A Proposal – Chapter 4

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“So, was dinner everything that you expected?” Lance asks as he glances back at Emma.


“It was perfect,” she answers as she leans in and grabs a kiss. “Thank you once again. It was the perfect release from a long hard day.” Lance then unlocks the door, glancing back at her.


“I’m glad that you had fun. I thought it’d be perfect. Now, how about we have a nice relaxing night together?” She then smiles as she opens the door and heads inside first. Her jaw immediately drops as she looks around the room.


“Lance?” He then smiles as he follows inside behind her, closing the door.


The afternoon had consisted of Ryan and him decorating the apartment with photos from throughout the relationship, along with some cue cards that included favourite moments that they had between them. Emma glanced from card to photo to card, reading some of the moments and taking in the photos, finding herself in total awe of the memories from the past two years.


Once Lance and Emma had left the restaurant, Lance had sent Ryan a text for him to go by the apartment and put the final piece together. Ryan had laid a series of battery-powered candles throughout the room underneath the balloons that held the photos and cue cards in the air, lighting up the display with a romantic display.


“Lance?” Emma questions once again as she looks back at him.


“I wanted to show you how much I love you and appreciate you,” he tells her before pulling her in and kissing her lips. “We never got to celebrate our anniversary of getting together earlier this year, and I felt bad. You’ve stuck by me throughout this whole season, the highs and the lows, and I wanted to thank you for that. So therefore I came up with this beautiful set-up…with some help, of course.” She then places another kiss on his lips.


“It’s beyond stunning. Thank you so, so, so much. You’re certainly special.” He then glances back to the cue cards and photos, watching her closely as she shifts through them.


“What’s your favourite?” She shook her head as she glanced around at the different images that he had displayed, along with the written cue cards throughout the room.


“I can’t just choose one, Lance. There’s so many throughout the room.” She then moves towards a photo on the wall, smiling as she remembered that day in September a couple years ago. “I remember when you unveiled the truck to me that weekend for Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. I stood there in disbelief in watching how you had put the boutique logo on the tailgate.” He then smiles as he wraps his arms around her and holds her close.


“You deserved it for what you had done for me that weekend. Read the cue card….” Emma then moves closer to the photo, removing the cue card that hung on to the balloon with the photo. She then unfolds it, smiling immediately as she recognized the handwriting.


“I am not the person to give up on dreams easily. You’ve heard that numerous times. However, there was a time that where I so focused on my frustration that I didn’t even think that I could do something. But yet, here you stepped in and helped me. You stood up and told me that I shouldn’t let anything stop me, but yet I should do something about it. You put the pieces in motion for me to do something that I wanted to do…..”


“You can take a couple hundred dollars off of that total already,” Emma states as she walks into the room, placing a couple pieces of paper in front of him. “Consider this my way of helping you in the way that I can.” Lance looks at her confused, before picking up the pieces of paper. He then looks over them, surprise written over his face as to what she had planned.

“Emma, you didn’t have to do this,” he tells her as he looks over at her. “You need these profits to maintain the shop.”

“Business has been really good lately that our profits are higher than what it costs to maintain,” Emma explains, opening her business book up to the accounting pages. “I can afford to give up a week’s profit to help you make this happen.”

“100% positive?” Emma shakes her head yes.

“You just better be there on Monday to help boost sales. If I can help get you at least some of the money, that takes it off your shoulders in all that you’re doing.”

“I love you.” He then leans over and kisses her lips.

“I love you, too.”


“…….That weekend, I was able to accomplish a dream – racing in a NASCAR race for the first time on home turf,” Emma continues reading the cue card. “As I remember, it turned out successfully with a top-five finish, too. However, that part doesn’t matter. The part that mattered was being able to accomplish the dream, being able to do that, and everything that went into it. Thank you so much. I cannot tell you even to this day how grateful I am for that experience. Thank you.” She then looks over at him with a smile. “Awww Lance….”


“I mean every word that I wrote there,” he tells her as he pulls her close and kisses her lips once again. “You are amazing and I am totally grateful for everything. Thank you.” She then glances back at the cue card.


“Can I keep the cue card?” He shakes his ehad yes as he glances around the room.


“Tomorrow, if you want, we can take each of these down and put them in a scrapbook together. It could be our memory scrapbook together.” She then smiles, shaking her head in agreement. It would certainly be a special way to savor this as she didn’t want to let any of these moments go.


“Why do we have to wait till tomorrow to do this?” He then kisses her lips once again as he runs his hands along her lips.


“Tonight is about making this a nice and relaxing night for you after a busy day at the shop. Tonight is about us spending time together and having our own version of fun.” She then leans in and kisses his lips lightly as she runs her hands up underneath his shirt.


“I have no problem with doing that as I can’t resist you at all.” He then smiles as he runs his hands through her hair.


“Face it – you’ve never been able to resist me.” She then laughs as she glances towards one of the photos – the pair cuddling at the apartment on an afternoon, which was meant as the perfect reflection back to their first time together.


“I think we discovered that in one of our first moments together…..”


“Are you okay? Are you sure about this?” He asks and she shakes her head yes as she slips off his shirt.

“When I told you that I was ready for this, I meant it,” she assures him. “I even stuck up for your ass about it in front of my brother so you better make it worth my while.” Lance then looks at her completely surprised by her words.

“If at anytime you don’t feel comfortable, don’t be afraid to tell me,” he tells her. “I won’t be mad at you. I want to do this on your terms.” She shakes her head agreeing as he undoes the button while she reaches for his. She then begins slipping the jeans down his legs, before pulling them right off as he lifts his butt up the couch a little.

“Is it wrong that I’m staring somewhere?” He then chuckles as he slips her pants off. “Do girls normally do…that…their…first…time?”

“Of course, because it’s something new and it’s going inside of them. I don’t blame you for looking.” He then grabs her hand lightly and places it on the waistband of his boxers. “Of course, you’d get a better view if you do something first.”

“This is true.” She then slips his boxers off, slowly, before tossing them with his jeans. He then follows suit in taking her underwear off as the pair lay on the couch naked together. “It feels so good to lay like this with our skin touching together. It just feels…..sweet…romantic….”

“Brings us closer together more than you believed possible?” She shakes her head yes.

“I never thought meeting you that day at the shop or being at New Smyrna with you that we’d get to this.”

“Sometimes you have to take chances and see where life leads you. I took the chance by accepting the contract from Brad and moving down here away from my family. You took the chance on seeing me. Life is about taking chances and having no regrets.”

“You honestly have no regrets?” Lance shrugs his shoulders as there were a couple things that he always thought back on, wishing they were different. “Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing with opening my own fashion business. Sometimes when sales are down and things are hectic, I wonder if I’ve dug a hole too deep.”

“I can assure that you haven’t as your business is spectacular and you’re doing a great job.”

“Why, thank you. I appreciate that, and you’re doing a great job behind the wheel as well.”

“Well thank you. Now, are you ready for the next step?” She looks at him confidently and shakes her head yes. “That’s great….because I was worried that I went shopping last night for no reason.” He then reaches down to where his jeans were, reaching in the pocket and pulling out a condom. “I don’t want to get you pregnant. Your brother may kill me.” Emma chuckles lightly, knowing that Lance was probably right, as he slips it on himself. “And that whole pull out at the right time theory – don’t trust it. You never know when the right time is.” He then slips up off the couch and holds out her hand before leading her to the bedsroom. He then lays her down with him, before slipping himself slowly inside of her. “If it’s a little tight, that’s natural for the first time. If it hurts though, tell me and I’ll stop.”

“I trust you – stop trying to assure me or make sure that I’m ready.”

“Yes dear.” He then begins to move himself inside of her as a small moan escapes her lips.


“Rather than dreaming back to that moment, why don’t we go make some more magic of our own?” Lance offers with a curious grin as he leads her to the bedsroom.


“I thought you’d never offer….” She retorts as she easily accepts without any objections.


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