Chasing The Love – Chapter 88: The Double

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Monday Evening


Chase grabbed his phone, shutting down the computer as he walked out of his office. He then closes the door behind him, locking it before heading down the hall.


It seemed that everything was coming together. Alyssa was going to get to attend her graduation, as well as everybody else that wanted to be there to support her. He had also chosen a theme for the prom, with Shelby already working magic on the invitations to send to everyone. All that he needed to now was figure out the best way to ask her to the prom.


“So I hear that your girlfriend is causing quite a stir?” Chase hears, glancing over his shoulder to see Cole standing there.


So, perhaps everything wasn’t perfect. There was still the issue of whether or not Alyssa was truthfully running the double, as well as the issue of spring break coming up, would meant confession time.


“Oh come on Cole, does it surprise you?” Chase questions, sarcastically with a smile. Cole just laughs as he catches up with his teammate as they walk through the halls of HMS together.


“I have to admit – you guys kicked off this year on a bigger, crazier note that I could’ve imagined. Who knew that you’d have everybody talking about you guys due to a relationship?” Chase couldn’t help but smile about it, despite the bits of stress that came with the media on their backs.


“I never could’ve expected it to happen like it did, but I have no complaints Cole. It’s almost as if it’s meant to be.” Cole couldn’t help but agree, despite his initial reservations. It seemed that they were over the top happy together.


“So how is it that she stirs the pot again with the possibility of running the Memorial Day double?” Chase shrugs his shoulders, unsure himself. He was looking forward to following through his mom’s advice and asking Alyssa herself later that night.


“I don’t know, yet. I haven’t had the chance to ask her myself about what’s going on there. It seems odd considering that’s the weekend that she is graduating, too.” Cole looks on surprised, having not heard the details of Alyssa’s graduation.


“Has she ever discussed the idea of driving an open-whee-”


“Are we truthfully having this discussion, Cole? Everybody knows Alyssa. She’ll drive anything and everything. It seems that she’s been brought up under the Kyle Busch/Tony Stewart rule of thumb.” Upon Chase mentioning it, there was no argument from Cole as he remembered the dirt track days, and how Alyssa was trying different things to race.


“At least she didn’t inherit the attitude, right?” Chase rolls his eyes. “I’m just saying that it’d be crazy stress if we had to deal with that, too.” Perhaps his teammate had a point, even if both turned out pretty cool after everything. “Have you thought about her birthday at all?” Chase shakes his head no. He knew that would be coming up before anything else that was being planned, but honestly hadn’t had a chance to think about it with everything that was going on. “That should be important, epically since you’re dating.”


“Let’s just say that I have my hands full and haven’t had a chance to discuss that quite yet.” He then heads out of the shop, walking over to the car. “See ya later Cole.” He then climbs in the car and heads off, set for home.


For Chase, each night was a short drive from Hendrick Motorsports to Dirty Mo Acres, as long as track co-operated. Tonight was one of those nights where traffic was heavier than normal and it took an extra hour than he had expected. So much for the quick half hour drive home.


Letting out a sigh, he drives down the short pathway that led to the house, pulling up in front of the garage. He then climbs out of the car, set to head inside and have a quiet night, a good dinner, and some discussion. Though, it seemed his plans changed in an instant when he noticed someone sitting on his porch steps.


He walls up to the house, crossing his arms as he sees his teammate sitting there before him.


“What are you doing here, Mr. Hayley?” He questions as Cameron looks on surprised.


“Can’t I come spend some time with my teammate?” Cameron asks as Chase lets out a sigh. Perhaps he was being a little harsh on him.


“I don’t mind spending time with you. I just wish that you’d give me some warning.” Cameron shrugs his shoulders. It wasn’t the best ploy, but it kicked off discussion. He wasn’t about to reveal the true reason for his appearance, yet.


“Okay, I apologize. I didn’t mean to do that. Oh, if you’re looking for your girlfriend, she’s not at home. She’s actually over with her parents right now, discussing something.” Chase wasn’t too worried about that, as he was used to Alyssa spreading her time between her parents and him. “She was over here working on her homework when I got here. We talked a little, till her sister came in and said that her parents wanted to talk to her about something. Alyssa asked what was going on, and Elsa said it had to do with the rumors.” Chase shook his head as that was to be expected. Perhaps he wasn’t the only person curious about it. “So, what’s the truth? Is she running the double?”


“I’m going to guess that you acme over for the same reason why Cole stopped me on the way out, and the same reason that Ty texted me today. I do not know the validity of the rumors. I haven’t had a chance to ask her myself. I learned about them for the first time today.” Cameron felt frozen in that moment, with nothing to do. So much for being quiet about things.


“I….I got to go…” Chase could only roll his eyes as he watched Cameron head off.


“Good try Cam, good try. See you tomorrow.” Chase then heads up the steps and heads into the house, slipping his coat off. He figured that he better start on dinner, but wasn’t quite sure yet to even do that as would he be cooking for one, or two?


Letting out a sigh, he flopped back on the couch instead and flipped on the television. Perhaps he could pass the time while he waited to see what would happen. However, that wasn’t accomplishing anything so he made his way across the short walkaway, knocking on the front door. He then looks on surprised as he watches Robby open the door.


“What have your parents said about getting the door?” He questions the nine-year-old. Robby just shrugs his shoulders as he moves back.


“I saw you from my bedsroom so why are you so concerned?” Robby responds as Chase rolls his eyes. It seemed each of the kids had a flare of their own attitude.


“I don’t want you to get into any trouble, if that matters to you.” Robby couldn’t help but smile. He wasn’t worried about getting into trouble as someone else had taken the cake.


“They’re in the living room.” Robby then heads up the stairs without another word.


Chase then takes a deep breath, walking down the hall as he peaks into the room, seeing Alyssa sitting on the couch with her parents standing before her.


“You’re never too old to get into trouble,” he comments quietly to himself as he walks into the room.


“So, are the rumors true?” Dale asks as he stands before his daughter. He was already figuring for her answer to be ‘no’ as if they were true, why hadn’t he heard about something sooner?


“They are not true,” Alyssa answers as she glances between her parents. That wasn’t a lie, either. She knew that there was no time within her schedule to try and do the double, despite wanting to do it badly. “I am being completely honest. I can give you any details that you want about what actually happened, and what I’m thinking.”


“Start talking,” Marie instructs sternly, not moving from her position of arms crossed, anger written on her face.


“I had the sponsorship appearance in Indiana a couple we-”


“I know your schedule,” Dale cuts her off. “Get to the important factors before your mother chops your head off.”


“Once I got done the appearance, I didn’t have to fly out for another three hours,” she continues, recalling the trip. “So it was either stand around and wait, or do something to pass the time. The article is right – I made the trip to one of the shops. I went to go Andretti Autosport. You know that I’m good friends with the Andrettis, especially the twins Mia and Mario. So I simply stopped in to see them, say hi and also say hi to Marco.”


“Was there any discussions whatsoever surrounding you running an Indy Car?” Marie demands as Alyssa takes a deep breath. She knew how her mom felt about her running an open-wheel car, and knew that discussions of that possibility wouldn’t ever go well.


“I can’t lie to you, mom. We certainly discussed the possibility in the future. Did those discussions surround this year? Absolutely not. I already got my hands full enough with the sleeping issues, my rookie season in XFINITY, school and graduation. I don’t need any more on my plate, especially in the month of Ma-”


“But there were discussions?” Alyssa shakes her head yes, recalling the conversation in her head.


“I want to do the double, eventually. I want to try an open-wheel car. Marco talked about arranging me a test in the fall once the season is over. We’re also talking about the possibility of doing it for next season. That’s all the conversation consisted of. Am I done?”


“Alyssa, watch your attitude,” Dale warns, causing Alyssa to look over at him right away.


“I haven’t said anything wrong, have I?” She questions and he lets out a sigh, shaking his head no. “I just hate being accused of something when it isn’t even true. I also just hate that since someone is unsure of the idea, she has to be stuck up in my nose about it – just like she was when I first started dating Chase. I’m 18. I’m a grown-up now. I can make my own decisions.” She then looks over at Chase with a smile, in which he promptly returns. However, he couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed as he had originally judged her upon the original rumor.


“Stop by the PR office tomorrow and work with them to release a decent statement, declining the rumor. Oh, and get a hold of Andretti to make sure it’s clear across the board.” Alyssa shakes her head in agreement. “Good. As far as the other half of your comment, your mother cares about you and is doing things with your best interests in mind. I know it can be frustrating, but give her a bit of benefit, okay?”


“Understood.” Alyssa glances at the ground, biting her tongue as she looks back up and over at her mother. Perhaps she had been too hard, even if she was frustrated beyond a shadow of a doubt about the past month or so. “I’m sorry for what I said, mom. It’s just been frustrating at times.”


“Apology accepted,” Marie comments. “Are you staying for dinner?” Alyssa shakes her head no as she stands up and walks over to Chase.


“I promised Chase that I’d make him something tonight. I’ll come over tomorrow night for dinner.”


“Okay, that’s fine. See you children later.”


“Okay.” Alyssa then takes Chase by the hand and practically drags him out of the house.


“We didn’t agree to anything,” Chase comments once they got outside. Alyssa then looks over at him, and shrugs her shoulders.


“I lied, okay?” She tells him. “Let’s face it – I didn’t want to stick around tonight after that lecture spell. I need some time away from her for a bit. I figured we could do something together. It’s up to you whether we go out or stay in.”




4 thoughts on “Chasing The Love – Chapter 88: The Double

  1. Karysn came into my head. Actually, it was the mention of Cole that made me remember how there was mention of someone making them go on a date earlier. I think there was, anyway. And on Cameron, I wonder if he’ll create drama somehow.


    1. Yeah, it was Ty and Hilary that made Karsyn and Chase go on the date earlier in the story. They thought that Chase was single, or at least knew the date could answer the question as to what Chase was up to. It basically kicked off the spurr of events with Chase and Alyssa’s relationship being revealed.

      I don’t think Cameron is the type to cause drama. He likes to keep to himself, and do his own thing. I think this is just a case of him being really curious about what Alyssa is up to.


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