Short Track Lovin’ – Chapter 29

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“You do realize that you didn’t need to give me the perfect flight usher in to Georgia, right?” Sarina questions as they pull up to the house.


Chase chuckles, knowing that he may have gone overboard – but he wanted to make things perfect. He had been spending the past couple of days in Georgia and with Sarina coming in on Christmas Eve, he spared nothing on her arrival. He personally flew out to North Carolina to pick her up, followed by flying to Georgia and driving up to his parent’s house.


“Well I called Santa and asked if he could pick you up on the way, but he said that the sleigh was full with toys for all the good little boys and girls,” Chase informs her as he pulls up behind his mom’s car in the driveway. He then shuts the truck off before glancing over at Sarina. “The next best thing was settling for picking you up myself.”


“Well as I said, I appreciate it so thank you,” she replies before getting out of the truck. They then walk towards the house together, holding hands, as Sarina finds herself locked in her thoughts. She had been trying to avoid them since accepting Chase’s offer a coule days prior. “I just hope that your parents like me.”


“Mom offered her reaction that day at the track and didn’t seem to have a problem. My dad was very accepting of you driving for the team, and even had no issues following the Snowball Derby DQ despite those worries.” Chase then stops and grabs her hand, causing her to face him and look directly into his eyes. “You have nothing to worry about so wipe those worries away and enjoy this time together.” He then leans in and kisses her lips as she gives him a quick smile, though the worry still remained under the surface.


“I hope you’re right, Chase. It’s just this is different. We’re actually coming out as a coup-”


“It’ll be fine. Come on.” He then leads her up the steps to the front door, opening and entering the house.


He helps her slip off her jacket as she slips her shoes off, before they head into the main living room. Their appearance in the room immediately catches the attention of the pair of parents on the couch, as they look back to see Sarina standing there. Chase had said that he was going to pick up a friend and bringing her for Christmas, but were given no other details as to what their son had in mind.


“Sarina, what a surprise!” Bill immediately comments first as he looks at the girl, before glancing at Chase with a glance of surprise. He had accepted the offer solely based on the girl’s credentials. He had no idea that the pair was actually as close as they seemed to be. He wondered whether that complicated things, or he was overanalyzing things.


“It’s nice to see you too, Bill,” Sarina simply comments with a smile as she shakes his hand. She then gives Chase a nervous glance, not feeling totally confident in Bill’s reaction as they sit down on the couch together.


“Chase mentioned that he was picking up a girl to bring home for Christmas. I never expected it to you, though.” Sarina takes a nervous deep breath, wanting to run away and hide in that moment. Each reaction that she received was making her regret accepting this.


“I have to admit – I should’ve been more honest and open with you that Chase and I were together before accepting the offer and such to drive for the team next year. I do apologize for how we went about that. However, I wasn’t comfortable at that point with discussing the possibilities surrounding the relationship. I’m sorry, and I understand if it changes things.” Chase takes a deep breath, hoping that this discussion would soon be over as he wasn’t sure they were ready to take a step in explaining why they made the decisions that they had made. It certainly wouldn’t be easy explaining Sarina’s history.


“I’m going to be honest, even though I should be understanding with the holidays. It does add a whole other layer to the discussion, and curiosity as to how much Chase wanted you to drive the late model next year. It certainly has me thinking a lot right now. However, I accepted based on your credentials as a driver and for that reason, I am not going to go against that. As far as you both being together, I haven’t quite decided how I feel yet.” Sarina shakes her head slowly, understanding, with a slight sigh. Perhaps this wasn’t the best time to come out with a relationship given that Bill wasn’t as open as she thought he’d be.


“I understand your perspective, Bill. I didn’t expect you to automatically accept us being together. I knew that it was going to take some time, obviously.”


“I can assure you that you don’t need to worry about her intentions Dad,” Chase interrupts the pair. “But I also understand what you’re saying.” Cindy couldn’t help but smile as she watched the pair, giggling to herself. She knew that the motorcoach visit was probably the start of something as she had expected to find out about a relationship at some point. “Mom, you’re quiet.”


“I’m just watching you guys with a smile on my face,” Cindy comments. “I think Sarina is a great lady and it’s nice to see you both find that special connection in each other. It seems that you have lots in common and it’s great to have someone to spend time with. I take it that she’ll be enjoying some more race sights in the future?” Chase’s cheeks start to go red immediately by her comment, catching the reference immediately as Sarina wanted to bury her head and run away.


“Mom, I told you the truth that day,” he instills. “There was nothing goin-”


“Oh I know there was nothing going on that day, Chase. I believe you. But I knew that it was probably the kick off to something going on in the future based on the chemistry between you both.” Bill then looks at Cindy with a shocked glance, before looking over at the pair and back at his wife.


“You knew?” Bill questions as Cindy laughs.


“The mother always knows before the father as she knows the signs to watch for,” Cindy concludes. “As I said, I didn’t know – but I suspected that there would be something. It was obvious to see that they had some sort of connection by how easily they could hang out together and talk about everything. You could also tell that they wanted to spend time together as they would squeeze in conversations together all over. Do I need to go on?” Bill shakes his head no, but found himself in his own thoughts. Why was he the only person who hadn’t figured it out before now?


“Well, rather then dwell on my thoughts, why don’t we play a couple games?”


“Games?” Chase and Sarina question with intrigue as Cindy smiles.


“Let’s just say that your mother was out the other day and found some Christmas based board games that she thought would be fun for us to play on Christmas Eve,” Bill states as Chase glances over at his mother, surprised.


“It’ll give us a chance to get to know Sarina more,” Cindy comments as she stands up and heads over to where she had stored the games. “Besides, it could be fun.”



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  1. Maybe Bill will change his feelings, due to Christmas spirit perhaps. Good chapter, but it seems to be you is how “I never expected to you” should say. And you skipped from 27 to 29. Just wanted to be sure you knew. I sometimes make little errors myself and like when a reader tells me.

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