The Journey – Chapter 1: Flight Delayed

Here we go again 😀 Hopefully Ryan has a great season on-track so we can have a great time with the story.

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I miss you….

I miss you, too. I hope you’re going to be home soon.

Ryan read the text message and could only let out a sigh as he glanced out of the window. Why couldn’t his flight had been scheduled for a couple hours earlier? Why couldn’t the rain had started a couple hours later? It was just miserable sitting there looking at the big drops on the windows. It seemed what it was doing outside now fit in his mood inside of the plane.

Should’ve been, but flight delayed 😦 It’s raining.

Devon could only let out a sigh as she heard the news of the delay. She had already been counting the hours, minutes, seconds till Ryan was back in her arms. It seemed their passionate night together was too far away in her mind and had happened an eternity ago. Why couldn’t they go back to the feelings hat they had expressed to each other then?

It was even worse that she didn’t like being alone. Despite having worked at moving forward after what had happened, there was still some unease in walking through the walls of the house without someone there.

She had told herself time and time again that nothing would happen and it was all in her mind. She had reminded herself that her father could no longer hurt her, having been locked away within the walls of prison. However, she found herself frightened by each sound that was made, looking over her shoulder, and wondering if perhaps she was being watched from the outside.

In hopes of escaping those thoughts, she tried to keep herself busy anytime that she was stuck in this situation. She met up with one of her original friends for lunch, before going out for shopping during the afternoon with Shelby. Her friends understood the unease that she had, with Shelby even offering for her to stay with her and Bubba for the night. Devon was about accept, though in the end turned the offer. She knew that she had to get used to the idea of being home alone, and getting back into the daily flow.

It was all part of making sure that she was able to move forward, and be prepared for whatever else may fall in life.

Have you pee’d on the stick yet? I want an answer….

Devon found herself frozen in reading the latest text as she glanced over the box that had been sitting on the counter since earlier in the day, unopened and untouched. She had debated opening it and taking out the instructions to at least to see what to watch for, but found herself hesitating even about that.

Just like Ryan, she wanted to know the answer. The idea of being able to pregnant was surrounded with so much hope and possibility, especially considering how things had looked through the end of last year. She knew that it was a 50/50 chance whether she was pregnant after the past couple nightly activities, and probably an even slimmer chance as she had no idea what her cycle entailed. Regardless, it was intriguing to wonder whether she was pregnant or not.

But yet, the intrigue never seemed to overcome the nerves, and as a result, the box remained untouched.

I want you to be here when I do this. I want to share the moment with you.

Ryan had heard the stories from his friends in how they learned that their wife or girlfriend was pregnant. Most females had found out that they were pregnant by themselves with the test. There were also other females whom found out that they were pregnant by having a couple girly friends help them in going through the process.

Now hearing that Devon wanted to wait for him and have him as part of the process, it caused his heart to melt slightly in realizing just how close they were to each other. It was almost like an honor to have the chance to be part of every step in the process.

He knew that his racing schedule was going to make being there always difficult, but his goal was to be there with her every step of the way. From finding out that she was pregnant, to the first set of test and to each ultrasound, all the way to the moment that their baby graced them with its presence.

You’re adorable. I love you. I can’t wait to see you, cuddle you, be with you.

I can’t wait to kiss those adorable lips of yours.

Can’t wait to run my hands through your hair.

Can’t wait to pull your body close to mine.


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