Moving Forward – Chapter 9: Daytona Practice

February 2016


“It feels weird lying here…” Marie lets out as she rubs her stomach, eyes focused on the television.

Just because they couldn’t be in Daytona yet for Speedweeks didn’t meant that they weren’t going to get involved in the watching party. The TV had been turned to Fox Sports throughout the entire day thus far, with the highlights from media day coverage. They both complimented how poised their young star seemed down there with the tough questions thrown their way.

Now the coverage had shifted to the first practice of the weekend, which was featuring the Showdown drivers.

“I still can’t believe my guys aren’t out there,” Dale comments from his spot in the recliner. He had looked over the eligibility for the Showdown, and even heard that Greg had visited the NASCAR hauler. Without Dale behind the wheel of the car, they were ineligible for the big race. Furthermore, Chase wasn’t eligible either based on the material that NASCAR had set in place. “I get that they have their own rules and exclusive reasons, but this is getting ridiculous.”

“The guys should be awarded for the hard work, even if the driver is missing out,” Marie adds, in which Dale immediately shook his head in agreement. He felt bad that he wasn’t down there now, as it was him not being there that removed them from the big event. Greg assured him that the entire crew understood, and would enjoy watching the event in hopes that the baby was born soon.

“That’s what Greg says, and told Mike as well. Mike told him that they weren’t going to bend the rules for me, because that’d be unfair and cause others to uproar. They’d also have to add Chase to the field.” Marie then looks over, already having a solution in mind.

“Then why not have Chase drive your car in the Showdown? He won a race last year, and your guys earned it with your Daytona 500 victory. I don’t see how this is a problem.” Dale felt the same way on the topic, but knew that NASCAR wasn’t in a budging mood. Normally they’d be, wanting to please their fans, but that wasn’t the case here.

“I have an idea. Why don’t you have that sweet baby today so we can get on the plane and be down there for tomorrow?” Marie chuckles, wishing it was that easy as she rubbed her stomach.

“I wish Elsa would co-operate and come out today just for her daddy, but it doesn’t seem that she wants to listen.” As much as Dale hoped that Marie had the baby soon and it all worked out, he didn’t want to rush it either. Everything happened for a reason, and Elsa would simply arrive when the time was right.

“Maybe this is Elsa’s way of allowing her parents to spend more time together before she shows up.” He then stands up and walks over to the couch, lifting her feet before sitting down and laying them on his lap. He then rubs them, knowing how sore they had gotten with the pregnancy as evident by the swelling.

“Her parents can also spend time once she’s born, cuddling both their daughters together, while I’m not looking like a beached whale.” Dale chuckles a little as he looks over at her.

“You do not look like a beached whale. You look like a beautiful stunning mother-to-be that I love dearly.” He then leans over and kisses her lips lightly, before rubbing her tummy lightly. “If she’s a little racer girl like her father, she’ll be here before the important part of Speedweeks and we will have nothing to worry about.”

“And what if she isn’t?” Dale then looks at Marie stunned, having not addressed that topic with her yet. According to the discussion with Greg, he would fly down for the 500 and run it, before returning home immediately. As far as all the events before the actual big show, he would miss them to be there.

“We’ll deal with that when it happens, but let’s not worry about that and focus on everything worki-”

“We need a plan, Dale.” Dale lets out a sigh, knowing that she just had to be extra stubborn during her pregnancy.

“I have already talked to Greg. I do not absolutely need to be down there till the day of the Daytona 500 as I can start from the back if need be. If she isn’t born by then, I will fly down and run the race and then return home right away.” He then continues rubbing her foot with one hand, while clasping onto her hand with the other. “I have this handled. You do not need to worry about a single thing, okay?” She shakes her head yes as she glances down at her stomach.

Hopefully they wouldn’t have to worry about any other plans and Elsa would show up on time, like perhaps just maybe later that day.


6 thoughts on “Moving Forward – Chapter 9: Daytona Practice

  1. Elsa needs to come soon. . “If she’s a little racer girl like her father, she’ll be here before the important part of Speedweeks and we will have nothing to worry about.” makes me think she won’t though, as we know she isn’t a racer girl, that’s for sure.

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