The Runaway – Chapters 16 Thru 20

Chapter 16: Her Return

December 9th, 2015

Chase lets out a big stretch as he spreads himself out along the couch. Why was he on the couch again? He then remembers – he had been waiting up for Demi’s return. He then sits up, smiling as the familiar morning scent of breakfast comes across his nose. He lets his eyes open, an immediate smile forming on his face as a platter of food was on the table, along with a glass of orange juice. Though forget breakfast, somebody else had caught his mind.

She had returned.

“Good morning,” she comments as she keeps her eyes focused on him, continuing to debate her options. It was either speak of the details, or keep quiet and continue the fun that they were having.

“Good morning,” he replies as he picks up the plate of food, feeling his tummy rumble. Between waiting for her the night before and the news he received from his dad, there was no eating last night. “When did you get in?”

“Really late, like after 2.” He then looks at her surprised as he hadn’t expected her to be out that late based on what she said before she left.

“Oh, wow. I was trying to stay awake till you got back.” She shakes her head, having found him sprawled out on the couch upon her return. Not wanting to wake him up – knowing the news that was set to come his way about Randy – she had grabbed a blanket and threw it over him before retrieving to her room.

“I know. It’s fine that you fell asleep, Chase. It’s the thought that counts.” He shakes his head, still wishing that he had been awake when she got back. It could’ve helped the dreams that he was having.

“Did everything go okay with your cousin?” She then totally looks on confused, forgetting the story that she had told him before leaving – before letting it slowly come back to her. She couldn’t lie and say that everything was perfect as she slowly shook her head no.

“Things are a little more rocky than I had expected and he had been going through. I was not going to come back at first, but then my aunt said that she had it under control.” That was not a total lie. Things were certainly rocky with Randy’s escape, and she thought about not returning to the cabin. She didn’t want to think of having any trace with Chase, knowing that she was involved into the group of people that had hurt him. She knew that’d crush him more than anything if he found out. However, her love and want to protect him led her back to the house.

“Well, hopefully he gets it under control.” She shakes head yes, agreeing, hoping that Randy was caught running loose soon. How hard was it to find a guy that had escaped jail? “Oh, there’s something that I should tell you…” She knew what was coming, and was preparing the best way to act surprised.

“Oh?” He then thinks back to the conversation with his dad, remembering the pure shock that went through in finding out the news. There was than the argument that he should return home as soon as possible due to fear of being found, but he assured his dad that he was fine. Besides, Randy would e looking in North Carolina or Georgia – not Canada.

“Randy, the guy who attacked me, escaped jail.” She then puts on her best surprised face possible, letting her jaw drop to the ground as if she was hearing the news for the first time.

“Really? How?” Chase shrugs his shoulders, as even the guards weren’t sure.

“Dad said that they told him it was probably an inside job. He probably conned a guard.” Demi rolls her eyes, not surprised if that was actually the case. There was probably a ring member that was a guard at the jail for that particular reason in helping inmates.

“Wow.” Chase lets out a sigh as he tires to stomach of his breakfast.

“Dad wanted me to come home because he was afraid that they’d find me. I convinced him that it was better that I stay here since he’d be looking in North Carolina or Georgia. I also assured him that I’d check in periodically so he knew that I was safe, and he knows where I am.” Demi felt a tinge of worry. What if parents showed up? What if they learned that she was a ring member without explanation? What if everything that she’d created with Chase was ruined in a flash? She also felt a bigger tinge in Chase’s explanation. That fact about Randy only looking there was far from the truth, considering he was checking in at ring meetings across North Carolina in search of one person.

“So, are your parents coming? Or what’s going to happen?” Chase thought back to the discussion, once again, remembering how his mom insisted in coming to see him. Somehow, though, he had convinced her to lie off.

“They said that they’ll keep their distance as they’re finally understanding my reasons. However, if there’s any sign of trouble, they’re stealing Dale’s jet and getting up here.” Demi thought things over. If there was the possibility of escaping via private jet, perhaps that’d be the best option. Perhaps he’d be safest if he was around those who could protect him, versus someone with a connection to Randy.

“Maybe you should go home.” Chase then looks at her surprised. “I mean, trouble is at large and you’re at risk. They’re going to worry even more knowing that you’re not in their arms. Maybe it’d be best to be home where they can protect you.” Chase knew that wasn’t an option. He wasn’t ready to return yet, and his reasons had nothing to do with his reasons for escaping.

“No, I can’t do that.” Demi places her hands on his, hoping to convince him and quickly. The quicker they got apart, the better.

“Chase, you need to think about your saf-”

“I feel safe with you, Demi, and I love you. I don’t want to leave you or lose you, ever.”

Every inch of her body freezes upon hearing those words. Out of all the explanations that he could’ve gave, she didn’t think that she’d receive those words. Though in the same breath, they were the best words that she’d ever heard.


Chapter 17: Love

December 9th, 2015

“I never thought that I’d be drawn this close to someone,” Chase continues. “I never thought in a million years going on this journey to find more about myself that I’d fall in love with a complete stranger. I’d never thought about love – I’ve always been focused on racing. However, as I sit here with you, I don’t want to ever separate from you.”

“Chase, I don’t….I…don’t…” She tells him as he looks into her eyes, seeing that they’re swirling. He could only hope that they were swirling for good reason and that they would lead him to a good destination.

“I know that you feel the same way. It was why you didn’t want to leave last night. It was why you wanted to stay with me and skip out on your own fun after I fell. It was why you were willing to do anything for me. Be honest with me, tell me the truth.” Demi takes a deep breath. If he wanted honesty and the truth, then she was going to give him that. Besides, perhaps she could make this work for both of them.

“You’re right – I do feel the same about you. However, there’s some issues here.” Chase knew that comment was coming and it was one that had been on his mind since talking to Regan about their relationship.

“We can overcome the distance. You can move down south with me, or we could make sure to visit each other evenly till we made up on our minds totally on our future. Love can overcome any distance that’s out there.” Demi lets out a sigh, wishing that was the true issue that she was going to have to speak of.

“That’s not what I’m talking about…” Chase feels himself separate from her a little, glancing back over at the boots and board. She had said the spare boots and board belonged to a ‘friend’.

“So you have a boyfriend?” Demi knew that she could use that to get out of the situation, but wouldn’t be fair. He was pouring his heart out to her so she needed to be truthful in return.

“No, that’s not it.” He then watches her, growing even more confused. “Remember when I said that I was going to see my cousin and he was having some family trouble? That wasn’t the case, Chase. I was actually going to meet up with some friends – some crime ring friends.” Chase then stands up quickly and starts to back away from her, firmly wrapping his fingers around his phone as he pulls it out of his pocket.


“Chase, please…” She then gets up and slowly walks in his direction, but keeping her distance. She knew that he was beginning to grow more paranoid with each passing second.

“Everything has been a lie. You knew who I was. You were just setting me up!” Demi immediately starts shaking her head no.

“Chase, everything that I have told you was the truth. There was no lying involved. I didn’t even know you or that Randy was part of my ring – till last night.” Chase feels his entire body freeze as he glances in every direction possible.

“So he’s…he’s…”

“He’s in the country, but he doesn’t know where you are. He stood up to the group and said that he was looking for you. I kept quiet and got out of there as soon as possible, not saying a word. He doesn’t know anything about where you are, Chase. I wouldn’t do that to you.” He then watches her carefully, still feeling worried.

“How do I know that I can trust you?” She then closes the gap and looks deep into her eyes as they stand barely apart.

“Because I love you and I want everything that you want as well. Because I’m going to help you get out of here and stay safe.” He then slowly takes a deep breath, knowing that his only shot at safety in a foreign country was going to be to trust the one person that she had gotten to know.

“Alright. So that’s why you want me to go home?” She slowly shakes her head yes.

“Let me help you out of the country and to safety. Let me save you with what I know. You deserve that.” He htne looks over her.

“What about you?” She then glances away, before returning her gaze.

“All that matters right now is kee-”


“When I know it’s safe for us both, I will make sure to return to you. Once Randy is caught and I close off those ties for good, I will come see you, I promise.” Not willing to keep his feelings inside any longer, he pulls her close and kisses her lips as passionately as he can while holding her close to him. He then lets go a couple moments later, letting himself relax.

“So, what’s your plan?” She then walks away, heading back to the couch as she thinks things over. She knew that they had to do things carefully.

“We’re going to call an anonymous tip in to Crime Stoppers – they’re a place people can leave tips about criminals, without any personal identification. We’re going to tell them that Randy was spotted in the country, and I’m going to tell them where the meeting was. You are then going to call your friends later this evening and say that you want to come home and to send the jet. Once all calls are placed, I am going to have you at the airport tomorrow morning without any traces.” Chase shakes his head, seeing as how the plan would make sense. If she was against him at all, why would she allow him to call home and express concern and give him a way out?


“In our return to Toronto and the Pearson International Airport, you are not to go see anyone. I will get the gas for the car and I will get food in the stores. The people involved in these crime rings are everywhere and typically work regular jobs while doing what they do. They do this so that way they can gather information for their duty – hence why I work in a bar. We don’t need anyone tracking you or knowing where you are, okay?” He shakes his head yes and then pulls her close.

“So this is our last day together?” She slowly shakes her head yes, hating the feeling herself.

“Chase, I don’t want to be apart, but I need to do this to keep you safe…and….”

“Why can’t you just say something?” She shakes her head, knowing what has happened in the past.

“Anybody who says anything, no matter the protection they’re promised, gets harmed. I can escape quietly and safely once things die down. However, while things are at large and people are looking for someone like you, it’s not that easy.”

“I don’t know what I’ll do away from you….”

“You can call and text me every moment of the day.”

“But it’s not the same…”

“It’s better than nothing at all.” He then takes a deep breath. The thought gave him a bit of fear and he wasn’t sure if he was ready, but he had to make this last day with her truly worth it. He wanted to make it the most memorable so if something happened, at least he’d have the memory.

“I’m going to be honest with you. I’ve never had sex an-”


“No, hear me out. If we’re not going to see each other for awhile, I want something before that. I want something to hold on to.” He then takes a deep breath as he keeps his eyes focused on hers. “I want you to be my first.” She feels her own breath hitch in her throat, not knowing what to say.


“Please, Demi?” She then takes a deep breath as she remains focused on his eyes.

“Are you sure that you want this today and now? Are you sure that you’re ready for this?” He shakes his head yes as he grabs firmly hold of her hand.

“I love you. I meant what I said. I love you and I trust you and I…I want this, Demi.” A smile forms on her face as she pulls him closer to her.

“As long as you’re sure and you want it, then okay. I promise to take care of you and keep you safe.” She then kisses his lips softly as she lets her hands roam underneath his t-shirt.


Chapter 18: Escaping

December 10th, 2015

The following morning, Chase could only smile. There was a simple happiness that filled him since the previous day. He had always wondered what his first time would be like, and it was just….amazing. There was no other way to describe it. The chemistry just came together perfectly with him and Demi without issues, it felt so natural and right, and he knew that he had done the right thing choosing her.

He just hoped that everything worked out and they got their happily ever after.

Not letting the smile wipe off of his face, he continues to pack his bag, knowing that this would be the day that he and Demi would be near each other. Beyond tomorrow, neither one of them knew what was there and whether she would find her way back to him in time. The only thing that they could do was hope.

While they were originally going to tackle the four hour drive in the morning, Demi made a last minute call to postpone it. “I don’t want to take a chance of someone seeing you in the daylight – nighttime is the best time for this mission” were the words that she told him. He easily accepted, knowing that she was the expert. Anyways, it made sense as nobody could see anything at that time to suspect something was going on. The plan was for them to leave at 10pm that night, which would have them to her apartment at 2am. He would stay the night there, set to fly out at 10am in the morning when Dale, Bill and Cindy were supposed to arrive on Dale’s jet.

They also made the phone call to the Crime Stoppers, placing the anonymous tip about Randy’s appearance. Demi went into details about the location of the meeting, but did not state the reason for the meeting. She rather chalked it up that she was driving by there after seeing a friend and noticed him leaving with a friend. They were thanked for the tip – end of conversation.

Chase then received a phone call about half an hour later from the investigator that was in charge of things for him in North Carolina, stating that they had heard about Randy’s location. The officer added that they’d be working closely with the Ontario Provincial Police to get Randy in handcuffs immediately. He easily accepted the information, appreciating their prompt notification.

He then called Dale after he got off the phone with the officer, giving details of where he was (Blue Mountain) and that he wanted to return home.

“Chase, you do realize who else is in Onta-” Dale asked him.

“I know – hence why I want out of here,” Chase cut him off, having known to expect that. He then explained that he planned to travel at night, not wanting to draw attention to himself, and stay at a place near the airport. He then requested the morning pick-up, in which Dale easily said wouldn’t be a problem.

“Are you sure you don’t want to mention something to the police about your loca-”

“And draw attention to myself? Randy doesn’t know that I’m here; nobody knows that I’m here, except Regan. I’d rather not draw attention and get out without notice.”

“Sounds good. See you in the morning.”

With all the phone calls in place, the pair headed off and set to make their trip.

Rather than take the highways, Demi chose to take the backroads for the way back. Once again, it was all about doing things as secretly as possible for the least notice that they could get.

As they got into hour three of the drive, Chase’s happiness about their first encounter was fading away. There was a big sense of sadness in knowing that he was going to leave her behind. There was a big sense of fear in wondering where Randy was luring, and what he could do to either one. He also had plenty of questions on his mind, as far as how close Randy was to their location.

“Why is Randy in Ontario?” He finally let the question slip out of his mouth as he looked over at Demi. “He could be anywhere in North America, or the world looking for me, but he is here in Ontario.” Demi glances over and thinks about it. It was a good question, and she could tell that he was still worried about being set-up.

“The meeting that I had to go to the other night – it was a meeting that had been scheduled three weeks ago,” she tells him. “They schedule the meeting locations three weeks in advance. When I receive the notification that there’s a meeting in three weeks, I request to have that week off work. I use that week to spend some relaxation time of my own, while attending the meeting. It was just coincidence.” Chase shakes his head in diselief.

“I just….It seems odd…”

“Randy was attending each and every meeting across North America. The idea was to get as many eyes looking for you as possible because you have, in a sense, fallen off of the grid. It’d be good to keep it that way, as well. I say we dress you in a different appearance and send Dale a photo beforehand so he knows who to look for to board his plane.” Chase shakes his head in agreement, though feels a new tinge of worry.

“The jet tag. Everybody knows that it’s Dale’s jet. Randy may grow suspic-”

“Let him as that’ll lure him into police hands. He’ll try to follow you back, and boom, caught in North Carolina upon looking for you because we know everybody there knows who this bloody man is.” Chase shakes his head in agreement, knowing that she was probably right.

Everything was going to work out….somehow….

After spending the next couple of hours discussing everything else under the sun, trying to distract themselves from what was on hand, they arrived at her apartment. It seemed perfect for him to stay there as he’d be with her incase he was spotted, and she only lived about 10 minutes from the airport.

Getting out of the car, he doesn’t bother grabbing his suitcase – knowing that he’ll probably end up sleeping in his boxers, or wrapped up with Demi once again for a final farewell. They then walk through the hotel lobby was quickly as possible, taking the elevator and going up to her apartment. The whole way, they both kept their eyes peeled in every direction, looking for any sightings if possible. Thankfully, they saw nobody.

However, just because they saw nobody doesn’t mean that nobody saw them.

An older male had gotten home about 20 minutes prior to their arrival after finishing his job as a bouncer at a local bar. Still needing to wind down, he had chosen to sit on his apartment balcony on the fifth floor and have a beer with a smoke.

He noticed the car pull into the complex, and being the noisy guy that he was, immediately took a pair of binoculars and spied closer. Upon spotting who it was, he could only smile as he immediately hit dial on his phone.

He was going to cash in on the bounty.


Chapter 19: Trouble

December 11th, 2015

Demi wakes up, stretching and smiling as she glances over at Chase. She could only help but smile as he looked so sweet and innocent while sleeping, as if nothing was about to go forth that day.

She then grabbed a piece of paper, set to write a note as she knew that he’d probably be waking up soon and didn’t want him to feel totally lost.

Gone to the local costume store – you need that change of outfit, remember? Also gonna grab some breakfast. Be back shortly. –Demi

She places the piece of paper on her pillow, before tucking him in back underneath all of the blankets and heading out of the room. Double checking that she locked the door, she makes her way down the hallway to the elevator. As she reaches the elevator, she notices a sign – out of order.

“Figures,” she comments to herself, having grown to use to that over the past five years of living in the building. It seemed the elevator would go out at least once a week.

She then made her way to the end of long hallway, knowing that she’d have to take the stairs – at least it meant good exercise. She goes to open the door to the stairwell, when an arm reaches out from a corner, pulling her back.

“Where is he?” She hears and knows who has her in their arms. She goes to escape, though can’t move even if she wanted.

“I…don’t know…” She lets out as he tightens his grip.

“Where is he?” She knew that she couldn’t give up Chase’s location.


“Don’t play dumb with me. You know that I’m talking about Chase Elliott.” She thought about screaming, but that’d only draw attention. Considering the fact that he had weapons on hand, more than likely, that didn’t seem like a good option.

“I don’t kno-”

“You both entered the hotel together last night. Someone spotted you.” He then tightens his grip with one arm as he pulls a gun out of his pocket with the other. “Now speak or else you’re dead.”

“You won’t get away with this.”

“So he is here? Speak or else…” He then cocks the gun back, set to fire a shot, not caring. No matter whether she spoke or not, he’d find the person he was looking for.

“Fine…he is. My apartment. It’s number 807.” A small grin forms on Randy’s face.

“Thank you.” He then drops the gun, reaching his pocket and grabbing a needle. He then pushes it in her arm, letting unconsciousness take her over. “That was easy. Ring members never turn on each other no matter what. Should’ve known that you had him with how quick you left that night.” Randy opens up the closet door – each floor had a closet with janitor supplies – pushing her inside. He then grabs the key-ring that was clasp tightly on her belt and makes his way down the hall.

Randy then walks down the hallway, a smile firmly planted on his face. He didn’t know the individual that lived a coupel floors below Demi, but was very grateful when he relieved the tip. Before coming up to Demi’s floor, he had gone to the guy’s apartment, sliding an envelope with $10,000 underneath the door as a thank you. Now the money was about to pay off as he had clear access to the person that he wanted access to.

He unlocks the door, quietly opening it as he didn’t want to startle the kid. He then makes his way through the apartment, glancing into the bedsroom with a smile. There laid the pride and joy that he wanted, still sleeping peacefully as if nothing was wrong.

“Chase, remember me?” He questions, hoping to startle Chase awake.

“Go away….go away…” Chase says to himself, knowing that he was dreaming. He had to be dreaming. This couldn’t be happening. Demi was laying next to him and would’ve screamed if Randy would’ve walked in. Besides, he was supposed to make his escape today.

“It was actually easy to get out of jail. It pays off when you know one of the guards really well. See, once everybody had gone to bed and he was on duty on my row, he let me out and led me to safety. There was one girl that questioned it along the way – but, he made an easy explanation.” Chase shakes his head, trying to wipe the voice out of his head. He didn’t want to hear that voice anymore. That was the voice of nightmares. The story couldn’t be true either. It would never be that easy to escape prison – he was probably dreaming up something.

“Just leave me alone!” Randy laughed as it was sweet watching how much it bugged Chase. Perhaps an easy quick kill wouldn’t be the right thing to do after all. Perhaps he should make the kid feel like him….

“The prison is a cruel thing. It’s the most lonely that I have ever felt. Ever felt so alone and on an island in a group of people? That’s how I felt. Then there was the idiots who thought that I could be their punching bag since they were so tough. It was brutal – feeling punch after punch – because they thought I owed payback for hurting NASCAR’s precious little angel. Can you believe that?” The more words he heard spoken in his mind, the more Chase started to believe that he wasn’t dreaming. No….

“I have to be dreaming….I have to be dreaming….” Randy chuckles as he remembered hearing those words before.

“You told me the exact same thing in July in the hotel room. Remember how that turned out for you? How’s your leg, by the way?” Done with the dream and realizing that it’d be best to start over, he opens his eyes in shock. He then immediately jumps out of the bed, backing towards the window. He had done this before. He had been here before with Randy. He could defend himself and get out of the situation. He just needed to plan his attack effectively, once again.

“Just leave me alone!” Randy starts to walk around the bed, wanting to inch closer to him.

“I can’t do that.” Giving Randy a shove back, Chase grabs his phone off of the night table before jumping over the bed. Barely paying attention to his phone, he hit “dial”, rather than dialing 9-1-1 as he originally intended.

“Hello?” He hears on the other end. He recognized that voice.

“Darrell….” Chase lets out as he makes his way through the apartment and closes in on the door. “He’s here….he’s here….he’s in the room…” Darrell glances over at Ryan, feeling a tinge of worry instantly sink in. His friend was hours away and a killer was in his room, with perhaps nobody in sight.

“Did you cal-”

“No. I just hit dial. Call!” Darrell places the phone on speaker as Ryan hears the end of Chase’s words. He immediately listens, dialing 9-1-1. He knew that they’d probably think he was strange calling that far away, but he had to do something.

“Did you really think that you could escape?” Randy chimes in, grabbing Chase’s arm as Chase goes to escape the hotel room and swinging him back into the room. Caught off guard by the motion, he goes flying back into the room, crashing into the edge of kitchen counter.

“Chase?!?” Darrell questions on the other end, having heard the impact.

“I’m…here…” Chase answers as he slowly stands up, every inch of his body feeling like it’s on fire. He knew it was going to be a battle once again, and he had to fight even stronger this time. He was in a kitchen…knife… He immediately pulls open each drawer, trying to remember where the utensil drawer was from the previous night. He watches as Randy nears closer in the reflection off the pot, grabbing the pot and flinging back over his shoulder and hitting Randy in the face. The pot causes Randy to stumble back a little, giving Chase a couple extra seconds in his search.

“You’re not going to get away this time…” Randy taunts as he sets on the closing gap once again, but slowly. He knew that he had Chase where he wanted him so why bother ruining the fun? “I’ve got you covered.” Chase finds the drawer with the knives, reaching in to grab a knife when he feels a sharp object go into his arm.

“Fuck!!” He lets out as his body starts to go numb, focusing his eyes Randy. “What was that?”

“Just a little something for you. Nighty night, Chase.” Chase then collapses on the floor, numbness taking over, as unconsciousness takes over him.

“Chase?!?” Darrell yells over the phone as he hears movement, but nothing from his friend. “Chase?!?”

“Say goodbye to your little friend…” were the last words that Darrell heard before the connection was cat off. He then looks over at Ryan and the pair remain frozen for a minute, not knowing what to say or do.

What were they supposed to do hours away?


Chapter 20: Kidnapped

Obviously, you all guessed this by the last chapter ending. Frankly, this idea came to me about three days after the start of the story came to me. I’ve just been working at perfecting it as we go.

December 11th, 2015

Cindy, Bill, Dale and Regan sat in a room, staring at each other. It was supposed to be simple. Fly in the jet that morning, pick Chase up and head straight back to North Carolina. It was supposed to be giving them comfort in knowing that he was safe in their hands with Randy on the loose.

However, that wasn’t the case now. It seemed as though they were more worried than they thought possible, wondering where he had ended up. They obviously knew he was responsible – that was obvious – but where was he? How did Randy get away with it?

They all glance up from their silence as they watch a detective enter the room and sit at the table. All of their eyes lock on the detective, hoping for news of any kind. A possible sighting would give comfort in knowing that he was okay, or possibly the fact that they had retrieved him.

“The police each gave me what you had to share about Mr. Elliott and his disappearance, but I wanted to talk to you all together,” the detective starts as Cindy rolls her eyes. She wasn’t open to the idea of simply sitting around a table discussing things. She’d rather be finding her son and making sure that he was safe.

“How is this supposed to help?” She questions. “Aren’t you supposed to be finding my son?” The detective takes a careful deep breath, understanding a parent’s frustration about what is happening.

“Ma’am, we have about 30 police officers searching a radius stemming around this location. We have also alerted each police department across the province and country that Mr. Elliott is missing. That goes along with the high alert missing message with regards to Mr. Randy Roberts, who it seems everybody believes is the kidnapper based on history. We have also produced a missing person’s poster, which is being distributed across all outlets. Our staff is working in a dedicated fashion to try and find your son, Mrs. Elliott. While they are all working on that, I feel it’s beneficial to discuss the turn of events and see if they cue up anything that we should look into. It’s just part of the investigation process.”

Cindy lets out a sigh, wishing that they didn’t even have to bother with it. If only Chase had of stayed home and not gone for his period of time alone.

However, while she wanted to blame it on that, she knew that she couldn’t. She had grown to understand his reasons, seeing how much everything had taken its toll on him. She also knew that Randy could’ve found him no matter where he was. But she was still confused as to how a man could find where he was when she didn’t even know.

“Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?” The investigator requests, getting everybody’s attention. “How did Mr. Elliott get all the way up here?” Dale and Regan turn their eyes towards Bill and Cindy, knowing that the pair would probably have the best explanation. They had received the explanation that night at the banquet from them. Surprisingly, they had taken it in stride, understanding Chase’s feelings.

“We got done the banquet to celebrate the championship,” Bill starts, seeing as how he could probably give the more rational explanation right now, compared to Cindy. “We were supposed to meet in the reception hall. We didn’t see Chase so I asked one of the crew guys if they had seen him. Chase told them that he was going up to his room to change. I went up there, also to change out of my dress shirt, and that’s when we found the note. With everything that he had gone through over the year, he decided that he needed some time alone. He didn’t leave any trace of where he was going or anything…”

“I have the note,” Cindy states, pulling the note out of her pocket and laying it on the table. She had kept it in her pocket for each day that he was gone, wanting something to hold on to.

“Thank you,” the investigator replies quietly as he looks it over. “So when did you discover that he was in Canada?” Bill points his eyes towards Dale, remembering when Dale called him about the request for the jet.

“Chas-” Dale starts.

“Maybe I should go next, actually,” Regan interrupts, catching everybody’s attention. “I should’ve said something…” Bill and Cindy look at Regan with raised eyebrows, concerned, while Dale crosses his arms. “The first couple of days that he was away, he spoke to us on the phone – but never gave us a location. He just said that he was fine and things were going alright. A couple nights ago, he called me and wanted to talk to me. He wanted to talk to me about a gir-”

“Who?” Cindy interrupts, as Regan looks over at Cindy with a sigh. This wasn’t going to over well.

“A girl that he met when he first landed up here. Her name is Demi. That’s all he told me. I warned him about everything concerning things that you’re probably going to tell me, and he said that she was different and things were fine. I told him to be careful.”

“So there’s a possibility that Demi could be at fault?” The detective questions and Regan shrugs his shoulders as Dale shakes his head no.

“That wouldn’t add up with what he told me,” Dale states, as all eyes turn in his direction. “He told me about traveling with someone and staying in their apartment till morning. He also told me that this someone was going to help protect him. That was probably Demi.”

“She could’ve played him, still,” Cindy comments as her eyes remain stuck on Regan. “Why didn’t you say something to us when he told you?” Regan lets out a sigh, having expected the lecture the minute he opened his mouth. He was worried that it’d only increase later on with more details.

“He told me in confidence – and I promised to keep my word,” Regan states. “Plus, he’s an adult, Cindy. He’s beyond the age where you have to know every single detail that’s going on his life. He can take care of himself. That’s part of the reason why he did this.”

“And now look where we are.” Regan simply rolls his eyes as they all look back towards the detective. Regan knew he hadn’t heard the end of Cindy’s lecture.

“So this Demi girl could’ve done it, or Randy, or both combined, or someone else,” the detective summarizes as he makes a couple of notes. “He told you this before Randy’s escape?” Regan shakes his head yes.

“That’s correct sir,” he states, before taking a deep breath and keeping his eyes locked on the detective, versus Cindy. “I told him at that moment that I wanted the location that he was at – incase something happened, like this. He revealed it to me. Blue Mountain.”

“So you knew where he was and didn’t say anything?” Dale questions, beating the parents to the punch. Regan had expected to hear that question from Cindy and Bill first.

“Yes, I knew where he was. I just chose not to say anything because immediately when you all found out, you’d all go running to protect him. I knew he needed his space and offered that.”

“Unbelievable,” Cindy comments with an eye roll. Frustration probably couldn’t begin to describe her emotions.

“So they were at Blue Mountain, heard about Randy’s escape and made the decision that he needed to get back to safety,” the detective continues the discussion, not wanting to hear an argument of perspectives. “Dale, you received the call about the plan?”

“He told me that he was going to be staying at the apartment – presumably Demi’s – which was located about 10 minutes from the airport,” Dale states as the detective continues making notes. “He told me that he’d be there at 10 in the morning and be set to pick him up – which I agreed. I then suggested that he say something to the cops or someone, and he said that he didn’t want to do that. He didn’t want to draw attention to himself and make Randy find him easier. It made sense because we didn’t need that broadcast, so I let it go. Now we’re here.”

“My U.S. counterpart has spoken to Mr. Wallace Jr. and Mr. Blaney about what they heard on the phone call. It’s obvious that he was kidnapped, probably from the apartment, and was knocked out in the process. They also confirmed that they heard a male’s voice, the second male saying that it was more than likely Randy’s. So that’s why Randy is said to be behind the attack, while Demi may or may not have played a role. We also haven’t located this female, heard any reports from this female or even know details about this female. With everything that we do know, though, we are going to do our best to locate him as soon as possible.”


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