Short Track Lovin – Chapter 38

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All eyes landed on FBI Agent Kendall Taylor within seconds as they all awaited for the information that she had to offer to the equation. With the knowledge that the plane had been sabotaged and suspicions surrounding who could’ve done it, they were all on high alert.

Despite everybody trying to knock suspicions off of Sarina, Cindy couldn’t help but glance over towards the female every now and then again, thinking if there was the more to the story. What if she knew who was behind it? What if she was the target? There was unease in having no answers to the questions at hand.

“We’re listening,” Cindy cut into the silence that had fallen over the room, growing impatient in having no answers. When it came to her son’s safety, she wanted every detail necessary.

“Immediately following the phone call from the NTSB, I contacted Concord international to see whether they had any video footage that could be used in the investigation,” the agent starts. Thus far, there was no erasing of unease. “They reported that there was no security cameras that showed the plane in the hanger, so therefore nothing could be determined.” Cindy shakes her head in disbelief. It seemed that was always the way when it came to things of this nature.

“Why am I not surprised?” Bill gives Cindy a look as Cindy crosses her arms, eyes still locked on the investigator.

“Despite not having a video of the hanger, they did release some information with regards to a suspicious individual. They had an individual that was speaking with security before everything, and acting out of character, according to their comments. The individual was asked to leave, in which they heard nothing more till a report that he was trying to sneak into the airport. This individual could possibly be behind the sabotage.” The FBI agent then goes into her folder, pulling out a photo that she hands to Chase. “Do you recognize this person?” Chase looks at the photo and shakes his head no.

“Sarina?” Cindy questions as she picks up the photo and shows it to Sarina.

“Mom…” Chase warns as Cindy looks back at him.

“I’m just covering all bases.” Chase simply rolls his eyes, knowing that his mother still had her suspicions and was growing annoyed of the fact.

“It’s nobody that I recognize,” Sarina says before handing the photo back over to the FBI Agent.

“We have yet to arrest, or identify the individual,” Kendall continues in her explanation. “We do have a warrant out for him, though, and will keep you posted on how that goes.” She then places the photo back in the bag, before glancing between the pair. “Beyond that, there is nothing else that we could find to pinpoint the cause of your problem. As mentioned, though, the motive is certainly there. Sarina, we have your past and Chase, we have your fame.”

“So someone could’ve done this out of jealousy?” Chase questions in disbelief as the agent shakes her head yes. Chase could only look on in disbelief, not believing the lengths that she was putting together. Would someone seriously jealous or angry go this far at attacking him?

“Till we locate the individual and have him or her arrested, we are going to assign a security detail to you both. These security officers will look to others as a simple person, but he is highly trained to handle anything hat may come either of your way. If the person tries to strike again, they’ll be handled accordingly. Is that understood?” The pair shakes their head yes as Cindy feels a bit of relief in knowing that there would always be someone with eyes on Chase. She knew that she wouldn’t be able to sleep comfortably at night till the person responsible was dealt with accordingly.

“We’ve also notified NASCAR about what happened, in which word has been spread around to drives and teams about the incident,” Chris Nelson, the leader investigator from the NTSB adds. “If this is something against a variety of drivers, we figured that there better be some fair warning. Do either of you have any questions for us?” Everybody shakes their head no.

“The officers – one for each of you – will be here in about an hour. With that, we will leave you to focus on your recovery.” Kendall then leaves, with the pair of NTSB members in toe as Chase lets out a long sigh.

“Are you okay?” Sarina asks as she hears the sigh from him. Chase glances over and simply shakes his head yes, before lying his head back against the pillow.

“Just trying to relax and forget everything that’s bothering me about that,” Chase answers as he closes his eyes.

“It’s my fau-”

“I told you my answer in that already. We don’t know that is connected to you, nor do I think that it is even connected to you to begin with. Your connection to everything isn’t what is bothering me so stop apologizing and worrying.”

While hearing the details should’ve relaxed him in knowing answers, it seemed to only make things worse. Now he found himself wondering as to why someone would sabotage the plane, and who did it. There was also perhaps a small chance of worry in wondering if somebody else would happen in the days to follow. He also had the image that he was shown of the indiviaul stuck in his mind, trying to place him somewhere. What if they had seen that person before somewhere?

He felt the stress and worry on the situation increasing the headache that he already had, to go along with the slight dizziness that seemed to hang around. At least it slowly was getting better.

He just hoped that the pain from his side and those ribs started to subside soon, too.


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