The Runaway – Chapters 11 Thru 15

Chapter 11: The Boys

Ryan Blaney makes his way into Darrell Wallace Jr.’s bedsroom in their apartment, leaning back against the door. After getting off the phone with Cindy, he knew that he needed to consult him.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like talking to Chase’s mom as she was a great mother and lady. He actually considered as one of the cool moms and people he could talk to. But, this had been the third phone call in the past couple of days with the same question. While it didn’t bug him before, he was beginning to have some thoughts himself.

If a mother was worried especially when they had a really responsible child, wouldn’t that make anybody worry?

“Cindy called me,” Ryan states, catching Darrell’s attention as he looks up from the pile of clothes that lied across his bed. He hadn’t even noticed Ryan come in the room as he focused on folding his laundry and putting it away. The sooner that was done, the sooner he could either play video games or go play with his drone.

“Oh yeah?” He question, returning his eyes back to the clothes. “What’d she want?” Ryan rolls his eyes. It seemed that his friend was being clueless right now.

“She asked me where Chase was.” Darrell then freezes, remembering what happened at the banquet.

He remembered going to look for Chase partway through the banquet, set to off a toast of sorts for winning the championship. He never found Chase, and learned the next day from Bill that Chase had gone off to do his own thing.

It was something that threw Darrell off immediately as it didn’t seem like something that Chase would do. he loved his family and friends and stayed close to him. why would he run off like this? Why would he run off after everything that he’d been through?

Darrell immediately questioned whether his best friend had been kidnapped, but Bill assured him that wasn’t the case as a result of the phone call had.

But still, the whole situation seemed odd.

“Oh,” was all Darrell could manage to say as he thought over everything, trying to focus back on the clothes. Must not think about the negatives to this scenario.

“I told her I didn’t know,” Ryan continues, which was the truth. He hadn’t even bothered to contact Chase since hearing the news from Darrell after Darrell found out from Bill. If Chase wanted to talk, he would contact them. There had to be a reason for what he was doing.

“Did she believe you?”

“Yeah.” That didn’t surprise Darrell as Cindy knew that she could trust both Ryan and Darrell, espically Ryan. Ryan had been friends for Chase for a long time and had grown to be one of Cindy’s favourites to have around. Darrell then focuses back on the clothes, continuing to fold the pairs of jeans in hopes that they’d be done soon. “I was thinking of calling him.” Darrell then freezes once again, having thought about doing the same thing himself. However, he couldn’t bring himself to do it based on Bill’s advice. Bill had told the boys to give Chase some space as that’s what he wanted, so that’s what they were doing.

“You heard what Bill said.” Ryan lets out a sigh, remembering that discussion. It still felt odd not saying anything to each other, though.

“That’s Dad. We’re friends.” Darrell then lets out a sigh. He just wanted to get these clothes folded, but yet couldn’t bring himself to simply chase Ryan out of the room. He also wondered whether calling would be a good idea. It’d ease their thoughts, but what if Bill had a point?

“What if he does need time?” Ryan then walks further into the room, laying eyes of confusion on his friend.

“What are you saying?” Darrell takes a deep breath as he glances back at Ryan.

“He’s been through a lot with everyone on his shoulders.” Ryan knew that Darrell had a point. It seemed that everybody was always bugging Chase about this and that, and perhaps that’s why he did disappear. But…

“Aren’t you worried?” Darrell couldn’t make those thoughts disappear. There was no secret that he was worried.

“He’s a smart kid, Ryan.” Ryan couldn’t help but agree as it seemed Chase was the most mature of the bunch and had everything in order – except for the happenings.

“Could make a mistake.” Darrell then glances over, hoping Ryan drew a blank. He didn’t need scenarios in his mind.

“Like what?” Ryan knew the possibilities were endless, but didn’t want to picture them. They had been through enough.

“I don’t know. Just wish I knew where he was.” Darrell lets out a sigh. That was a shared thought that everybody seemed to be saying.

“So why don’t you call?” Ryan knew that he could simply do that, but for some reason felt scared to do.

“I don’t want know. Rejection, anger….” Darrell shakes his head. That was an excuse.

“You won’t get that. He knows we are probably worried and we are calling because we care about him. Since you’re so worried, just give him a call, man.” Ryan then crosses his arms, having a question in return for Darrell now.

“Why haven’t you?” Darrrell had thought about calling, though didn’t. He trusted Bill’s judgment and if Bill said that Chase needed space, then he was going to offer that. Besides, he knew that Regan had talked to him through conversation and if Regan was relaxed as well, then he could be.

“I trust him.” Ryan knew that he could trust him as well, but couldn’t bring himself to let the thought escape his mind.

“I do, too. I just worry.” Darrell then lets out a sigh. There was no way of making the situation go away.

“Then call him.” Ryan still felt that tinge of worry.

“Maybe we should get Regan to call.”

“Regan tried. No luck.” Ryan then looked at Darrell shocked. Regan could always get through to Chase no matter what. Why was this time different?

“Really?” Darrell shakes his head yes, remembering the conversation.

“Honestly.” Ryan then thinks it over, his own worry beginning to grow.

“Are you sure he’s alright?” Darrell then turns around and sits on the edge of the bed. Perhaps he should let his own worries show.

“I don’t know man. I hope he is and am confident that he is based on how well I know him and his personality. I just…I don’t know.” Ryan then thinks it over, glancing back towards his phone sitting on the couch. All it’d take is dialing his number.

“Maybe I should consider calling. We need to know something.”


Chapter 12: Criminal Minds

Wednesday December 8, 2015

By their discussion, she took a couple more trips down the hill – just to satisfy his request in not wanting to ruin her day of fun, before leaving the slopes early to head back to the cabin. Truthfully, it wasn’t fun anymore going down the hill without her buddy joining her.

They then headed back to the cabin and after getting some food, they were both relaxed on the couch, ready for a night-in. Chase had his legs up across the couch, as the pain that he felt earlier was pretty much gone now. That didn’t mean Demi’s concerns were gone, though, as she set strict measures for him to spend the whole night relaxing with his legs up.

“So why do you like this show?” He questions, watching her go through her recorded TV shows to watch. She was a natural for recording television shows and watching them when she got time due to her hectic schedule normally.

“Criminal Minds?” She asks as she glances away from the television at him.

“Yeah.” She then smiles as she remembered when she first got interested in the show. Who knew crime and the reasons for it could be so fascinating.

“It takes you through the course of a criminal. They figure out why he is doing what he’s doing.” Chase shakes his head, understanding. It seemed like a interesting basis.


“It’s just intriguing. Say, the selfie killer.” He then looks over at her, confused by the name. What would selfies have to do with death?

“Kill with a selfie?” She then chuckles as that was part of it, honestly.

“Say someone has a big Instagram following and just loves taking selfies of themselves. He’d track that person down and kill them. He pushed a girl into a mirror in her house as she was taking a selfie. He shot a staple gun at a guy while he was sitting in his car, taking a selfie outside a mall.” Chase then raises his eyesbrows, surprised and perhaps a little freaked out by the thought of that. However, it was perhaps intriguing.

“Because they had a lot of selfies?” She shakes her head yes, as he was beginning to understand.

“Yeah, and we’re taking another. He then leaves them lying there in a position for another selfie with their phones, sending a photo of them as a dead selfie to their followers.” A disgusted expression show on Chase’s face as he couldn’t imagine coming across something like that on his Instagram feed.

“Yuck! But, why?” She then smiles, remembering the episode clearly. It was one of her favourites. That, and the guy that locked kids in boxes due to something from his childhood. Then there was the guy that was reliving being in a war zone and was stuck in that due to PTSD.

“He was ignored and rejected by society. He was sick and tired of self image absorbing people getting all this attention while he, being a smart guy, got nothing.” Chase then shakes his head in disbelief as that seemed like a ridiculous reason…but somewhat believable, supposedly.

“So he went looney?” Demi laughs lightly.

“Right. 90% of the criminals on the show are looney.” Chase shakes his head, understanding. That could be the only explanation for criminals – except Randy. He was a different type.

“Makes sense. The guy who went after me had an addiction to crime. He was part of a ring and people hire them. He got off on seeing someone hurt.” Demi could only smile, inside. Crime rings were something that she knew about well and could totally see where this guy was coming from.

“Wow.” Chase shivers at the thought of Randy’s actions as he finds himself stuck on the hotel, once again.

“He looked down at me and smiled when he stabbed me, taking pride in finishing the job even with his duty person dead.” Demi shakes her head in disbelief, though could understand that. Some people were sick and disgusted in that way.

“Seriously?” Chase shakes his head yes with a sigh, not able to erase that image.

“Yeah. That’s what this harder. How can I get over what he did when there’s no reason with Mariella gone?” Demi thinks it over, shrugging her shoulders. Even with her criminal knowledge, that was a compelling question to ponder.

“For the fact he did it due to the thrill of the chase. One of those who just get off on pain and suffering. Nobody understands why they do it. Maybe how he was raised or taught, or treated. Maybe due to control.” Chase could only wonder at those questions as they were questions he’d never receive answers to. Perhaps that’s what made this tougher. Perhaps he was looking for some sort of closure.

“Maybe.” Demi then scoots a little closer to Chase, wanting to help him in any way possible. She couldn’t deny how much more she was beginning to care about him.

“So, you say that you can’t let go?” Chase looks over at her and shakes his head yes. Perhaps a discussion was warranted as maybe she could bring that closure.

“I can’t let go of something that I don’t understand.” She then looks at him slightly confused. All the pieces were laid there right on the table as to what Randy was doing and why.

“Why?” Chase glances away from her, thinking. The whole thought brought him back to his meeting with Regan, and everything that they discussed back in June.

“I crave a reason and a solution for every mistake. As a driver, I look at a whole race and find every little mistake that I made, and how I can correct that in the future so I don’t make that mistake again. When Mariella strangled me, I bugged Regan for every scenario that I could’ve done differently.” She then scuffs a little laugh, reading his personality easily.

“Perfectionist, huh? It’s why you pushed yourself.” Chase then smiles as he thinks back to snowboarding earlier that day. Perhaps that was the reason, or perhaps there was more.

“No – I wanted to beat you.” She then shakes her head no as she keeps her eyes locked on his. He was very easy to read now.

“To be perfect and conquer the hill, right?” He then lets out a sigh, knowing that he couldn’t say much else.

“I guess.” She shakes her head as she takes a sip of her drink, remembering something that she learned a couple years ago.

“You need to let go and relax more. Remember – perfection is an illusion. You can strive and push all you can, but every human, every thing isn’t solely perfect.” He then looks over at her, surprised. He wasn’t expecting that to come out.

“Wow. That’s deep. Where’d you learn that?” She then lets out a sigh, remembering.

“Came to me as a teen when I was thinking over my life, my parents and school.” He then looks at her, slightly confused.

“School?” She then lets out another sigh, not wanting to bring up the negatives here. She wanted to leave those teen years behind.

“I was a Grade A student, but never perfect due to bullies.” Chase feels his heart a little, but also looks on in disbelief. How could someone pick on someone as beautiful as her?

“So you were picked on?” She then slowly shakes her head yes, not believing this was being discussed.

“Yeah, I always thought they were perfect because they brought out my imperfections. They brought out anger, yelling and tears.” Chase shakes his head in disbelief, not believing how she could think they were perfect.

“You’re perfect for how strong you are. They’re less than you for not realizing that.” She then smiles slightly, wishing that she would’ve heard that back all those years.

“I know that now. Alright, time for some crime.” They both then focus on the episode, Chase now intrigued as to what could happen based on her earlier explanation. Following the opening, they broke into commercials and just by luck….


Chapter 13: The Commercial

“Oh my…” Chase lets out as he hides his face in the blankets as she looks over, beginning to laugh as it was over.

“Oh wow.” Demi comments before cracking right up, not able to hold it in. He had teased about the dip stick and blow up doll earlier, but now seeing the commercial in reality, she was breaking down in tears of laughter.

“Ummm…” She then looks over, still laughing as she notices how red his cheeks had turned.

“So the doll is real? Where can I buy one?” He shakes his head immediately, having grown tired of that question via twitter when the commercial debuted in February. Darn fans and their crazy fantasies.

“Not for sale, and my mom has that one in hiding.” Demi could only grin and laugh at that reaction. It seemed right in how his mother always took care of him and guarded things away.

“Steal it for me?” He then looks over with a slight grin. He admitted to himself earlier in the day that he was attracted to her, and to hear such comment in return began to light up the fire more.

“Maybe.” She then crosses her legs, now even more intrigued by the commercial.

“How many takes did that take?” He then lets out a sigh, remembering the day.

“5…10…15, because Dale cracked through 10. I cracked through three and line screwed take 7.” She then shakes her head in disbelief, still slightly laughing. She was tempted to go on Youtube and watch it again.

“Wow. That’s…..priceless!” He then rolls his eyes, though knows that he could use this to his advantage. After all, their feelings were becoming more in the open now.

“Like my dipstick?” She then cracks even harder as she looks over at him surprised.

“Chase!” He then grins, having expected that reaction.

“Hey, you thought dirty!” She then grabs a pillow and chucks it at him as he laughs.

“No I didn’t!”

“Admit it!” She then takes a deep breath, trying to keep her mind off of the possibilities. If he kept this up, she’d be on top of him before the end of the night.

“It’s unique.” He then shakes his head as he keeps a grin firmly planted on his face. This was fun.

“Been analyzing?” She then chucks the other pillow at him as he laughs.

“Chase!” He then shrugs his shoulders as he takes a sip of his drink.

“Just asking.” She then shakes her head as she tries to focus back towards the television.

“So wrong….” She then hears her phone go off, picking it up and reading the text with a sigh. Figures that’d happen tonight of all nights. She knew that it was possible within this week time frame, but why in the middle of their flirting and Criminal Minds? “I…got to go…” He then looks over, feeling a concern come over him based on the tone of her voice.

“What’s up?” She then takes a deep breath. She couldn’t say the truth. There’d be no chance of any future and everything that they’d created would be gone.

“My cousin in Kawartha is having some family problems. I told him to call and I’d drop everything. I’m sorry…” He then reaches it over, patting her leg lightly. Doing anything for family wasn’t something that she had to apologize for.

“It’s okay. We can go.” She then shakes her head no, knowing that he couldn’t come.

“I need to go alone.” He then lets that soak in slowly as he lays back on the couch. He understood as it wasn’t his business. It was fine, though, as it’d give him time to call Regan while she was gone.

“Okay…” She then takes a deep breath, glad that he accepted. Now to give him a little more details.

“It’s two hours each way. It’ll probably takes four to six hours in total. I’ll be back by morning.” He shakes his head, accepting. That’d defiantly be enough time to talk and such…but alone without anyone? He could…handle…that. After all, this trip was about finding himself and spending time to himself away from the craziness.

“Okay. That’s….fine.” She notices the sense of hesitation in his voice, feeling her own worry kick up. She felt every horrible feeling in doing this.

“Are you sure you’re fine?” He shakes his head. He could handle this. He was a grown adult.

“Yeah, if you’re fine going alone.” She smiles, having done this trip a million times before. It was something that she was used to by now.

“Yeah, I am. Text me if you need anything. I just hate to do this and leave you like this.” Chase could tell in her eyes how much it broke her heart, and it made him want to be even stronger in her eyes in assuring that it’d be fine.

“Go. It’s okay. I’ll be fine.” She takes a deep breath, walking towards the door. Why was this so hard to do?

“Are you sure?” He then shakes his head yes, once again.

“Yeah….” She then smiles as she slips her shoes and jacket on.

“Okay. Bye Chase.” He thought about jumping up off the couch and running over and hugging and kissing her. But he held back – not wanting to make this harder on her. He could already tell that he was holding her a little.

“Bye Demi.” With that, she opened the door and left before she could have any more thoughts.


Chapter 14: Discussion

Wednesday, December 8, 2015

“Hello?” Regan answers his phone, surprised to see Chase Elliott on his Caller ID. Normally, he’d have to text or call to talk to his best buddy about things. Perhaps Chase was ready to open up more.

“Hey Regan,” Chase says, voice full of nerves. “How are you?”

“I’m good. How are you doing?” Chase takes a deep breath, knowing that he has to at least get the conversation started.

“Good. Listen, I wanted to talk to you about something. Is this an okay time?” Regan smiles to himself, knowing that he’d accept no matter the time. It was a breakthrough.

“Yeah, of course. Go for it.” Chase glances over to the empty spot on the other couch, knowing that he needs to bring this up.

“So I haven’t been alone on my little journey, actually. There’s a girl that I met.” Regan instantly felt a big stack of nerves hit him hard in the stomach. He knew how this normally went.

“Please tell me you didn’t get her pregnant.” Chase chuckles as that may be simpler than this whole complicated thought process.

“Oh no, it’s nothing like that. We haven’t even kissed yet, nor are we in love or a couple. That’s why I’m calling you, though. I think I like her.” Regan rolls his eyes, knowing how these stories normally go with famous people.

“Are you sure that she’s not using you?” Chase lets out a sigh, knowing that question was coming.

“No. She didn’t even know who I was, and has paid for the trip skiing and the cabin herself.” Regan feels his interest peak immediately upon hearing those words.

“So you’ve gone skiing?”

“It wasn’t part of the normal plan, but I ended up at a ski lodge with Demi. When she offered, I accepted and we went up north.” Regan shakes his head, surprised by Chase’s trust in going with a stranger. Though the location description also caught his attention.

“Weren’t you worried about…oh, I don’t know – dangers?” Chase remembers the thoughts that he had before leaving to head up with Demi, though was thankful of his decision now.

“I was worried, yes. However, it just felt right. She felt like a sweet girl that I could trust so I accepted.” Regan felt his own nerves kick in, just hoping that his friend wasn’t being deceived.

“That’s fine, understanding. I don’t know her so I guess I got to trust your judgment, and you’re smart. So why are you calling me?” Chase knew that this was where things were going to get tricky.

“I think I’m falling for her. I think we’re becoming more than just friends. We were sort of flirting today.” Regan smiles with a silent praise to himself. He and Dale had a bet going as to whom Chase would contact first with details of a crush. That’d be an extra $200 in Regan’s pocket.

“Normally that’s how relationships start. I just….Do you know for sure that you can trust her?” Chase knew the answer to that based on the past two days, without any doubts. Well, except for tonight. Perhaps she could’ve offered some more details.

“Yes, I know that I can trust her. Why would I be up north in a cabin with her?” Regan kept reminding himself at those words that Chase was a smart, young man who wouldn’t do something stupid.

“Now, the other factor is distance. Is she going to be willing to move to North Carolina and live your lifestyle?” Chase thought back to their conversations, thinking that’d probably in the cards. After all, she had talked about wanting to expand outside of her normal boundaries and possibly be a journalist.

“I think so, based on what I’ve heard. She doesn’t have a fully stable life here and she was wanting to expand her surroundings.” Without knowing the girl or Chase’s current location, Regan was worried as to the next words that would slip out of his mouth.

“If you really feel confident about this girl, I say that you should tell her and see where it goes. You’ll always wonder if you don’t, so you might as well admit and test the waters. Just please, please, promise me that you’ll be careful.” Chase smiles as he could tell simply over the phone just how worried Regan was about it.

“I will – don’t worry.”

“So, are you going to tell me where you are?” Chase lets out a sigh as he had been careful not to tell anyone. However, perhaps it’d be good if somebody knew – incase something happened.

“Blue Mountain. It’s located in northern Ontario.” Regan feels his jaw hit the ground immediately upon the reveal.

“You went to Canada?” Chase kicks his feet back.

“I wanted to get away and I figured why not go into another country to do that. it seems to be paying off so far. Just…don’t tell my parents, okay?” Regan knew the reasoning – they’d come see him immediately. While there were worries there, he understood Chase’s reasoning for going and wasn’t about to break that trust factor.

“I won’t say a word, buddy. You can trust me.” Chase smiles as that was a relief.

“Thanks….Oh, I fell today.” Regan feels his jaw hit the ground immediately, again. what type of confession was that?

“What do you mean?” Perhaps Chase should’ve not said anything.

“Snowboarding and my leg gave out.” Regan feels an immediate worry form, wondering if he should break the promise now.

“Ouch. Are you okay?” Chase knew to expect that question.

“Oh yeah.” Regan believed Chase as their trust back and forth would’ve required him to state whether something was wrong.

“Did the doctor mention something?” Chase thought back to the conversations, remembering some comments on the first day after he started walking.

“Yeah, a little possibility but said probably not.” Regan shakes his head, still a little worried.

“Should bring it up.” Chase knew that’d probably be the best idea. However, did he honestly want to do that?

“Yeah. I just…I don’t know.” Regan lets out a sigh, knowing were the conversation is going.

“Talk to me.” Chase takes a deep breath, picking at his nails.

“I want to move on without thinking about it.” Regan lets another sigh go, knowing that feeling. He felt bad that it was something that Chase was dealing with constantly.

“I understand…”

“I think I have a way. Spending time with Demi, focus on that and I don’t think about it. Maybe I just need to focus on the positives.” Regan smiles, as that was a start towards getting out of the troubling mind.

“Maybe, but what about haunting?” Chase knew that was a factor, based on what happened before. Though, the young man wasn’t worried right now.

“I don’t think so, Regan.” Regan understood that, and figured he’d leave it for now. Besides, there was a girl on hand.

“Listen, are you sure about this girl?” Chase lets out a sigh. He was probably going to deal with this question for awhile.

“Dude, you don’t understand…”

“I probably do, actually. The way that you’re talking about her reminds me with Megan. Everything felt right no matter what anyone said, even those who doubted it a little. I just hope that you’re playing it smart.”

“I am, man. I promise. I won’t do anything stupid.”

“Good. I don’t want to have to kick your ass.” Chase chuckles.

“I know you would, too. Listen, I’m going to call Bubba and Ryan and check in with them since I haven’t talked to them since the banquet and they’re probably worried. Talk later?” Regan knew that was a good idea based on a conversation with the boys the other day.

“Absolutely. Call me anytime you need me. Bye Chase.”

“Bye Regan.” Chase then hung up, followed by dialing Ryan’s numer.

He then spent the next hour on the phone with the boys, detailing the fun parts of his trip and the fun times with Demi. He talked briefly about how they met, simply saying that he stopped for a refreshment and she was his server. He wasn’t about to detail that it happened in a bar and completely scare the pair of them. The story seemed to please both of his friends, as they wished him the best of luck with her. He continued to hide the location, though, still wary of a possible surprise visit if he revealed. By the end of the conversation, it seemed everybody was in a happy place knowing how each were doing.


Chapter 15: Demi’s Secret

Demi pulls the car into the parking lot, taking a deep breath as she looks at the warehouse. While her first trips here had brought her worries, the forth coming trips had been made more comfortable. She was now one of them, and could fit in with ease.

She then grabs the black sweater that she had retrieved from the trunk earlier, slipping it on over her t-shirt. She then puts the hood up, pulling it tight around her face. She then takes the light mask that she kept stored in the glove box, placing it over her face with a sigh.

She didn’t want to be here. She would rather be cuddling up with Chase right now. However, if she didn’t show up, they would ask questions. Those were questions that she wasn’t willing to face.

She gets out of the car, locking the doors, before heading into the warehouse. She stops at the doorway immediately, looking over at the elder gentleman.

“Name?” He questions as he looks over his list of names.

“Demi Elaine,” she states as he looks over his list. She then produces her ID card and he glances over it, before glancing over her.

“You had no assignment prior to this meeting.” He then turns around, shifting through a box. He pulls out an envelope and hands it to her. “This is your new assignment. It should be fitting considering your normal distri-”

“I am on vacation till the end of the week.” He then shakes his head, understanding.

“That is fine; you may begin our assignment next week. I suggest you accept and read over those terms nicely. It has a nice payday and it’s one of your easy ones.” She then smiles, knowing what that meant. Secure a couple extra dollars from someone that owed another person money, along with the supposed ‘stolen goods’ and return them to the person who had handed the assignment to her. Those were the easiest because in those situations, her looks certainly came into play.

“Thank you.” She then turns to leave, having accepted what she needed, before a hand is placed on her shoulder. She then looks up at the elder man, curiously. Normally they picked up their assignments each and left without further discussion. Everybody in this setting kept to their own business so that way cross traces could not be made within the group.

“Sir Jonathan has a special guest and announcement that is to be made tonight. You must go take your seat within the society.” She then lets out a sigh, wishing that wasn’t the case. Why couldn’t this had been a quick trip?

“Yes sir.” She then turns and walks into the big black room, taking a seat in one of the middle rows. She could only hope that this went off quickly.

She watched as minutes ticked away with more people filling seats in the room, everybody keeping their heads forward. Nobody spoke to each other – per rules. Nobody was to associate with each other because if they were caught, no association could be made. It seemed weird because they all had the same objective at the end of the day.

“Attention!” She hears and turns her eyes on their furious leader, the man that had put together this group in the first place. She was a man that she had a ton of respect for as she admired someone that could control such a group of people, and keep the business that they did under the radar. How could the police not catch them? “Normally, we do not speak of other people’s crime ring business. However, one of our members is in desperate search of an individual immediately for revenge before he is caught. For that reason, I will share this man with you and he will share his story with you. He will also speak of the man that he is searching for. If you know where this man is, please speak up at the end of the session, whether anonymously or to him directly.”

Demi watches the other man take the stage, looking on quite confused. This was not normal practice and it seemed very out of the ordinary from her previous experiences.

“My name is Randy Jackson and I have escaped prison,” the man starts as Demi focuses her eyes on him. “I was caught and arrested for attempted murder, among other charges. Let’s just say that something was supposed to be easy in helping a client of ours turned into a mess. This is a mess that has pissed me off beyond anything and I want revenge.”

Demi watches him curiously, seeing the anger that was written over his face. It was no violent that the project that he was supposed to fulfill turned ugly based on his aggression. She wondered what the person had done to cause this.

“If you know anything, or watch any news, you know who I am and you know who this pertains to. It’s a very important public case. Hence why there will be a lot of people looking for me once they know I escaped prison, and why I need to accomplish my revenge as quickly as possible.”

Demi thought that he had to be a serious badass if he escaped prison as she never heard of that happening. She also wondered how that would’ve happened. Though, she wondered what type of high-profile case he was referring to. She hadn’t heard his name in the news. What was going on?

“I was hired by Princess Mariella to help in the efforts of killing off her twin sister Princess Marie and her husband Dale Earnhardt Jr. I was to be a simple informant and provide information about the whereabouts of the individual via sneaking into the NASCAR garage. I did my job accordingly as she was able to find each individual that she wanted.”

Demi feels her blood run cold as she listens to Rnady continue his story. NASCAR. Dale Earnhardt Jr. It all connected one person in her mind that was at her cabin – Chase Elliott.

“Let’s just say that she fucked up because she was shot and killed while trying to strangle some 19-year-old kid. This whole deal pissed me off entirely so I seeked to find out her plan. However, I didn’t care about the rest. All I cared about was the bloody kid.”

Demi feels her body going motionless, not knowing for sure that he was referring to Chase. It all came together for the final piece in her mind as she remembered him mentioning something about a crime ring.

“I went after the kid in his hotel room and man, I had a great plan. But, like everything else lately it seems, he was able to fend me off and his friends saved his dear life. I was put in jail. A lonely, cold jail cell. Needless to say, I’m pissed and I want revenge.”

Demi swallows the gulp that is forming in her throat, knowing exactly where Randy is headed with his words. This couldn’t be happening.

“The kid is nowhere in North Carolina or Georgia, supposedly off on some vacation of his own for some alone time. So, I ask this. If any of you have seen Chase Elliott, please let me know as soon as possible.”

She then watches as Randy unfolds a big poster with Chase’s face on it, wanting to throw up in that very moment.

Over the past couple of days, she had grown to really like Chase Elliott. Now, before her, stood the man that had made his life a living hell and yet she couldn’t do anything. Worse, as a member of the society, she was supposed to hand him over as if nothing was going on.

“I am done!”

As soon as the words were spoken, she immediately escaped the room, getting in her car and leaning her head against the seat. Letting out a sigh, she shakes her head, trying to remove every image of the meeting from her mind. How could she let the man that tortured him run free?

It made her want to head back inside and hand over the assignment and give up her place. However, that wasn’t possible. Anybody who had tried to escape the ring was found and killed as the ring feared that they would break their silence and tell everything.

She then takes a deep breath, turning the key over and backing out of the driveway.

She knew that she couldn’t escape the ring, but she wasn’t about to tell them the whereabouts of Chase. She loved him and she was going to do whatever she had to do to keep him safe. He didn’t deserve to go back down that road again.


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