A Cowboy’s Chance – Chapter 95: Banquet

Emma wraps her arm around Lance, smiling as the flash bulb goes off on the camera. The pair then glance at the other cameras around, watching those bulbs flash.

“That is all,” they are told as they continue their walk down the red carpet.

“Can you believe it?” Lance questions as they reach the end of the carpet.

“Can I believe what?” Emma asks as she looks into Lance’s eyes. He then turns to face her, lacing his fingers with hers.

“Can you believe that we’re here like this with me finishing second in points?” Emma smiles in return, shaking her head yes.

“I told you that I believed in you. I told you from the first day that I saw you on track that you were full of talent and could get the job done. I told you that you’d make it in this sport with ease. Hence why I’ve been by your side right here for the past two years. I do believe it – the question is do you believe it?” Lance glances around the room, glancing at the trophies on display to be given out, before glancing into the room at the tables aligned with everybody who had already taken their seat. It was in that moment that he realized that he had truly made it in the sport, and all his hard work through the years had paid off.

“The longer I stand here and the more that I think about the season, the more I do believe it actually.” Emma watches his eyes glance away from her, keeping her eyes locked on him.

“Lance, what are you thinking?” Lance then glances back her way.

“I can’t say this enough but when I made the decision to move to North Carolina and chase after his wild dream, there was no way that I could tell that it’d come true. Now, here I am with my first full season complete having finished second in points with a contract already signed.  It’s just unbelievable, honestly.” She couldn’t help but smile in return as she squeezed his hand a little.

“So are you ready to go take your seat, Mr. Zeeko?” He then smiles, leaning in for a kiss before facing the doors.

“I am ready, and I couldn’t be more proud to do this with you by my side. I know I don’t say it enough sometimes, but I really do appreciate and love you. I appreciate you sticking by my side and handling all the issues that have come our way. I thank you for giving me a chance, and appreciate how much you care for me. I love you and I want you to know how much I love you.” She smiles as they step forward into the room.

“You don’t need to tell me – I understand, Lance, and don’t worry – I love you and am not going anywhere.” They then reach the table that they were supposed to sit at, taking their seats alongside Brad, Paige, Chad and the rest of the crew.

As the night drew on, Lance couldn’t help but think back to how the past couple of years had gone.

He could’ve never predicted this a couple years ago – he was the kid with no chance at making it. He also believed that he’d never find the girl that he could love, sick and tired of being deceived by girls.

However, everything changed with one phone call from Brad Keselowski and a trip to Brad Keselowski Racing. He got the chance of a lifetime, while meeting the girl of his dreams.

Sure, things had been rocky. He had some tough times on the track in adjusting to what he needed to do. In honesty, he still made mistakes that had cost his team dearly at times. There were also the rough times of his relationship – trust issues, the tramps, and a pesky friend.

Though sitting there that night listening to the other speeches, and finally making a speech of his own, he had no complaints. Everything was falling into place correctly. He had the chance that he dreamed of, and a girl by his side that would never steer him wrong.

“For those that say fairy tales don’t come true, I’m going to tell you that they’re wrong because right now, I’m living that fairy tale,” he finishes off his speech. “Thank you.”

As he headed off the stage, he couldn’t wait for what the future would bring.




Sequel or no sequel? Not 100% sure yet but let me know what you think.


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