The Journey – Chapter 2: Cycles and Pregnancy Test…..

Ryan walked through the door, placing the box on the counter as he looked over at Devon.

“I still can’t believe that you sent me to buy this alone,” he comments as he stares at the box on the counter. She then walks over and looks it over, before glancing at him.

“I could’ve made you buy tampons on your own,” she retorts as he looks at her with a shocked expression, shaking his head no immediately as she laughs. “Besides, it’s a harmless pregnancy test. If anybody seen you, they’d just realize that we’re trying. What’s the harm in that?” Ryan couldn’t seem to find any logical reason, although he had to admit that he wanted to keep it private right now and just between them. There was a certain magic and mystique to going through the process.

“There’s also so many on the shelf. How do you figure out the best one to buy?” Devon feels a serge of nerves and shock come over her. Perhaps it was a bad idea for Ryan to pick up one by himself.

“Please tell me that you didn’t go with the cheapes-”

“I went for the middle ground. I figured that’d work.” She then lets out a sigh of a relief. “And that’s why I should’ve got you to come with me, or something.” He then reaches in the fridge, grabbing a drink. “Besides, I have a question for you, and it’s only because I’ve heard this in movies that I ask the question. Have you missed a period yet?” Devon lets out a sigh as she leans back against the counter. The question brought forth an immediate reminder of everything that happened as she glances at her feet. Since the events that took place, it seemed that her period was not coming on schedule.

“I don’t know…” Ryan then looks at her, concern beginning to fill him. It seemed odd that a girl wouldn’t know her schedule.

“How do you not know if you have or not? I thought girls knew their cycle off by hea-”

“It’s been screwy since the attack, okay?!?” She then takes a deep breath, knowing that it was unfair for her to yell at Ryan in the heat of the moment. It was an understandable question, and one that shouldn’t have set her off. “I’m sorry….”

“It’s okay.” He then closes the gap between them, wrapping his arms around her. “I know everything surrounding that is sensitive for you, and I know it’s tough. It’s ok-”

“I shouldn’t have yell-”

“It’s okay. I understand…” He then kisses her forehead lightly as he holds her against him. “So it’s been abnormal lately, if you will?”

“I usually get my period near the end of the month, which would’ve been like a week after we had sex. It hasn’t been happening right on the money lately, though, and it hasn’t been lasting its normal length. I looked it up and it does with the trauma to the body, combined with the stress that I have been under in dealing with everything since.” Ryan takes it in, understanding perfectly what she was saying. It went along with small tidbits that he had seen in movies about girls and these moments. Now it was just about finding the right way to approach this with her.

“That’s understandable. Did you get your period last month a week after?” She shakes her head yes, slowly. “Okay, and normally if a girl gets their period, it means that they’re not pregnant so…” She then looks up into his eyes.

“So you probably feel like an ass buying that test knowing that it’ll come out negative now, right?” He shakes his head no. “Ryan, admit it. don’t lie because you don’t want to hurt my fee-”

“I’m telling you the truth. It doesn’t make me feel any different than my initial feelings on buying it. Besides, we’re going to need eventually and it helped us faced the topic head on and discuss it.” He then walks over to the counter and picks it up. “I’m going to put it away in the bathroom cupboard for now till we know that we need it.”

“That’s fair.” He then retreats to the bathroom, putting it in the cupboard. He then stops and faces himself in the mirror, taking a deep breath before giving his face a quick wash with some cold water.

“It’ll get easier over time….” He wanted everything to return to the ease that they had before everything happened. He didn’t want the reminders of what happened. He didn’t want the unneeded stresses. He heard the saying that it’d get easier and better over time, but how long was that going to take? Despite becoming frustrated at times, he didn’t want to force it or run away from it. He loved Devon and didn’t know what he’d do if they ever lost each other. For that reason, he knew that he had to ride the wave. He then takes a final calming breath before returning back to the kitchen with her.

“Since we’re serious about having a baby after the notification from the doctor, I’ve been thinking that we should go back to the doctor. We should talk to the doctor about getting the cycle regulated, and finding our peak time, if you will, that gives us the best chance.” A small smile formed on Ryan’s face. He liked the fact that she was taking initiative on the matter. It showed her strength, and the ability to start moving forward with regards to every aspect.

“As long as you’re comfortable with that, and really want to do that, then I’m fine with that.”


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