Love & Work: A Combo of Madness – Chapter 27: Hamlin’s Realization

Over at Joe Gibbs Racing, Matt Kenseth and Kyle Busch glanced into Denny Hamlin’s office, seeing the annoyed glance on his face as they glanced at each other. Debating whether to leave their teammate and peace in not, the pair laughed and knew that wasn’t their style as they barged into his office.

“Someone pissed off Hamlin,” Kyle starts first as he flops in the chair in front of Denny’s desk.

“He’s probably not getting it in the sack,” Matt adds as he leans back against the desk. Denny simply looks between his teammates, before rolling his eyes.

“Why hello to you both too,” he states before looking back down at his phone. “What do I owe this honor to?”

“You looked annoyed so we thought we’d stop by and check in on you,” Kyle offers as Denny looks up from his phone, eyebrows raised. He knew how his teammates operated at times.

“So what girl cut your balls off now?” Matt questions, earning an even more questionable look from Denny.

“Really?” Denny asks as Matt shrugs his shoulders.

“We know what you’re like. When it comes to you, you like to get it in and when you’re left on the sidelines, you’re all pissed off. Run out of numbers in the little black book?” Denny shakes his head no as he focuses back on his phone. Perhaps there was some merit to Angelica’s arguments about him and his ways. Perhaps he could use with some maturing. However, that didn’t mean that he had to change everything and fall in line with what she was doing, and it seemed that she wouldn’t be happy till that happened.

“For your information, it has nothing to do with that. It’s….something else.” The jokishly grins leave the teammates’ faces immediately as they hone in on Denny. The last time that Denny got this serious was when he found out that Kendra was pregnant with Taylor.

“Everything okay with Taylor?” Denny shakes his head yes as he stays focused on his phone. If it was up to him, the discussion surrounding Angelica would no come up with his teammates once again, especially after the lecture that they offered the last time. Perhaps he should’ve listened to the advice that they had offered in the trailer that afternoon. “Then what the hell is your problem?”

“Angelica and I had an argument after the Daytona 500 and it’s on my mind, still.” Kyle immediately rolls his eyes as Matt smiles.

“I knew that it had to do with a girl.”

“Let me guess – you started the rumors that have spread like wildfire through the garage, right?” Kyle wonders and Denny slowly shakes his head yes. He knew that he couldn’t lie to his teammates as it’d get spread around via Joe Gibbs Racing with using Brandon and Dustin as ways to get it going. “So she found out, yelled at you and now you actually are feeling somewhat guilty?”

“I have feelings!” Denny states as Kyle crosses his arms.

“That’s questionable at times, considering the things that you do.” Denny then looks at Kyle with a look of surprise.

“So what are you trying to say?” Kyle then sits up a little straighter, leaning towards Denny for emphasis.

“You’ve made mistakes. You’ve gone through the garage with your little black book, sleeping with whom you please. It’s given you a reputation and that has led to certain people having thoughts about you, not so positive thoughts. Perhaps it’s time that you grow up and realize that you can’t play this game forever.” Denny looks back down as he lets out a sigh. It seemed that everybody was saying that in his life now.

“Maybe you’re right. I don’t know.”

“You’re a father Hamlin,” Matt states with the most serious tone that he can manage. “You need to start looking out for your daughter and doing what’s best for Taylor, while doing what you can for yourself in the best light. It’s time to put the childish games to bed.” Denny lets out a sigh, letting the realization sink in. He knew that he loved his daughter a lot and putting her needs first, as long as straightening things out, was probably for the best. However, it was hard to let that sink through in being stubborn with his ways.


“Do what we’ve told you – meet up with Kendra and try to work things out to where you both can be civil and Taylor can be able to see both her parents. I know that you love your daughter and love having her around all the time, but she should also know who her mother is. I know it’s a difficult balance, having learned with Ross, but it can be done.” Denny shakes his head, understanding that. He just hoped that Kendra would be as understanding on the situation as him. “Then you should go and actually apologize to Angelica without holding anything back. Explain what you did and ask for forgiveness. You guys have a good friendship despite everything. Maybe she’ll forgive you.”



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