Making Memories for a Lifetime – Chapters 36 Thru 40


Chapter 36: Surprise!

Tony then walks over, instantly wrapping his arms around him and kisses his lips.

“God I’ve missed you,” Tony comments.

“I’ve missed you too,” Dale replies before kissing Tony back. As he kisses his lips, he lays back, pulling Tony down with him. “I had to come see you.” He then goes back to kissing Tony’s lips as he runs his fingers down the zipper on Tony’s firesuit.

“I’m glad that you did.” Tony slips his hands underneath Dale’s t-shirt, slowly pulling it off. “I missed you being next to me last night.” Tony then wraps his arms around Dale’s body as Dale slowly pulls the zipper down on Tony’s firesuit. “I missed cuddling you, holding you…” Tony then kisses Dale’s bare shoulder as Dale continues to pull the zipper further down.

“I missed you being there, holding me last night too.” As the words slip out of Dale’s mouth slowly, Tony’s eyes catch that of Dale’s and he instantly stops, looking at him with concern. “Ton-”

“You didn’t sleep well last night, right?” Dale looks up at Tony, shaking his head yes. “Damn…why didn’t you call me last night?”

“I didn’t want to both-”

“You wouldn’t bothered me!” Tony then sits up on the end of the couch, taking a deep breath. “Bad dream?” Dale shakes his head yes as Tony takes another deep breath, knowing to be careful. “You should’ve called me. You know that I’m there for you no matter what, right?”

“I know, but you needed your sleep so you could be ready for today.” Tony shakes his head.

“It wouldn’t had bugged me if you would’ve called.” Dale then scoots closer to Tony as Tony looks towards him. “I couldn’t sleep either because I was worried about you.”

“Why? I was at home safe with the girls.” Tony looks down as he pushes his thoughts aside.

“I just kept having flashbacks, as much as it bugs me.” Dale then grabs Tony’s hand with his.

“Well I’m here now so you don’t have to worry.” Tony smiles slightly as he looks towards Dale.

“How’d you convince yourself to leave the girls alone?” Dale takes a deep breath and then looks at Tony, smiling.

“I knew they’d be fine with each other and my sister to lean on, and I knew that I needed you as bad as you needed me.”

“Well I’m glad that you decided to come.” Tony then reaches over and kisses Dale’s lips once again. “Now, where were we?” He then smirks a little as he reaches for Dale’s waist.

“Geez, I don’t know Tony. I thought you were taking care of me, like you seem to always do. Maybe for once, you should let me take care of you.” Dale then slips Tony’s suit off of his shoulders.

“How do I know that you’ll do a good job?” Tony then runs his fingers lightly along the waistband of the jeans. “Maybe this is what I need to take care of myself. Maybe it’s you that I crave so badly.” Dale then pulls Tony’s suit down his waist.

“What if I crave you just as much?” Dale then stands up, pulling Tony up with him as he finishes pulling the suit down Tony’s body. “What if that’s why I flew my ass out here?” He then runs his finger tips along the waistband of Tony’s boxers, kissing Tony’s bare shoulder. “What if I needed to get my fix?” Dale then reaches inside of Tony’s boxers, slightly stroking Tony’s cock. “God I love you.” Tony then leans back against the couch, smiling.

“Then take me wondrous one.”

“As you wish.”

Back in North Carolina, Lindsay and Angelica sat on the couch together, ready to watch the Nationwide Series race.

“Do you think you made the right decision letting him jet off to Arizona?” Angelica asks as she looks over at Lindsay.

“Yep,” Lindsay answers, knowing in her heart that the boys needed each other after their conversation.

“Aren’t you missing them?” Lindsay then shrugs her shoulders. Part of her missed having Dale there beside her. However, the other part of her also wanted him to have this time to get away for him to feel better and to not have to deal with him right now with her feelings.


“Lindsay, you can tell me what you’re truly feeling.” Lindsay then rolls her eyes, not wanting to talk to Angelica about it either.

“I’d rather not, okay? Can we just enjoy the race and focus on something else?” Angelica shakes her head yes, knowing that she would have to tackle the topic later. She blamed herself partly for the situation that Lindsay was in and wanted to do what she could to help her, within her own power. “Thanks sweetheart. Make sure you don’t strain yourself either.”


Chapter 37: Sleepy Nights

Dale and Tony lay there, smiling as they face each other. They had enjoyed an afternoon of love, followed by the Nationwide Series race (Busch won) and an awesome dinner. After a quiet afternoon, they were both ready for some sleep before the race tomorrow.

“You okay?” Tony asks as he reaches for Dale’s hand and Dale shakes his head.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Dale wonders and Tony shrugs his shoulders.

“I don’t want you waking up scared. I want you to have a nice peaceful sleep.” Dale then scoots closer to Tony, laying against him.

“I will as long as I am in your arms.” Tony smiles as he runs his hand through Dale’s short hair. “I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you.”

“I never thought I’d love someone like I love you after….” Dale then looks down as Tony holds Dale close to him.

“Don’t even think about that. That is in the past and we’ve moved on to us, Lindsay, Angelica and Chelsea.” Dale rolls over so he’s not within Tony’s arms and looks up at the ceiling.

“It’s so hard not to think back to that sometimes.” Tony then scoots closer as he lays facing Dale.

“Dale, I know it’s hard, but you’re safe in my arms.” Dale then glances over at Tony, tears in his eyes.

“Promise?” Tony shakes his head yes as Dale rolls back over, burying his head in Tony’s chest. “Don’t ever leave me, please. I need you. I love you.” Tony stays silent, rubbing Dale’s back, holding him. He had been down this road a couple of times with Dale since things happened with Jeff and was used to it. Tony knew in each case to keep Dale held close to him and things would soothe over. He knew it was just Dale’s emotions getting to him. Tony glances down after awhile, smiling as he sees Dale’s eyes closed, kissing the top of Dale’s head.

“I love you. I’m never going to leave you. I’d do anything for you.” Tony then reaches behind his head and flips the light off, before cuddling back close and falling asleep, feeling much more secure than the night before.

Back in North Carolina, Lindsay rolled out of bed, walking down the short hall, slowly opening the doors to the room next to hers. She slowly walks in, walking over to the bed where the girl that had become to be like a daughter to her lies, sitting on the edge.

“Angelica….” She says quietly as she rubs Angelica’s back while Angelica burries her head in the pillow.

“What?” Angelica asks between tears.

“I could hear your crying. Do you want to tell me what’s going on?” Angelica shakes her head no as Lindsay continues to rub her back. “Ang, you can tell me.”

“It hurts more than it should, Lindsay.” Lindsay then looks on confused by Angelica’s words, slightly worried, as Angelica looks up towards the motherly figure in her life. “I miss my baby. I want my baby back.” Lindsay feels her own tears building up, knowing what Angelica means by those words as Angelica buries her head back in the pillow.


“I miss my baby so much.” Lindsay fights back her own tears as she continues to rub Angelica’s back.

“I know it hurts sweetie. It hurts me a lot also. If I could’ve done something different, I would’ve right away.” Angelica then glances up at Lindsay, shaking her head.

“It’s not your fault so don’t even give me that line.” She then buries her head back in the pillow. “I know you did what you could and it’s nobody’s fault. But it still hurts more than anything.”

“I know sweetheart, but I promise one day that you’ll get the joy of having that sweet baby with Kyle. You just have to stay strong. It’ll happen; I promise you that.” Angelica then rolls over, facing Lindsay.

“How do you know that?”

“Because I know that you’re going to get better and have the family that you’ve always wanted.”

“And what if I don’t get better? What if all this is for nothing?”

“You can’t let yourself say or believe that. You have to believe it’ll get better.”

“I don’t want to get my hopes up for nothing!” Lindsay then grabs Angelica’s hand with her own.

“Sometimes you need to just believe no matter what because it’ll get better. You have to believe not only for yourself, but for everyone around you. You’re a strong girl. You’ve fought through a lot. This is just another block along the road to happiness.”

“I hope you’re right. I really want to get better, but I’m scared.” Lindsay takes a deep breath as she rubs Angelica’s hand.

“I know hun, and I’m scared for you too, but that’s why we all have each other. Instead of sleeping in this big lonely room alone, why don’t you come join Killer and I?” Angelica then glances up. “Oh, and bring your little bulldog Winnie too. While the boys play in Arizona, we can have a girl party with the pups.” Angelica laughs as Lindsay stands up. “I’m sure Winnie would enjoy sleeping with Killer anyway.”

“What do you say Winnie?” The bulldog stands up and begin wagging it butt as both girls laugh. “I think that is a yes.” The girls then laugh as they head down the short hall to Lindsay’s room and instantly Winnie jumps up on the bed and lies down beside Killer.

“I told you this was a good idea.” The girls then climb under the blankets as they shake their heads at the two dogs. Angelica then glances over at Lindsay with a smile.

“Thanks Lindsay for being here for me.” Lindsay smiles as she looks over.

“Anytime sweetheart. We’re family.”

“I know, but you didn’t have to accept me considering what happened. You don’t have to be there for me like you are.” Lindsay shakes her head as she watches Angelica get comfy.

“But I do because I love you and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” The girls then comfy and soon fall asleep not long after while the dogs snore at the end of the bed.

Chapter 38: Garage Musings
Duty noted – with the timing of this series, our dear Chelsea is now five while Jimmie Johnson’s daughters Genevieve and Lydia are nine and six, respectively. Oh, and Leo Gordon is now nine, too. You’ll see why I want you to know that information in this chapter.
“Sleep well?” Dale heard as he stretched slowly waking up, smiling as he looked back to see a pair of brown eyes facing his. “Morning sleeping beauty.”

“Morning Tony,” Dale replies before leaning in for a kiss, which Tony gives without reservation. “I love you. What time is it?” Dale rolls over, glancing at the clock, surprised when he notices it is 10. As he slowly gets up, he watches as Tony gets out of bed, beginning to get dressed. “Why didn’t you wake me earlier?”

“Because you needed a good night sleep, I needed a good night sleep and I didn’t have anything important to do this morning before the driver’s meeting.” Tony then heads out to the kitchen as Dale follows.

“This is why you never run the clock in our house.”

“You’re no better than I am. Let’s face it – usually it’s Lindsay kicking both our asses.” Dale laughs as he sits at the table.

“She would’ve had us out of bed at like 9 if she was here.”

“Pancakes or eggs and bacon?”

“Pancakes.” Tony smiles as he gets out the pancake mix.

“Would you like chocolate chips in them little boy?” Dale rolls his eyes as Tony laughs, getting out the bag of chocolate chips. “I’m going to take that as a yes. It’s okay to admit you love your chocolate chips. I won’t kill you.” Dale watches as Tony makes breakfast, sitting back smiling. As Tony flips the pancake over, he looks back, noticing the smile. “What?”

“Nothing. Just admiring my chef.” Tony shakes his head as he turns back to the pancake.

“You’re still a flirt. So are you joining me out on pit road today?” Dale then raises his eyebrow at Tony.

“Do you really want to get people talking?” Dale looks back out the window, thinking. It was obvious that was what he wanted to do. After, there was the barrier of not wanting everyone to know about their relationship. That was why on a normal weekend Lindsay would stick with Dale while Tony played off the famous single man that they thought he was.

“Who cares what they say? Heck, we’re just two good friends enjoying each other’s company.” Dale then looks back towards Tony as Tony sits down, placing a plate in front of him.

“And a couple kisses along the way right?”

“Of course.” As they sit there, they begin to eat, Tony still glad that Dale decided to come – whether original reasons were truly the best reasons or not. As they eat, Dale looks up at Tony and smiles.

“I think I’ll stick to hanging out with my guys. But know that my eyes are focused on you.” Tony smiles as he looks back down at his plate.

At the other end of the garage, Kyle was already up and about, having headed to the garage area to see Ron.

“Ready for an awesome day?” Kyle asks as he walks into the stall as Ron looks up, smiling at his driver. “I feel a win today. There’s something special about how today feels.” Kyle then sits down on the tire across from Ron, smiling as Ron looks across at him.

“What has you in a good mood?” Ron wonders as Kyle looks at him surprised.

“This beautiful day. What else would?” Ron laughs, rolling his eyes.

“Did a certain Angelica give you a call and have a nice sweet chat with you this morning?” Ron shakes his head as he sees a glimmer in Kyle’s eyes. “It’s okay to admit it.”

“She can always put a smile on my face. That, and her little sister.” Ron smiles as Kyle looks out towards the garage area. The morning conversation with Angelica had gone well as they had their usual discussion and with it ending off on a good note, he was ready to have a good day. There was no secret that he couldn’t change how things were going with her so he had to agree with her conclusion – deal with it as best as you can. With that said, he knew the best way to deal with it would be to win the race. If you added a couple jokes with Chelsea near the end of the phone call, it really had boosted up his mood from the day before.

“Little kids have that special gift to them.” Kyle then looks back towards Ron, shaking his head in agreement. Ron had seen that himself with being around Genevieve and Lydia when they were littler.

“I still can’t believe how much those two have grown. I remember they were little.” Ron shakes his head in agreement as he looks down the garage, smiling when he sees Genevieve and Leo holding hands. Kyle follows Ron’s gaze, also smiling. “Despite everything, he grew up within the Hendrick family.”

“Those two were such good friends that even when things went down with Jeff and Dale, I remember Ingrid and Chandra agreed to keep in contact because they were good friends and the kids loved each other.” Ron then glances towards Kyle and then back towards the pair. “I think those two loved each other more than any of us realized.” Kyle laughs as he watches the pair walk down pit road, all proud together. “They may not be teenagers yet, but I think they’re in love. I guess the rumors were true.”

“Spying on the children again?” Ron hears and glances back to see Chad Knaus standing there.

“It’s amazing how the jokes we used to tell Jimmie are coming true,” Ron comments as Chad laughs.

“I guess we weren’t joking, really?” Ron shakes his head no.

“They’re cute, though.”

“I’m not going to argue with that.” Ron then glances back towards his old partner in crime.

“Now the Chad Knaus that I know would be under that car, checking things over top to bottom. Why aren’t you working today?” Kyle laughs as Chad shrugs his shoulders.

“Are you feeling alright?” Kyle then asks as Chad rolls his eyes.

“I’m feeling fine,” he assures Kyle. “I just came down here to see an old friend.”

“On race morning?”

“The car is perfect. I don’t have any work to do.”

“Well it’s nice of you to remember me,” Ron then comments.

“I could never forget my partner in crime,” Chad says. The pair then share conversation, catching up on miscellaneous things, before everybody knew that their focus had to shift to race day and everything that could happen.

Chapter 39: Race Time
Dale walks down pit road, quickly stopping at Tony’s car.

“Good luck,” he says with a wink as Tony looks up from his conversation with Steve Addington and smiles.

“Thanks,” he replies. “I’ll see when the race is over, okay?”

“Of course.” Dale then continues walking, not wanting to cause a scene as Steve Addington rolls his eyes.

“Admit it, you wanted to grab him and kiss his lips right there,” Steve teases as Tony smacks Steve’s arm.

“Behave,” Tony warns as Steve leans back against the car.

“Yep, you wanted a make-out session.” Tony then looks back at Steve.

“And what’s the problem with that?”

“Nothing.” Steve then looks towards another crew member, starting another conversation, not wanting to keep on Tony’s nerves.

Further down pit road, Kyle and Ron were talking when Kyle felt two hands on his shoulders. He looks over his shoulder, smiling when he sees his father-in-law standing there.

“I just wanted to say good luck and have fun this week at your appearances,” Dale tells him. “I’ll take care of her for you.” Dale then spins Kyle around, ready to continue. “But I have to ask you one question – who’s the special guest that is coming over this week?” Kyle laughs as he thinks back to who the person is.

“I can’t reveal that to you,” he answers as Ron looks at the pair confused.

“Do I know the person?” Ron asks and Kyle shakes his head yes.

“Don’t worry Dale. I know this person is perfect for the time.”

“Can you tell me?” Kyle shakes his head no.

“Both of you relax. I promise that I have chosen the right person to come see her.” Ron then glances towards Dale.

“Good luck. By the grin on his face, you may be in for some trouble.”

“He knows if he hurts her, I’ll kill him anyway,” Dale states before heading to the 88 pit box as Kyle shakes his head.

“This person would never hurt her,” Kyle sums it up as Ron looks towards him.

“Are you going to reveal the name?” Ron wonders and Kyle shakes his head no. “Why not? I won’t tell him. I’m just curious. Can’t you help my curiosity?”

“Don’t be curious. Curiosity killed the cat, remember.” Ron rolls his eyes as he looks out towards the track.

“I just hope that you know what you’re doing.”

“I do so have some faith in me for once.”

“I always have faith in you; you’re my driver.” Kyle smiles as he stands by his car for opening ceremonies, still having faith in his idea.


Dale looks over his car, shaking his head. It killed him not to be racing this weekend. Why the wreck at Daytona happened and why it caused the concussion was beyond him. It was frustrating. Now seeing the back end of the car all wrecked, it even frustrated him more. He watched his guys, hating to see them go through the extra work that would be required because of what had happened.

Harrison was doing decent for a rookie; though going into the turn, he pushed it a little too hard and spun around, backing it in the wall. The result was going to be many laps spent behind the wall making repairs.

“I’m sorry,” he heard Harrison say as Harrison leaned against one of the walls, talking to Steve LeTarte and a couple other crew guys.

“It happens – you’re a rookie remember,” Steve replies in trying to console the young driver.

“Don’t worry about it,” Dale speaks up from where he is sitting. “Rookies make mistakes, but that’s okay because they learn from them and become better. You’ll get better as you get more seat time.” Harrison smiles as he looks over to where Dale is standing.

“Thanks,” Harrison thanks him and Dale smiles.

“I was a rookie once also.”

“Didn’t you wreck a lot of cars in your rookie year?” Steve questions as he looks towards Dale and Dale shakes his head yes.

“There’s one time at Martinsville that I hit pretty much everything you could hit to the point that my dad joked about me hitting the pace car,” Dale answers as they all laugh.

“Really?” Harrison questions and Dale shakes his head yes.

“Look at me now, though. Martinsville is one of my best tracks.”

“We need to get a grandfather clock buddy,” Steve reminds him and Dale shakes his head yes, agreeing. In all the success they’d had at Martinsville, they’d yet to win a race and it was bugging them both. “I expect that to happen this year, no matter what. I am taking no excuses.”

“Got it,” Dale replies as Steve smiles.


Kyle climbed out of the car, throwing both fists in the air, screaming as he was soaked in assorted refreshments and covered in confetti. He then hops off the car, pulling Ron close.

“I told you today is a special day!” he comments as Ron hugs him.

“You did an amazing job,” Ron tells him. “Nobody could catch you that final run.” Ron then lets him go so Kyle can do his interview. Once the interview is done, Kyle pulls out his phone, calling Angelica.

“Hey babes,” he hears on the other end bringing a smile to his face. “Congratulations. Wish I was there to celebrate with you.”

“I wish you were here also,” he tells her as he looks towards Ron. “This win is for you, princess.”

“Awww you’re too sweet. I’m going to miss you this week. Have fun celebrating. I look forward to seeing you when you come home on Thursday.”

“I can’t wait to see you, either. It kills me to be away from you. I was upset earlier this weekend cause of it. However, somebody that you know well told me to suck it up and win the race for you. So here ya go. I hope you enjoyed the show.”

“It was beautiful, Kyle. The best show I’ve ever seen.” Kyle smiles as he looks towards the crew.

“That’s good to hear. Well, I have to let you go since Ron and the boys need me. I’ll talk to you later.”

“Okay. I love you. Bye Kyle.” He then hangs up and heads up on stage with the crew, ready for post-race celebrations to begin.

Chapter 40: Home Sweet Home
“We’re home!” Dale yells as he and Tony walk through the front door, slipping their shoes off as they set their bags down.

“Where are they?” Tony asks as he hears no one coming despite Dale’s yell. Dale shrugs his shoulders as Tony heads down the hall to the kitchen, looking for anyone. He then smiles as he finds Lindsay lying on the couch, watching tv. “Found one of them.”

“Which one?” He then rounds the corner, smiling as he sees Lindsay lying there.

“Hey sweetheart.” Tony then leans in, kissing Lindsay’s lips. “I brought someone special home with me. I hope you don’t mind.” Tony then backs away so Dale can give Lindsay a hug and give her a kiss.

“Hey boys,” she says simply. “Angelica is upstairs sleeping.”

“Well I have a present from a certain special someone for her,” Dale comments as he looks back to the hallway, where the trophy from the race sits with a bouquet of roses and a note.

“Awww Kyle is a sweetheart for doing that.” She then gets up, walking over as she looks over the trophy and the note. “She found a gem in him. I have an idea.” Lindsay then picks the trophy and bouquet up, carrying up the stairs the boys follow her. They watch as Lindsay sits it quietly on Angelica’s night table before quietly leaving the room, closing the door behind her.

“He’s not the only sweetheart in this house.” Dale then pulls her close, kissing her lips once again.

“Dale is right as there are two special sweethearts who missed you,” Tony adds as Lindsay smiles. “What do you say we treat you to a treat?” Tony then picks her up and carries her to the bedsroom, setting her down lightly on the bed. “I need some cheering up. I had a long day. Stupid car didn’t want to co-operate.” He then sits down beside Lindsay on the bed as he thinks back to the day in Phoenix. Tony didn’t have any luck as he ended up finishing in the teens after struggling with the handling all day. “I was hoping that you’d help me take my mind off of it.” He then wraps his arms around her, kissing her lips. “Were you okay after I left?” Lindsay shakes her head yes as Tony slips his hand underneath her shirt.

“I was worried about you when I found him in my coach after practice,” Dale admits. “But he assured me that you’d be fine as you girls had each other.” He then sits on the other side of the bed leaving Lindsay in the middle.

“We had a girls night as we watched chick flicks and ate popcorn,” Lindsay comments. “I can only imagine what you two did.” Dale and Tony both look away as Lindsay lies back, laughing. “Yep, I figured that’d happen.”

“Do you blame me?” Lindsay shakes her head no as she looks over at Tony.

“Not when you have someone as sexy as him around you.”

“Well thank you for the compliments Ms. Lindsay,” Tony comments and then lies down with her.

“You’re welcome Mr. Stewart,” she replies before reaching over and kissing his lips. “How about we help your sadness from your long day?”

“I would deeply appreciate that.” He then kisses her back as Dale rolls his eyes at the pair.

“You’re both too cute,” he comments as Lindsay looks towards him.

“You can join in if you want,” she advises, hoping that he will. She had missed both of her boys dearly, no matter how much seeing them reminded her of the pain and no matter how much they bugged her.

“Oh so now I have to be given permission? I was going to jump in whether you accepted or not, anyway. I missed you as well.”

“Then why are you lying there doing nothing?” She then rolls over, kissing his lips as Tony runs his hands underneath Lindsay’s top, slowly rolling it up and taking it off of her.

“God you’re beautiful,” Tony comments before kissing her shoulder. “You’re perfect.”

“She’s more beautiful than either of us deserve to hold in our arms,” Dale adds before taking Lindsay’s bra off as he locks lips with her once again.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that you’re right.”

“You boys are such flirts,” Lindsay comments with a laugh as the pair look at her offended.

“We meant what we said!” Tony states. “And we intend to show you how much we love and missed you.”

“He’s right as we have a special plan for you,” Dale adds as Tony unbuttons Lindsay’s pants.

“We know how to spoil you.”

“Then why aren’t you boys spoiling me yet?” She asks as Tony smiles.

“Patience lady,” he whispers as Dale looks over smiling.

“You will be spoiled in due time,” he adds as Tony slowly pulls off Lindsay’s jeans.

“Her legs are just as beautiful as her chest. So toned, so perfect.” Lindsay then instantly sits up, remembering the doctor’s words from a week ago.

“I can’t do this,” she whispers, disappointed as the boys look at her surprised.

“Shit I forgot,” Dale then comments as he realizes why, sitting up with her. Due to the miscarriage, she was advised against having any intercourse for two weeks. He then wraps both arms around her, pulling her close to him.

“That doesn’t mean we can’t spoil you still,” Tony then says as he sits up with them.

“What do you mean?” Lindsay asks confused as she looks over at Tony, noticing the smile on his face. “What are you thinking, Tony? You heard the doctor’s words.” Dale then smiles as he realizes what Tony is thinking.

“But it didn’t mean that you couldn’t suck our cocks now did it?” Dale questions as Tony smiles.

“First one naked wins first draw!” Tony announces as Dale lets go of Lindsay.

“Not fair!” She then rolls her eyes as she watches the pair of them slip out of their jeans as quick as they can.

“What did I do to get the both of you in my bedsroom together?” She asks as she watches them throw their boxers on the floor.

“I win,” Dale comments as he pulls Lindsay back close to him. “Do I get my prize sweetheart? I need you….”

“Then I shall deliver you what you so badly desire,” she whispers before kneeling down before him and taking his cock into her mouth. She then sucks the full length, slowly, before pulling back. “You just wait your turn Smoke, because I promise to make it your worthwhile. The second round is always the best.” She then takes Dale’s cock back in her mouth and sucks it gently, before beginning to suck faster and pulling him into her mouth deeper. She continues to suck his cock, gaining speed with each suck as a moan escapes his throat in the process. As she feels him harden with each lick, she feels hot cum release into her mouth, swallowing it without hesitation.

“Damn….” Tony comments as he feels himself harden as Lindsay lays back once she’s done.

“I told you it’d be worth your while to wait.”

“God you’re good,” Dale comments as he reaches down, kissing her lips. “I love you.”

“Love you too,” Lindsay replies as Dale lies back on the bed, slowly taking Tony’s top off as Lindsay runs her tongue up Tony’s leg. “I told you that it would be worth waiting. You now have us both at your disposal.” She then continues to run her tongue up his leg, starting at his knee and working to his cock, licking around it, careful not to touch. “Tastes….wonderful….” Without warning, she takes his cock into her mouth, beginning to suck the full length while Dale leans down, kissing Tony’s lips.

In the other room, Angelica slowly wakes up, rolling over as she opens her eyes. She smiles instantly when she sees the trophy sitting on the night table, noticing the bouquet of roses instantly. She then takes the note off the top, opening it with a smile.


Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’ll always love you
These words are always true

I hate that I can’t celebrate with you tonight. I wish that I was home in your arms, enjoying the sweet smell of your watermelon shampoo against my face. You’re my everything. I’d do anything for you. This win is for you so here is your gift. I can’t wait till I get home on Thursday and get to cuddle you.

I hope that things go well on Wednesday. I hate that I won’t be there, but I know that you’ll be in good hands with Dale, Rick and my special guest. The guest will be by on Tuesday, to start. Don’t worry – I don’t want you getting all dulled up or anything. Just be yourself as this person is used to it. He means a lot to you and I know that he’d understand that I am worried and want you in good hands. You’ll thank me later for this.

I love you for always…..forever. See you later this week.

Kyle, xoxo

She closes the note, placing it back on the trophy as she lies back in the bed. It hurt her to not have him in her arms that night, but the note meant the world to her. She then curls back up on the bed, both arms wrapped around his pillow as she falls back asleep with her puppy lying by her feet.



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