Always By Your Side – Chapter 15: The Proposal

The pair then head to the bathroom, as Ryan’s mom gets out the curling iron and a brush. She begins to do Devon’s hair when Devon notices another envelope. She picks it up, slowly opening it as she slips out another piece of paper.


I am guessing that you look amazing right now. Remember that first night that we spent together? Remember the days that we spent in the kitchen? You always moved around the kitchen so smoothly and beautifully, with a certain amount of sweetness. But yet, I also discovered that you had a certain special ‘purr’ to you if I did the right thing. 


As my mom helps you get ready with your hair, I have a special clip to help you keep it up all together – Ryan


“Ryan mentions something about a clip….” She lets out as his mom smiles, holding up a clip in the mirror. The blue clip that matched her dress perfectly had a small white kitten in the corner.


“Ryan gave it to me earlier and told me to use it for your hair,” his mom reveals. “Does it have a special meaning?” Devon smiles and shakes her head yes as her eyes return back to the note.


“I’m his little kitten, I suppose.” Ryan’s mom couldn’t help but smile as she placed the clip in Devon’s hair.


“Well you’re an adorable kitten. Now, I want you to go out of the bathroom and go to the stairs. There’s someone waiting for you.” Devon shakes her head yes as she turns around to face Ryan’s mom.


“I just want to say thank you for everything that you’ve done for Ryan and I.”


“Ryan is my baby, and I’d do anything for him. Go on dear…”


Devon then hurries out of the bathroom, expecting to see Ryan at the top of the stairs, wanting to wrap her arms around him and kiss him for everything thus far.


However, as she reaches the stairs, she was surprised to see Mark Reed standing there.


“Mark?” She questions as he holds out his hand. She simply takes it as he leads her closer to him.


“I wanted to speak to you before you head off with my son tonight,” he starts as she looks at him surprised. “I just wanted to tell you how much you mean to me and Karla. We’re very thankful that you came into our son’s life and have helped make him really happy. We also both want you to know how much you mean to us as a family, and know that you can always come to us if you need anything.” Devon couldn’t help but smile in response to Mark’s words.


“Thank you Mark; I appreciate that.” Mark simply smiles in return as he reaches in his pocket, handing her an envelope.


“This came fro-”


“Mark, I know the game already….” She then opens the envelope, prepared to read another note.


My parents mean the world to me, and I can’t tell you how grateful I am that they love you as much as I love you. I know that you’ve always dreamed of having a family, and I’m glad that I am able to help fulfill that wish – among many others.


You’re beautiful and stunning, and you should never lose the beauty. I know that you look like a princess, but no princess is complete without her special piece of jewelry.




“Is everything oka-” Mark asks, seeing a couple tears in Devon’s eyes. She shakes her head yes as she watches Mark pull a small box out of his pocket.


“It’s better than okay, Mark,” she answers, accepting the box from him. She slowly opens it, immediately smiling as she sees the necklace. When Ryan purchased the ring, he also bought the necklace – gold chain with a sunflower as the center piece. “Wow…”


“Would you like some help putting it on?” Devon slowly shakes her head yes as Mark take the necklace out of the box, putting it around her neck. “You look amazing, Devon.”


“Thank you, Mark. I appreciate that.” Mark smiles as he watches her eyes return back to his.


“I know that you want to see Ryan more than anything. He’s down the stairs if you want to go see him.”


“Thank you…”


She then heads down the stairs, set to meet up with Ryan. She couldn’t believe the gifts thus far, or how sweet all the notes had been, or the words discussed with his parents about how they all felt. As she reached the bottom of the stairs, she found herself adding up the pieces and came to a conclusion. She could already tell that the night would be special.


“Devo-” Ryan starts as he looks at her, completely stunned by how beautiful she looked.


“My answer is yes!” She lets out as his smile immediately fades, traded in for his jaw dropping down the ground.


“Excuse me?” She then walks up to him, wrapping her arms around his waist.


“My answer is yes.” She then kisses his lips. “Ryan, it’s obvious what you have in mind for tonight. The carriage ride that you have planned, followed by the outfit and getting ready and the necklace. I’m taking a bet that we’re going to go on the ride and you’re going to offer a proposal. Am I right?” Ryan couldn’t believe that she had spoiled his surprise.


“Too cliché, huh?” She laughs and shakes her head yes. “Damn it!”


“Hey, the idea was a little cliché and gave itself away. However, the thought behind it and the care that you took with it means the world to me. It still had so much meaning and sweetness that I can’t even be disappointed if I wanted to be. Ryan, I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” He then reaches his pocket and slips her a small little grey box.


“Then I guess I should give you this?” She then smiles as she shakes her head no. “What?” She then holds her hand out, closing her eyes.


“Surprise me, Ryan.” He then flips the box open, carefully removing the ring before slipping it on her finger. He let out a cautious sigh as he watched it slip on with ease, knowing that he’d gotten the right size.


“Open your eyes.” She opens her eyes, glancing down at the ring as an immediate smile forms on her face.


“Wow…Oh my gosh….Wow….Holy…” She felt tears falling once again, in which Ryan immediately reached over to wipe away.


“Is it okay? I hope it isn’t too much. I know that you’re not super fancy, but I wanted something that stood out for us and I figured it was right. I jus-”


“It’s perfect, Ryan.” She then leans in, kissing his lips as she pulls him even closer to her. “Now, how about that carriage ride?”


“You still want to go on the ride even though we’ve spoiled the surprise ending?” She shakes her head yes as she laces his fingers with his.


“I want to spend a nice quiet evening on the town with my fiancé now.”




Sequel or no sequel? That is the question so let me know what you think.



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