The Bruises – Chapters 6 Thru 10


Chapter 6: Angelica

Dale Jr.’s House – Saturday night, post July Daytona race

After hearing the words from Dale that the girl in the photo was his daughter and Amber was the mother, Tony had stood there in shock the past five minutes, looking through the photos that now rested in his hands. Why didn’t anybody know about Angelica? What was the big secret? What had happened with Amber? There were so many questions on Tony’s mind that thinking about who was doing what they were doing to Dale was pushed to the back burner. He first wanted to answer these questions as they just seemed more important now that he saw the photos.

“She’s beautiful, Dale….” was all Tony could bring himself to say as he handed the photos back to Dale, unsure of how to bring up every other question that was in his mind. There was a reason why this had remained a secret for what was 14 years, and getting that reason out was going to be harder than anything done so far. “I’m just surprised, honestly. Where is sh-”

“She’s staying at Rick and Linda’s and has been for the past two years,” Dale interrupted Tony, knowing where this discussion was going. “As far as everybody knows who has met her, she’s Angelica Jamieson, a young girl that they adopted from a friend due to some issues. Rick, Linda, Angelica and Amber are the only ones that know.” Dale put the photos back in the drawer, taking his focus off of Tony. He knew that in minutes, he would have to tell Tony what he did back when she was born and how he had come back in contact with her. It was something that he still regretted to this day, wondering why he didn’t knock some sense into himself earlier. How could he had let her go at such a young age for his own stupid selfish reasons?

“Oh….Why isn’t she living with you?” Dale stood up, facing Tony, knowing that the time had come in which he had to admit he screwed up.

“I messed things up when Amber was pregnant. I broke up with Amber at the end of the season right before the banquet, as you know. It was the right decision – no matter what – as what everybody was saying was true. Anyways, she called in February and told me that she was four months pregnant with our kid. Me, being young, still the partying bachelor and not giving a care in the world, really didn’t care. I didn’t want to be a dad at that age. I wanted to be able to live my life and have some fun, a lot of fun actually. So I told her that I didn’t want anything to do with our kid. She told me she wanted child support and I agreed to send her so much each month from the time Angelica was born.” Tony stood there, eyes wide open in shock. How could Dale had said that when Amber was pregnant? How could he had brushed things off, not caring? It didn’t seem anything like the caring side of Dale that he had grown to love over the years. Part of him was mad at Dale for what he had done when Amber was pregnant. He wanted to ring Dale’s neck for not thinking. A small part of him understood, remembering how Dale was back when he was young. It was part of the reason that Dale had hooked up with Amber. Despite everything, Tony was now curious about the whole thing. He wanted to know Angelica’s whole back story.

“So how did she end up with Rick and Linda?” Dale took a deep breath, remembering exactly how it had come, knowing that it’d take a lot out of him to tell Tony the whole story.

“When I had that wreck at Sonoma, I got thinking afterwards and it bugged me. I called Amber in November, telling her that over the off-season that I wanted to meet Angelica and start things off fresh. I told her that I regretted what I did now what I was older and more mature, and she accepted. So that turned into me seeing Angelica at least twice a month, if not more, but Amber and I didn’t talk as I told her I wasn’t ready for her.” Dale then sat down, looking down, remembering the last discussion that he had with Amber in where Angelica ended up with Rick and Linda. It broke his heart in the words that Amber had told him that night, but also left him with a big opportunity. “When Angelica was 11, Amber came to me and said that she didn’t want her anymore. She said that Angelica was a mistake in her life and was holding her back from doing what she wanted to do with her life. I didn’t want to lose my daughter forever, but I’ve also been scared to tell my own family and everybody that I know what had happened. I don’t know why – but I guess I’m scared, ashamed for what I did then and don’t know how they’ll react. However, I brought myself to tell Rick and that’s when Rick agreed to help me, saying that he and Linda would keep her at their house, have to go to school, feed her and such. Whenever you hear of me going to Rick’s to talk to him about something race related or my feelings, most of that is actually because I’m going to see her to spend time with her.” Tony shook his head, not believing what he was hearing. How could Dale be so scared to tell his mom and sister about Angelica? They both loved him so much and Dale would tell them everything that was going on in his life – no matter how serious. What was different with this? Though now part of Tony was worried as what did Angelica and Amber have to do with the continuation of attacks? What form of blackmail was being used?

“How does this connect with what’s happening to you, if I may ask?” Tony knew he was trotting down careful waters, not knowing as to how Dale would react and whether Dale wanted to tell him. He knew it had been hard enough for Dale to tell him what was said so far. As he saw a tear trickle down Dale’s face, he walked over to where Dale sat on the couch, joining him. The tears were already surrounding Tony with fear. What had the person said about Angelica?

“If I don’t listen to this person and keep it secret, he’s swore to me that he would hurt her. He swore to me that he would make sure I never saw her again.” By those words, Tony now knew the individual was male – not Lindsay for sure. So who was it? Who was hurting him? Hearing that this person had threatened Dale’s daughter, he wanted to scream. Threatening someone was so much, but threatening a teenager girl was pushing it over the limit. “I told him that I’d take it and not argue because of how much I loved her.” Dale wiped the tears from his eyes.

“Dale, please tell me who is doi-”

“I can’t, I’m sorry. I can’t bring myself to tell you who is doing this.” Tony then looked down, knowing there was a way out, but not sure if Dale wanted to take it.

“If you tell your sister, tell your mom, tell your family and everybody – then you don’t need to hide this. You can go to the cops and get this asshole arrested, Dale. Please do this.” Dale then looked up, locking eyes with Tony, knowing that wasn’t possible.

“This isn’t the only secret that he has on me….” Tony’s heartfelt concerned eyes turned to worry. What else could be going on?


Chapter 7: The Tape

Dale Jr.’s House – Saturday night, post July Daytona race

“What do you mean?” Tony asked as he sat up, looking towards Dale. Dale stood up, knowing that this secret wasn’t as hard as the last, but it still had it’s implications. He stood there, thinking as to how he would Tony the next bit that he was so scared to speak of.

“There’s another piece of blackmail,” Dale answered simply as Tony kept his eyes focused on Dale. They had come so far. Dale couldn’t stop now. Dale had to keep going and tell him everything.

“What is that?” Dale looked down, curious as to how Tony would react.

“There’s a tape.” Tony was confused by those words. What was so important about a tape?

“What’s on the tape?” As the words came out of Tony’s mouth, he brought his hand to it, covering it, knowing what it could be. “A sex tape? How did somebody get a damn fucking sex tape, Earnhardt?” Dale looked down, knowing that this was going to take a careful story to tell. However, a smile came to his lips, remembering what had happened on the day that the tape was made. That part was still special to his mind. “You better tell me the story.”

“It is a sex tape, taken from security cameras at Hendrick.” By those words, a smile also came to Tony’s face as he knew who exactly was involved in that deal – Jimmie. Well, that meant that Jimmie wasn’t the person doing this. So who was left on the list of curious characters? “Jimmie and I had sex down in the shop after midnight after one of his wins.” Tony shook his head in disbelief, not believing that the pair wouldn’t been careful considering how many security cameras were in that shop. As he stood up from the couch, eyes still focused on Dale, he was now even more curious as to who the person was. This person had access to security tapes at Hendrick. That meant that the person had people on the inside, or was on the inside. But who?

“I thought you would’ve been more careful while sleeping with him.” Dale then smiled, remembering how things were when he was with Jimmie.

“We were so attracted to each other all the time that we just couldn’t kee-”

“Gordon.” Dale then froze as Tony spoke the name, not believing what Tony had said. Tony then walked over to where Dale stood, frozen, knowing what he said was right on cue. Running the thoughts through his head about things at Hendrick Motorsports, thinking of who could find out information this classified. He also crossed that in his thoughts with people that would want to do something. Gordon was one of the ones that came to mind as it made sense. Gordon had a crush on Jimmie, slept with Jimmie back in ’01 as that had caused the divorce. However, once Jimmie laid eyes on Dale, that was over. Jimmie wanted to be around Dale and never away from him. The pair were together all the way up until the beginning of the last season, agreeing to stay friends but not wanting what they had anymore due to their own reasons. Gordon was jealous and this was his idea of revenge. “The person who is attacking you is Jeff Gor-”

“Get out of my house.” Dale was now afraid. Tony knew exactly who it was and also two of the three secrets that were held against him. There was a good chance that Tony could give away everything, causing the secrets to spill out, causing damage that could not be undone. Dale also knew that by the time the truth was out, he would be at the hands of his attacker, feeling the worst attack probably humanly possible. How could he let it slip to Tony? How could he hand enough clues over for Tony to figure it out? “And so help me, Stewart, if you say anything to anybody – I will personally make sure you pay.” Dale hated saying those words after Tony had only been there to care for him, however they had to be said. Dale had to make sure that Tony knew the definition of keeping his mouth shut.

“You need to tell som-”

“No, it’s not happening.” Tony rolled his eyes before Dale locked eyes with him. “And you better not say anythi-”

“Or what?” Tony hated to challenge Dale in that way, but it was his only option. He had to find someway to convince Dale to say something to somebody. Dale then grabbed Tony’s shirt to Tony’s surprise, yet Tony yanked himself away from Dale. What could Dale do if something was said? “What will you do to-”

“I will make sure you pay, one way or the other, because I will pay if you dare let any of this out. He has already said that if anybody finds out, he will hurt Angelica, he will make me pay worse than I have already and oh yeah, he’ll make sure that Lindsay ends up dead.” Tony froze, seeing the fear in Dale’s eyes. He knew that the situation Dale was in was tough, but he had to make him do something.

“He can’t do any of that if you tell the poli-”

“Part of it will happen, with or without him.” Dale then turned away right after he said the words, knowing that would lead right into the final secret that was held above his and Lindsay’s head. This was about Lindsay, not about him. but it was enough to scare them both. “There’s a third secret and it does with Lindsay. If it gets out, we may have some big problems on our hands.” Tony was surprised by those words, curious as to what the secret was. What could cause big problems? Some stalker ex-boyfriend or ex-husband?

“Well what is the secret then? Maybe if you tell me, I will shut up and not say a word.” Tony knew that the chances of living by those words were slim to none, but he knew that it would be enough to get Dale to speak, hopefully.

“Lindsay’s real name isn’t Lindsay. She had it changed for certain reasons.” Dale then leaned back against the wall, remembering when Lindsay told him the whole story after a year of being together. She was scared that night that Dale would leave her once he heard the whole story.


Chapter 8: Lindsay

Dale Jr.’s House – Saturday night, post July Daytona race

“Lindsay’s real name isn’t Lindsay. She had it changed for certain reasons.” Dale then leaned back against the wall, remembering when Lindsay told him the whole story after a year of being together. She was scared that night that Dale would leave her once he heard the whole story.

“What do you mean, Dale?” Tony asked, intrigued. From seeing Lindsay with him the past couple of years, he had gotten used to them together, thought there was no issues.

“Her real name is Leighanne Carter, not Lindsay MacKenzie. Does the name ring a bell to you, or do I need to tell you the story?” Seeing as Tony stood there surprised, Dale opened the drawer that held the pictures of Angelica and went beneath them, pulling out a newspaper article. “Feel free to read this, as that is what she gave me when she told me.” Tony read the articles, eyes turning to shock. The article was from a newspaper in the midwest, stating that 23-year-old Leighanne Carter is released from jail in the headline. Tony went on to read the article, seeing that she was a member of a Mob Family and had killed someone at the age of 14. Tony eyes turned back up to Dale, full of shock and sensing a different type of fear. Dale was dating a murderer? This was worst than anything that he had originally came here thinking. “Shocking, right? Now the article doesn’t tell the real story as to why she shot the other guy and why she changed her name. We’d been dating six months and she decided that she needed to tell me this because she wanted me to know the truth, to know who I was truly dating. Her father is one of the head people in a Mob and quickly, where she came from, she was known as the Mob Princess. Everybody who knew her father, their family to other families, knew of her.” Tony couldn’t believe what he was hearing as his eyes stayed wide open in shock.

“You’re dating a Mob Princess? Do you hones-”

“She’s not involved anymore with them nor never wanted to be involved with them – that’s why she changed her name!” Dale took the article from Tony, putting it back at the bottom of the drawer, already feeling bad for revealing her secret without asking her first. But he had to do whatever he could do to keep Tony from speaking to Jeff.

“She sho-”

“Out of self-defense!” Tony’s eyes came down from their shocked state slightly as he watched Dale turn his back to him, looking down. By that, Tony knew that Lindsay – or Leighanne as per her real name – had a good reason for what she had done.

“What happened?” Tony walked over, rubbing Dale’s back, curious as to what had happened. He was scared of what would come out of Dale’s mouth, but he also wanted to know. As Tony rubbed Dale’s back, Dale shook his head, still in disbelief as to what Lindsay had told him late that night when she confessed everything. The minute he heard her story, seen the emotion in her voice, he promised himself that he would always love her and not let her secret get in the way. He also promised her that he would keep it between them, not letting anybody know what had happened. Now there were two people that knew – Jeff and Tony. “Dal-”

“The son of a bitch was rapping her and was going to kill her to get back at her parents, so she shot him.” Dale then turned around, facing Tony. It was hard to tell somebody else her secret, but it had to be done.

“So when she got out of jail, wanting to leave that life behind, she changed her name and moved to North Carolina?” Dale shook his head yes as Tony stood there, still surprised by what Dale had told him. “Out of all the things you could tell me about Lindsay, this is probably the most shocking. I now understand why you’re scared if this secret gets out. I’m sorry…” Tony then turned away, knowing he had a lot of thinking to do. When he originally walked in the door earlier that night, he had planned on forcing Dale to tell the police about what was happening and deal with it. He was also determined to kick someone’s ass. However, now hearing the secrets, feeling the fear especially from the last one, he was now scared. What if the secrets got out? What if something happened to Dale and Lindsay? “You need to do something about what Jeff is doing to you, regardless of how afraid you are about what you have told me.” Dale knew that Tony was right. He knew that he couldn’t take what was happening much longer as it was hurting him, emotionally more than physically. But could he honest chance the secrets, especially this one, getting out?

“I know I do, but I can’t. I’m afraid for not only myself, but Lindsay.” Tony turned back to Dale, sensing that fear himself, but also knowing that something had to be done. They couldn’t live in fear everyday.

“You need to tell your parents about Angelica and then you need to tell Jimmie about the tape and see if we can get it destroyed. Beyond that, the police will protect you whoever tries to attack you or Lindsay IF he manages to let the secret out.” Tony then wrapped his arms around Dale, knowing that he had to do whatever necessary to make Dale speak his mind.

“The police may have their protection, but we’ve seen many times how that has failed and I’m not taking chances that I don’t need to chance.” Dale then broke the hug off, knowing what he had on his mind. “Give me some time. I’m trying to find enough dirt on Jeff that I can hang it over his head to get him to at least keep Lindsay’s secret safe forever. Once he agrees to that, I will give him the satisfaction of revealing the other two and then it will be over.” Tony shook his head, knowing that wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

“What about telling the cops and making him pay for what he has done? They’d put him awa-”

“That would make him tell her secret and I told you – I can’t chance that!” Dale then began to walk away, knowing that once again, he was through with Tony bugging him. Now he feared that Tony would say something and ruin everything, though. Tony followed, knowing that he couldn’t lose Dale’s trust. As much as he wanted to force Dale to say something, he also wanted to be there for Dale if Dale was going to keep his mouth shut. “Just leave, please. I’m don-”

“I’m done begging you to tell; I’m here to say that I’ll be here to support you, be there for you, till you can work this out your way. You need somebody that you can talk to, somebody to get your feelings out and I’m willing to be that guy. I won’t say anything to anybody till you say something.” Dale turned around, a slight smile forming on his face. A friend was exactly what he needed as there were nights when things would be too tough for him to handle, but things to not tell Lindsay. He also knew he could trust Tony by what Tony had said then and earlier. By knowing the secrets, Tony was his only option.

“Thank you for that and thank you for being a friend.” Dale then wrapped his arms around Tony, pulling him close, wanting to right then and there let out his tears that he had been holding back long enough. “I’m sorry that I haven’t co-operated like you would have wanted.”

Tony rubbed Dale’s back, knowing that it felt wrong to keep this going and let things continue. However, that was how it was going to have to be. If Dale wasn’t going to say anything, then Tony wasn’t going to let him fight through it alone.


Chapter 9: Anger

Hendrick Motorsports – Morning Afternoon, post Daytona July race

Dale sat in his office, going over some paperwork and getting things signed that needed to be signed so that way he could get out of there as quick as he could. So far, he had avoided Jeff since the incident that happened on Saturday night. He heard Steve yelling at Jeff and then heard Rick reminding Jeff about the definition of teammates. Dale knew that it would all equal him getting the blunt of the pain that was to be enforced. That’s why he knew he had to avoid Jeff at all costs, getting what needed to be done and out of there.

As Dale read over one of the many papers before him on his desk, the click of his office door being closed caught his attention as he looked up to see Jeff standing there. Dale swallowed hard in his throat, knowing what was coming. However, part of him was calm. They were still at the shop, they were in the office – Jeff wouldn’t try anything there……right?

Hoping that Jeff would sense that he was busy and want to push things aside to later that night, Dale looked back down at what he was reading, continuing to lead down the page and signed it, tossing it to the side with the rest of the papers to return. As Dale went to pick up the next piece of paper on the pile, he watched as another hand grabbed it, placing it back down on the stack of papers that sat on his desk.

“Can I help you?” Dale asked as he looked up at Jeff, curious as to where Jeff was going about things. He watched as Jeff came around the desk, sitting on the edge of it so they were right close to each other. Dale now regretted closing the blinds, knowing that nobody could see what was about to happen. Though as Dale thought it over again, Jeff wouldn’t chance anything here. There’d be a chance of someone walking in on them or a chance of someone hearing them. Keeping his eyes focused on Jeff, he watched as Jeff sat there, crossing his arms over his chest, not knowing what the next words spoken would be.

“How about you go tell your crew chief to fucking get off my ass?” Jeff spit out and Dale shook his head. He knew Steve was going to say something, no matter what he did. He had tried to convince Steve not to say anything, knowing that Rick would already be saying enough, but Steve’s anger was boiled over to a point that Dale hadn’t expected. “He came and yell-”

“I tried to tell him that you did it by accident – knowing myself that you didn’t – but anyway, I tried to tell him that you did it by accident, that you got loose.” Jeff then grabbed Dale’s wrist, holding it tightly as Dale didn’t lose any focus. There was no chance that Jeff would push things to the next level there so why was he worried?

“Well that’s a good boy of you to do that, but you’re attempt failed. Just like your attempts to make me feel better over everything that happened have failed.” Dale then looked down, remembering the relationship that he used to have with Jeff, remembering how he got with Jimmie and how Jeff had then confided his anger with Dale to him at a later time.

“I’m sorry I hurt you, but I couldn’t lie to you.” Dale and Jeff used to have a special relationship, something that was perfect. However, in the midst of the 2006 season, it was broke apart when Dale developed feelings for a certain teammate of Jeff’s and after some experimenting, those feelings turned into the relationship that they held for a good four years.

In behind that, though, there was one person who was left out, heartbroken because his lover had left him for what was supposed to be his new little pet and not let him in the action. The months that followed weren’t any close to being better with no luck, and then adding to the pain was the fact that neither would accept him as their lover once the break-up happened. That’s when Jeff flipped, angry at them both, knowing he had to do something about it. That’s when he began doing his research, knowing that the person to go after with his anger with Dale just ’cause there was more dirt dug up there.

“If only you would’ve told me that you loved him before you slept with him three times behind my back,” Jeff commented to Dale as Dale looked down, remembering the span of two months in which that happened. Dale had felt feelings for Jimmie, but didn’t want to leave Jeff if the feelings proved out to be nothing. That’s why he made the decision to consult with Jimmie, to push those feelings and see where they ended up before telling Jeff. The consulting led to sleeping together and on the third night, it was Jeff who caught them together in Dale’s bed.

Shortly after, Dale confessed everything in the span of the two months, not wanting to totally blow Jeff off the wrong way. The result would be Jeff angry, stomping out of both their lives. The friendship that is now shown at the tracks between Jeff and Dale and then also Jeff and Jimmie is just for show to keep the boss happy.

Jeff then pushed himself on to Dale’s chair, still gripping Dale’s wrist, not willing to let go as he had to make his point clear to the man before him.

“I’m sorry,” Dale pleaded once again in hopes to find some sort of sympathy. “I never mea-”

“Stop your pleading because I’m way beyond that with you now,” Jeff cut him off, keeping his voice in a low, dark tone. “Just be at the house tonight because I will be by, like always.” Jeff then let out and stood up, turning and walking out the door as Dale kept his focus on the ground.

He really felt bad for what had happened with Jeff before and knew that’s why this was going on. However, it still wasn’t right or fair, and it still hurt when Jeff came over for his nightly deed. Dale just hoped that for that night alone it would be short and kept to a minimal amount of pain.


Chapter 10: The Visit

Dale Jr.’s House – Morning Night, post Daytona July race

Dale led Jeff up the stairs to the bedsroom, not protesting. He knew that it would make it worse and by the lecture hours earlier at the shop, he knew he was in for a long night. Jeff would probably be there for a couple of hours, before leaving Dale to deal with the pain for the rest of the night. The only good thing that he was glad about was that Jeff chose to stop by on Monday, giving him the rest of the week before race weekend to get it out of the way.

Once Jeff was in the bedsroom, he swung the door closed, knowing that this was between only them. Jeff was certain that Dale would discuss the details with Lindsay, but that didn’t matter.

“Where do you want to begin?” Jeff asked, surprising Dale. Typically it’d be right to the point, pain inflicted, no questions asked. Dale kept his eyes focused down to the floor, not knowing how to answer, as he felt Jeff’s fingers wrap around his wrist tightly, tighter than in the office earlier. “I asked you a question, Earnhardt.” Dale didn’t know what to say, just wanting to get the night over with as quick as possible. In an instant, a hand grabbed his chin, forcing Dale to change his gaze and focus right on Jeff.

“It’s up to yo-”

“I asked you a damn question so give me a damn fucking good answer.” Dale closed his eyes, thinking. What could he say to calm Jeff slightly? What would cause the least pain? Running the previous nights through his mind, he knew the options were thin and far between.

“I gave you my answer.” Dale debated about the options, but didn’t want to force his fate down hard. How could he choose between the options that lied before him? “It’s up to you so let’s just get this over with.”

“So is that how you feel about it? Because for a minute, I thought I’d see that caring side that tried to apologize to me at the shop. I thought for a minute that maybe you still cared.” Dale’s eyes opened in shock, not believing the words that Jeff spoke. Was Jeff hoping that in some way that they’d end up back together knowing that things were over with Jimmie? Did Jeff think that somehow Dale could forgive him for what he had done? “But I guess that isn’t possible, right?” Dale took a deep breath, many thoughts running through his mind. Should he pretend to love Jeff? Should he try to defer him off that way?

“I meant it when I apologized to you because I felt bad for what I did.” In saying those words, Dale chose them carefully. He had felt bad, but not anymore. Any pain that Jeff felt from what happened then was micro to what he felt now with what Jeff was doing to him. As the two locked eyes, Dale trying to see where Jeff wanted to take this, Jeff let go of Dale’s wrist and placed both hands on Dale’s shoulder, giving him a hard shove back. Dale, not realizing it was coming, went back into the dresser, feeling the edge dig into the middle of his back. Slowly, he stood up, shaking his head, not believing what had happened, but also knowing that it was just the beginning.

“Do you still feel bad for what you did?” Jeff then walked over to where Dale stood, knowing that he only had minutes to pounce with his next move to make it worth while.

“No, especially after what you’ve done to me and the two people that mean the most to me.” Dale wasn’t about to lie. Why should he lie when he knew that there’d be just pain in the end? Slowly standing up, he focused his eyes on Jeff, ready to say what he wanted to say. After the confrontation with Tony a couple nights ago, something had come over to him. Tony was right. All he had to do was do what he did when Tony grabbed him. “How can I feel bad for hurting you when I deal with this pain daily now? How can I feel bad for hurting you when you have raped Lindsay too many times to fucking count?” Jeff then gave Dale another shove, sending him back against the dresser edge, causing Dale to bite his tongue in pain. He knew there’d be a bruise there in the morning, if not a cut from the edge of the wood. Adding to the fact that it was being done on top of previous bruises and pain already there, it just added to what he was feeling. “How can you threaten my daughter when you have two kids of your own? How would you feel if somebody threa-”

“Shut up!” Dale kept his eyes focused to the ground, forcing himself to stand back up, knowing that he’d either end up back in the dresser or somewhere else in the room.

“You would ha-”

“I told you to shut your fucking little trap.”

“Or what, Jeff?” Dale knew he was seriously testing the waters, however what did he have to lose? Jeff was there to hurt him and would do anyway, so why not have a little discussion about things on the way to that pain? At least it would feel somewhat worth while. “What can you do to me that you haven’t done already? You’ve put me through your ringer of pain so many times that I’m used to it. There isn’t anything that you can do that would be worse than any of the times before. You’re only doing this because you can’t handle the pai-”

“Say another word and I will send a certain video to every person around this world.” Dale closed his mouth, knowing what that meant. While the video wasn’t that much of a big deal – okay, it was since it was a video of him and Jimmie together having sex. He knew that Jimmie would be upset about it and that letting the world see that would not be the best idea. However, it wasn’t the worst of the three threats that Jeff had to work with. He watched a smile cross Jeff’s face as Jeff grabbed his shirt, forcing him to the bed. This was usually how things went – some arguing, some pushing and then to the bed. Following that, there would be instructions for Lindsay to come up to the room. Dale closed his eyes, not wanting to witness himself in view as to what was about to happen next as Jeff came over, grabbing both of his wrists. Dale knew he was stronger, knew he could fight it, but wasn’t willing to as he knew what he had to keep his daughter and girlfriend safe. He would do anything to protect them.

“You’re lucky that the thought of prison and being locked away from everybody scares me enough to make me not hurt you.” Dale cringed as he felt the ropes go around his wrists, arms above his head. It was all part of the torture that Jeff inflicted each time that they met. “Watch how tight you make those; I can’t hide marks on my wrists if you want to keep this between us. I already had a hard enough trouble explaining the scratches on my ar-”

“Tough luck. That’s for you to deal with.” Even with his eyes closed, he knew what was happening as he heard Jeff playing with the buckle on his jeans, quickly undoing it and sliding the jeans off. In typical fashion each time, he’d be stripped down to nothing before wiped or slapped, whatever the preference of that night. “And as for what will I do to you, I have a special treat for tonight that I hope you enjoy.” Dale was confused by those words, yet afraid. What was Jeff planning that’d be different than all of the other nights?

“What is that?” In an instant, Dale knew what it was – now regretting the words he spoke earlier – as he felt pressure up inside his ass, knowing that something was being stuck up his rectum, but what?

“I brought along a bottle of Pepsi that I had just finished and hey, it makes for a good sex toy.” Jeff watched as Dale bit his lip, knowing that pain was filling Dale’s insides as he continued to force the bottle in deeper.

“Fuck!” Dale screamed, the pain being worst than any other pain that he had felt any night as Jeff continued to slide the bottle up inside, and then back out in a forceful quick nature. “FUCK that hurts you son of a bitch!” Tears streamed down Dale’s eyes as his insides were yelling at him, wanting it to stop, tensing and closing in a way to hopefully send enough signals for it to end.

“If you would relax and enjoy it, then it wouldn’t hurt so bad. Did you ever think of that?” Dale shook his head, knowing that he couldn’t. Jeff knew from their time together that he hated anything up his butt as it gave him the most uncomfortable pain ever.

“You know I don’t like this nor can handle the pain that it gives me….Holy Shit!” Dale felt his body cringe at the pain, tears streaming down his face, just hoping that it would end soon. “Please stop it. I’ll do anything, I swear.” However, the pleads made to no avail as he felt the bottle go deeper inside of him, knowing that it had to pushing something that it shouldn’t be inside of him. As he felt his insides hurting, vomit rose in his throat, as he felt Jeff grab his dick with his other hand, squeezing it hard. How could one man inflict so much pain at once in two different spots?

“Nah, this is perfect. It’ll teach you for trying to deceive me into thinking that you feel sorry for what you did.”

Downstairs, Lindsay sat on the couch, feeling disgusted by the screams that she heard coming from the upstairs. She could only guess what was happening, but tried to not imagine it as she knew she couldn’t handle it. The minute she probably pictured the worst picture possible in her mind, she’d probably take one of the hunting guns and put it to good use.

As she sat there, she heard the front door open, surprised. Who was here? Why hadn’t they knocked? As she went to stand up, she saw a figure appear in front of her, knowing exactly who it was. She knew that Tony now knew everything and by Dale’s words, Tony was supposed to just be there to comfort and help them deal with it, not saying a word till allowed. So why was he there?

“I know Jeff is here right now….” Tony let out in a whisper as Lindsay shook her head. She knew right away when Dale said that he mentioned something that it was a bad idea.

“And you need to go, please,” she begged as she walked over to where he stood. If Jeff found out that Tony knew about it and was downstairs at that very moment, it’d be war and there’d no secrets to hide anymore. “He can’t find out that you’re here. Come back in abou-”

“I’m not leaving, Lindsay.” Tony knew what he was doing and he knew why he was there. He knew Jeff was going to be there that night and that had caused him to set up a plan of his own of attack. He was going to end what was going on, once and for all. He couldn’t take seeing the pain on either of Dale’s or Lindsay’s faces as they talked about what Jeff had put them through. “There’s a reason that I am here tonight, specifically tonight. And don’t you worry, what I have planned will end this once and for all?” Tony then made his way up the stairs as Lindsay stood there, shaking her head. Why did Dale have to go and tell Tony everything?


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