The Street Racing Stig – Chapters 78 Thu 80


Chapter 78: Seeing Thru The Plan

Hilary’s POV

I hear a knock at the door. I knew who it was supposed to be. Given the notice that I had received that they were going to accept the plan, they would be here at this time. Taking a deep breath, I knew this was the moment that we had been waiting for.

I open the door and glance at the crowd of people, immediately placing their names.

Jimmie Johnson – our original target for David’s random reasons and hatred of being beaten on the streets. I didn’t get why we had to go after the precious ‘Stig’ as he was just some street racer who seemed to be quick on that avenue. Why weren’t we focusing on other plans? Didn’t we have that plan to blow up that building? However, when David sets his mind on something I might as well help. The quicker he gets done with that plan, the quicker we could focus on other avenues.

Candiss Vanders – the girl that had quickly found a connection with Johnson and was supposed to help us get closer to him through our evil doings, thanks to discussions and payment. So much for that panning out as easy as we thought.

Dominic Toretto – the street racer bad ass turned friendly cop helper now. It’s surprising, considering his rap sheet and everything that he did, that the man has found a conscious now, and the fact that the cops are okay with them helping them in this day and age. It seemed odder than anything that I could place in this group.

Finally, my eyes lay on David and indeed, he surprisingly walks as a free man. There was no hand-cuffs or nothing to hold him back as he could walk straight up to me and hug me without bounds.

“Who’s there?” I hear my hostage let out and immediately watch as Jimmie darts over without hesitation. That shouldn’t be a surprise as given things, he didn’t care about myself or David, but rather his best friend. There was a reason why I didn’t mind having the car chief off of the team. Research showed that Jimmie and Ron had been friends for a long time. It was the perfect method to lure him.

“We’re here,” Jimmie tells him. “We’re going to get you out of here. Everything is going to work out. You’re going to be okay.” I could only hope that Jimmie’s words played true But that’d simply play on the actions of Dominic and how he handled David’s release.

“How do you know?” Good question hostage, good question.

“We have a plan. It’s going to work. I promise. I got you stuck in this mess and I’m getting you out.” I almost froze at those words. The fact that he said that he had a plan. Why would they need a plan? Weren’t they just handing over David and working an equal trade?

As if on cue, discussion begins between Dominic and David about terms of the trade and how things were going to forth continue. My eyes simply locked on them as I watched the pair argue back and forth, each passing second getting more heated than the previous.

I felt my body freeze as I watched Dominic grab David and pull his arm back, holding him in a hold. I knew the next move….Candiss. You could just see it in her eyes. The pair of them read off of each other and it was like she knew that she had to grab me next.

Well, that’s not happening.

“That wasn’t part of the plan!” I instantly yell as Dom gives David a shove forward, pushing him face first to the ground, knocking him out. I immediately break away without hesitation. There was no way in hell that blond bitch was touching me. If she was, there was something that I was going to do first.

“We lied,” I hear Dom say behind me, followed by a pair of feet. I could tell that they were coming my way but I had a plan of my own first.

I immediately headed Jimmie’s direction, giving him a shove away from Ron, watching as he lands flat back against the wall. I didn’t need to look up and see him slide down the wall as the force and sound that I heard told me that he was probably in for a shock – either knocked out, or at least startled.

I then reach for the table that I had perfectly sitting beside Ron, picking up the needle that was set to go at any moment. I knew there was risk of the plan screwing up. I knew that they’d have a plan of their own. No government lets go a federal fugitive with ease.

I stick the needle immediately into the skin, pushing the plunger down as the liquid goes into the subject below me. I continue to push the plunger as I feel arms wrap around my shoulders, pulling me back away, clutching me tightly. I could only laugh. I knew I was going to jail. That was given as soon as we got stuck in this mess. But, that didn’t mean I was going to go easily and without a fight.

“Good luck with your friend,” I say as Dom pulls my wrists forcefully and I feel cold metal clamp around them, unable to move them from behind my back.

I watch a scurry of people run in the room, with an officer taking my grasp. I easily let them pull me back out of the room, watching as Candiss attends to her precious boyfriend, and Dom and some other individual – Chad, I think – go by Ron’s side with the paramedics. I could only laugh at the sight before me.

Perhaps next time they’ll follow their plans perfectly. Lesson learned, bitches!


Chapter 79: Ron….

Jimmie’s POV

Pain. All that I feel is pain as it fills my back, from my shoulders all the way to my butt. Opening my eyes, I can only lay there in a daze and think – why am I in so much pain?

Wait….Ron….the needle….Hilary….the push….David. Holy shit!

“Ron!” I let out in a panic, sitting up in an instant, not caring about the pain anymore. I could deal with that later. All that mattered to me right now was my best friend and whether he was okay. I just hope Hilary didn’t get to him.

“Easy Jimmie….” I hear as Candiss brushes my arm. I glance over into her eyes, seeing a fury of worry. That never makes me feel good. Something happened once I was passed out.

“Ron….” I then go to stand up, but immediately a hand presses against my body, forcing me to stay in the same pot and lay back. “Ro-” Don’t they understand that I need to get to my friend?

“Sir, you need to calm down,” I hear a voice tell me. Who is that? “You were just knocked out and have back pain. Pre precautionary measures, you aren’t supposed to move.” Yeah, he obviously doesn’t get the scenario at hand. Listen buddy, I’m fine. Just let me get to my friend.

“Let me get to Ro-” I start, determined to ignore him.

“Sir, you need to remain still.” I could care less about your recommendations.

“Jimmie, there’s nothing that you can do right now,” Candiss start, and immediately my heart feels like breaking. Normally when you hear those words, that means the end is here. He was right before me, and he was awake. We were going to make it out. Why did I have to let Hilary throw me off my game? “The medics have him and our addressing things accordingly, with prompt transportation to the local hospital to make sure he will be okay. Jimmie, he’s going to be fine. Just please co-operate, please.” So perhaps I was wrong with my thoughts. Either way, I guarantee that my heart was going through the mot bit of worry that I had ever gone through in my life.

The ride in the ambulance was the longest ride that I could have ever experienced. The entire time while they kept plastering me with questions, I could only think about Ron. I could only wonder how long it took for them to get to him. I could only wonder what happened after I was knocked out. I could only wonder how he was doing. Why weren’t I getting any updates sooner?

Those questions never got answered once I got to the hospital, either. They immediately took me down for x-rays and a CAT scan – you know, the mandatory normal crap. I simply co-operated, but could care less. All that mattered at that point was an update about my best friend.

Now returned to my current room for the time being, I could look around and wonder. Candiss sat by the bed, quietly, holding my hand as if to offer comfort. Trust me – didn’t help. I had asked her to leave and get me an update, but she told me that they wouldn’t say anything to her or Chad. That was always scary thing. When doctors don’t want to give an update that usually means that things are messy. I could only pray at this point, I suppose.

“Where’s Dom?” I wondered, breaking the silence in the room as Candiss sat in her usual spot, while Chad had taken up the right side of the bed. Supposedly, he wasn’t allowed to be around Ron either for the time being. That cared me more than anything as normally when they clear out a room, ya….fill in the blanks.

“He went to the police station with Hilary and David,” she offers, which was understandable. He was one of the investigative workers so he’d have to fill out the paperwork and such that was required.

I watched as the curtain got pulled back, watching a doctor appear before us. I could see that he had a chart in hand, probably containing the results of my x-ray and such. I could care less. I would be okay. Nothing felt broken and there wasn’t much of a headache. Just tell me the details on Ron and we can move forward.

“Mr. Johnson, correct?” He asks and I simply shake my head yes without a word. “I’m Dr. Shepherd. How are you feeling?” Is that really necessary, doc?

“Just worried about my friend,” I offer, not really caring to answer for myself as he probably originally intended.

“I’d presume you’re speaking of Mr. Malec, correct?” I shake my head yes, hoping that he’d just dive right into Ron’s file and be done with mine. “I have an update for you as you are the emergency contact, along with a Mr. Hendrick when the family isn’t here.” Thank you! “First, though, I would like to give you your results.”

“If you must.” Like I said, I could care less what they said.

“The x-ray came back clean as a whistle so any lingering pain that you’re experiencing is simply due to bruising from the incident. Simple pain killers will help ease the pain as it heals, which I could prescribe if you require.” Again, I could care less. I told you that I’d be fine. “The CAT scan came back clean with no signs of lingering effects, despite being knocked out. With that said, we do have to keep you overnight for observation.” I wasn’t planning on leaving the hospital any time soon if he was curious about that. I had someone to see and take care of.

“Okay.” As long as you let me visit my friend during my stay overnight, I will not kill you sir.

“Now, Mr. Malec…” I watch as he flips over to Ron’s file, feeling my stomach tie up into a series of knots immediately. “Ms. Evans certainly had her way with him and there’s no doubt that his condition is currently serious. For starters, he was injected with a muscle relaxor – pancuronium. That was followed by an injection of potassium chloride.” I felt my heart stop at hearing details of the second injection. That was the injection that was supposed to stop his heart….

“He’s going to be okay though, right?” That’s all that mattered right now.

“Like I said, his condition is currently serious, as he’s currently listed as critical and is in the Intensive Care Unit, under the direction of our most detailed department.” Again, this isn’t comforting. “Since we caught the second injection early, we should be able to counteract it before the effects take over and cause serious problems, such as death. However, I will tell you that the first 24 hours will be critical.” Once again, this wasn’t comforting one bit.

“He’s going to be okay,” Candiss offers, continuing to squeeze my hand for comfort. I hoped that she was right.

“He’s a fighter,” Chad adds. “He’ll get through this.” I knew that Chad was right in those words. I just hoped that he put on the best fight he could as he had to make it through this.

“He’s currently on a vent to help him breathe while we work at removing the drug from his system,” the doctor continued. “Once the drugs are removed and his system starts turning around, he should wake up and we will go from there in removing the vent and returning to normal. The drug are currently being removed via a stomach tube, as we’re basically simply flushing out his entire system as that’s the easiest way to handle this.” I honestly wanted to puke as I heard these details. He shouldn’t be going through this. It was my fault. Why didn’t I listen to him?

“It’s going to be okay….” Candiss offers once again, obviously sensing my nerves with the situation at hand. Do you honestly blame me?

“He’s currently has an IV in him, giving him pain medicine and fluids. The pain medicine will be critical when he wakes up so that way he isn’t too much pain, as there are many marks across his body from being hit with a belt.” Yeah, you don’t need to tell me that one. I saw the video evidence myself. “We also are performing dialysis as the injections have caused hyperkalemia, which is an excessive amount of potassium in the blood. Basically, dialysis is the act of flushing the blood through a system to clean it before replenishing it back in the body. So between the vent, stomach tube, IV and dialysis – like I said, things are on a serious note right now.” He didn’t need to emphasis that as it was pretty clear. When they start mentioning word that you don’t understand, and things to help you breath, you know it’s serious. “Now, has the family been contac-”

“I called his parents and Rick, our boss, is arranging flight transportation,” Chad cut him off before he had continued. Good job crew chief because I had no idea how I was explaining this one.

“Okay. When they arrive, please have them come see me.”

“Will do.”

“Is there anyway that I can go see him?” I ask, just taking a chance in the dark. Sometimes they let you, sometimes they don’t. Perhaps seeing him would ease my worries…..perhaps.

“I can let you go see him for a couple of hours, but you need to be back in your room here by 9pm per hospital rules,” the doctor tells me. My friend, that’s good enough for me.


Chapter 80: Visiting

Jimmie’s POV

I knew I had to go see him. I knew I had to go see how he was doing. I knew that I had to watch over him and make sure that he was okay. I knew that I had to help him once he got out of the hospital with whatever he needed with.

I just wasn’t sure if I was prepared to see him laid up in the bed from what she had done to him. The simple thought of hearing the details, from needles to belts, it just made me want to puke. It wasn’t fair.

Taking a deep breath, I continue moving my feet slowly, watching as Chad opens the door to his room before me. I simply walk in, pushing all fear aside and go over to the bed.

I was a little sore, but not that bad considering that I had been slammed into a brick wall. However, compared to what Ron had gone through, it felt like nothing.

My eyes finally laid on my best friend, immediately following the tube that was inserted in his mouth. Closing my eyes, reminding myself to remain calm, I reopened them with a deep breath. The doctor had said that he was on a breathing vent till he woke up and they knew that he’d be okay breathing on his own. It was part of the healing process due to the second injection. He was going to be okay.

I notice the other tubes in other place – the IV with the fluids, the blood pump machine thingy (I think they called that dialysis) and the stomach tube to clear out his stomach. I could only shake my head, and silently continuing saying to myself that he was going to be okay and make it through this.

He was going to wake up soon. He was going to be fine breathing on his own. He was going to be able to walk out of here without any trace of what happened, able to live his life like he had been doing before. The doctor said that everything would work out. Okay, he said things were critical and we wouldn’t know for sure but bare with me. I was going with the words that everything would work out as I couldn’t bare to think otherwise.

“We have about two hours before visiting hours are over and you have to go back to your room for the night,” Chad offers as I take a seat in the chair beside his bed.

There was a pair of chairs. He didn’t have a girlfriend – I teased him about that at times, but Ms. Right hadn’t entered his life yet. The next best thing to occupy these chairs would be his parents, but they hadn’t arrived yet. I could only imagine the disbelief on their faces when they heard the details of how he was doing and what happened. I knew that I had to face them and tell them the truth to everything as they deserved to know with what their son had gone through. However, how could you bring yourself to tell his parents what happened? It was my fault. I don’t think they’d ever be able to forgive easily.

“The doctor wants to see his parents when they get here,” I recalled, remembering his words. I wondered why the doctor wanted to talk to them directly. Perhaps simply to answer any direct questions that they had, or perhaps to sign off on the paperwork. “I want to talk to them, too.”

“Are you sure about that?” Chad asks as he sits down in the chair beside me.

“They need to hear the truth from me. They deserve to hear the truth, Chad.” The blame and heartbreak must’ve been evident in my voice as the crew chief wrapped an arm around me to pull me a little closer.

“Jimmie, you can’t blame yourself. Sure, it dealt with you getting involved with this street racing thing. Sure, Ron had tried to convince you otherwise. However, it wasn’t your fault. This all goes on the shoulders of David, Hilary and their crew for being as nut as they were.” Logically, the man was right as it was their actions and choices. However, how do you tell your heart that when your heart keeps reminding you of previous conversations? The heart sometimes even has as a good argument as it keeps telling me that my choices placed me in that situation. “Ron isn’t going to be mad at you, but whether the people who caused this. His parents may have a bit of frustration, but in the end, they know how much you guys care about each other and will see how bad you feel. You need to let it go, buddy.”

“I’m trying….” That’s all I could say. It was the sole truth as there was no ways of making this disappear over night. Perhaps as he got better it’d feel easier, I don’t know.

“I know you are. That’s a start. It’ll get easier over time.”

“You can’t live in regret as you won’t live your life like you need to,” a new voice chimes in as I glance up and watch Dom walk in the room. “You can’t think back to the mistakes that you made. You need to focus on doing the right thing moving forward, and doing what’s right for you and your family. By taking a step to walk away from this world, you’re doing that, and that’s all we can ask.” It was interesting to hear a different side of Dom, a quiet caring advice side. That didn’t bode well with the tough badass that he seemed to form in my perception thus far. However, I could see what he was saying. But how do those words make me move forward?

“And what if I would’ve done that sooner?” I offer, as that was the truth. If I had of listened to Ron one of those nights before I met David, we wouldn’t be here.

“You may have avoided what is happening right now, but everything happens for a reason. This happened to teach you a lesson that you will carry with you moving forward. This happened to teach Ron a lesson that he will carry forward. As you move forward, you’ll know what that lesson was and it will help you.” I wish I knew that lesson was now so make my heart feel a little easier.

“Plus, we wouldn’t have met each other like we did,” Candiss offers and I can only roll my eyes. That’s a lie. Doesn’t she remember the diner?

“We were already flirting at the din-” I start, recalling those fun times.

“It wouldn’t have been the same. I never would’ve accepted your ass that way, Johnson, and you know that. As Dom said, things happen for a reason. One of those reasons was for us to meet and move forward in life together. Another reason is perhaps to how you everything that you should be thankful for, and why the people that love you are trying to convince you so much to give that up.” She’s good….real good.

Honestly, her words made sense. Before my life was put in danger and some guy was after me, I thought I was invincible and couldn’t be touched in my street racing persona. Perhaps this is meant to simply ground me and give me the final real strong reason to give up what I thought was right.

Though a glance back at Ron, and I couldn’t decide in my heart if that was the true meaning and if that was strong enough to have my best friend lying here before me like he was. Besides, what lesson would he carry with him moving forward out of this?


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