Chasing The Love – Chapter 92: Confessions

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Saturday night


Karsyn lets out a sigh as she glances around the small restaurant. She then perks up as she watches the man of the hour walk through the front door and make his way over to the table, taking a seat across from her.


“I can’t believe I agreed to meet with you – but hello,” she says without much of a glance.


“You’re getting a free dinner at your favourite west coast restaurant – where is the problem in that?” Her dinner partner responds as she lets out a sigh, glancing up from the menu.


“Hence the only reason why I agreed to meet with you tonight. Besides, Nickelodeon has been bugging me to get thinking of the new content for new episo-”


“Are you still seriously working with them? You started when you were a teen, right?” Karsyn shakes her head yes, remembering some of her first interviews on the show and how nervous she was. She had to admit, though, there had been some fun times. “So, you’re also going to use this dinner as a way to get me on the show?”


“Marshall, whether I like you or not, you seem to be turning into a little star since winning at Daytona in February. That has the network intrigued and therefore warranting a segment on the show. Need I say more?” Marshall shakes his head no as she simply smiles. “Good. Consider this – I’m doing you a favor by hearing you out tonight and being your company, and you’re doing me a favor by buying dinner and accepting the interview. We can simply call this a good business deal.”


“So you seriously don’t like me?” Karsyn laughs as she sets the menu down flat on the table.


“Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately? Have you looked at what you’ve done over the past three years to piss a lot of people off, including myself at one time? Do I need to say more?” Marshall lets out a sigh and shakes his head no as his eyes fall down to the table. If he was going to make a change, it’d take more than he thought originally.


“I’ve messed up in the past. I know I’ve done some things that I shouldn’t have. But I’m learning and deciding that I need to grow up and behave. I need to make changes, starting with my behavior and actions, as I can’t keep doing this.” Karsyn looked on in surprise, not believing that she was hearing this discussion.


“What opened up your eyes to this reality? Chip?” Marshall shakes his head no, but knew that he had to pay Chip a visit to also apologize for the issues that he had caused him.


“Emma Vitty.” Karsyn laughs, shaking her head. She wished she could pull that woman’s hair out while breaking all of her shoes.


“Everybody warned you about dating her, remember?” Marshall shakes his head yes, remembering all the warning signs that had been displayed after she had broken up with Chase. “What’d she do?”


“Nothing in particular. She just became annoying with her thoughts of what she wanted to do to other people and her jealousy. I got sick of hearing it.” Karsyn didn’t care about the food or the earlier deal anymore as her eyes locked onto Marshall. There was a key in what he had revealed that her curious.


“So what is she wanting to do to other people? I know that she was mad at Chase for the break-up….” Marshall was surprised to hear Karsyn’s concern for Chase, considering how things went down between Karsyn and Chase at the beginning of the season. Had they remained friends?


“That’s exactly whom she is after – Chase and Alyssa.” Karsyn felt a tinge of anger immediately form, wanting to pull harder on the hair and break each nail piece by piece now to go along with it. What was wrong with this woman? “I needed someone to hear me out to see what I should do. That’s why I called you. I figured that you were a mutual person who had respect for those two, whom wouldn’t bite my head off.”


“I have my reasons, as I said. Now, what is her plan?” Marshall shook his head as he remembered the phone conversation that Emma had with Leo that night following the break-up that he had with Alyssa. It seemed obvious what she was trying to do. Why hadn’t he cut off Leo’s confessions earlier in the evening?


“She called Leo and acted all buddy-buddy to him. She got him to reveal a lot of things about his feelings about the break-up. She then combined that with he sneaking around that we saw in Daytona to send to a bunch of gossip magazines. She’s trying to drag them through the mud that way so she doesn’t get caught as being the one that did it.” Karsyn could only run her hands through her hair, thinking of the complications that could arise should the details be spread as per Emma’s plans. Not only would it complicate and cause issues for Alyssa and Chase, but it’d break Leo’s heart.


“Do you know whom she contacted?” Marshall shakes his head yes, having made a mental note when Emma made the phone calls. “We need to get a hold of them and find a way to make sure that it doesn’t get spread. You also then should tell those three, even though they hate your guts and want to kill you, to spare them some pain. Besides, it may work as a good peace offering after everything that you’ve done.”


“Can you help me?” Karsyn shakes her head yes, knowing that she didn’t want any of them to get hurt in the process.


“I’m only agreeing because I care about those involved, not because I like you quite yet. However, I will admit that you’re not a bad guy.” She then picks up her menu with a small smile. “Now, let’s order some grub and discuss what I need done by you.”


Back at the track, everybody had retreated back to the motorcoach lot to relax with some desert following the post victory celebration for Alyssa’s victory.


“So, has Kassie bugged you since last night?” Elsa wonders and Alyssa shakes her head no. “Has she bugged you, Keira?” Keira shakes her head yes, catching Alyssa’s attention. “Oops.”


“What did she have to say?” Alyssa wonders as Keira takes a deep breath.


“She wanted to know where I stood and offered her apology,” Keira explains. “I simply told her that I accept the apology, but want nothing to do with her fake ass. I’m not going to stand around and hurt my friends like she decides to do.” Alyssa smiles, glad that nothing had changed between her and Keira. It was hard enough with the events between her and Kassie.


“I always knew that I could trust you.”


“How do we know that you’re not acting or ly-” Elsa starts.


“Elsa!” Dale and Marie both yell at the same time as Elsa shrugs her shoulders.


“She does bring up a good point though,” Keira interjects as she looks over at the blond-haired teenager. “It comes down to trust, and whether Alyssa feels that she can trust you. You can’t know for certain 100% but I have belief that she will trust me because of our friendship. Also, for sake of argument, she could look at the text messages on my phone if she questioned it.”


“Friendship is all about trust and finding those that you can get along with and trust more than any other person,” Alyssa adds, catching Elsa’s attention. “I have that with Keira. She also doesn’t pressure me to do anything that I don’t want to do, or talk about something that I may call personal to my relationship. As you grow older and search for your popularity within school and what you call the perfect look, just remember that and stay away from the fake girls. They’ll just hurt you in the end.”


“Should we make her watch Mean Girls?” Alyssa laughs and shakes her head no.


“I don’t think she could put up with the bad acting from Lindsay.”


“Hey now, Lindsay wasn’t a bad actor,” Marie offers. “She actually did a decent job in both Means Girls and Herbie: Fully Loaded. There was just issues with her drugs and choices outside of that.” The two younger girls simply just roll their eyes at Marie as Elsa smiles.


“Don’t worry – I’ll be careful,” Elsa assures everyone. “I may seem like the delusional, only wanting to be pretty, not so smart girl, but I know how to make wise choices.” Alyssa shakes her head, knowing that her sister was right about that as Elsa wasn’t so bad despite the corks.


“Right – because you always make the wise choice to not do your homework?” Elsa lets out a sigh as she holds up her math textbook.


“I’m sorry but it just can be so boring and annoying at times.”


“But a wise person would realize that they need to be smart and graduate from school, so therefore they’d do their homework. Just remember that.”


“Hence why I have my math book right here beside me.”


“You don’t have it open,” Robby teases as Elsa looks over at her little brother.


“The worksheet is complete dumbass,” she retorts, causing her parents to give her a glance.


“Why did we agree to have two more kids?” Dale wonders as Marie laughs, cuddling up close to him.


“Because we wanted something to keep our life interesting, I suppose,” Marie offers, giving him a quick kiss.


“Let’s just have one kid, okay?” Alyssa offers to Chase as he looks over at her surprised. “Too soon?” He then laughs and shakes his head yes.


“It’s just a tad awkward but I understand your reasoning,” he comments. “However, siblings can be fun. You have to admit that those two aren’t totally bad.” Alyssa looks over at her little siblings and shrugs her shoulders before looking back at Chase.


“Trust me – they’re the worst pain in the butts ever…..but I couldn’t picture life without them as I love them both a lot.” She then leans in and kisses his lips. “I love you more, though.”


“I love you, too.”


“Awwwww!” Elsa coos as she watches them. “Can I start to plan the wedding now? I have the perfect dress idea!”


“Focus on graduating from school and then we’ll talk,” Alyssa tells her, though keeps her eyes on Chase. She could already picture them heading to chapel together. She just hoped their wedding would be as magical as her parents. For now, though, they had the next week to focus on and the confessions that they’d have for each other.


So I’m thinking this story may go to 150 chapters, perhaps 200. Is everybody okay with that? 


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