Like Father, Like Daughter – Chapters 36 Thru 40


Chapter 36: Video

~*~ Friday Afternoon ~*~

“Shit!” Ron swore outloud as Kyle wrapped his arms around Angelica.

“Why the hell is that video playing up there?” Kyle asked as he looked at Ron. “And who the hell gave her access to the video control board?” Kyle then rubbed Angelica’s back, knowing that it wasn’t something none of them wanted to see on the big screen at Charlotte. “Are you okay?” She shook her head no, burying her head in his shoulder as he kept her held there. “It’s going to be okay.”

“You keep her….I’m going to find the rest of them.” Ron then hurried off down pit road, not carrying about qualifying at that very moment as he was in search of Tony, Dale and Lindsay. Ron made his way to the other end of pit road, finding Steve as they all were surprised.

Thankfully, only a minute of the video was played, but it was still a minute too much. Instead of striking with what would hurt the least first, she had struck with what would hurt the most. It was the video of what happened five years ago when Jeff, for whatever reason out of jealousy, attacked Dale in the bedsroom. It was the video that Tony had taken in hopes of having proof.

“Tony and Lindsay took off with Dale as soon as he brought the car in,” Steve told Ron as he knew who Ron was looking for.

“Kyle has Angelica,” Ron stated as he shook his head. “I don’t get it.”

“You don’t get what?”

“Why would Amber do this to them? She is Angelica’s mother for pete sakes! Nothing makes sense, Steve.” Steve wrapped an arm around Ron as he thought those words over. He had tried to make sense of it himself way too many times, but nothing about it made sense.

“I hear ya.” Ron then glanced over as they saw the confused looks on everybody’s faces. He knew at that moment that things had been turned into a mess with what the fans and media had both seen. There was no escaping it now. “Listen, whatever the reason, we just got to be there for them all. That’s all we can do.” Ron shook his head in agreement as they headed back to the motorcoach lot. Ron had texted Kyle letting him know to join them.

A series of text messages had already gone out via Laura, the team’s PR person, stating that she’d try to handle things the best way possible. For now, it was advised that they just kept quiet.

“I hope they caught the bitch up there,” Steve states as they continue their walk together.

“I hope someone shot her with a taser, or worse,” Ron added as Steve shook his head in agreement.

“It wouldn’t still be enough to pay for what she has done. You can’t make up for that.” They then walked all the way to the motorcoach lot and to Dale’s coach where Rick was sitting outside. Rick had made his way there when he heard that Dale was there with Lindsay and Tony to check on him. However, after some assurance from Tony, he had agreed to let them handle it.

“Just go back to the trailers and coach the teams,” Rick instructed. “Tony and Lindsay have him inside and Kelley took Chelsea to go play with Karsyn and Kennedy.”

“How is he?” Steve asked, cautiously, concerned.

“How do you think someone would be after seeing something like that displayed to the public?” Rick then looked back down and took a deep breath. “It hurt a lot to not only once again see it and bring back those memories, but to have it shown like it was.”

“He doesn’t deserve this after everything. Have you heard anything about Amber?”

“I think we should go worry about the teams and do our jobs as we wait out the storm,” Ron suggested as he knew that things were a big enough mess with them not being in the garage taking care of their end of the deal. “Rick, let us know when you know something that we should know.”

“Kyle has Angelica over at his motorcoach,” Steve added before the pair of them walked away.

“I want to kill the bitch.” Steve then looked over at Ron surprised. “What? I’m done with the bullshit, Steve.”


Chapter 37: Feelings

~*~ Friday Afternoon ~*~

Inside the hauler, Tony and Lindsay sat on either side of Dale, just wanting to be there to comfort him. Neither could fully grasp what he was probably feeling with regards to what had happened. However, they both knew that it did sting a little seeing what they had seen and wanted to be there.

“Are you going to be okay?” Lindsay asked as she rubbed Dale’s back. “Dale? You know that they didn’t see much and it won’t be as bad as you are probably thinking.”

“Lindsay, just give him some quiet space,” Tony suggested as he remembered the late nights with Dale.

“I’ll be fine – I just can’t believe that everybody saw that!” Dale said as he stood up, shaking his head. “That’s something that’s personal that nobody is supposed to ever see!” Lindsay shook her head in agreement, knowing she felt sick a little seeing it. She had known about what was going on with Dale and Jeff, but never did see it herself.

“But they didn’t see much – be thankful for that,” Lindsay told him. “They only saw a glimpse, not enough to fully stomach anything. Everybody will understand that it’s not an easy moment for you, and they’ll just forget about it babes. Let’s try to not think about it and think about the car that you’ve got for this weekend’s race.”

Tony could see that Lindsay was trying her best, but could also see by the look on Dale’s face that it wasn’t helping as he left them and headed towards the back of the motorcoach.

“What are we supposed to do?” Lindsay asked as she looked over at Tony. “What can we say to make him feel better? I hate seeing him like this!”

“Just let me go help him, okay?” Tony suggested as he knew from experience what his baby would want. He then stood up and headed to the back, walking into the bedsroom as he saw Dale lying on the bed. “Babes, do you want to talk about it?” Tony then saw on the edge of the bed, looking up at Dale, reminding himself of that one late night together. “Or do you just want me to hold you? Tell me what you want, Dale.”

“I just never wanted to have this happen!” Dale says as the tears begin to fall down his face. “It’s not fair, Tony! We were finally past that and enjoying life together with Lindsay and Chelsea.”

“I know, and we’re going to get back to that and enjoy it Dale.” Dale then looked down at Tony.

“How?” Dale then wiped the tears off as he looked back down at the bed. He then stood up and walked into the bathroom.

“Dale?” Tony then followed him, curious as Lindsay sat on the couch watching.

“I’m going to be sick at the thought of this.” Tony sat on the edge of the tub, ready to be there for comfort as he watched Dale just let go of everything he had inside of him. Tony rubbed his back without further word, not knowing what to do.

“Feel better?” Dale shook his head yes as he sat on the floor, leaning back against Tony’s legs.

“I just can’t believe everybody saw that, Tony.” He then laid his back on Tony’s lap as Tony reached down, kissing Dale’s lips.

“I know. I can’t believe that she would even stoop that low either. I’d like to know why she is doing it.” Dale then shook his head, not able to think of anything. They were sweethearts, lovers. The break-up had been a little rocky, but nothing too extreme. When she had come to him with Angelica, nothing had gone wrong with that either as she seemed relieved.

“I can’t think of any reason, Tony. I thought things were fine between us once she dropped Angelica off that day. I thought maybe I’d see her when she wanted to check on her daughter, but nothing like this.” Tony rubbed Dale’s shoulders, knowing that he was going to do anything in his power to get back at Amber for what she had done, and protect his baby.

“Well she’ll pay for what she did, babes.” Dale then turned to face Tony, kissing his lips.

“I can always trust you to be here for me.” Dale then stood up, wiping his face with a wash cloth as Tony just sat there. “Just promise me you’ll take it somewhat easy on her. I don’t think I could live with you locked up somewhere.” Tony then laughed slightly as he watched Dale leave the bathroom, hearing a knock at the door.

“He promises he is here on good terms and Jimmie is with him saying that he promises it is that way,” Tony heard Rick explaining to Lindsay as he walked through the motorcoach.

“I don’t want him anywhere near us,” Lindsay stated, standing her ground. She wasn’t ready to go back down that road again.

“Just hear him out, please. He wants to explain things.”

“Who are you talking about?” Dale then asked as he reached them, his jaw dropping when he saw the person standing behind Rick. What was he doing here? “No, she’s right. He can go! Why isn’t he locked up somewhere?”

“Just let him explain things,” Rick told Dale as he tried to find the comfortable ground between the pair. He hated to do this himself, but after hearing out everything, he was willing to make the next move.


Chapter 38: Person At The Door

~*~ Friday Afternoon ~*~

“Please Dale?” Jimmie begs as he focuses his eyes on Dale, hoping for the answer that he was waiting for. “There’s more that you need to know.” Dale focused his eyes on the person alongside Jimmie, not letting his eyes leave that person. How could he be standing there? Wasn’t he supposed to be locked up with the key thrown away? Why was he standing there? It just didn’t make sense with what was going on with Amber.

“I’m sorry for what I did to you,” Jeff apologizes as the pair lock eyes together.

“Why isn’t he locked in jail?” Lindsay then asks, reading the minds of everyone standing there, outside of Jeff and Jimmie.

“He’s out on a one-day escape to see the kids and to tell you this after it was revealed today,” Jimmie explains as Tony looks towards Jeff curiously. What was revealed beyond the tape? “He never meant what he did, but kept quiet because of one person that I’m sure you both know of. I’ve always known the truth, but he told me to keep shut. He did what he did because Amber had his hands tied at that point. It was either do that, or she’d go after Ingrid and the kids.” Dale took it in, not believing the words that he was hearing. He knew Amber was crazy, but not as crazy as this. Not as crazy to force someone into doing what Jeff did with a threat like that. Not as crazy to show a video that she showed.

“I’m going to be sick again,” Dale lets out as he runs back through the motorcoach, kneeling over the toilet as he throws up. Seeing Jeff before him, locking eyes, thinking back to what had happened, it brought the memories back, memories that he didn’t want to tackle ever again.

“It’s your job to deal with your girlfriend and keep her from knowing.” Jeff then went into the dresser that he had always gone before from previous knowledge, taking out the one thing that he knew he needed. “I’m sure she’d understand you not wanting to have sex after everything that has happened.” With bare back exposed, Jeff gave the belt a flick, sending him smacking against Dale’s back as Dale let out a scream. “The pain doesn’t get old.” Dale closed his eyes, not wanting to think about it as he felt the belt go against his back not once, twice, but about seven times. He didn’t want to count it, didn’t want to feel it, but knew it was hitting him by the searing pain it left each time. Each smack caused a scream to leave his throat, in hopes that it’d be easier to deal with the pain he faced. After realizing for a couple minutes that there’d be nothing, he opened his eyes in hopes that Jeff would be gone. But seeing Jeff’s shadow cast over him, he knew that wasn’t the case.

“You need to leave soon. The girls will be hom-”

“Don’t lie to me, Earnhardt.” Dale let out a sigh, hoping that would have been his way out as he knew that Jeff wanted to keep this between only them. He knew that he’d need a bit of time before they got back to compose his own emotions so they didn’t know anything was up. “Anyways, I have a specia-”

“Can’t we save it for another time, please?” Fingers meeting the back of neck, moving slowly down his back in a smooth fashion, Dale knew the answer to the question was a no as Jeff was setting him up for what was sure to be the worst pain ever. “You know I can’t take when you do that so just please, don’t.” Jeff then smiled as Dale’s pleads as it just egged him on more, wanting to inflict the pain in hopes it’d be enough warning to keep things quiet.
In an instant, the soft touch turned into a nightmare as Jeff thrusted himself inside of Dale’s rectum, pushing up inside quickly and forcefully.

“Relax and have fun with this,” Jeff pleaded as he kept pushing himself inside, deeper each time as he heard the cries. “You know you’ve missed these long sexual nights. I bring you a pleasure that nobody else can.”

“Dale….” Dale hears and looks up, before turning back to the toilet and throwing up again. He didn’t even want to catch a glimpse towards Jeff. “She was telling me to do all those things…swore she’d kill the kids. I couldn’t take that thought. I’m sorry. I feel terrible for what I did. I hate it because we were such good friends. I told them once I heard about the video, delivered some evidence towards it, and they let me out for the day. I know it’ll never make up for what I did, but I had to tell you the truth.” Jeff then leans against the door frame as Dale keeps his eyes focused forward, not even glancing Jeff’s direction. “I want to help you catch her. I want to put an end to this bullshit for once and all. I may know where she is – or at least where she was before. Maybe it’ll help.” Dale glances towards Jeff, curious by those words. If there was anything left to do, it’d be kicking Amber’s ass.

“Where is that?” Dale asks as Jeff pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket. He tosses it Dale’s direction as Dale looks at the address.

“That’s where she was staying when I was in contact with her before. She got her hands on me and forced things after an event I attend with Ingrid. I’m so sorry, Dale, for everything that has happened to you, Lindsay and Angelica.” Dale slowly stood up, splashing his face with cold water, trying to wash away the feelings he had. He glanced at the address once more, thinking of what to do in that moment. Does he allow the cops to pay her the visit, or does he do it himself? “I haven’t given the cops that bit of information yet as I wanted you to have it first. It’s up to you from now on.” Dale shook his head as he left the bathroom and walked through the motorcoach, fumbling the paper in his hands as he thought over his options.

If the cops went there, simply she’d be arrested and it’d be over. If he went there, he could give her a taste of her own medicine and find out her motive for what she had done. However, there was the chance that she could go after him.

“Tony!” He called out, knowing that if he was going to see her, he’d take Tony with him. That way if something happened, he would have Tony there to help.

Jeff stood back, watching Dale and Tony converse their thoughts. They were perfect together. If Dale was meant to be with someone, Tony was that person. He wished that they could go back in time, have things the way they were before. Everybody as friends, yet with Dale and Tony together. He knew that no matter what happened from here on out, Dale would never totally accept Jeff’s apology or want to be around him. It’d just be a reminder of the memories.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Tony asked Dale as Dale explained the plan that he had on his mind. Tony didn’t mind it at all, himself, as he wanted to kick her ass also for what she had done.

“What’s going on?” Rick asked as he looked over at the pair.

“We’re going to pay someone a visit,” Dale said simply before him and Tony headed outside together.

“You’re not going to see Amber, are you?” Tony then shook his head yes as they climbed in Dale’s car.

“Do you want me to call the cops?” Lindsay asked and the boys shook their head no. They both wanted some time alone with her first.

“Just take care of Angelica and Chelsea and we’ll be back soon,” Tony told them before he and Dale pulled away.

“I’m going to go check on Chelsea since I know Kyle has Angelica.” Rick shook his head yes as they watched Lindsay head off.

“What did you give him?” Jimmie asked as he looked over at Jeff, curious. “What was on that piece of paper?” Rick then looks at Jeff, also curious.

“An address,” Jeff answers simply as he smiles.

“Amber’s address?” Rick asks and Jeff shakes his head. “No wonder they were off quickly.”

“She deserves to feel his anger after everything.”


Chapter 39: Kyle and Angelica

So here’s our Angelica and Kyle interlude before we find out the rest of the story on Amber and the address…….

As much as I’d like the past not to exist
It still does
And as much as I’d like to feel like I belong here
I’m just as scared as you
—Lost in Paradise by Evanescence“Are you okay?” Kyle asks as they sit together on the couch.

“I just can’t believe that she’d do that to him,” Angelica answers as she shakes her head in disbelief.

“I can’t believe it either.” Kyle then wraps an arm around her, pulling her close, trying to comfort her. He didn’t know what to say as he couldn’t imagine the feelings that were probably going through her mind. However, he knew that she needed someone to be there for her. “Atleast your dad has Tony and Lindsay. And as for you, you have me.” She then smiles as he brushes her hair out of her face. “I promised you that day that I would take care of you and I’m not going back on my promise. I told you the truth when I said that you were special. I’m glad that we crossed paths that day.” She then shakes her head as she thinks back to that meeting in the care center after the wreck.

“I guess in a way I am glad that we wrecked together.” Kyle then laughs, slightly. “I want to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me, Kyle. It means a lot.”

“That’s cause you mean a lot to me, Angelica.” He then leans in to kiss her lips and she accepts, allowing him to brush his lips against hers lightly. He then deepens the kiss ever so slowly, wanting to be careful with everything that’s happened. He wraps his arm around her, pulling her close carefully, as he twirls his tongue with hers. She accepts easily, not believing the passion behind it as she can’t believe the level of passion behind it.

“That was wonderful…”

“I told you that I cared about you.” She smiles as she reaches in for another kiss, wanting to feel his lips against hers. He obliges, kissing her once again, glad that they finally found the love that he saw before. He goes to run his hand under her shirt, when she grabs it.

“I can’t do that….” She then pulls herself away from him as she looks down, feeling bad. She wants to have the passion with Kyle. However, there are still thoughts in her mind of her past, the pain that was caused. She knows that Kyle won’t hurt her, but can’t bring herself to accept the moment.

“I’m sorry.” Kyle looks down, feeling bad. He knew from day one that he’d have to take it slow, however it felt right with the passion that she was showing him. Seeing the heartbreak on his face, she takes his hand in hers, looking at him in the eyes.

“Don’t be upset; I’m not mad at you. It’s just that I’m going to have to take this slow with you.” Kyle shakes his head.

“I understand. I should’ve known that.”

“It’s okay – I’m not mad.” He then smiles as he kisses her lips.

“Am I free to kiss you all the time? I don’t think I could pull myself away from your lips?” She then laughs.

“You can kiss me all day and all night because I don’t think I can pull myself away from that. You taste too good.” She then goes to kiss him, yet again. “How did I get so lucky to know someone like you? I’m surprised some girl hasn’t swept you off of your feet ye-”

“Some girl ha-”

“Oh really? Who?” He then smiles.

“You, my darling.”

“Oh how sweet of you.”

“How are you feeling, anyway? I thought you were supposed to be taking it easy with your injuries. Isn’t that what the doctor told you?” Angelica then rolled her eyes as she laid back on Kyle’s legs.

“What’s the fun in that?” Kyle shakes his head as he hears a knock at the door. Angelica sits up, curious as to who it could be. Could one of the crew members be looking for Kyle? Has someone came to check on Angelica after everything?

“I better get that.” Kyle then stands up and walks over to the door.

“If they’re coming to get me, I’m not leaving you tonight.” Kyle then smiles as she blows him a kiss while lying back down on the couch. “Oh, but I will need your Tylenol supply.”

“I told you that you should have been relaxing.” Angelica rolls her eyes as Kyle opens the door.


Chapter 40: The Address

Dale pulled up the long driveway, shutting the car off as he looked over at Tony. Tony looked over, seeing the anger written on Dale’s face as he watched Dale fumble with the paper in his hands. He didn’t know what they were getting into, but he knew that either way, they had each other’s back.

Dale looked down, staring at the writing, before looking back at the house. A wave of confusion was thrown over him as he looked at the house, taking his mind back to seeing Jeff just hours earlier. The sickness he felt then as the memories flashed returned. He thought over the long nights, the hard core reality of what had taken place, and wondered whether or not he was doing the right thing. Was Jeff someone to trust? Or was something else going on?

“You alright?” Tony asks as he looked towards the house. “Tell me what you’re thinking.”

“I don’t know if I should trust him Tony,” Dale answers as he looks back up at the house.

“I don’t blame you for saying that. You know better than either of us what has happened and what could be ahead. You know yourself what he did to you. I can’t tell you whether or not you should trust him. That’s up to you to decide.” Dale shook his head as he knew that Tony was right in those words.

“Well, we drove our ass out here so we might as well go see the bitch either way.” Dale then climbs out of the car, closing the door behind him. Tony follows suit, looking over the roof at Dale before turning to the house.

“Why do I have a feeling that we should turn back? Something just doesn’t feel right. It just doesn’t seem like a place that she’d have.” Tony then walked to the front of the car, trying to get a peek through a window to catch a glimpse of her. He looked over at Dale, trying to read what his lover was thinking, before turning back to the house. He watched the curtain move slightly, seeing a head look out. Dale focused his eyes on the movement, seeing the male…..short brown hair, piercing eyes. “That’s not Amb-”

“What the hell is that asshole doing out of jail?” Dale knew right away as he saw the person who it was. It was Ashton. How had he escaped? His memory flashed to seeing Jeff – Jimmie’s story about a day escape. It just didn’t make sense at all. They didn’t let criminals out for a day to roam free. He felt his stomach flip as he realized the three girls of his life were at the track right now without him, with Jeff there. “Tony, something is wron-”

“Talk to me babes.” Dale then shook his head as he leaned on the hood. With being spotted, Ashton knew he was there. There was no sign as to if Amber was in the house, but there was no sneaking either. Nothing was feeling right about this anymore. Tony then looked over at Dale, seeing the look on Dale’s face. “What is going on?”

“Ashton and Jeff out of jail…..Amber escaping the police……this just doesn’t feel right at all, Tony.” Tony knew by those words the worry that Dale was feeling as he walked over to Dale’s side. He felt that worry building, just hoping that if something went down back at the track, the right people would stop it.

“What do you want to do?” Tony looked back towards the house as he saw two eyes fixed on them, wanting to walk over and punch them out. “Do we go see Ashton or do we head back to make sure Jeff is behaving?”

Without a word, Dale knew what he had to do. If Jeff tried something, there were plenty of people to stop him. Though where they were, this was maybe his one shot to find out some answers and get to the bottom of Amber’s behavior. He then walked towards the house, Tony following suit, both ready for answers.


Kyle opened the door, stepping back as he saw Jeff standing there. Shock went through his mind, not understanding how this man could be there.

“Where is the princess?” Jeff asked as he pushed Kyle’s back, causing Angelica to look over their way.

“Get out of here!” Angelica yelled as she stood up, freaked out. “You should be locked up somewhere!” She then stood up, taking steps backward, trying to put as much distance as she could between herself and Jeff. There were nightmares in her mind, still, as she remembered the months that he came over and everything that happened. She thought back to that night that she had helped Dale when Lindsay had ran away.

She walked in the bathroom, sitting on the edge of the bathtub, looking at her father who sat there on the floor crying. She didn’t know what to do. She felt so afraid and so much pain in seeing him like this. “Tony is on his way over.”

“You called him?” Dale asked as he felt a hand rub his back lightly.

“You need him Dad,” she replied. “You can’t keep doing this every night.” She then scootched onto the floor beside him, continuing to rub his back as he looked towards her. It was enough for him to be going through what he was going through. But to know that his daughter knew was another fright in itself.

“You need to go back to be-”

“I’m not moving till Tony gets here.” He looked towards her, pulling her close into a hug, loving the comforting feeling of her just being there.

“Thank you.”

“I love you, Daddy. I hate to see you like this.” He looked down, letting himself vomit some more as he had yet to shake the memories. She then stood up, wetting a wash cloth, before sitting back down and wiping his face, trying to do something to help. He let her as tears filled his eyes, now knowing that she knew exactly how he felt.

“Let me get to her!” Angelica heard yelled, breaking her out of her thoughts as she saw Kyle pushing Jeff back towards the door.

“You’re not touching her, ever,” Kyle yelled in return as he pushed back against Jeff.

“You should be in jail!” Angelica yelled as she pulled her phone out, texting everyone she could think of. She knew they could get there before any authorities could with being in the motorcoach lot.

“Looks like I am not in jail,” Jeff replies as he gives Kyle a shove, sending him straight back into the wall. “Now come see me. I promise to not hurt you. I would never hurt you.” Jeff then walked up the steps of the motorcoach, facing Angelica as she stood in the kitchen.

“I will never believe a word out of your mouth so don’t even try me.” She then grabbed the first knife she saw, holding it up, ready to use it for self-defense if needed. She peaked at her phone, seeing a flash of text messages in reply – none from Dale and Tony as both had left their phones in the car. However, there were many others. “Plus, you’re going to pay for what you’ve done and are doing now. Get ready for your ass to be kicked by many.”

“You won’t get away with this Jeff,” Kyle said as he slowly got up.

“Be careful Kyle,” Angelica said as she kept the knife pointed in Jeff’s direction. “I can take care of his ass anyday. It’s time that he gets the payback for what he did.”

“Easy Ang….”

“Do you honestly have the guts to do it though?” Jeff asked as he took a couple steps closer to her. “And can you do it before I lay a hand on you? ‘Cause sweetie, I know how to mess you, just like I did your dad.”

“Go ahead and try me,” Angelica dared.

“Jeff, get away from her!” A new voice then chimed in as Ron Malec made his way into the motorcoach.


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