A Proposal – Chapter 1

Lance took a deep breath, before knocking upon the door of the apartment. He knew that if he was going to take this step forward, he had to go see this one person before doing so.


“Lance?” Ryan says, caught off-guard by seeing his sister’s boyfriend standing there. The last time that Lance had shown up on his doorstep like so, things weren’t so peaceful about the relationship.


“Hey, are you busy?” Lance questions and Ryan feels a tinge of worry upon the tone of his voice. This could be trouble.


“Not right now. Why? What’s up?” Lance felt the butterflies flutter a little more, not believing that this was actually happening.


“Can I talk to you about something?” Ryan crosses his arms as the tinge of worry bubbles up further.


“What did you do?” Lance laughs and shakes his head as he walks into the apartment, before spinning around to face Ryan.


“I haven’t done anything – I swear. Everything is still as great as ever between us.” Ryan couldn’t help but smile in hearing those words. While he may not had agreed with the relationship at the beginning, he certainly couldn’t help but admit that he was happy for his sister.


“So, what are you doing here?” Lance reaches his hand into his pocket, trying to push the butterflies away as he pulls the small grey box out of his pocket. “No way….”


“I bought this about a week ago for Emma.” He then slowly opens the box, revealing the ring to Ryan. “I want to propose to her.” Ryan felt his breath hitch in his throat as he looked at the ring, and back to Lance. Was this really happening?


“Okay…..” Lance could tell that he had caught Ryan off-guard, but he hoped that didn’t mean that his trip was worth nothing.


“I want your blessing.” Ryan looks at Lance, surprised. He never thought that one of his sister’s boyfriends would do such a thing.


“Shouldn’t you ask Dad for that?” Lance bit his tongue, worry building. He had yet to talk to Dave yet, but knew that’d be the next stop before Emma would see the ring.


“I was going to go ask him after I asked you, Ryan. I know it’s customary to just get the blessing from the father, but I want your blessing as well. You, Emma and Erin are so close – especially you and Emma. I don’t want to do anything that ruins that. I….I feel it’s only right to do this. I won’t go forth it without your blessing.” Ryan just shook his head in disbelief as he stood there staring at Lance. Was this really happening?


“I can’t believe this is happening, Lance. I can’t believe that you guys are set to….well, I do believe that you’re set to because I know how much you love and care about each other. However, I still can’t believe that you’re standing here asking for my permission. Do you know what I first thought of you?” Lance shakes his head, remembering the lecture that he was given at the beginning about being ‘bad news’.


“I don’t think anybody could forget the lecture that you gave me.” Ryan laughs as he walks over and wraps an arm around Lance’s shoulders.


“You remember that lecture because it still stands true today. You ever hurt my sister, and I may have to kick your ass.” Lance then lets him go, walking into the kitchen. He then grabs a can of pop, and throws it to Lance before cracking one of his own open. “I also remember when I approached her about dating you, and what she told me….”


 “I just feel he’s bad news, sis,” Ryan says. Emma then rolls her eyes as she knew that it’d take work to convince him otherwise.


“From what I can tell, his intentions are purposely set on making things great between us,” she tells him. “We talked about everything that is at stake and I felt goo-”


“And are you sure you’re not just blinded by lust?” He then looks over at her as she feels her heart sink. Normally, they’d be able to have sweet understanding conversations. She wasn’t used to these cut throat discussions with him.


“If you want me to tell you the honest truth, I don’t know Ryan. I won’t know that till I truly start to get to know him more. Maybe its lust and perhaps it’ll lose traction. Maybe you’re right and he’s just crushing on me because I’m the easy bait. Either way, I won’t know the answers till I let him in.” He shakes his head as he looks away.


“I still don’t feel comfortable with this, Emma. I’ve warned you about guys like this – especially the news in town. I don’t want you getting hurt.”


“I know you’re worried Ryan, but you have to let me do this.”


“And what if he hurts you? Then who’s left picking up the pieces? Who’s left having to kick his ass?”


“If he hurts me, I can promise you that you won’t be picking up the pieces mister. I’ll be kicking his ass. I wasn’t raised to be a push over.” He then laughs as he wraps an arm around her.


“I know that. But regardless, if he does do something, it’ll still hurt you and I hate to see you upset. I care about you. I care about Leah the same way. Just promise me you’ll be careful.”


“You don’t have to worry. I promise.”


“I’m just glad that I haven’t had to kick your ass,” Ryan says as Lance laughs. “Listen, I believe that you two are meant to be so you have my permission. I wish you the best of luck, and make sure you blow that proposal out of the park. But – good luck getting my dad’s permission. I don’t know if he’s ready for his little girl to grow up quite yet.”




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