Back to Square One – Chapter 4: Greenlee’s Story Part 2


Ron could only sit there shocked. He was supposed that he had once again cross paths with Greenlee, though found himself even more shocked in hearing the story that she had to share of her life to that point.

“He returned when we were having the memorial service,” Greenlee continues, revealing the details surrounding Ryan’s supposed death followed by return. In Ryan’s mind, only movies could be made of such a life with twists and turns as hers had included. “I was so mad at him beyond belief that I divorced him.” Ron just sat there in disbelief. He could only wonder if the pair ever reconciled, or if that’s what drove her to head south. “We started to work at getting back together, but then I found out that he was caring for Jonat-”

“The guy that raped you?” Ron asks, shocked. If any guy had raped a girl that he knew, he would not have even given them a second chance.

“Yes, that’s correct. Then I found out that my supposed baby that Kendall was acting a surrogate carrying is actually her own eggs as my eggs were no longer viable. She said at the time that she was set on me raising the baby and just trying to help me, but I didn’t believe her. So I left town.”

“And that’s how you ended up here?” Greenlee shakes her head no, letting out a sigh. Even though Pine Valley had caused her the most heartbreak, there was no way that she could stay away. Besides, how do you tell your heart to forget someone that you care a lot about? “I’m missing something.”

“I returned couple of years later. I couldn’t just start my life over and move forward. My heart kept telling me how much I loved Ryan, and how I should work out details. Besides, Jonathan was his brother. Perhaps he could help him as he had been through a lot, which caused what happened. So I was set to move forward with my life. However, as you can probably guess, it wasn’t that easy. Ryan had remarried to Annie, and then I found out the reason for the egg issue. You can thank Kendall’s husband Zach for the power outt-”

“Was it done on purpose, though?” Greenlee shrugs her shoulders. That was still something that she wondered about till this day.

“Depends whom you ask.” Ron shakes his head, understanding. he was used to those type of he said-she said stories. “I was mad so I sued for custody of Spike, the child that Kendall ended up having as a result. I had no legal baring in court so I took things into my own hands and kidnapped the kid.” Ron rolls his eyes, shaking his head. The reasons to stay far from her kept adding up. Combined with her instances that’s he had already shared and what he knew of her, he was glad that he made the decision back then to move forward in his life without her. But yet, he found himself drawn to her as they sat there. He kept telling her that perhaps she had changed, and perhaps that this was all what it was – in the past. Maybe that’s why she had come down to North Carolina – for a fresh start with no reservations. “I had a car accident, and that accident resulted in Spike becoming deaf. Needless to say, that just made everybody hate me that much more.”

“Do you blame them, though? I’d be pretty ticked too if someone kidnapped my child, regardless of the situation.” She knew that Ron was right in those comments, as she had come to realize that. She was just glad that once again, her and Kendall worked things out.

“Trust me, I understand that now, okay? As I’ve told you already, I’ve grown from the experience and matured. Can I tell you everything, please?” Ron wanted to sit and believe those words. He wanted to think that everything was in the past. However, if someone kept pulling instances of this nature, what made it that history wouldn’t repeat itself? “Ryan cut me out of his life, and they had Aiden spy on me. We developed a love interest, but I guess that was out of desperation during that time as it really means nothing. I was then able to help Ryan get off some charg-”

“Do I even want to know the details?” It seemed that Ryan was more perfect for her by the moment in what he heard. They both had their scheming backgrounds.

“Supposedly, they attempted to murder Richie Novak, but that was all a big mix-up as nothing happened.” Ron could only half believe that statement, as her past made him want to believe otherwise. “Kendall was still mad, though, and tried to get revenge in set-up a kidnap charge on me. I was sick and tired of the bullshit with her that I pled guilty to the charges, but Aiden helped me escape. We then went out on the run. That didn’t pan out the greatest as we got separated, and I got stuck in a bomb shelter with Zach.” Ron found himself chuckling at the thought, as if he followed the story correctly, that’d be Kendall’s husband.

“I’m guessing that wasn’t the best sort of reunion?” Greenlee shakes her head no as she chuckles at some of their arguments.

“We were able to come to an understanding, though, and it turns out that Kendall and Ryan saved us. They also found out that the wreck hadn’t caused Spike to be deaf, but rather some other issue. So once again, Kendall and I were able to rekindle and be friends again.” Ron found himself wanting to meet Kendall as she seemed like an angel to continue to make-up with Greenlee, and found himself wondering why they kept making up. It also made him curious as to why she was there and not with her friends. “Ryan and I eventually found our way back to each oth-”

“Wasn’t he married?” Greenlee shakes her head yes.

“He realized that he only married her since I wasn’t there, and that he truly loved me. He and Annie decided to part on good terms.” She then runs her finger along the ring that graces her finger. “The pair of us eventually got engaged. We were set to be married, but as fate would have it, I’d be involved in a car crash, falling into a creek. David found me, and took me away to secretly heal me.” Ron then crosses his arms, finding more confusion in her words than clariety.

“What made him take you away?” Greenlee knew the reason that David had given her, whether it was far or not. Given how things had gone to that point, it seemed like a reasonable suggestion.

“He thought that I could use a fresh start. However, I wasn’t ready to let go – I knew how much I wanted Ryan. I secretly sent him a note without David knowing, and he was able to ruin the plan that was supposed to go together. We then were able to get married.” Ron then watches her curiously, happy that things worked out with her getting together with Ryan. However, that didn’t explain things now.

“You said that you had a fight with your boyfriend….”

“Annie came back to our lives, psychotic as ever, and killed him. That was about five years ago now. I’ve worked at trying to move forward, even working on a new relationship. As I told you, that didn’t work and I was left where you found me.” She then looks over at him, curiosity washing over her. It was the first time that she had told her story out loud. “Ronnie?”

“I’m just shocked, in disbelief – every emotion imaginable over everything that you’ve told me.” He found himself shocked that everything she detailed had happened in her life. He found himself shocked in how strong she appeared despite the heartbreak that she had suffered. He found his heart breaking for her with what she had gone through. He found himself curious as to whom she was today, whether she was past the schemes of the past and truly grown through everything. He also found himself partially curious where something could be there for the future.

“I know it’s a lot to take in. It’s actually the first time that I’ve told someone everything. I don’t know I deal with it some days, but I just know that I need to push forward. There are days where I am sad beyond belief because of how much it hurt to lose both Leo and Ryan. There are days that I regret decisions that I made. There are days that I’m angry with others and myself. However, I still remain hopeful. I believe that I can get through this because of the strength that I have.”

“You’re certainly stronger than I could’ve imagined.” A small smile forms on her face in hearing that vote of confidence from Ron. It was nice to be able to have that understanding that they always seemed to have.

“So, you were going to tell me what the world didn’t know about your situation.” Ron shrugs his shoulders as he thinks it over.

“There isn’t much except David first crossed paths with us via street racing, and that’s where things actually got out of control.” Taking a deep breath, he begins to tell her the tale of how they met David, followed by the plan that he had and the kidnapping that he went through.


2 thoughts on “Back to Square One – Chapter 4: Greenlee’s Story Part 2

    1. I think that’s why I gravitated towards her character when I was watching All My Children as part of me had sympathy for her, despite all the annoyances. Hence why I thought that she’d be the perfect character to put into this story.

      Just a note – the part of Ryan dying didn’t happen as part of All My Children. I just added that so I could give her a way to transition forward.


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