Rekindling – Chapter 6

Gonna make the most of every mile
Do anything to make your smile
Land on my lips
Get drunk on your kiss


“Excited to get home?” Amanda questions as she glances over at Ryan. He had officially gone and done the required appearance, and was now on his way home, thanks to a lift from his PR rep Amanda. He couldn’t wait to return home and be back in the arms of his lovely fiancé, dreading the past 24 hours without her.

“Is it that obvious?” He asks and Amanda shakes her head yes with a laugh.

“It’s okay – puppy love is a great thing. It’s nice to see you both so happy, and close with each other. I was honestly worried after everything that happened.” Ryan couldn’t agree more, as he did have his moments when she’d pull from him some. However, seeing how she’d always turn to him, and how they were able to grow back closer over the past week before he took the trip, it was reassuring.

“They say that tough moments can you make you stronger as an individual, and as a pair. I guess we’re a good example of that.” Amanda couldn’t help but smile in response as she pulled into the driveway.

“I will see you tomorrow at the shop. Make sure you stop by my office as I have a couple things to go over with you.” Ryan shakes his head, accepting, having grown used to that with Amanda.

“Thanks for the ride home.” He then climbs out of her Ford Focus, grabbing his bag out of the back for heading up to the front door of the house. He takes out his key, and slips it in the keyhole, turning the handle and heading inside. “Devon?”

He sets his bag down by the door, slipping off his sweater and shoes. He knew that he could take the bag upstairs and unpack things, but decided that he’d rather spend time with Devon instead. Some cuddles and discussions, perhaps some kisses, could do him well in erasing the losing feeling.

“I’m in the bedsroom!” She calls out from the bedsroom, as she laid sprawled out on the bed. She figured he would’ve headed there right away given that he’d need to unload his bag.

Ryan makes his way through the house, heading to the bedsroom. He glances in the room and immediately, his jaw drops as he notices the brunette sprawled across the bed.

Devon looks back with a simple smile, letting her hair drape around her face, showcasing the curves of her cheeks amongst the curls of the hair. The girls had debated putting it up and going fancy, but decided that wouldn’t be worth it with what was to come.

As she stood up and walked towards him, Ryan couldn’t take his eyes off of her body. She had chosen to go to with a red dress that only came down to just past her slit. The dress showed off her curves correctly, hugging her body all the way around and down from top to bottom. Ryan’s eyes caught the top of the dress, seeing how it showed some of her breasts, with the top riding just below the top of them.

“I missed you,” she simply comments as she walks right up to him. She then wraps an arm around him, pulling him close. “The entire time that you were gone, I couldn’t get my mind off of you, or the conversation that we had. It seemed to be the perfect magic to rekindle a certain spirit in me, as all I could think about was your sweetness, your sexiness and the fun that we could have together.” She then kisses his lips, letting the passion fly without holding anything back.

“Are you sure about this?” Ryan manages to squeeze in between kisses as she pushes him back up against the wall.

“Ryan, there’s a lot of things that I questions till in my life, but there’s one thing I know for sure – I love you so much, and I want this with you more than ever. I want to forget the pain that I know, and remember the joy that I feel with you.” Every comment, combined with the outfit of choice, had him breaking down the barriers of resistance, wanting to cave and immediately go in for the kill. But yet, his worries and discussions of chances in hurting her, still lingered in his mind and he didn’t want to push too early.

“I’m only doing this if you’re certain that you’re rea-”

“I’m ready.” She then moves back far enough to look straight in his eyes. “I’m ready so will you please stop stuttering and help me?” That was all Ryan needed to hear as he pulls her back close, kissing her lips.

“You don’t know how much I have missed this and need you…”

“I need you too, baby…”

“But let’s take it slow…” He then reaches around her back, undoing the zipper before slipping off the top of her dress and watching it fall to the floor. “I like the new dress, by the way. I’m sorry to have put it on the floor so quickly and pote-”

“Stop worrying.” She then keeps him pinned back against the wall, as she slips off his t-shirt before running her heads down her chest.

“Are you sure that you’re ready for this?” He hated to continue asking, but couldn’t help but shake the nagging feeling that was left there.

“Of course. I’ve been ready since our discussion before you left.” She then moves her hands down his body, running the tip of one of her fingers around the button on his jeans.

“I just want to make sure.” She was getting annoyed of the question already, but understood. It was why she had taken time in making sure that she was ready for this.

“I know, and I love that about you. I love how you’re always here for me, always willing to take care of me and willing to protect me no matter what.” She then pops the button on his jeans, letting them fall to the ground.

“It’s because I love you so much, always and forever.” He then kisses her lips as she runs her fingers around his waist, feeling the fears and resistance fading away, and being traded with the temptation and thirst that it seemed Ryan always brought out in her.

“Then what are we waiting for?” She then runs her fingers down his cock, as he lets out a moan.

“I don’t know…” She then looks into his eyes, kissing his lips lightly as she rubs his cock gently, feeling it harden to her touch.

“Seems like your manly hood needs me.” Ryan wanted to burst out and tell her just how much, but still held back in fear that they’d be frozen at some point by her worry.

“I need you…badly…” She then keeps her gaze locked on his.

“Well then take me baby…”

“That’d be my pleasure.” He then picks her up and lays her back on the bed, gently, before climbing on top of her and going inside of her. He then begins to thrust gently, capturing himself in the moment but not wanting to hurt her by going too quick, too early.

“Ryan…” The moan escapes her body, without much control as she is further lost in the moment.


“Oh God baby…”


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