Short Track Lovin’ – Chapters 6 Thru 10

Chapter 6

Chase had to admit – he was on cloud nine after his discussion with her. But, he couldn’t let that drift away from his focus as he owed it to the guys on the team to focus that night on the race. If they were going to put their best effort into winning, he needed to do his best behind the wheel.

When it came to the 200 laps later that night, he did do the best that he could – but in the end, he came up one spot short as he crossed the finish line with a second finish place finish.

He did a couple post-race interviews for the short track media in attendance, and for some of the NASCAR regular reporters who had simply shown up because he was there.

He was about to head to victory lane to congratulate William Bryon on the win – he had become familiar with the fellow young driver through William’s late model experience with JR Motorsports – when a female voice caught his name.

“Nice run tonight Elliott,” he hears and immediately spins around, facing the brunette. A glance at the final rundown revealed that she had finished fourth, which was a respectable effort.

“Thanks,” he replies as he walks over to her. “Just ran out of laps trying to catch him at the end. Nice job yourself tonight.” She then shrugs her shoulders as she glances back at the car.

“It could’ve been there. Just missed the set-up a touch for the second half of the feature. Oh well. It is what it is.”

“It’s a still a good run. Don’t be so hard on yourself.” She shakes her head, knowing that he was probably right. However, it was different for her. She was type that kept striving to be better and improve without laying back on anything. For her, it was do everything that it took to succeed with perfect perfection and no mistakes. If there was anything less than that, there was a tick of disappointment there. You didn’t get better without improving, right?

“I’ll try, but you always got to search for that extra edge.” He could relate to that fact, having been in her shoes. He’d be doing the exact thing she was doing if it was a regular NASCAR event. However, this was a break from the action and he was trying to have as much fun as possible. Speaking of fun….

“So, have you thought about my offer?” She then shrugs her shoulders as she hadn’t given it much thought, being totally focused on doing well that night.

“I had a car and a race to focus on. Does that sound familiar?” He chuckles and shakes his head in agreement.

“Fine. You have my number. Don’t hesitate to be in touch.”

“Okay, but remember – I’m a good excuse to come run another late model race, right?” She had to admit. He was cute. He was great to chat with. It’d probably be fun to go out with him sometime. But she also enjoyed racing against him and seeing where she stacked up on the scale.

“It depends what my schedule allows, but I do enjoy racing against you. Perhaps I’ll see you later this year.” He hadn’t glanced at the schedule, but he knew that he’d be running some more races this year. “I’ll see you around.” He then walks away and heads back over to his car, immediately catching the attention of Darrell and Ryan.

“’I’m a good excuse to come run another late model race’,” Darrell mocks as Chase gives him a small slap. “Dude, she’s totally smitten over you. Keep that phone close and expect a call within days.”

“Forget days – probably will get one tomorrow because she’ll be missing you already,” Ryan adds. “At least we know that you’ll be missing her.”

“I just hope I wasn’t being too pushy,” Chase comments as he grabs a bottle of water and sips on it as he leans back against the car, casting a glance down her way.

“You were merely suggesting, that’s not being pushy. She just brought it up but didn’t force her hand. If you told her that she would’ve had to decide right there, that’d be pushy.”

“Meanwhile, her eyes were saying that she was going to say yes,” Darrell adds as Ryan glances his way.

“How do you know?” Ryan questions. “What makes you the woman expect?”

“I have a girlfriend; you don’t.” Chase laughs as Ryan flings a bit of water at Darrell.

“We’ll just have to wait and see if she calls,” Chase then says. “I hope she does.”

“Boy…you got it bad…,” Darrell teases as Chase shakes his head no.

“You were taking every opportunity that you could to talk to her before the race, and you went to see her right after the race before anybody else,” Ryan adds.

“She called me over – I didn’t go see her,” Chase reminds them.

“She’s got it baaaad,” Darrell states as Chase rolls his eyes.

“Doesn’t mean that she’s going to call, though. She’s miss focused on her racing program.”

“Hey, that sounds familiar, doesn’t it?” Ryan questions as Chase looks over. “Can’t hang with you boys today as I’m meeting with Ernie to discuss things, or can’t hang with you boys because I’m working on the late model tonight.”

“And who’s a series champion, Ryan?” Chase asks as Ryan rolls his eyes.

“Dale has said it, Ernie has said it and we’ve told you – you need to be a little easier on your bad performances and let yourself live a little. Perhaps Sarina is the right fit for your lifestyle. Perhaps you both need each other for that break.”

“No, they’ll end up talking shop together,” Darrell muses. “They’ll start comparing set-ups and such to make them both run better.”

“Chase helping the competition?” Ryan questions as Darrell shrugs.

“Hey, the competition could force his hand with her sex appeal. Besides, it’s not like this is his fortay anymore. He’s Mr. Superstar now.”

“I have been thinking about putting someone in the late model as Ricky has built a good team here,” Chase offers, catching both of their attention. “What if I put Sarina in the car?”

“Hello, did you not see what happened to Ray when he hired Erin and they started dating?” Ryan reminds him as Chase rolls his eyes.

“There was an age difference and that was more complicated.”

“They say not to mix work and pleasure.”

“Although it could make work that much more interesting,” Darrell muses. “Get me a good finish and I’ll make sure to give you a great present that night.”

“Your life, but I’d just sit back and wait for that phone call,” Ryan offers. “Don’t force the hand. Let it happen if it’s meant to be but if it doesn’t happen, but perhaps you’re barking up the wrong tree.”

“And I thought you were onboard for Sarina and I to date,” Chase comments as he walks off.

“Unless Ryan has a crush…” Darrell states as Ryan gives him a slap. “Violent!”

“I called dibs!”

“Are we in high school again?” Ryan questions as he looks at Chase surprised. “Besides, I don’t have a crush on her. I just don’t want you getting hurt in the long run, okay?” Chase shakes his head, understanding.

He just hoped that the boys were right and she’d be calling his phone soon.


Chapter 7

Despite the high hopes after the fun weekend that they had at Hickory Motor Speedway and the discussions, Chase didn’t hear from Sarina in the week that followed. Not only did he not hear from her in the week that followed, but a couple weeks went by without a phone call. He didn’t want to feel down on it, but it was a kick in the ass.

There were times that he thought about throwing the crush to the side. As they say, some crushes don’t turn out right as the other person simply doesn’t like you in return. In those cases, you’re supposed to let go and move forward. He was almost at the blink of doing that, but thought about holding on for a bit longer.

There was a spark between them. They could have great conversation together without any issues. There were even some flirting in that conversation. She was pretty. She had a charming personality. She had the perfect puzzle that he was looking for in a girl. There was no way that he could just let go that easily. He just had to put a little more effort into it.

He got the opportunity that he wanted as following the Dover weekend, the XFINTY Series had a weekend off. That meant that he could spend some time hanging around the late model scene, crossing paths with Sarina. Glancing at the schedule it worked out perfectly as that weekend meant a home-game race for him with the CARS tour running Waterbowl Speedway. it was a track that he knew quite well, having traveled up to that part of Georgia many times.

Upon arriving at the track, he knew that he had to stay focused on racing first. He owed it to Ricky Turner and the guys with the effort that they put into the preparing the car and doing everything that he needed during the day.

However, that didn’t mean that he couldn’t be partially distracted during the day. There were going to be a couple down times and he knew that’d give him opportunity to cross paths with Sarina once again and check in with her. Perhaps he could get that lack of conversation turned into more conversation.

As the team was unloading the car and getting everything set for the day, he found his eyes lock on her as she leaned back against her late model, discussing something with her crew chief. Taking a deep breath, he knew he’d get nothing done by standing there and staring.

He slowly made his way down the row of cars, shaking a couple hands and trading some gestures with a couple of the drivers that he had grown close to during his late model days. It didn’t take long for him to make his way down to her end of the pits and as he reached her stall, her eyes immediately fell on his.

“Uh oh,” she starts. “Chase is here to stalk me again….” He felt his cheeks immediately flush red in embarrassment. Was he really that much of a pain earlier this year?

“I just came to say hello,” he offers as she crosses her arms. She had dealt with boys in the pits before and just because he was the sweeter variety, it didn’t mean that she couldn’t read his mind.

“Right…and ask me why I haven’t called you, right?” His cheeks go a shade darker as she just laughs. “Just as I thought. If you want the truth, I’ve been busy working and racing this thing. Not everybody has it as easy as you have it, Elliott.” He shook his head, understanding. That would be a decent excuse, supposedly.

“I understand. But, you also need to realize that a break here and there and some fun would be worth your while.” He didn’t mean for that slip out so casually at it did, but perhaps hanging around Darrell was having a good effect on him.

“I take your suggestion into consideration, but keep in mind that I have fun driving this thing. This is my fun. However, I can’t make it fun if it’s not ready to go and properly sponsored.” That was something that he could also understand from her perspective. She hadn’t had the best of luck finding sponsors over the years, making it harder for her to push the boundaries and compete up front. It was why he had been even more impressed by some of her stronger runs, knowing the equipment and budget comparison. Perhaps the suggestion of putting her in his late model was a good suggestion now, despite the fears from the boys.

“Has that gotten any easier for you?” She then crosses her arms as she leans back against the car. She wished that it was a simple answer in the form of a big fat yes, but yet that wasn’t the case. It didn’t seem people wanted to sponsor a female racer that wasn’t well known, or willing to strip like Danica.

“I wish, but it’s tough. I’ve been able to get a couple dollars here and there, but it’s nothing that makes this program go along easy. It helps, but I’m still needing to fend for extra pieces to keep the program going. Hopefully, I can snag a win or two in the next couple of weeks and draw some attention. Without it, I may be shit out of luck for the rest of the season.” He knew by that comment that he had to seriously talk to Ricky soon about the possibility of having her drive the late model when he couldn’t. It’d make sense as why have the car sitting without someone driving it? She also was deserving of the opportunity. “So, when are you going to start winning races this year and kicking some tail? I thought this year would’ve been easy for you with last year’s championship.”

“I just haven’t had things go my way. Between a bit of bad luck and still figuring out the right combination with Ernie, we just are missing something.” He then glances at her with a wink. “Perhaps this weekend will be the start of the winning.” She then laughs.

“Good luck. You’re going to have to pass me to win it, boy.” She then stands up straight, glancing towards the crew before turning her eyes back to him. “I got to go talk with the guys about set-up and such. I’ll catch ya later today since I know you won’t go away.” He then chuckles as he goes to walk away, glancing back at her.

“You could simply get me to leave you alone on raceday but agreeing to go out with me at least once. You could’ve gave me a simple text message in the past three weeks.” She then grins as she looks over at him. She wanted to do it. It seemed so simple and so easy to just put up and go straight to him. He was charming, and they seemed to have an ease in discussion. She could talk about everything with him, whereas she couldn’t do that with other people.

“I’ll consider it and let you know by the end of the night.” He then grins.

“I better hope your ass wins then so you’re in a good mood. But that doesn’t mean that I’m letting you win.” She then laughs as he walks away and heads back to his trailer.

It was going to be a fun day of racing.


Chapter 8

Throughout the day, the pair focused on their own racing programs – though found a couple other times to chat about things. Whether it was between practices or just before qualifying, it seemed that the conversation came easy.

So when it came to moments before the start of the Lyle Farms 100, the pair obviously found themselves standing together on pit road.

“You should come with me to Michigan this weekend,” Chase offers as she glances over with a surprised glance on her face.

“Why is that?” She questions as he shrugs his shoulders. Perhaps it was a bad idea to be so forthcoming, but the offer was on the table.

“You could enjoy a race or two from a fan’s perspective, and watch me get it done on the track.” She then shakes her head with a grin. It was tough to sit and watch any race as a fan as she was always itching at the opportunity to jump behind the wheel herself and run. However, she had to admit that she was having fun with Elliott.

“Are you sure that you’re going to be willing to put on a show worthy of my appearance? I mean, I’d expect you to put a whooping on the field.” He then laughs, having expected nothing less. Truthfully, he felt good about his chances at Michigan.

“I can’t make any promises, but I’ll try my hardest.” He then looks over at her with a smile. “I’ll even try harder since you’re there.” She then lets out a sigh as she glances around. Perhaps it’d be nice to have a change of pace and head to a NASCAR race. Besides, she’d already need be in Michigan with the race at Berlin the following week. “Please?”

“Are you going to get down on your hands and knees and beg?” He then glances around at the crowd of people before turning his eyes to her. Why did she have to be unbearable at times?

“In front of all these people? Please, I’m a superstar. But I will do it for you after the race back at your trailer.” She then shakes her head no with a grin.

“I don’t need people thinking that I’m screwing you so I get a shot at jumping behind the wheel of that late model of yours.” He then laughs as he glances over at the car.

“So you’ve heard about the driver program that we’re looking to put together. Even putting my crush on you out the window, I think you’d be a good fit. You’re really talented, can win races, conserve your equipment an-”

“It’d give you an excuse to stare at me all the time.” He shakes his head no as he crosses his arms.

“I was going to say that you deserve a shot. If I talk to Ricky, I need you to seriously consider it because I don’t want to get him on board and have you back out.” She then thinks it over. It’d be a great fit as it’d solve the problems that she was having within her own program. However, did she want to pursue straightening her connection with Chase?

“So not only do you want me to join you at Michigan, but you’re also offering me your late model?” He shakes his head yes as she thinks it over. She knew that she couldn’t close the door quite shut, yet. It’d just involve working out some behind-the-scenes pieces if things were going down this road. “Fine. You can talk to Ricky about it and I’ll seriously consider it. As far as going to Michigan, I guess it’d be good to mingle with the people and see if maybe I can land myself a ride.” Chase smiles. It had taken a couple weeks of effort, but he was halfway there to the date road.

“You’re on. Oh, and good luck tonight. She was fast in practice.” She then grins as she looks at the back of his car.

“Just don’t be mad when I put a mark on that crystal clear white bumper, boy.” He then laughs as he walks away, set to climb in and get started.

The race went as he wanted that night as he was able to run up front all night, battling Daniel Hemric for the win. In the end, though, he came up short, finishing second.

Sarina wished that she could’ve had as much luck as he did as she found herself sitting on the sidelines early staring at a wrecked racecar after contact during the beginning stages. It was frustrating as ever, but no matter how many times she looked at the replay, it was one of those racing deals. The other guy got loose and left nowhere for her to go but the wall.

She couldn’t take her eyes off of the twisted sheet metal that was in front of her, continuing to examine it over and over as she shook her head. With only a week and a couple days to spare before Berlin, it was going to take every bit of her time to fix it. She hated to say it but her trip with Chase would have to be put on hold.

“Hey,” Chase says quietly, catching her attention as she glances his way. Seeing the concern on his face, she was going to hate telling him that she couldn’t go with him now. “Are you okay?” She shakes her head yes.

“I’m fine – the car is a mess though,” she comments, taking another glance at the back bumper bar. “The whole rear-end is shot .That’s a whole new clip, along with all new rear suspension pieces and….” She runs her hands through her hair before glancing back at him. “It’s just frustrating.”

“I understand. I’ve been there before. I also heard that it was one of those racing deals. It sucks.” She shakes her head in agreement as she clears her throat.

“This also means that I can’t come with you next weekend. I’m going to need every bit of time that I can within my work schedule to fix this car.” Chase shook his head, understanding. It hurt that she couldn’t come with him. It hurt even more seeing her car tore up like this.

“I understand.” He then thinks it over, remembering his upcoming schedule. “Or maybe we can work this out.” She then looks at him curiously. “I have to be at JRM on Monday, and Tuesday morning I have an appearance. Other than that, I’m free all next week. What if I come down to your shop and help you fix this mess? If we can get it done before the weekend, would our deal be back on?” She didn’t know how she felt about him coming to her shop. She didn’t know how she felt about allowing him to help her fix the car. That meant close time together back at her place away from the race track. How would that go over? Though, she had to admit – an extra set of hands would be perfect, and she didn’t wan to give up the trip to Michigan.

“If you can work that miracle, I’d be fine with going to Michigan. This car has to be back together, 100%, scaled and set-up for Berlin before I’ll even think of going, though.” Chase shook his head, understanding.


He could handle getting his hands dirty. It just meant that he was going to get three or four extra days with his dream girl, and possibly a whole weekend if he played his cards right.

Maybe now he’d get that date that he dreamed of.


Chapter 9

He drives up the driveway, shutting the truck off as he glances into the garage. He could sit there and enjoy the view all day as he watched her work on the car, going through the repair process. She had already taken the damaged body panels off, stripping the front end right down to work at seeing whether front clip was bent or not. He had to admit that she was good at it.

He watches as her eyes glance out towards him, immediately snapping out of his gaze as he grabs his phone, getting out of the truck and making his way up to her.

“I thought you were just going to sit there and enjoy the view all night,” she offers as he walks up to her.

“I can’t help but admire you for your work ethic,” he comments as she glances back at him.

“Rather than admire, how about you get your pretty hands dirty and help me take these bolts out?” She then tosses him a wrench, in which he catches with a smile.

“Pretty hands? Obviously the little girl doesn’t realize that I helped work on my cars with Ricky coming up through.” She then lets out a laugh as she garbs a wrench from the tool box looking back at him.

“I know your work ethic, Chase. I know you worked hard. I know you’re the hardest critic on yourself. But, look at you now. Mr. Superstar with everything falling in place. All you got to do is drive that car as hard as you can and chase wins as the rest is there.” She then works at loosening the bolt on her side as he does the same on his side. Once it’s loosened, the pair remove the front axle as she stands back, glancing at the car. “Let’s test your knowledge. Is this front clip salvageable?” Chase then looks it over before looking at her.

“I’d say it is because the main bars aren’t. You just need to replace the bumper bars, as well as a couple door bars.” She then looks it over and looks back at him with a smile.

“Congratulations Mr. Elliott, you have passed today.” He smiles as he leans back against the wall, waiting for her to figure out what needed to be done next.

“So if you’re going to test my knowledge and make me wor-”

“I’m not forcing you to be here. I thought you offered so I’ll join you this weekend in Michigan.” He then thinks it over, knowing that she was smarter than he was going to give her credit for her at that moment. He couldn’t slip one by her if he wanted.

“One point for you. But if I’m going to take you to Michigan with me, shouldn’t I know more about you?” She glances over at him with a curious gaze as she heads to the back of the shop.

“That wasn’t something that you seemed interested in during the previous weekends. Why are you interested now?” He then watches her closely as she returns with a couple of bars.

“I’ll give you some honesty, if you want to appreciate this.” She then sets the bars down, looking up at him. “I’ve had a crush on you for awhile. I’ll admit it, okay? It developed when we were always racing late models together across the country. I admired your drive and determination. I loved the way that you drove, and how much heart you put into it. I admired the fact that you were set to work on your own equipment while others scuffed at the fact that a girl was in our worl-”

“So you’re only standing here because of my driving skill and work ethic?” He then shakes his head no, keeping his eyes locked on hers.

“I got to know the other side of you – the girl away from the racecar. I saw the personality that you had. You’re a quiet person who keeps her wits about her. However, I saw a side of you that drew me closer. I wanted to get to know you more. I wanted to understand you more. That’s where the crush grew.” He then closes the gap between them. “So here we stand. Now, are you going to share something?” She swallows the lump that has formed in her throat, trying to chase the butterflies that have made their way up her body away in that second.

“It’ll depend on how hard you work this afternoon.” He then smiles as he breaks away, heading back to the tool box.

“Can you wel-”

“You’re not touching any welding on this car, buster.” He then puts his hands up as he turns back to her.

“I wasn’t going to. I was just wondering if you were going to, and looking for the clamps so we could clamp the bar in place for you to weld it on.” She points to the black tool box.

“Second drawer on the left.” He then slips the drawer open, already admiring how neat she kept the tools laid out as he grabs the clamps and returns to where she was at the front of the car.

For the rest of the afternoon, the pair continued working on the car, sharing a variety of racing stories – but yet she kept the details that he truly wanted to know to herself. There were no details of her childhood or when she moved south for her racing dreams, or any interests away from racing. Everything was focused on racing, whether classic late model stories or the reason why she wanted to succeed so badly.

Chase knew that she was a California girl who had moved to North Carolina, chasing dreams of driving stock cars. He watched as she worked, thinking of anyway to bring up her time in California.

“Alright – answer me this,” he finally settles on an idea. “Do you surf?” She glances back, surprised at the question. She then lets out a sigh as she sits back.

“No, I don’t surf,” she answers. “I haven’t ever tried to surf.” Chase’s jaw drops immediately.

“You were born in California, but yet you never surfed?” She shakes her head no.

“I was focused on racing from the age of seven. I got started in a go-kart and that was my focus. There was no hanging at the beach.” Chase shakes his head, understanding. He gave himself a butt kick as it didn’t give him the lead that he wanted.

“So, is there anything that you do besides racing?” She then laughs and shakes her head no. “Really?”

“I played sports through middle school and high school, but racing has been my main focus. When I’m racing, it takes everything else away. It makes everything perfect in my life. I don’t think about anything….else.” She then glances down as Chase watches her closely as she gets up and goes over to the fridge, grabbing a drink.

He caught the pause in her voice. He knew there was more to her story than she was willing to let on. It was why she was as quiet at parts. It was why she didn’t want to share everything.

Taking a deep breath, he stands up and walks over to where she is standing by the fridge, reaching in for a drink of his own. He then faces her directly, seeing a bit of wetness in her eyes.

“You know, it helps to talk about thin-” He starts as she looks up from her drink.

“I don’t talk about it, Chase,” she cuts him off before walking back to where she was working on the car. He then lets out a sigh as he follows her.

His mind heavily debated whether to press further, or not press his luck right now. Was it worth it? Should he save that opportunity for the weekend?


Chapter 10

“If you don’t ever talk about it, how will you be able to move forward?” He questions as he kneels down behind her. She then glances back at him.

“I’m moving forward by chasing after my dream and focusing on this car,” she answers. “Now, are you going to help or just try and peel up the shades of my past?” He then lets out a sigh, realizing that it’d be best to save the conversation for later – after he had gotten on her good side. He knew how to do that, already.

“What do you need done next?” She then smiles as they get back to focusing on the task at hand.

The pair then went through the steps needed for the rest of the night, before separating for the rest of the night. Chase returned the next night and continued helping her and by nights end, they had all the body panels on the car with the pieces in place.

She returned shortly after with the wrap pieces, smiling, as she walked by him. They then aligned the side wrap pieces that made the swooping lines along the body to accent the lines and number, lining them up before she slowly peeled away the backing. She continued to peel the backing, making her way to where he stood at the front of the car, holding it up and level as she stuck it down.

She then made her way back to him, catching a glance into his eyes with a sly smile, as she continued to peel the backing. With it solidly in place, she faced him directly, eyes glancing at each other. She had to admit – there was something about him that drew her closer. He was certainly the perfect charming southern boy and she questioned why she hadn’t spent this much time with him in the past.

Staring back into her hazel eyes, Chase found himself lost in the moment, thinking about how much he liked her and all the reasons he wished they could spend every moment awake together. Perhaps there were even images of a possible future family together. Though in the clouds of in the images, he saw dark shapes, hiding stories and secrets – obviously, the things that she didn’t want to talk about the previous night. how could things work if they kept secrets?

With both lost in their love gaze, their bodies inched together, lips closing the gap, before they brushed against each other softly. Without a thought, her lips immediately went for the kill, stealing a kiss and immediately sucking every bit of passion possible, enjoying the taste, before pulling back.

As she returned back to the normal air, she was immediately snapped out of the moment and a pure look of shock formed on her face as she immediately backed away from him.

“I’m sor-” She starts as she continues to back further away from him.

“It’s okay,” he immediately cuts her off, now feeling every butterfly possible flutter in his stomach. She continues backing up, stumbling over one of the jack stands and falling over. He immediately runs over, reaching his hand out to help her up.

“I’m fin-”

“Let me help you up at least, okay?” She then slowly shakes her head yes, accepting his hand and standing back up. She couldn’t find the ability to look into his eyes as an immediate feeling of guilt took her over.


“You don’t need to apologize. We were both lost in the moment and we kissed, okay?” She slowly shakes her head yes as he debates what to say. “We both like each other – we’ve established that. However, you have your reasons for holding back. I like you and want to be with you, but only want to if you’re willing. I also want you to come to Michigan with me this weekend. It’s your decision.” She then thinks it over, knowing that he was right – she liked him a lot. However, she kept being reminded of the past and couldn’t see herself in a relationship, yet.

“I’ll come with you to Michigan since you lived up to your end of the deal and helped me fix the car, which thank you very much.” He smiled as that meant three more days around her, on top of racing at Berlin on Tuesday together. “The relationship, though, I’m going to have to hold off on that for right now.” He felt let down in her words, but was willing to accept it. Besides, he would have a couple days over the weekend to change her mind.

“That’s fine – I understand. Perhaps some time together and getting to know each other more will help.” She smiled a little as she knew it’d be fun to be at Michigan with him. However, the thought of getting to know him closer meant the thought of confession. Was she ready for that?

“Perhaps, it will….and I’m sorry once again.” He then smiles, not worried about the apology.

“Stop apologizing. You just answered all of my questions in one moment.” She then looks at him intrigued as he gives her a quick wink before heading out to his truck in the driveway.

“That’s it?” He then glances back at her.

“I have to go. I have an early appointment at the shop. I need my sleep. I’ll send you a text tomorrow with details on your pass and the fli-”

“I have to haul the car up that way so it’s in the state of Michigan for Tuesday. I’ll meet you at the track, okay?” He shakes his head yes with a smile.

“Deal.” He then climbs in the truck and backs out of the driveway.

As he drove home that night, there was only one question on his mind – what was holding her back? What did she not want to tell him?

She also went into the house that night with her question – could she tell him everything? Could she put that behind her and go into this relationship?

They both knew that this weekend at Michigan would perhaps be a lot of fun, and perhaps help in answering their questions.


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