of weeks,” William comments. “They were simply working together. All these comments about extra eye glances are for no reason at all. You’re just seeing things that you want to believe for your own suspicions.”

“Then why would she be so suspicious about our actions?” Kevin questions as William shrugs his shoulders.

“The article came out and caused a big mess this week. They’re trying to squash that immediately. She probably was just making sure that we weren’t adding to the mess that was already out there. It’s a reasonable explanation. If the crew is causing more things to be spread, then it causes the rumor to continue.” Kevin couldn’t help but smirk as other theories entered his mind, picturing some deep hearted conversation during their night together.

“What if the rumors are continuing for other reasons?” William lets out a sigh as he rolls his eyes. There was nothing that was going to convince the crew guy otherwise, it seemed. Although, it seemed that Kevin had a good reason to make sure that they ended up together.

“You’re just wishing that because you don’t want to show everybody your weeewee.”

“If we’re having these discussions in March, that gives a good opportunity for magic to happen in three months,” Nick interrupts the pair. “I think you better be selecting the style of bra and skirt that you’re going to wear, William.”

“I already have a couple selections for you to choose from,” Kevin adds with a smile, as he brings up some images on his phone.


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