Chasing The Love – Chapter 101: Plans…….


Bill could only roll his eyes as he read over the latest piece of the mail that had fallen into his hands. It seemed only destined that the piece of mail would show up with the time that had passed, and knowing what was to come.

Regardless, there was nothing comforting about what he was reading.

“You don’t look too pleased…” Cindy comments quietly as she walks into the room, glancing over her husband’s shoulder.

“I don’t think you will be either,” he offers as he hands over the piece of paper. Cindy then takes it, reading it over as she lets out a sigh. The paper officially offered notification that Demi had been released from jail, having to report to a parole officer at the end of each week. It also detailed terms of the restraining order, and what would happen if she broke those terms.

“Why does she have to be allowed out of jail?” Bill shakes his head, unsure of the answer himself. If it was up to him, the young lady would’ve thrown in jail for the rest of her life, with the key thrown away. He still wasn’t pleased with how things went with Chase back then.

“Her sentence is up and there is nothing else that they can do keep her locked up longer. Welcome to the justice system.” Cindy immediately felt unease upon reading the news, as she wondered what could happen. They had been through a bunch with Chase, but had finally found peace with everything going accordingly. As she watched him grow closer with Alyssa, and find that last piece of happiness, she wasn’t about to accept anything entering to ruin that.

“Bill, do you think she’s going to do anything?” Bill didn’t know the answer for certain, nor could he even begin to make any predictions as he hadn’t ever spoken to Demi himself. It seemed all he could go by was what he had heard about her from Chase.

“Chase said that she apologized when they met up afterwards, stating that she was sorry for what happened and would do anything to correct it. She also easily accepted the punishment that she was given for what she did. Given how sorry she was, I don’t think that she will do anything – but I can’t know for sure.” Those were words that Cindy was afraid of hearing. There was an unknown as to whether something could happen. Rather than confident with everything, it brought back that unease again in having to always look over their backs, wondering.

“Of course…” Bill then grabs her hand, getting her attention.

“Listen, Chase is surrounded by the best people that he can be. He has everything else in order. If she does try anything, she’s not going to get away with it and she’ll pay. Regardless of what happens, it’ll work out. Relax. Everything is fine.” Cindy lets out a sigh as she looks into Bill’s eyes.

“That’s what we said before, and look where we kept finding ourselves time and time again. I can’t go through that again with him. Do you know how much it hurts to see your bab-”

“He’s my baby, too, and I know exactly what you mean. However, you can’t sit and worry, and wonder. You just have to go forward with life and know that if anything is attempted, it’ll be fine.” Cindy knew that she should adhere by the advice, but it wasn’t the easiest thing to do when all that was stuck in her head were the days that they spent by Chase’s side through the pain. “On a happier note, you should hear about what Chase, Bubba, Shelby and Ryan are planning for May….”

While the parents discussed details surrounding the upcoming Prom idea, it seemed that Prom was the only thought on Alyssa’s mind as she discussed things over with Keira. Though, it wasn’t the prom that everybody else was talking about.

“So, have you decided whether you’re coming to prom?” Keira asks, referring back to the girl’s high school prom. Alyssa lets out a sigh as she hadn’t thought about it much since the initial discussion that Chase wouldn’t be available to go with he since he was racing in Kansas that night. It seemed that her mind had been consumed with other thoughts that seemed more important.

“I haven’t thought about it much,” Alyssa simply admits. “I’ve been busy with school, racing, and things with Chase that I don’t know yet.” Keira lets out a sigh, having hoped for an answer. While she was going with her boyfriend, she was hopeful that her best friend could also attend the party. It wouldn’t be the same without both of them there.

“I totally understand, even though I’m disappointed….” Keira then smiles a little as she thinks it over. “So things with Chase, huh?” Alyssa rolls her eyes, immediately. “Okay, okay, I won’t go there. You’re right. It’s unfair to gossip about your relationship, and I totally don’t need to know all the details. It still just seems weird that you guys are together.”

“Everybody keeps telling me that, honestly. They all look at us and say, ‘Oh, you guys grew up together. This is odd’. Then there is also the fact that he babysat me when I was little. If you combine all that together, with the age difference and how we got together, there’s a total mess of thoughts by everyone. However, it doesn’t bug me. I love him, he loves me and we have a sort of special connection together. It’s almost….perfect.” Keira couldn’t help but smile in hearing the excitement in Alyssa’s voice in talking about her relationship. It was nice to see her friend truly happy with where she was, in regards to everything in her life.

“Well, as I’ve always said, don’t let the outsiders get to you because they don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t see all the fun, gushy details that we all get to see. I take it that you guys have been spending a lot of time together thus far during spring break, huh?” Alyssa shakes her head yes. She debated whether it’d be fair to admit to her friend what they had been doing, coming to the conclusion that there was no harm as she always told Keira everything.

“We’ve been using the time to get closer, actually. There’s things that we’ve both been wanting to discuss from our pasts and what happened, and how that could affect us moving forward. We spent the past two nights having a confession session in speaking of all those feelings and details. It felt good to get it out there and understand where we both stood on things. I know where he stands on things in relation to love, and he knows where things stand with me in relation to my sleeping.” Keira had heard some details surrounding Alyssa’s weird sleep patterns through some late night discussions. It was something that had come up during one of their sleepovers, and it seemed there was no hiding it from there.

“Speaking of those sleep issues, how are things there?” Alyssa had to smile as she thought about that, thankful for the sleep that she had been able to get over the past couple of weeks. She was just worried that things would go off-balance during the summer when her and Chase would get less time together.

“It seems that Chase is the perfect cure to every issue that I encountered before. Though beyond that, he’s been helping me. We’ve been working through some strategies, along with the doctor, that could help in making those thoughts go away. It’s coming, slowly.” Keira sat there in amazement as it just seemed that Alyssa had everything in order, from racing to love and life.

“I’m happy for you, honestly. It sounds like everything is coming together, perfect for our little princess. Perhaps you’re getting your fairy tale that you so rightfully deserve.” Alyssa shrugs her shoulders, but couldn’t help but smile on the thought.

Perhaps it was okay to believe in those dreams that Cinderella and Belle taught her when she was younger.

While Alyssa was spending the day with her best friend, Chase had also taken the approach of spending the day with one of his best friends. His mind was still surrounded on Alyssa’s birthday with it coming closer, and he knew sounding off some ideas with a friend would probably help in figuring out what he should do.

“Well, in honesty, all of those ideas would work out to be the perfect birthday present,” Darrell offers, after having listened to the list of ideas that Chase had transpired over the past couple of weeks. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with any of them as you have the perfect way to plan the day, the perfect gift to get her, and the perfect way to also tie it into our epic prom idea. What else do you need?”

“I don’t know,” Chase comments out loud as he shrugs his shoulders. “Perhaps I’m over thinking it, but I just want it to be perfect. It’s her 18th birthday.” Darrell shakes his head, understanding. He knew how much Alyssa meant to Chase and what that brought out in him. It also didn’t hurt that Chase was a bit of a perfectionist at times.

“That girl loves you and adores you. You guys have a great connection together. I know that you want it to be perfect and for her to absolutely enjoy herself, and any of those ideas will work. She’ll love whatever you come up with because she knows with you that it comes from the heart. Stop nit-picking at yourself and just choose one already.” Chase lets out a sigh as he muses over the list in his mind once again. Why was it so difficult to make up his mind?

“Do I go with the surprise, or the full planned easy day? Those are the two that seem to be standing out.” Darrell thought it over, trying to think what Alyssa would prefer and love more, based on how well he knew her. He had seen her quite a bit, and was friends with her. Though beyond that, he didn’t know her on a close level to make decisions like that. What would he have preferred when he was 18?

“I think the surprise would work better as it’d catch her off-guard, and also be perfect for how your relationship has been growing piece by piece as you say. Besides, it goes good with asking her about the prom.” Chase shakes his head, in agreement. That was also a big piece in his future with her – unveiling the NASCAR prom idea to her, and finding the perfect way to ask her. He wanted to make it special for her, considering that plans had shuffled in being unable to attend her own prom.

“You’re probably right…” Chase just hoped now that the rest of the pieces in regards to this idea fell in place.




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