Making Memories for a Lifetime – Chapters 26 Thru 30


Chapter 26: Home Sweet Home

“Are you busy?” Angelica asks as she looks in the bedsroom after eating breakfast.

“No,” Lindsay answers as she looks up to see Angelica standing there. “Come in.” Angelica then walks into the room and sits on the edge of the bed as Lindsay scoots her legs out of the way. Angelica shakes her head as she looks over at her dad.

“Still sleeping? Somethings don’t change.” Lindsay laughs lightly as she sets her plate down on the night table.

“I figured I’d let him sleep in since Tony said he’d take Chelsea to school before going in to the shop for a bit. Shouldn’t you be sleeping?” Angelica shrugs her shoulders as she looks over at the person who had become more of a mother in her life over the last five years.

“I slept all last night and woke up with Kyle this morning to have breakfast and couldn’t get back to sleep.” Lindsay smiles as she thinks as to how close Kyle and Angelica have gotten.

“So he went to the shop this morning?” Angelica shakes her head yes. “Well then looks like it’s just us till sleeping beauty graces us with his presence.” Lindsay then looks down, as she thinks back to the day before and the sadness that she feels in losing the baby. Angelica notices the change, scooting closer as she closes the gap between them. “I’m so sorry Ang….” Angelica pulls Lindsay close, simply holding her. “I know how much the baby meant to you. I just wish things could be different.”

“I wish they could be too, but we can’t change them. I’m not mad at you so stop beating yourself up over it. It’ll be fine.” Angelica then rubs Lindsay’s back as she holds back her own tears. Well she spoke the words, she didn’t know if they were true as nobody could predict what could happen in the future. “You did what you could and that’s all that matters. So just relax and let yourself move forward.” Lindsay takes a careful deep breath.

“I wish it was that easy, Ang. I just keep kicking myself in the gut over it.” Lindsay then reaches up and wipes her own tears away as they hear a noise from the far end of the bed. “Uh oh….we woke the bear.” Angelica laughs as she watches her dad open his eyes and look at them. “Good morning. Feeling better?” Dale lets out a groan as he sits up, surprised to see Angelica sitting there.

“Headache is still there,” he comments as he rubs his eyes. Angelica then reaches over to the night table, tossing him the Tylenol bottle followed by a bottle of water.

“Before you ask,” Angelica tells him as he looks at her confused.

“Thanks.” He then takes a couple before sitting it down on the night table on his side of the bed. “Shouldn’t you be resting?” Angelica rolls her eyes.

“Kyle left to go to the shop for a couple of hours and I couldn’t get back to sleep so I thought I’d come see Lindsay.”

“Tony gone to the shop for a bit too?” Lindsay shakes her head yes.

“He took Chelsea to school and said he was going for a half day,” Lindsay tells him as Dale slowly sits up.

“He could’ve went for the full day,” Dale comments. “I can take care of you both.”

“You should also concentrate on resting yourself so stop fretting about us girls. We’re fine.”

“That’s why we left you sleeping,” Angelica adds as Lindsay shakes her head.

“Do you want me to go get you some breakfast?” Lindsay then asks and Dale shakes his head no. “No? You’re honestly turning down food?”

“I can get it myself,” he tells her as he gets out of bed. “You’re supposed to be relaxing.” Lindsay then rolls her eyes.

“Are you going to be like this all week?” Dale shakes his head yes as he slips on a pair of pants as Lindsay looks over at Angelica. “Save me.” Angelica laughs as she then watches Lindsay let out a slight groan. “Stupid pains.” Even though things were mostly over with regards to losing the baby yesterday, the doctor had told her there’d be some small pains in the couple of days to follow with a little bit more blood to still come. If the pains didn’t stop by mid-week, she was supposed to check in with her doctor.

“That’s why you should listen to me.”

“I’m fine.” She then lies back, not wanting to argue with him as he goes to leave the room. “It’s actually good for someone to get up and move around after what has happened, too.” Dale then looks back at her surprised. “I’m just saying!”

“I didn’t say you had to stay there all day, now did I? I just want you to be taking care of yourself.”

“And I am doing that sweetheart. Go get yourself your breakfast.”

“He’s just acting like he is because he cares about you,” Angelica comments as Dale leaves the room. “Cut him a little slack. He loves you so it causes him to sometimes go overboard. I should know.” Lindsay then smiles.

“I know, but it’s just frustrating at times,” she comments as Angelica smiles.

“I hear ya. I’m going to go grab a quick shower.” Angelica then heads out of the room as Lindsay lies there, thinking. She wanted to move forward without anymore thought, but couldn’t help being heartbroken about losing the baby or the possibility of not being able to have a second child of her own.


Chapter 27: Breaking Point

Everybody has their breaking point, even the strongest person we know. True strength is being willing to admit you’re in pain. It’s easier to not say anything at all.


Tony let out a sigh as he put the wet clothes in the dryer. It was Wednesday and the week was slowly going by.

Lindsay’s pains had subsided and she was doing better. The emotional pain was still there and it was evident to everybody. That was why Dale had dedicated to being by her side. With having received the news he’d miss at least two weeks of racing due to the concussion suffered as a result of the Daytona wreck, there was no problem in doing that. Rick had said he’d handle everything in finding a replacement driver for the two races while Kelley held down the fort at JR Motorsports.

Angelica was focused on following her doctor orders to take it easy and not push boundaries. She’d do what she could during the day, but would also relax when she had to. As a result of things with her, Kyle was only going into Stewart-Haas Racing for half days, taking Chelsea to school in the morning for Lindsay and Dale. Angelica and Kyle had their own emotions to handle too, with her fighting the cancer and the baby.

Tony was Tony. Focused on his responsibilities at SHR, picking Chelsea up from school and taking care of the bunch. That’s why he was in the middle of doing laundry when he heard the doorbell ring.

“I’ve got it!” He yelled as he hurried up the stairs. He figured it was probably Rick checking on Angelica and Dale or one of their family members. Either way, he was surprised when he opened the door and saw Kevin Harvick, Matt Kenseth and Elliott Sadler standing there. “Hey guys. Come in.” They each walked in and Tony closed the door behind him.

“We came to see how everybody was,” Kevin said as he slipped his shoes off.

“Nothing much has changed. Linday is upset and a little sore, Dale is taking care of her and doing what he has to do, Angelica is trying to be careful and taking care of her emotions and Kyle is, well, Kyle.”

“And how are you?” Tony then looks over at Kevin as he walks into the kitchen to check on dinner.

“I’m fine. Why would I be otherwise? I’m just holding down the fort.”

“Are you sure you don’t have too much responsibility on your shoulders?” After Kevin had seen Tony at the shop earlier that day, he saw some things that had him curious. That’s why he called up two of his best friends and they all headed over to see Tony and how he was.

“No, I can handle it here and Gene & Zippy have my back at the shop.”

“I just don’t want you to drain yourself out, Tony.” Tony takes a deep breath as he pushes all of his emotions to the side. He knew that Kevin was right to be worried based on everything, but that didn’t matter at that point.

“I’ll deal with it like I have always have, Kevin.” Kevin then rolls his eyes, knowing what that means with Tony.

“And how is that? Pushing it aside, not worrying about it and not caring for yourself?” Tony then pulls the chicken strips out of the oven, feeling his anger beginning to boil with Kevin.

“I have to do what has to be done. I can handle it so why don’t you just leave? If you’ve come here to hassle me about things, I don’t want to hear it!”

“Tony, we care about you and you need to see what I am saying.” Tony rolls his eyes.

“Leave Harvick. Leave before I do something that you’re going to regret me doing. I don’t need this right now.” By those words, Kevin knew he had hit the right button with Tony and the others knew it as well. “I already got enough going on.”

“Then why don’t you open up and let someone help take care of you too?” Matt then wonders out loud as Elliott walks over to Tony.

“We’re here to help you, not make you upset,” Elliott adds as Matt joins him.

“Please Tony.”

“Don’t stress yourself out.”

“Sometimes it gets to the best of us,” Kevin adds as he sees the pair of drivers are getting through to him.

“I….I don’t know what to….,” Tony voice cracks as he slips the oven mitts off, leaning against the counter to face them.

“Let it all out,” Matt tells him once again. “Tell us everything.”

“We won’t judge you,” Kevin adds as Tony shakes his head.

“There’s too much there for me even to know where to start!” Tony says as the tears start to roll down his cheeks. Kevin then pulls Tony close to him, wrapping both arms around him as Tony lets the tears loose.

“Let it go, Tony.”

“I’m upset over Lindsay and losing the baby and that she can’t have another baby……I’m so sick and worried that Angelica isn’t going to make it.”

“Everything will work out fine, Tony.”

“Kevin is right as we’re all here for all of you,” Elliott assures him.

“Why don’t we go talk and you get some rest well Elliott and Matt take care of things?” Kevin suggests, knowing Tony needs a break.

“We’ve got this,” Matt assures him as Kevin leads Tony out of the kitchen.

“I’ll get the food ready; you get the drinks,” Elliott instructs and Matt shakes his head approving. “We’ll take it up to them since they’re all having their moments.”


Chapter 28: A Much Needed Conversation

Per Kevin’s recommendation, Dale made his way out to the garage, quietly closing the door behind him to not startle the person he knew was in there. He smiled as he watched the person that he had grown to love working on his favourite hot rod, perfecting some more tweaks and the usual maintenance routine.

Dale sat back, watching without a single word for a while, only moving when he saw Tony coming out from underneath the car and looking up at him surprised.

“When did you get out here?” Tony asks curiously as he thought that he was alone. That evening per Kevin’s recommendations, he got his emotions out and spent some time relaxing. Kevin had told him after dinner to go spend his time doing something to get away as things were a-okay on the home front. “And shouldn’t be inside relaxing?” Dale rolls his eyes, seeing exactly what Kevin had talked to him about.

“Will you please stop worrying about me for a minute and worry about yourself?” Dale asks, a surprised expression showing up on Tony’s face by those words. Dale then looks down, taking a deep breath, knowing this has to be done.

“Let me guess – Kevin talked to you?” Dale shakes his head as he looks up at Tony. “Figures.” Tony then wipes his hands off on a rag and throws it up on the toolbox.

“Tony, he had a reason to talk to me and a reason that we both should be concerned with. Why didn’t you tell me how you were feeling through everything?”

“Because that’s now how I do things, Dale!” Tony then slams his fist against the toolbox, the same frustration he had earlier when things broke in front of Kevin coming back to him. Dale then stands up and walks over to where Tony is. Tony turns away and faces the wall, taking a careful deep breath. Dale then rubs Tony’s back. “Jus-”

“Let me know how you’re feeling, please.” Tony shakes his head as he bites back the tears, not willing to go through confessing it all again. “I love you and I care about you and I hate to see you hurting like this.” Tony then turns to face Dale, tears on his face as Dale shakes his head, knowing they’ve both waited too long for this moment with everything.

“When I was a kid, I’d always hide away everything, putting it to the backburner, not letting it get to me as I put the best face on that I could and kept moving.” Dale pulls Tony close to him, wrapping both arms around him.

“That’s not good for you to do, Tony. No matter what is going on, you have to understand that you can come to me and pour your emotions on me.” Dale then rubs Tony’s back as the pair of them stand there simply hugging each other. “Don’t ever feel the need to hide it again. It broke my heart when Kev came and told me. It’s been hard on us all and it will be for the next bit, but if we stick together, we can all get through it.” Dale then takes a deep back and looks at Tony in the eyes. “But that takes co-operation on your part in telling me and Lindsay when you’re hurting.” Tony then pulls Dale back close to him, holding him tightly as he buries his head in Dale’s neck. “We’re all upset about Lindsay. It kills me to hear that news.”

“I still remember the conversation you two were having the other day while I was outside with Chelsea. That’s why when I learned the news, I just couldn’t believe it.” Dale shakes his head understanding.

“I was shocked also, but I know there’s nothing that I can do. I can just hold her and be thankful for the fact that we have Angelica and we have Chelsea. And Angelica will be fine. She’s a strong girl and things are going to work out. I know it hurts to watch her go through it and I worry about her, too. Don’t let yourself worry about that alone.” Tony shakes his head understanding, not moving an inch from his current position close to Dale. “And I’ll be fine so don’t even start to worry about me buster.” Tony then shakes his head as he takes a careful shaky deep breath.

“I can’t help but worry about you because of how much you mean to me. I don’t know what I’d do without you, Dale.” Tony then kisses Dale’s cheek and Dale smiles.

“I’m not going anywhere so don’t worry about me.” Dale then moves his head so his lips meet with Tony’s and they share one of the most passionate kisses that they had shared in a long time. Tony separates, smiling, though feeling the worry still in his heart.

“I keep replaying that afternoon at Amber’s over and over in my head.” Tony then moves his hand to where the scar lies on Dale’s chest beneath his shirt. “That day I realized I could’ve lost you and I didn’t keep my promise of protecting you and it scared me worse than anything. That’s why I can’t help but put my own emotions aside and take care of you.” Dale pulls Tony back close to him, knowing more tears of coming from Tony’s eyes shortly based on his shaky breath.

“That afternoon has never left my mind either. But you can’t keep your promise to me if you’re not taking care of yourself also and letting me help with that.” Tony shakes his head understanding.

“I know you’re right.” Dale then looks into Tony’s eyes once again.

“Then please don’t do this to me again Smoke.” Tony knows by the look on Dale’s face that he can’t disappoint the person that he loves the most.


“Thank you.” Dale then kisses Tony’s lips once again and smiles. “I’ve missed our kisses.”

“I’ve missed our long nights out here playing on the cars.” Dale then realizes himself from Tony’s grasp, grabbing a wrench from the toolbox with a smile on his face. “That’s not what I meant, Dale.” Dale then sets the wrench back down in the toolbox.

“Are you saying that Smoke is missing something else? Will he give me a clue?” Tony then laughs as he pulls Dale close to him, kissing his lips once again. As he continues to push his lips against Dale’s, he pushes him back against the Camaro that sits in the garage and on the hood. “God damn….” Dale then runs his hands underneath Tony’s shirt, knowing that this was the perfect medicine to heal the wounds. “I forgot all about this.” Tony laughs as he runs his hands underneath Dale’s shirt, slipping it off as he kisses Dale’s shoulder. “You’re not patient tonight either.” Dale then follows suit slipping Tony’s shirt off. “I love you.” Tony then traces his finger tip along the scar that lies where the bullet hit.

“I’m not losing you!” Angelica yells as she grabs hold of her dad’s hand. “If we go down, we go down together.” Dale then shakes his head, taking a deep breath.

“No, we don’t. It’s my fault for dating her. It’s my fault for bringing her into our lives. Just go, now.”

“Two for one? Yay!” Amber comments with a laugh. She then pulls back the trigger, smile crossing her face. “I only dated you because of you were.”

“I don’t care about that now,” Dale tells her as he looks up at her. “Just don’t kill our daughter.”

“Duck!” Tony yells as he swings a broom handle, hitting Amber square in the head, knocking her down. though as she goes down, her hand pulls back the trigger, sending a bullet off, hitting Dale.

“Dad!” Angelica yells as Dale falls back, Angelica wrapping her arms around him. She then kneels down, immediately placing pressure on the wound.

“Dale?” Tony says as he runs down the steps, joining Angelica.

“No no….don’t do this to us. We need you damn it!”

“Stay with us, buddy.”

“I lov…” Dale lets out as his eyes slowly close.

Tony snaps his mind out of the flashback, holding back the tears in his eyes, thankful for each day that passes by that Dale is still there with him.

“I love you too, more than you’ll know,” Tony replies as he kisses Dale’s cheek.

“Let your mind escape what you’re thinking,” Dale whispers in Tony’s ear before nibbling on it a little. “Let your mind have the night that we need together to get back that passion we originally had for each other.” Tony then smiles, loving the feeling of Dale’s teeth on his ear.

“God I’ve missed this more than you’ll know.” Dale then smiles as he continues to nibble on Tony’s ear, glad to have his Smoke back. He just hoped that Tony kept to his promise from here on out.


Chapter 29: Leaving for Phoenix

“I’m going to miss you this weekend,” Tony says as he pulls Dale close to him, kissing his lips. It was Thursday night and Tony was ready to head off to Phoenix with Kyle for the weekend’s race. Dale had stated that he’d stay home with Lindsay and Angelica based on everything that had happened the past week.

“I’m going to miss you also,” Dale says as he kisses Tony back.

“Take care of them and take care of yourself. I’ll keep an eye on Kyle.” Dale shakes his head understanding.

“You have my word, but also, take care of yourself too.”

“I will. I’ll keep my promise to you. I love you.” Tony pulls Dale back close to him. “Oh, who’d Rick get to drive your car this weekend?” Dale smiles at the thought.

“Burton’s son Harrison.” Tony shakes his head, understanding it to be Jeff Burton’s son Harrison. He knew Harrison was into his second year of Nationwide Series racing, having won rookie of the year the previous season. It seemed like a perfect fit since he was the current points leader. “It’s a fine choice by me since we know he’ll be clean.”

“He’s a lot like his dad which is a good thing. I’m glad that Rick could work something out.” Dale shakes his head agreeing as Lindsay walks over.

“Shouldn’t you and Kyle be gone already?” Lindsay wonders out loud as Tony laughs.

“I’m waiting on the kid,” he comments, pointing upstairs. He knew that Kyle was upstairs with Angelica and there was no secret that goodbye could take a while.

“Well why don’t you march your ass up there and tell him you’re waiting? He should know that it’s time to leave.”

“We have time so I’m not worried, Lindsay.” She rolls her eyes as Tony wraps an arm around her. “Plus, it gives me time to spend more time with you and Dale.” He then kisses Lindsay’s lips. “I’ll miss you this weekend.”

“You going to pull the same routine on her as you did with me?” Dale asks crossing his arms.

“And what was that routine?” Lindsay asks as she faces Tony, kissing his lips back.

“Total make-out session, sappy words and promises. Nothing like the Tony that you’re used to.” Lindsay laughs as she wraps both arms around Tony’s waist.

“I don’t have a problem with that at all. As a matter of fact, if they’re busy doing what they’re doing, then why are we just standing there?” She then reaches up, kissing Tony’s lips once again with more passion behind the kiss.

“Should I go get Kyle?” Tony shakes his head no as he pulls Dale close to him and Lindsay. “Why’s that?”

“Because I need my kiss-” Tony starts, though is cut off when Lindsay kisses his lips once again as Dale smiles. They then separate, only for Dale to take Tony’s lips over with his own.

“So you want some love before you go?” Dale asks as Tony looks at him with pleading eyes. “Shall we princess?” Dale then wraps both arms around Tony, slipping his hands underneath Tony’s shirt. “He is asking for it.”

“Only cause it was suggested.” They both then laugh as Dale slips off Tony’s shirt, before Lindsay’s returns her lips to Tony’s. “Damn I feel so spoiled. How did I get this lucky?”

“Woah…okay….” Kyle interrupts as he walks down the stairs, looking at them. Angelica, who is following him, shakes her head laughing.

“So that’s what happens when we’re not home,” she comments as Kyle laughs.

“We just wanted to say goodbye the right way,” Lindsay says as she looks up at the pair.

“Satisfying your needs so you can survive the weekend Tony?” Tony slips his shirt back on while facing her shocked.

“You can admit it in front of us,” Kyle adds as Tony rolls his eyes. “He’s chicken now.”

“Guys…” Lindsay warns as she faces them. She then pulls Kyle into a hug. “Be careful this weekend.”

“I’ll keep my eye on him,” Tony says as he looks over at Kyle.

“You also be careful too,” Angelica comments before hugging Tony.

“I will.”

“Good.” She then lets go, letting Tony return to Lindsay’s arms.

“Remember her words,” Lindsay instructs and Tony shakes his head.

“Good luck Kyle,” Dale says as he and Kyle face each other. Everybody then trades goodbye and Tony and Kyle head out to catch their ride.

“Have fun this weekend you two!” Dale then closes the door, turning back to Angelica.

“You take it easy this weekend,” he tells her and she rolls her eyes.

“Listen to your father,” Lindsay adds before walking past her to go find Chelsea. Dale then pulls Angelica into a hug.

“I’m only telling you that because I worry about you.” He then kisses her forehead. “I don’t need to repeat last weekend.” He then lets her go. “Oh, did Kyle tell you about the fact that he won’t be home till Wednesday night?” Angelica shakes her head yes.

“Something about some appearance that he has to do,” Angelica replies and Dale shakes his head, remembering what Tony had told him already.

“Sponsorship appearances,” Dale says. “Tony told me about the schedule already.”

“Well don’t let it worry you. Kyle said that he has someone special coming over to make sure I’m behaving next week.” Dale then looks at Angelica, curiously. “He didn’t tell me who though. Guess it’ll be a surprise for us both.”

“I guess. I trust his judgment so I wouldn’t worry about it. Oh, I am coming with you on Wednesday, okay?” Angelica shook her head, understanding. She had her first appointment for the beginning of the chemo in hopes to get rid of the rest of cancer that day. “Rick said that he’d probably come by and see you, too.”

“Okay. That’s fine.”

“Remember what I said.” Dale then heads off to go see what Lindsay and Chelsea were up to.

“How can I forget when you’re saying that everytime you see me?” She then rolls her eyes, heading back upstairs. She just wanted to be through it and done with it so she could move on and start enjoying the life she knew once again. Not being at the track this weekend with Kyle was going to be torture.


Chapter 30: Phoenix

“I don’t know…it’s loose…it’s tight…’s just a mess,” Tony comments as he sits on one of the tires in the garage area. Steve Addington comes and sits beside him, seeing the frustration in his voice.

“You’re going to need to be more exact,” Steve says in a calm voice as Tony rolls his eyes.

“Haven’t I given you enough feedback this practice for you to fix it?” Immediately as the words leave his mouth, he looks over at his crew chief and then looks away, shaking his head. He knew by his behavior that everything was getting to him again. He had to get it out of his mind for the next three days. He had to focus on the task at hand and winning the race. That was goal and that was what his mind had to focus towards. “Fuck, I’m sorry. It’s just frustrating.” Tony then runs his hands through his hair, as he thinks back to the discussion he had earlier that week with Dale. It had helped some, but not totally. The emotions were there and he knew they wouldn’t disappear overnight. “That last run it was loose in one, but tight in three. It felt better the run before that, though. So work with that somehow. Let’s just try and get it to where I can qualify in the top 10.” Steve shakes his head, understanding. “Oh, and sorry if I about bit your head off at all this practice. I just have a lot on my mind.” Steve then rubs Tony’s back as he looks down.

“I know and you don’t worry. I’ll figure it out. You just try and keep yourself in check this weekend.” Steve then stands up and heads to where the crew is, ready to talk adjustments. Tony watches as Steve talks with the crew guys and then heads off to go find one of their teammates.

“You okay?” Tony hears and looks up to see Kevin standing there.

“Yeah I’ll be fine,” Tony says as he sits back a bit as Kevin sits on the tire beside him.

“Want to talk?” Tony shakes his head no, knowing that he didn’t want to go into details with Kevin ,even if he was his best friend.

“Not right now.”

“Tony, remember what we talked about earlier this week….” Tony then lets out a frustrated sigh as he looks away from Kevin.

“I remember and know that you’re right, but I don’t want to talk about it with you right now.”

“You’re just making it worst.”

“I can’t make it better so why even try? It won’t be fine till everything is fine!” Kevin then rubs Tony’s back a little as he knows that Tony is starting to open up to him once again.

“It’s going to take some time for that, but it will be Tony.” Tony shakes his head, knowing otherwise. He saw the look on Lindsay’s face when she received the news. It was heart wrenching and that was something that you couldn’t fix.

“You don’t understand, Kevin.”


“How would you like it if Delana was told that she could never ever have a baby no matter how much she wanted another one? Let that soak in and then come see me!” Tony then stands up and heads off as Kevin sits there, shaking his head. He knew it was going to be a long weekend.

Kevin looks down the garage area and sees Kyle standing there talking with his crew chief Ron Malec as they debrief how the car was in practice. He could only hope that things stayed on track with him this weekend.

“So I’ve got where it you want it?” Ron asks and Kyle shakes his head.

“Best I have ever had a car here,” Kyle answers as they look at the speed chart and see that Kyle was second in practice to Carl.

“So you think I should leave it for qualifying?” Kyle shakes his head as he looks back at Ron.

“I just don’t see how you can make it any better. I have no complaints.”

“Then we’ll leave it as it is.” Kyle shakes his head in agreement as he watches Matt join them.

“Nice lap there,” Matt comments and Kyle smiles.

“Thanks,” Kyle answers. “We’re still cool for Tuesday right?” Matt shakes his head, remembering the deal that they had made since Kyle was going to be away at an appearance. “Good to hear. I haven’t told her that you’re coming though. It should be a good surprise. I hope it lightens her mood.”

“I hope it does too as I care about her, Kyle. Maybe I’ll bring Kaylin and Grace with me for some laughs.” Kyle smiles, knowing how much Angelica loved Matt’s little girls. It was one of the reasons why Angelica wanted to have a daughter of her own one day. “Keep up the good work this weekend. I’m sure if you’re able to win that’ll help too.”

“That’s the plan.”

“Good because I may spoil it.”

“Now you wouldn’t do that would you?” Matt laughs as Ron walks away to the crew. “That’d be mean. I thought you wanted me to win.”

“I do, but I want myself to win more. Nice to see you smiling, Kyle.” Matt then heads off as Kyle leans back against the pit box. He was happy about how the car was – it was perfect. But it didn’t change what was going on at home, as he let out a sigh, knowing that getting through the weekend without worrying about her would be a challenge.


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