The Demons – Chapters 26 Thru 30


Chapter 26: Planning

“Uh oh….multiple binders spilled all over the living room can only mean one thing – Willow is wedding planning,” Delana comments as she enters the living room of the house. “I think I’m going to have to keep you mister out of here right now.” Willow then laughs as she looks over at Delana and Keelan.

“I think Willow made a big mess which is a big no-no,” Willow says. “Sorry.” Delana shrugs her shoulders as she lets Keelan down, who immediately goes running towards his room with the dog.

“No worries. I’ve done the same thing before.” Willow then starts gathering up the binders, stacking them back neatly as Delana watches her in surprise. “That many binders to plan your wedding? I thought you were keeping it simple.” Willow laughs as she checks the labels once again.

“They’re not all for the wedding. Some are for work.” She then holds up one. “Take this one. It has notes with regards to the rulebook, team members and all the bits that you need to know.” Delana shakes her head, understanding.

“Let me guess – RCR appeal article?” Willow looks over with a head shake.

“The appeal panels’ reasoning for lowering the penalty is ridiculous, if you ask me. They said because there’s nothing proving that it was a post-race infraction, they decided to lower the penalty. Um, isn’t finding it in post-race inspection the definition of that? Wouldn’t you alter the tires during the race and isn’t that what post-race penalties find?” Delana laughs and shakes her head yes.

“They can be ridiculous at times. I don’t know how Rodney deals with that rulebook.” Wllow shakes her head as she goes back to organizing binders. Delana then looks down at the hall, smiling as she sees Keelan playing with a couple cars, before turning her eyes back to Willow. “So which of these binders is the important one?” Willow grabs the pink binder and slides it across the floor to Delana.

“That’s the wedding binder, if you so please. It has barely any notes so don’t bug me. The blue binder is a little more interesting, though.” Delana then looks up, feeling curiosity bubbling. What was more interesting than the wedding binder?

“You’re not preg-”

“Oh no, it’s not that silly. The house is a lost cause after the fire. So it has to be rebuilt, which could take six months. I don’t know if Tony tol-”

“He told me. It’s fine. I don’t mind a house guest for another six months.” Willow smiles. She didn’t mind staying there, either. It was nice to have Delana to talk to, whether about the wedding or other unwarranted topics.

“He decided that we should use the opportunity to build a house that we can call our own, special to us. These are some house plans that are being discussed. We’ve been working it out for the past couple of weeks. We have to make a decision shortly on general house shape and size, then start to work on the specifics of the rooms.” Willow then slides the binder over to Delana, who picks it up and glances inside.

“Wow. These all look awesome. Do you have a preference?” Willow shakes her head.

“Page 7.” Delana quickly flips through the pages, looking over the layout in surprise.

“Oh wow. That looks amazing. What does Tony think?” Willow glances over with a shrug.

“He wasn’t too pleased on that idea. He enjoyed the second page more.” Delana then flips back to the second page, glancing over the design layout.

“I like your idea better but I guess that’s why they say us ladies have better style sense.” Willow laughs as Delana slides the binder back to her.

“We promised to discuss it over the weekend and decide by Tuesday.” Delana shakes her head, accepting, as she glances into the wedding banner.

“Wedding party…..location….date range – that’s a start. At least you’re somewhere.” Willow shakes her head, accepting, as she collects the last bits of paper around the room.

“There’s still a lot to be done in the next seven months if we want to get married this winter. The invitations need to be sent out sooner than later, as well. But you can’t send those out till you have a color theme and I haven’t thought about that too much right yet…” Willow then stops and takes a deep breath as Delana closes the binder, setting it down on the table. She then walks over and places her hand on Willow’s shoulder.

“It’s understandable. You’ve had a lot on your plate so far this year, and still do. You still have plenty of time to get the invitations out. Also, don’t rush it. You want to go with something that you’ll love, enjoy and cherish. For that reason, take your time and selecting your color theme and make sure that it’s appropriate and fits you first.” Willow shakes her head, understanding. She got all that for the decision process. That wasn’t what was on her mind, though.

“I heard Tony and Kevin talking the other day. Tony said that I’m working on planning the wedding so much because I want a distraction from everything….” She then looks up at Delana, taking a deep breath. “Is it wrong to want a distraction?” Delana shakes her head no.

“We all need a break from what goes on in our lives and considering what you’ve gone through, you need a bigger break than most. This is a good break for you because it gives you time to think about something else.” Willow lets a small smile show on her face.

“That’s what I thought, as well. It’s nice to not think about it for awhile.” Delana glances at Willow, seeing the hurt that is in her eyes. There was more to this girl than she was showing.

“But you can’t keep finding distractions, though. Eventually, you need to face those feelings head on and deal with them. You need to go through them, sort through the sadness and anger, so that way you can move forward. You need to talk to someone, like Tony, or even me.” Delana pauses, taking a deep breath, as she keeps her eyes locked on Willow. “Your whole life, you’ve been running. You ran from home at a young age. You ran as far away as you can so you didn’t have to face that. You ran when she found you, trying to outrun the stalking. You ran to California when you knew she’d be in North Carolina. That’s going to catch up with you. You can’t outrun your demons. If you keep trying to outrun them, they’re going to eat you from the inside. Keep that in mind.” Delana then pulls her into a hug, letting go after awhile and leaving the room to check on Keelan.

Willow takes a deep breath, letting those thoughts soak in. It was why lashing out on Wednesday felt so good – she was starting to let go, rather than run. But why was letting go so hard to do?


Chapter 27: Bristol

“You did awesome!” Willow says as she wraps her arms around Tony and gives him a kiss after he is done a series of interviews. He easily accepts, looking at her with a smile. It had been a great night at Bristol as despite all the annoyance over the rain, Tony had a good race – finishing in the top 10.

“Thank you,” he replies as he keeps his arms wrapped around her. “Now, shouldn’t be doing your job, Ms. Salone?” She just laughs, glancing up pit road. She knew that she should be talking to Ricky about his finish and how it’s a bright light for Roush Fenway. She could also talk to Justin Allgaier about his top-10 finish. Then there was Danica, too.

“I am doing my job – I’ve come to get the scoop from a man who had a good night at Bristol.” Tony shakes his head, knowing that was a lie. He knew why she was there.

“You just wanted a kiss and a cuddle. You wanted me.” She then lets go, gives her hair a flip and looks down pit road.

“Well, in that case, I’ll just go see what Danica has to say. Congratulations Mr. Stewart on your good run tonight.” She then goes to walk away, when he grabs her hand and pulls her back to him.

“Nice try. You’re not getting away that easy.” She then laughs as she looks around.

“Ah, but I am. Remember, I have a job to do. I have to go listen to what Jeff and Jimmie have to say, followed by Ricky and then Mr. Kenseth. Then, I have to write some stories so I can keep doing this job.” He could see through her. He knew that she was stating the truth, but that wasn’t the reason why she was standing there in his arms.

“I’ll let you go so you can do your job, but remember – I know why you came to see me first.” He then lets her go as a smile creeps on her face. She couldn’t ever get annoyed of seeing him all the time.

“Admit it – you liked the kiss just as much as me. Every other girlfriend or wife congratulates their driver when he has a good night. I felt that I should get to do the same thing. Besides, I’m happy for you. This is the start of a turnaround.” He smiles, hoping that she was right. He had done well at Richmond in the past. Perhaps he could keep the momentum going.

“Maybe I’ll get to come see you in the media center soon.” She then walks off, set to return to the media center and her job.

Tony, meanwhile, heads towards the garage area. He had no complaints on his mind as it had been an awesome night. It was nice to be running up front all night and come home with a good finish. It was nice to see the progress that he and Chad had been making start to pay off. Everybody knew the team was fast via Kevin and Kurt. Now it was time for him and Danica to get up there with their teammates. Give it a couple more weeks like this, and they’d have the organization to beat.

“You know, I like working with a happy driver,” Tony hears and glances over towards Chad. “It’s nice to see a smile on your face.” Tony knew that smile that Chad was referencing. It felt nice to be relaxed and smiling, but he had all the reasons to. He had the best girl in his life, he had a fast car to drive, and the past was soon to be in the past. A couple more weeks in the courts and Tina Salone would be a forgotten name.

“Keep giving me fast cars and that smile won’t disappear,” he tells his crew chief, which causes him to smile in return.

“Keep doing your job and telling me what needs to be done and it’ll be easy as ever. Seriously, though. I like this attitude.” Tony then stops, taking a deep breath. He did owe his crew chief an explanation.

“Listen – about the last couple of weeks, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be an ass. There was just a lot goin-”

“Tony, you don’t need to apologize. I know there was a lot going on with regards to Willow’s mom. The guys on the crew know, as well. Nobody is mad about it; we understand. We’re just glad that things are getting taken care of and we’re getting our Smoke back.” Tony smiles as it was nice to hear that in return from his crew chief. He just hoped that things positive. He knew there was still a rocky road ahead with the trial dates to come, and helping Willow through her emotions.

“Thanks. I appreciate it.”


“How is Willow not here with us?” Kevin asks as they take their tour around the White House.

“She had a big meeting today with her bosses,” Tony answers. “It’s their monthly meeting and nobody is allowed to miss it. She even tried to use the reason that she had to cover this story for them.” Kevin shakes his head in disbelief as they walk around.

“She’s missing a big day….” Tony shakes his head in agreement. It felt odd flying up to Washington on Kevin’s plane with Rodney and Delana, versus taking his own plane. It also felt odd knowing that Willow had hopped on his plane this morning by herself with Keelan, flying to her website’s headquarters.

“Are you sure that she’ll be fine with Keelan?” Delana asks, still concerned. They didn’t want to bring Keelan with them as they knew he’d find trouble too easily, so Willow offered to keep the toddler with her for the day.
“They’ll be fine, Delana. She says that plenty of her fellow writers bring their children and they all play together while the adults talk. I’m sure he’s having a blast with her.” He then wraps an arm around her. “You don’t have to worry about your little boy. He’ll be fine.” She then gives him a slight smile and wraps her arm around him in return.

“Just like I told her that I’d keep an eye on you today, and make sure you stay out of trouble.” Kevin then laughs as he looks back at the pair.

“Tony doesn’t know how to stay out of trouble,” he comments as Tony simply grins.

“Don’t you see my halo?” Tony questions before pinching Delana’s ass and running off ahead of them a bit.

“That’s exactly what she was talking about!” Delana lets out as Tony looks back at them, laughing.

“I saw your tweet. I’m your second date of the day. Might as well treat it like a proper date, my dear.” She then rolls her eyes as she looks over at Kevin.

“What did we do to deserve his company? I thought Rodney was supposed to babysit him.” Kevin laughs and shrugs his shoulders, as he glances around.

“Where is Rodney, anyway?” Kevin questions, though hears a familiar whistle shortly after. Rodney then appears, licking his lips.

“Even the cookies are that much better here,” he comments as Kevin and Delana shake their heads in disbelief.

“I’m surprised Tony didn’t beat you to the kitchen…” Tony then looks back at them, with his familiar grin reappearing.

“Oh, I’ve been there. That was my first stop. Those cookies are delicious. I requested a couple batches to go. They accepted, saying that it was a nice ‘thank you for coming’ gift.” The whole group just shakes their heads as they continue their tour.


Chapter 28: Trial

After such a fun day to start the week, both Tony and Willow were dreading re-entering the court room that week. They wished that they could avoid going here.

They wished that this would be done with all together.

With Willow’s testimony from the previous week, the district attorney was set to move forward quicker than intended. He felt that she proved everything from their perspective, along with the guilty charges already, that Tony did not have to take the stand. It was a relief to Tony as he didn’t want to face that woman or her lawyer after what they said last week about the piggy. However, he also wished that he would’ve originally taken the stand last week rather than Willow so she wouldn’t had gone through the questioning. He could’ve proved what she said, after all.

The attorney knew the three charges that were at hand, and the potential look at defense as provided by the lawyer.

Supposedly, Tina says that she did not take the sexual photos. However, hand-written analysis shows that her writing went with. The lawyer tried to disprove that by saying analysis wasn’t final, but the attorney begged to differ. He knew calling the expert in would be a good offense mechanism.

She says that she didn’t trespass on to the Stewart residence, but yet that was proven wrong based on the report from the fire department after the fire. Case closed.

Lastly, she pled guilty to harassing Tony, but not to Willow. That caught the lawyer by strange, curious as to the details from Tina herself. She had yet to give reasoning, and the lawyer stated that someone could trespass onto properties without harassing – hence no proof of connection between the pair. That proof, though, was shown in the photos and letter. Back to the hand writing expert to prove everything.

Rather than force the jury to sit through weeks of testimony, as well as putting his clients through the agony of trial, the decision was made to simply question the expert, and then leave everything in the lawyer’s hands.

With the decision, the court session for that week was kept short and sweet, to the point. The expert was hard to disprove in his craft, based on factual evidence supporting the technique behind hand-written analysis.

The judge announced at the end of the trial that next week would shift to defense testimony – simply meaning, Tina would take the stand to defend her actions.

Willow was already regretting this even a week in advance. She didn’t want to hear what her mother had to say. She didn’t want to be reminded of what happened. She didn’t want to take a trip down memory lane. She was ready to lock the lady up and throw away the key.

Thankfully, though, Willow wasn’t stuck thinking about that for long. The house remodeling was kicked up into second gear as Tony and Willow met with the contractors, deciding on the design that they wanted.

Despite original debate, Willow had decided to go with Tony’s suggestion for the house frontal look and eventual layout. The only agreement was that she was to decide wall color and floor selection down the road. That was something that Tony easily accepted.

The design that they chose was a one-floor layout, but big enough to fit them both and friends. The living room was huge, enough for a pair of couches and chairs so that way they could easily sit around with friends, enjoying their company and watching the big screen television. The kitchen would have enough room for Willow to go about fully cooking and preparing meals, with enough cupboard space to keep everything tidy at all times.

Both rooms were easily accessible from the main entrance. The layout had you walk into the main entrance, with an office to your right and the living room to your left. If you walked further down, the kitchen was on the left, or you could go right and head down a short hallway to the bedsroom and bathroom quarters.

The master bedsroom was fit to their style, easily able to fit a king size bed and their dressers. It also featured a walk-in closet, big enough that they could both fit all their clothes that needed to be hung up. Off to the other side of the bedsroom was their own private bathroom. Plans were already being discussed to make sure it had a big bathtub, hot-tub style with its jet, so both Willow and Tony could relax there together.

They also added a pair of extra bedsrooms – incase friends stayed over, along with a bathroom in between so not everybody would go to their personal bathroom.

The extra bedsroom weren’t just there for that reason, though, as Willow had other reasons. She wondered if one day she’d be a mother with a child of her own. It wasn’t something she ever thought about as a child, always focused on running from the past. However, spending time with Keelan, it was starting to open that hole. She wondered whether she could, or if she was past her prime. Most ladies she knew got pregnant in their 20s, but yet here she was over 40 and no baby in sight.

She wasn’t about to rush it, either, as she wanted to get through what had happened recently first, followed by planning the wedding. No way would she be pregnant for her wedding as that’d bring a problem in making sure the dress fit.

Once that was done at year end, though, she wondered about the possibility. She also wondered what Tony would think, as well.

Boarding the plane to fly out to Richmond, she knew that was a topic that could be discussed sometime – for curiosity. Perhaps when they were bored on Saturday night with another dose of ridiculous rain.


Chapter 29: Post Talladega

“Are you still writing about Talladega?” Tony asks as he looks over at Willow on the flight home. She shakes her head yes, continuing to type on her laptop.

Even though she had a bunch of post-race stories still to do, she had agreed to leave Talladega before they were done with Tony to return home. She knew that he wouldn’t want to stick around with having posted a 19th place finish. It didn’t bode well, considering he was coming off of a 41st place finish the week before at Richmond International Raceway.

“There’s tons to write about,” she comments as she passes over her list of ideas to him.

“Obvious…” He comments as he reads over the list, seeing article ideas surrounding Dale Jr., his crew chief Greg Ives, and Jimmie Johnson. There were then a couple ideas surrounding the surprises in the top 10. “You always get those at Talladega.”

“You still need to write about them despite it being simply luck of the draft and managing to find the right line. They deserve recognition as it’s a special finish that they get where they may not somewhere else. Ryan Blaney is the biggest, and perhaps the one with the most potential to carry that momentum forward. The others – more of luck of the draw. The fans eat up those stories – it’s the classic underdog deal. The fans eat it up, and the editor smiles.” Tony then looks over at her with surprise.

“To think that you didn’t know much about racing when you were assigned to write an article on me last year.” She then chuckles as she shrugs her shoulders.

“You don’t need to know racing to know that underdog stories get hits. You need to know racing to know who the underdogs are, and why they have a chance at Talladega.” He then wraps an arm around her as he hands her back the list.

“Well, I think you’ll do a great job writing these stories.” She then glances over at him.

“To think that you’re supposed to be the guy that doesn’t respect the media and makes smart comments at times.” He then shrugs his shoulders.

“There are people that can be jackasses and ask stupid questions. They deserve it. Besides, they don’t look as cute as you.” He then leans in and gives her a quick kiss before sitting back.

His mind instantly went to thought process, but surprisingly not surrounding that day’s crappy race. Sure, he didn’t get the finish that he wanted and sure, he couldn’t find a way to get to the front with the way the pack was. But, that was the luck of draw and sometimes just how those races went. Why leave that on your mind?

He could’ve thought about the following week’s race at Kansas Speedway, but that’d be a tough topic to focus on. Considering the struggles of the team so far this year, focusing on any race didn’t seem to bring a smile. Besides, the intermediate tracks so far this year had brought long races of fighting handling problems. Perhaps they could get it turned around, but that wasn’t important at the time.

His mind instead wandered to the upcoming week and the trial days to come. His mind flashed back last week when Willow’s mother finally took the stand, and was questioned about her behavior.

She continued to deny taking the sexual photos, which was no surprise. There wasn’t any proof that she held a camera, just the note in the envelope. She couldn’t gotten someone else to do her dirty work for her.

She tried to deny trespassing on the residence, but that failed thanks to the fire chief’s report. At least she finally admitted to doing that.

Though the most curious thought on Tony’s mind was the harassing charge. Her mom was asked whether she harassed Willow and Tony, in which she continued to deny. The reason – it brought forth the most chuckles and eye rolls that a court probably ever witnessed.

“Ms. Salone, did you harass Mr. Tony Stewart and Ms. Willow Salone?” The lawyer asks.

“I already told you that I didn’t do that,” she replies as she stares the lawyer in the eyes.

“Okay, let me reword the question. Did you follow Mr. Stewart and Ms. Salone?” The older lady smiles.

“Why, of course I did.” The lawyer then crosses his arms, impressed.

“Isn’t following someone a form of harassment, especially if they don’t want you around?” His question only brought a smile to the older lady’s face.

“It wasn’t harassment, if that’s what you’re implying. My daughter may say that she doesn’t want me around. My daughter may not agree with my parenting techniques, or either of those used by her father. However, I was simply checking on her and making sure that she was keeping well. I’m just a caring mother that wants the best for her daughter. Is that a crime?”

The minute those words slipped out of her mouth, Tony’s skin had started to crawl. How does a caring mother hurt their own daughter? How does a caring mother cause abuse to their own daughter? How does a caring mother try to burn their daughter in a house? He could only shake his head in disbelief that day in the trial room.

With the testimonies complete, it was now a waiting game to hear what the jury had to say. In honesty, Tony was surprised that the lawyer hadn’t called him yet and told him that the jury was done deliberating. What was there left to argue? She pretty much proved on the stand that she was guilty on the charges. Why take the time deliberating? The sooner the decision, the sooner they’d be done with her and the sooner they could move on.

Tony watches as Willow continues to type, eyes focused on the girl that he had grown to love. He knew that moving on would be the best thing for her as he knew that Willow simply wanted to put it in the past. The start of that was the completion of the trial, followed by the time to heal and find a way to move beyond.

They had made progress as witnessed by her happiness and growing easier in talking about what happened, however the emotions were there. She was still nervous each time she walked into the court room and hated even catching a glimpse of her mom’s eyes. There was times that she’d break down crying talking about details, and there were even a couple nights that she woke up from a nightmare.

Running a hand through her hair, he knew that he wasn’t going to leave her side. He was going to be there for her through it all, just like she was there for him.


Chapter 30: The Verdict

“I hate this…” Willow comments as she walks into the court room and takes her seat.

“Look at it this way – this is the last day that you’ll have to be here,” Tony tells her as she glances over at him. “The jury will find her guilty of all three charges and she’ll be going to jail for a bunch of years. It’ll finally be the end.”

“And what if the jury doesn’t find her guilty?” Tony glances at the jury as they make their way in, trying to get a read off of them to see what the outcome would be. In his mind, there was only one answer.

“If they don’t find her guilty, then they’re just as nuts as her. The fire chief’s report proves that she was on my property, and she stated herself that she was harassing you supposedly for good measure. Combine those pieces together, and it’s 90% likely that she took the photos. Boom – she’s done.” Willow lays her head on Tony’s shoulder, letting out a shy. She hoped that he was correct.

“I just want to put this in the past.” Tony pats her leg, knowing that feeling all too well. However, he also knew that simply putting Tina behind bars wasn’t the answer to doing that.

“This is a start. You still have to face what happened and talk about it so you can move past it. You know that better than anyone else.” Willow lets out a sigh, shaking her head in agreement. She just didn’t know if she could do that. She’d rather focus on the wedding than do that.

They watch the judge come on and call everyone to attention, set for the proceedings. Both of them sat there praying for a quick afternoon session.

“May the defendant please rise,” the judge instructs as Tina stands in her spot. “Has the jury reached a verdict?”

“We have,” the head juror states as Tony keeps his fingers crossed.

“On the charge of harassment towards Ms. Willow Salone, how do you find Mrs. Tina Salone?”

“Guilty.” Tony looked over at Willow with a smile. He knew that was going to be the case.

“On the charge of trespassing on to Mr. Tony Stewart’s property, how do find Ms. Tina Salone?”

“Guilty.” Willow took a deep breath, glad that things were going as smooth as they were so far. There was just one more charge on the table and they’d be done.

“On the charge of taking sexual content photos without permission of both Ms. Salone and Mr. Stewart, how do you find Mrs. Tina Salone?”

“Not guilty.” Tony looked over at the jury in shock as he thought that the rest of the pieces, along with the handwritten analysis, would have been enough to prove that she had taken the photos. However, he also understood the reasonable doubt since there was no proof of a camera found in evidence.

“Thank you. Ms. Tina Salone, with adding the current list of offences to the previous offenses, you are looking at 114 months in jail, followed by five years probation and $200,000 fine to pay. During your time in jail, you will not be allowed any chances at parole due to the amount of charges. While you believed that you were protecting your daughter, you were indeed actually harming your daughter. Needless to say, your parenting skills need some adjusting. However, I think that was something that you already knew before you entered the court room today based on the past with your daughter.” Willow shivered at the mention of that, not wanting to have any reflection on the years of abuse that she went through before leaving home.

“That’s your opinion, judge,” Tina states as Tony can only chuckle. When would she learn?

“That’s also the opinion of the state and Children’s Aid,” the judge states. “I wouldn’t suggest having anymore children in the future. They wouldn’t be allowed to stay with you based on your charges.” The judge then looks over at the district attorney. “Do you have any questions before we end the session today?” The district attorney glances back at Tony and Willow. Willow wanted the day done as soon as possible as the sooner they could leave, the better. Tony, meanwhile, had other plans.

“I have a question,” Tony tells the attorney, catching Willow by surprise. It was a question that had bugged Tony since the beginning of his dealing with Willow’s mom.

“Your honor, Mr. Stewart has a question for the court room,” the district attorney states. The judge then motions his hand for Tony to come forward. Tony takes a deep breath as he stands up and walks forward, eyes glancing over at Tina.

“Go ahead, Mr. Stewart,” the judge instructs as Tony takes a deep breath.

“When Ms. Salone was abused as a child, both of her parents were involved in the dealings,” Tony starts as he takes his eyes off of the judge and looks over at Tina. “Where’s your husband?”

“He was taken to a mental institution about five years ago,” Tina starts. “Supposedly he needed help for some issues.” The answer brought a sigh to both Tony and Willow. Without expressing it, Willow had been worried that her father was going to randomly show up next. However, hearing that, gave her the confirmation that she needed.

“You should’ve gone with hi-”

“That’s enough, Mr. Stewart!” The judge states as Tony stops mid-sentence. “Is there anymore questions?” Tony shakes his head no as he returns back to Willow’s side, pulling her back close. “Then we’re done here for today. Court adjourned!”

The pair of them leave the court room, satisfied, while Tina is taken away in handcuffs. Tony keeps quiet, arms wrapped around Willow, as he leads her back to the car and opens the door for her. She then climbs in, glancing up at him.

“Are you okay?” He asks and she shakes her head yes.

“I just want to go home,” she answers as he gives her a quick kiss.

“That’s where we’ll go then.” He then closes the door, walking around to get in the driver’s seat.

He could just only hope that things went as easy as possible moving forward as they began to move on, and that involved Willow opening up the pieces of the pain that she felt deep down.


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