Short Track Lovin’ – Chapters 1 Thru 5

Chapter 1

Darrell and Ryan walk through the pits at Hickory Motor Speedway, glancing around the pits. It was the off-weekend. They should be doing something away from the race track. However, Chase had dragged them out to join them at the CARS tour event that he was set to run. Now they were in the pits surrounded by late models that were driven by some people that they recognized.

“Why am I at a race track on an off-weekend?” Darrell questions as they finally reach where Chase’s late model was parked.

“I was just about to ask that question,” Ryan adds as Chase looks over at the pair of them.

“Sarina is here,” Chase comments as Darrell looks on confused.

“Sarina?” He questions as Ryan smiles. He then wraps an arm around Darrell with a grin.

“That’s the girl that he has a crush on,” Ryan states as Darrell’s jaw drops.

“Seriously?” Chase shakes his head yes. “Why didn’t you tell me the name? I’ve heard of her and watched that girl drive. She’s one helluva racecar driver. I could see her making it up to the Sprint Cup Series with the talent that she has. She just needs some more funding.”

“Anyways, Chase likes her as they’ve crossed paths a couple of times and had some great conversations,” Ryan starts. “He likes her style on track, he likes her personality off track and even admitted that she’s very pretty.”

“She’s damn hot!” Darrell exclaims as he glances around the stalls.

“So that’s why you wanted to go racing on a off-weekend? So you could race against the girl that you have a crush on?” Chase rolls his eyes as he leans against the car.

“That’s just a perk of being here,” Chase comments. “I had this race marked on my schedule for awhile as you both know that I can’t spend a weekend out of the racecar. Besides, the late model is a great stress relief. Then when I heard that she was running the rac-”

“It caused your heart to skip a beat?” Ryan questions and Chase shakes his head no.

“I figured that I’d bring you both along so you could see her.” Darrell then focuses his eyes back on Chase as he gave up on his search for her.

“No no, you brought us for back-up because you’re too afraid to talk to her,” Darrell states as Chase lets out a sigh.

“I’ve talked to her before, Bubba,” he replies as Darrell grins.

“Fine. You’re too afraid to tell her that you have a crush on her and wanted your buddies here for back-up.” Chase lets out a sigh as he looks away from the pair. “I knew it. Chase is painfully shy and can’t admit his feelings…”

“Well standing here is not going to get us anywhere,” Ryan starts as he glances around the pits. “Where is she?”

“Third stall down on the left,” Chase states as he goes to find Ricky Turner to discuss set-up for the upcoming practice.

“He knows where she’s parked….”

“He’s got it bad,” Darrell comments as he tugs on Ryan’s arm. “I got an idea.” Darrell then leads Ryan to the hauler before climbing the steps to stand on top. Ryan can only smile as they reach the top and glance around.

“I take it you’ve spied on girls before based on your knowledge?” Darrell grins.

“That is for you to only know, and that happened before I got together with Shelby. It’s a good perch to scout from, though, as nobody knows that you’re looking.” Ryan shakes his head in agreement as he stares down at the stalls, looking for a female dressed in a firesuit.

“So where is she?” Darrell glances down, remembering the statement from Chase, as he focuses on the third car on the left. He knew that she ran the No. 11 and it was done in a black and green paint scheme from the times that he had watched her before. He focused on a car that resembled that description, seeing a glimpse of redish hair.

“There she is!” Ryan focuses in the direction that Darrell is pointing as his jaw drops. He immediately caught a glimpse of the hair over the shoulder as he checked out her slender posture, matched with the perfect size breasts to her firesuit just fit perfectly over her frame. As she spun around and he caught a glimpse of her butt, he could only lick his lips.

“Damn, Chase certainly knows how to pick his woman. She’s definitely stunning.”

“Combine that with a great personality and I say he has a good choice. Now, can we get them to talk to each other and for him to admit his feelings before the end of the night?”



Chapter 2

Sarina glances over the right rear that they had just pulled off of the car following the last practice session, checking the treadware.

“Was it better than the run before?” Jeremy asks as she looks up at her crew chief.

“A little,” she answers. “But as the tire got more heat in it and expanded, it just kept getting looser.” He shakes his head as he checks over the tire.

“I may need to adjust tire pressure, or stagger. Either way, it’s tire related because it only seems to happen in the later half of a run.”

“More laps on the tires, less grip. That’s common. Am I running them too hard, maybe?” He shrugs his shoulders.

“You’re running lap times that are even with everybody so if you lay off on the tires, you’ll lose valuable time. You lose valuable time and try to save tires and you won’t have enough time to get back to the front.” He then gives her a pat on the back. “We’ll figure it out before tonight.”

“Isn’t that why I hired you?” He then gives her cheek a small pinch before heading off into the trailer to check notes. She signs a couple of quick autographs before joining him in the trailer, glancing over his shoulder at the notes. “Did you notice that you had a couple of spies?”

“They’re just fans who wanted an autogra-”

“I’m not talking about them. Look over at Elliott’s.” She then glances out of the trailer and smiles as she sees the pair standing on top of the hauler, looking in her direction.

“Are you sure those two were spying? They may just be taking in the pits from a new angle.” Jeremy shakes his head as he glances towards the pair, before returning his eyes to the notes.

“They’ve been staring over this way for awhile.” She then flips her hair back.

“I guess they haven’t seen a hot chick that can drive a racecar.” Jeremy then looks over at her.

“Danica?” Sarina chuckles a little.

“Okay, try a hot chick that can win in a racecar. Have you seen Danica top the practice charts?” Jeremy chuckles. “I got this, bud. Watch….” She then glances out of the trailer, looking back up on top of Elliott’s, flipping her hair back and blowing a quick kiss before returning back inside of her hauler.

“Shit!” Ryan lets out as he immediately ducks down and Darrell looks over with a laugh. “She caught us, man. I thought you told me this was safe.” Darrell shrugs his shoulders.

“It had always worked for me in the past,” he comments as he returns his eyes back to the 11 car. “Besides, if she says anything, we’ll deny it.”

“Chase is going to kill us.” Darrell laughs and shakes his head no.

“Hey, it may get her to come over and talk to him. Isn’t that why we’re here? We’re supposed to back him up and make him ask her.” Ryan rolls his eyes as they head for the stairs to climb down.

“I’m sure that hearing from her that a pair of people were spying on her via his trailer is going to make his shyness go away.” The pair then climbs down the steps. “He said that he’s talked to her, right? That’s a start. They’re communicating.”

“But he can’t say the words ‘girlfriend’ or ‘date’. That’s required for a relationship.” Ryan glances over at Chase and Ricky, before returning his eyes to Darrell.

“You’re right. However, what is the best way to cure shyness? Conversation cures shyness. If we can get them to talk more before the race and possibly afterwards, then perhaps he can get more comfortable around her and ask.” Darrell shakes his head no.

“That’s going to take forever. He brought us here for a reason.”

“He wanted us to check her out. He wanted a vote of confidence and encouragement. If we both tell him that she’s a good girl, he’ll take us up and that’ll add to what I said.” Darrell thinks it over, and shakes his head.

“Dude, I’m not just going to stand around. I could be anywhere on this off-weekend but yet here I am standing at a bloody race track – without my own care to boot. If I’m going to be stuck here, I’m going to make it interesting. I say we set them up and give Chase no choice but to say something.” Ryan shakes his head no immediately.

“No way….”

“Come on Ryan. Are we going to waste the day away?” Ryan crosses his arms.

“We’re here for support, that’s all. Besides, unlike you, I don’t mind being here to watch some late model racing.” Darrell glances around before returning his eyes to Ryan.

“Well, there’s the difference between us. I’m going to have some fun because that’s what an off-weekend is for. Besides, I have always wanted to say hello to Sarina.” Darrell then goes to leave the hauler as Ryan thinks it over, before running to catch up.

“You’re not going to say anything…”

“Don’t worry – I won’t tell her that he has a crush on her. I’m just going to have some casual conversation.” Darrell then looks over at Ryan. “Can’t I have a casual conversation with someone without a babysitter?” Ryan shakes his head no.

“I don’t trust you.”


Chapter 3

“You’ve got company,” Sarina hears Jeremy say as she glances out of the trailer. She notices the pair of NASCAR drivers walking her way and rolls her eyes.

“Seriously?” She questions as Jeremy shrugs his shoulders.

“Well, it shouldn’t be a surprise. They were checking you out.” She then rolls her eyes as she walks out of the hauler and along the side of the late model to reach the pair by the back of the car.

“Sarina, right?” Ryan says as he holds his hand out and she shakes her head yes. “Ryan Blaney. I saw you out there and you looked good. I thought I’d introduce myself.”

“Riight,” she comments as she shakes his hand in return. “Are you sure that you’re just not over here because you were just spying on me?” Ryan looks at Darrell, as if surprised by the comment, before returning his eyes to her.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She then rolls her eyes as she crosses her arms.

“I saw you both up there looking my way. Now are you going to admit it or not, Mr. Blaney?” Ryan had to smile. It seemed that Chase had picked a girl with the right touch of attitude. It’d be interesting to see how his sweet personality mixed with that. Perhaps he could sit back and eat some popcorn watching that blossom together.

“I wasn’t staring at you. I was actually getting a different view of the pits and the track, since I haven’t been here for a late model event before.” She rolls her eyes.

“You keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night.” She then glances over at Darrell. “You’re supposed to have the more outgoing personality. Why are you so quiet?” Darrell shrugs his shoulders as he glances between the pair.

“I’m entertained by your conversation,” he shares as she shakes her head.

“Alright – let’s cut to the chase, okay?” She starts. “I know you both were spying on me. So there’s a couple options as to why. Number one – I could say that Bubba likes me, but we all know how much he loves his girlfriend Shelby, right? Number two – you, Mr. Blaney, are acting in denial because you were the one with the crush. Oh, and we both know that your sister isn’t here to keep you out of trouble.” Darrell chuckles at the comment.

“She’s good…”

“Then there’s the fact that you could both just be looking for a nice ass to stare at since you’re bored, probably Chase perhaps dragging you here. But why stare a girl in a firesuit when there’s walking around in hooker shorts? So the other option is that Chase has a crush on me. Which is it, boys?”

“I’m sticking by my original word,” Ryan states, knowing this was a bad idea to come over here.

“You know how much I love my girl so….I’m innocent,” Darrell shares as Sarina keeps her eyes locked on Ryan. She knew that meant that either Ryan liked her, or Chase liked her. “By the way, on the original topic, I’ve watched you race a bunch of times before coming to say hi and you’re talented. Hopefully you get a big break soon.” She looks back over at Darrell and smiles.

“Thank you and I hope so as well,” she tells him. “It’s not easy running down here in North Carolina on a short budget when everything I know is based in Tennessee.” Darrell and Ryan share a glance – southern country girl. that could be why Chase has a crush on her, among other reasons. Perhaps she was the right girl, despite the sass. The perfect sass and attitude to take on the country asses, but a sweet layer deep down underneath.

“Well, I look forward to watching you and Chase battle for the win later tonight. He even said that he’s looking forward to racing against you.” Darrell thought he’d throw that in there, as well not mentioning the crush, it was enough to possibly get a comment out of her.

“Well you can tell your little star that just because he’s Mr. NASCAR Champion, I’m not lying down tonight,” she tells them. “I’ll see you later. I want to go watch the next practice.” She then puts her shades on, walking away from the pair as she heads to the grandstands.

“Do you think she’s too sass-” Ryan starts as they head back towards Chase’s trailer.

“She’s from Tennessee,” Darrell cuts him off. “Those girls are known as the sweet, tough country girls. They can show you either side when they need to. Chase says he’s talked to her before and it’s been great conversation. He probably met the sweet side. We just happened to meet the sassy side.”

“Well, it didn’t help that you got us caught spying.” Darrell chuckles as he looks over at Ryan.

“You were the one that was bugging for a look at her and I gave you the option of where you could watch her from. It’s your fault, man.”

“And who dragged my ass up there?” Darrell puts his arms.

“I didn’t drag your ass. You willingly came.” Ryan shakes his head no.

“You gave me no choice.” Darrell then laughs.

“Right, because you were the one who wanted to stare at her and see what type of girl we were dealing with. I just find it funny that she thinks you have a crush on her, and not Chase.” Ryan shakes his head, knowing that could mean trouble if Chase found out. However, that was meant for them to keep between themselves.

“Now if only we could get him to go over the grandstands and see her…”

“I’m already working on that plan, already.” Darrell then hurries up the pace back to Chase’s hauler as Ryan rolls his eyes.

“Of course you are, because you think you’re bloody cupid tonight.” Ryan then hurries to catch up with him, hoping to simply keep Darrell out of trouble with his ideas.


Chapter 4

“Do I want to know what you two have been up to?” Chase questions as he watches the pair walk in the hauler.

He had seen them walking through the pits, followed by their conversation with Sarina. He knew that meant the pair were up to no good, which was to be expected when they hung out together.

“We were just sharing conversation with Sarina,” Ryan offers with a smile, hoping Darrell keeps on his best behavior.

“Please tell me that you didn’t tell her that I had a crush.” Darrell looks over at Ryan with a smile.

“Don’t worry,” he starts. “It seems as though Sarina thinks that Ryan is the crushing one.” Chase looks over at Ryan, surprised, as Ryan simply rolls his eyes.

“It’s easy to assume as he has a girlfriend so the only option would be me, since who would believe that you would have a crush on someone, racerboy?” Chase shrugs his shoulders. “Besides, she seems like a really nice girl. I have to warn you that she can be a little sassy, though.”

“Sassy?” Chase then looks between them. “What did you two do?”

“She may have caught us spying on her thanks to Darrell’s great idea,” Ryan answers as Chase’s jaw drops in shock as he looks over at Darrell.

“I brought you both along to help me, not embarrass me. Can’t you two ever go out in public and behave?” Ryan and Darrell shrug their shoulders.

“There’d be nothing to worry about if you’d just grow some balls and go ask her out,” Darrell states as Chase rolls his eyes. He knew that was the truth, though. He probably could’ve done this on his own, however his own shyness got the best of him. So rather than dealing with life by himself, he was stuck with these two nuts. “You should go see her and spark up some conversation, perhaps leading to that offer. She’s gone to the grandstands to watch the practice session.” Chase had been thinking of going to watch the session himself, wanting to see whether the groove was expanding as they laid more rubber down. Besides, it sometimes helped to watch the faster cars in other divisions to see the line that needed to be run.

“I guess it wouldn’t hurt,” he offers as he grabs a bottle of water. “Just promise to behave the rest of the day, please?” Chase then shakes his head, knowing that was a bad offer. “Nevermind. That’s impossible. Pretend I never asked that question.” He then heads off to meet up with Sarina in the grandstands.

“Are we really that bad of friends?” Ryan questions as Darrell shrugs his shoulders.

“He’s just nervous that she won’t accept him so he wants everything to go perfect,” Darrell answers. “He should know by now that this is how we act together.” Ryan crosses his arms as he watches Chase walk off.

“Yeah, but maybe we are being a little bit of an ass so far this weekend. I mean, he did trust us with a big secret and a big part in helping him. Perhaps we should take it more serious.” Darrell then shakes his head no as he looks over at Ryan, surprised.

“This is my off-weekend, and I plan to have some fun this off-weekend – even if it’s at Chase’s expense. Besides, I keep him in a good mood and he’ll continue to stay nice and light and maybe say something.” Ryan shakes his head, understanding.

“So where should we go now?” A grin forms on Ryan’s face as he drags Ryan by the hand.

“What are best friends supposed to do for their best friend? We’re supposed to support him, right? I say we go see how their conversation is going on.” Ryan then stops, knowing that was a bad idea. Chase and Sarina needed their own time.

“He said that we were being pain in the asses. Doesn’t that equal being a pain in the ass?” Darrell shrugs his shoulders.

“I suppose, but it’s not like he’ll notice us watching them. Come on.” The pair head to the grandstands, taking a seat at one end as they glance down towards the other end at Chase and Sarina. Ryan had to smile as they certainly looked like they’d be the cute couple if they got together. They also seemed to be in deep conversation, which meant that possibly they were on track for a date in the future.

“Promise me you’ll stay here and not go interrupt that.” Darrell smiles as he looks over at Ryan.

“Are you kidding? I’m not dumb. They look like they’re having fun together. Why would I ruin the opportunity for a good kiss?” Ryan rolls his eyes as he knew that wasn’t going to happen.

“Chase doesn’t roll that way. He’s a sweet, southern gentleman. He’ll ask her on a date before he even thinks of quickly stealing a kiss.” Darrell thinks it over, knowing that Ryan was probably right. However, he had his own beliefs with how close the pair were.

“Yeah, but you can’t help but think kisses and making out based on how close they are together right now.”


Chapter 5

After his discussion with the boys at the hauler, he made his way over to the grandstands and up to where she stood, overlooking the practice. He had to smile as he got closer, realizing more and more just how beautiful she was. Combined with the personality that he knew and his friend’s approval, he knew that she had to be the perfect girl.

“You looked good during practice,” he comments, catching her attention as she looks over with a smile.

“I know my way around here,” she replies. “You didn’t look so bad yourself.” The compliments fit as they both were near the top of the charts.

“I know to wheel one of these cars.” She looks over with a slight grin. In past encounters, they had some pretty good conversations.

“Are you sure that you haven’t forgotten with being a little superstar?” Chase chuckles as he shakes his head no.

“It’s like riding a bike. Once you learn how to wheel one of these, you know for the rest of your life. Besides, it’s not a lot different than the XFINITY car – just a little lighter and easier on tires.” She crosses her arms as she thinks that over, keeping her eyes focused on the track rather than him. She didn’t need to get distracted.

“We’ll see if you’re saying the same thing once the race is over tonight.” He then glances over at her, noticing how she had kept her eyes forward the whole time. Perhaps she had a little crush on him in return. Why hadn’t he asked the troublemakers for hints?

“Oh. I didn’t know that you planned on being up front with me tonight.” She laughs as she shakes her head.

“I guess you forgot that you’d be seeing my bumper all night long, huh?” He chuckled, but knew it was a good possibility based on how she had run there in the past.

“I think it’s the other way around, but I’ll let you think that for now.” She shakes her head as she finally lets her eyes cast a glance over his way. She also could see the pair of troublemakers further down the stands, trading peeks at them.

“That’s fine, but I heard you were scared of being beaten so you sent a pair to distract me. Do you know anything about that?” Chase could only let out a sigh, knowing that he was busted on Ryan and Bubba. He just hoped that they hadn’t made too big of an impression.

“I don’t know anything about that. They just tagged along with me and I’m not being their babysitter. If they’re too much to handle, though, I’d gladly get them off your back.” She crosses her arms, intrigued by the comment. The thought that they were sent as spies for Chase due to a possible crush was a bigger thought now.

“And how do you plan on doing that?” Chase smiles as he glances over in their direction.

“They know better to listen to me or else get their ass kicked.” She could only shake her head as she thought things over.

“I asked them if you had a crush on me as I spotted them on top of your hauler. I then asked Ryan if perhaps he was the one who had a crush on me. Funny thing – they didn’t say much. But yet, here you are and you’re saying that you can get them off my ass. What do you have to say for yourself, Mr. Elliott?” Chase lets out a sigh, knowing the answer. He also knew that there’d be an ass kicking in the future.

“I’m busted?” She then laughs as she glances back towards the track.

“Well, at least you have the guts to admit that. In return, I’ll let you in on a secret – you’re not such a bad guy, and I don’t mind your company.” Chase smiles as he thinks the comment over in his head. Now if only he could turn this sweet talk into an actual date.

“Maybe we should go out sometime when our schedules work out.” She glances down at her feet, thinking it over. It was a good thought, however she couldn’t bring herself to simply say yes. Blame her shyness, or her reservedness in keeping to herself, but even with the butterflies floating, she couldn’t accept the offer. Besides, she was set on achieving her goals of making it and she didn’t need some superstar racecar driver screwing that up for her.

“I’ll think about it and let you know. Is that a deal?” Chase smiles as that was at least something. He was further along than he had thought he’d be.

“That’s a deal…but I need your number so I can check in with you.” She then laughs as she hands him over her phone.

“Give me your phone and I’ll program my number in. You can do the same.” He easily accepts as they give each other their numbers, before handing their phones back to each other. “Good luck tonight. I hope to see you cross the finish line in my rearview mirror.” She then starts to walk down the steps as Chase keeps his eyes locked on her.

“Don’t think about too much because I plan on staring at your ass all night.” She looks back with a small laugh and a smile before continuing her walk away from him.


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