Like Father, Like Daughters – Chapters 21 Thru 25


Chapter 21: Angelica

Mooresville, North Carolina – Post All-Star Race

Kyle and Ron followed Ricky through the halls of the hospital to the private waiting room. To keep media out and from bugging and others from bugging on top of that, the hospital had set them up in their own waiting room while they waited to be able to see Angelica.

“She was complaining of her back and side hurting when Danica and I found her,” Ricky explained to them. “Doctors haven’t given us an update yet.” Kyle and Ron shook their head as they sat down in the room, glancing over quickly at Dale, Tony and Lindsay.

Dale sat there, eyes focused on the floor, not believing what had happened. This wasn’t like his daughter at all. Nothing was adding up. Then hearing that there had been issues with Ashton and Angelica and that Kyle was her confident, it just added more confusion to the mess. If it wasn’t for his current worry for his daughter, he’d be finding Ashton and kicking his butt after hearing he was sleeping with some random girl.

“What happened to cause it?” Ron asked, curiously, breaking the silence.

“The transporter driver that was at the scene said she was driving all over the road and came across his lane,” Danica explained. “Contact was made and it flipped her truck into the ditch. The transporter driver that she made contact with – Roush Fenway’s No. 99.”

“Oh crap!” Kyle swore outloud as he kept his eyes focused on Dale. They knew that she would probably be okay as Danica and Ricky had talked to her at the scene, while waiting for the ambulance. However, he wanted to tell the other details that needed to be known. “This isn’t going to be pretty, no matter how you look at it.”

They all then watched Dale stand up and walk to the other end of the room, looking out the window. His mind was in a blur of confusion, debating what made her do what she did. It just didn’t make sense, espically after winning her first race. Why would she run away looking for Kyle? Why wouldn’t she be home with Ashton and her puppy celebrating?

The silence at that moment was only interrupted by the doors to the room opening, as a doctor stood there.

“Mr. Earnhardt, may I speak to you separately?” The doctor asked, raising concerns for everybody in the room. “Oh, your fiancé may come with you, if you want, but I’d like to speak to you away from everybody first.”

“Dale, do you want me to come?” Lindsay asked as she walked over to where Dale stood.

“Whatever you have to say doc, you can say in front of everybody in this room,” he told the doctor as he kept his eyes focused looking out the window. “They’re all close with Angelica and will find out one way or another.”

“Under normal circumstances, I would accept your request,” the doctor then started. “However, I cannot under these circumstances.”

“Fine.” Dale then followed the doctor out of the room with Lindsay, while the rest looked on fear in their own thoughts.

“Whatever the doctor says, she is going to be okay,” Tony assured everyone as he knew how strong she was.

Meanwhile, the doctor led Dale and Lindsay into a private conference room, all of them sitting around the small table.

“First of all, will she be okay?” Lindsay asked as she knew that was what mattered most.

“She’s gotta be….” Dale let out as he kept his eyes focused down on the table.

“She will be fine,” the doctor told them, causing Dale to glance up.

“Then why are we doing this as a private meeting?” Dale watched the doctor open the file up, curious to hear what the doctor was going to tell them.

“There are some concerns that we have beyond her injuries sustained in the accident,” the doctor began. “To start, as a result of the accident, she has a back fracture – L2 vertebrae. She also broke a couple of her ribs – left side – as well as a series of bruises. She also suffered a concussion, as well as whiplash. You probably have heard this from police on the scene, but she was drunk at the time of the accident.”

“Yeah, the officer gave me the whole lowdown on that and the charges she will get as a result. So why are we sitting here because all of my friends in the other room could have learned that?”

“Relax Dale,” Lindsay advised as she rubbed his back.

“I am just wondering…” Dale added as he looked towards the doctor.

“Across her shoulders, upper arms, back and down her legs, there are some bruises that don’t correspond with the wreck,” the doctor announced, causing both Dale and Lindsay to look at the doctor with shock written on their face. “Some look to be maybe a week old, others maybe a couple weeks old. We have concerns that she has been subject to abuse of some kind. Would you know anything about this?” Lindsay shook her head as she kept her eyes focused on the doctor.

“There’s nothing that she has told us,” Lindsay replied as the doctor then looked towards Dale.

“There’s nothing we can do if she doesn’t say anything or nobody knows anything. I just wanted to bring it to your attention so you do know.” Lindsay turned her eyes on Dale, wanting to know what he was thinking.

“Well thank you. May we go see her?” The doctor shook his head yes as he closed the file and led them out of the conference room. He then led them down the hall to her room.

The entire way, Dale stayed quiet, thinking about the words the doctor had said. Who had hurt her? Was it Ashton? Was that why she ran like she did? Or was it someone else? Had his own fears of Jeff acting out again come true?


Chapter 22

Mooresville, North Carolina – Post All-Star Race

Dale and Lindsay walked into Angelica’s room and over to where she laid, looking she was comfortable in her current state.

“Hey sweetie,” Dale said as he gave her a small hug. He felt himself biting his tongue, not wanting to blurt out the words the doctor said right away.

“Hey Angelica,” Lindsay said, also giving Angelica a hug.

“Hey,” Angelica replied before looking down. Having come out of her previous drunken state, she had realized how stupid she had been with what she had done. Dale noticed this as he sat in the chair beside her, curious of her thoughts.

“I’m going to go tell everyone that they can come see her,” Lindsay announced before leaving the room. She knew that Dale and Angelica needed time to talk to each other.

“How are you feeling?” Dale asked after Lindsay had left the room.

“Sore,” Angelica answered before looking up to face her dad. She could see the concern in his eyes, but also the hint of anger. She was ready to take the blunt of it, knowing she deserved after what had happened.

“I’d believe that. What were you thinking?” Dale had wanted the words to come out lighter than they had, but they found their own way out.

“When I got home, Ashton and I had a fight and I was upset. So there was a bottle of vodka left from the party so I downed it, followed by another. After that, I don’t know what I was thinking when I grabbed the keys for the truck.” Dale bit his tongue in his own anger, knowing his fears of Ashton being behind what the doctor said were coming true.

“Angelica, did he hurt you?” She looked down, holding back her own tears, not wanting to say anything about it. She wasn’t ready for his dad’s reaction as she knew it wouldn’t be pretty. As soon as Dale saw her reaction, he clinched his fist, frustrated and ready to find this kid and kick his ass. How could he do that to his baby girl? He knew what it was like to go through something so brutal and hated that she had to feel that, too.

“Dad…” Angelica let out as she looked up at her father. Now that he knew, she knew he had to keep quiet. There was more that he had to know.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this sooner?” She sniffed back her own tears, eyes turning back down.

“I was scared. That’s why I didn’t tell you. I’m sorry. He said he’d kill me if I told anyone.” She then glanced up, ready for her dad’s reaction.

“How long has this been going on?” Dale kept his eyes focused on the floor, trying to keep his own anger inside. He glanced up only when he heard footsteps by the door, wishing they’d actually disappear as he knew who was all there. He watched as Tony, Lindsay, Kyle, Ron, Ricky and Danica walked into the room, before turning back to Angelica. “Ang, how long has this been going on?”

“A couple months.” Hearing the conversation and seeing the look on Dale’s face, Tony looked between them very confused. Lindsay had told him, and only him of the group, what the doctor had said. She knew the others would only learn when the time was right. They were only told of her injuries as a result of the wreck.

“Who do we have to kill?” Tony asked, causing Angelica and Dale to look back up. If he had to, he ready to play protector once again.

“Easy tiger…” Lindsay advised as she put her hand on Tony’s shoulder.

“So she told you?” Kyle asked, causing a confused look to form on Dale’s face. How did Kyle know?

“Maybe we should let them talk,” Ron advised as he saw the look on Dale’s face after Kyle’s comment.

“How long have you known Larson?” Dale asked as his eyes focused on the younger driver.

“I told him after the Darlington race because I couldn’t take hiding it any longer,” Angelica spoke as she focused her own eyes on Kyle. She could see the pain in his eyes from being worried. “I made him and Ron promise not to say anything about it, not even to you or Tony.”

“So now can we kill him for you?” Kyle asked as he knew now the secret was out.

“Easy Larson…” Ron advised as he kept his eyes focused on his driver. He knew there was more to be said before anybody moved.

“No because I want this to keep between us,” Angelica announced, causing Dale to look at her.

“I think it’s time you told your dad the whole story…” Kyle advised as Angelica took a deep breath.

“No…I can’t do it..” She looked back down as Ron stepped forward, ready to speak.

“So there’s reasons that she is keeping this hidden,” Ron started as he kept his eyes on Dale.

Ron then told Dale and the others of the secrets…..the fact that Ashton had a helper that was a female but not Ingrid for sure. The fact that Ashton would kill not only Angelica, but the rest of them if the truth was told. The fact that Ashton had a tape of Angelica being drunk after prom, which caused some surprised looks. The fact that Ashton had gotten a copy, somehow, of the Jimmie/Dale sex tape. The fact that Ashton would tell the whole story of Angelica from a baby and the parenthood chaos. The fact that Ashton knew Lindsay’s secret. Oh, and the fact that Ashton had a copy of the tape of what Jeff had done to Dale.

The last detail was what pushed Tony over the edge, as he had the urge to punch something and almost punched a hole through the wall.

“I’m sorry we kept it a secret….” Kyle lets out as he looks down, seeing the anger written on both Dale and Tony’s faces.

“I want to know who he is working with,” Ron comments as he leans back against the wall.

“I don’t care what happens from here on out – she is staying with us and he is not allowed on the property,” Tony states as he looks towards Dale, locking eyes with his counterpart. All he gets in response is a head shake from Dale.

“Should I call the cops now?” Lindsay asked as she glanced between them.

“This has gone on to long so yes,” Angelica let out as she knew something had to be done. She couldn’t face Ashton with the pain that she was in now. “Oh, can somebody go get Winnie then? I don’t want him at my house if I’m not there.”

“I’ll go do that,” Tony announced as he looked up. He knew how much the puppy meant to her. He remembered the day she got him in December as a Christmas gift and the look on her face.

“Thank you Tony,” she replies as she looks back down. “I’m sorry for keeping this a secret. I’m sorry for acting so stupid.”

“It’s not your fault,” Tony tells her, giving her a kiss and a hug before he heads for the door. “Anything else you want?”

“Some clothes please,” she tells him. “Oh, you don’t have the keys for the hou-”

“The officer gave them to me,” Dale interrupts her, before going in his pocket and throwing them at Tony. “Be careful Smoke.”

“As always,” Tony replies as he smiles. He was hoping, though, that he’d see Ashton to give him a piece of his mind.

“Maybe someone should go with him,” Angelica suggested, feeling afraid.

“That’s a good idea,” Dale agreed as he looked towards Tony.

“I’ll go!” Ron announced. “You, Lindsay and Kyle can stay here with Ang….oh, and I guess Ricky and Danica, too.” Ron then got up and headed out the door with Tony.

“Actually, we’re going to get going,” Ricky announced. “Glad to see you’ll be okay. Be in touch.” Ricky then gave her a hug, followed by Danica.

“Call us if you need anything sweetie,” Danica added as Angelica smiled.

“Thanks for being good friends,” she told them before they left.


Chapter 23

Mooresville, North Carolina – Post All-Star Race

“What time is it?” Tony asked as they drove through town headed to Angelica’s house. Ron glanced at his phone, surprised.

“2,” Ron answered as he looked over at Tony.

He watched as they pulled up to the house, seeing no other cars in the driveway. Tony rolled his eyes, not expecting Ashton to even be home yet, or even concerned, as he climbed out of the car.

“Got the keys?” Ron asked and Tony shook his head yes.

“I’ll get Winnie, you grab some clothes from her closet,” Tony instructed.

“Alright.” They then walked up to the front door, Tony unlocking it as they headed inside.

“Winnie!” He then walked down the main hall to the kitchen, looking for the dog while Ron headed upstairs.

“Anything specific you know she likes?!?”

“Not really; that’s Lindsay’s department.”

“Okay!” Tony headed into the kitchen, shaking his head as he saw the two bottles sitting on the counter. He rolled his eye, tossing them in the trash as he heard the front door open.

“Who is that?” He then glanced down the hall, looking to see who was there, feeling instant rage as he saw Ashton standing there surprised. “Oh, it’s a bitch. We’ll be leaving in a couple minutes.”

“Where’s Angelica?” Ashton asked as he walked down the hall into the kitchen, seeing Tony holding Winnie.

“Who’s there?” Ron yelled as he came down the stairs, some clothes thrown into a bag. He glanced up the hall before heading out, surprised when he saw Ashton standing there.

“I asked you a question, Stewart. Where’s Ang-”

“You don’t need to know the details of that,” Tony interrupted him, heading down the hall with the dog in hand. “If I was you, I’d go hide on the farest island you can find.” Tony walked out the front door, putting the dog in the car, petting his head as he sat him down.

“Why?” Ashton asked as he walked out on to the front porch, looking down at Tony.

“Because there’s a certain father that won’t hold back from kicking your ass like I am right now.” Ashton then walked over to where Tony stood.

“What are you saying?”

“You know exactly what we’re talking about,” Ron commented as he opened the trunk, throwing the bag in.

“So she told you?” Ashton asked, surprised. “I thought she’d be too scared to say anything.”

“You underestimated who you’re messing with,” Tony told him as he walked past Ashton, back in the house. He knew there were a couple of other things he needed. “Fuck where’s his leech? And that stupid rubber chicken leg?” He smiled as he found the leech hanging up by the closet, grabbing a couple of Angelica’s favourite sweaters, before walking into the living room where the chicken leg was.

“I think you should be the one that’s afraid right now, Mr. Stewart,” Ashton said as Tony came back out the door, items in hand, along with the trophy from the night that he found in the living room also. “You can only guess what I have planned. The promise will be lived up to. Just watch what happens when everyone around you falls apart.”

“Bring it on bitch,” Tony replied. “We’re ready for whatever you have to offer so go ahead and try and I’ll kill you.” Ashton then pushed Tony back, keeping his eyes fixed on Tony.

“Then why don’t you do that right now?”

“You’d love for Tony to kill you because that’d put you out of having to deal with the misery of what’s to come,” Ron interrupted them, grabbing Tony’s arm and leading back to the car with him.

“Can I kill him, Ron?” Tony asked as he put the stuff in the trunk.

“Sadly, no. But he’ll get what’s coming to him soon.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Ashton asked as he walked over to them. “And you can’t take the dog with you.”

“We don’t give a shit what you say – she asked for the dog, she gets the dog,” Ron told him before climbing in the car as Ashton continued walking over.

“I gave it to her for Christmas – to her – so don’t you even try that,” Tony added as he laughed when he heard the dog growling at Ashton.

“Good puppy.” Ron then rubbed the dog’s head as the pup sat in his lap.

“We’ve got enough. She can go out shopping for more clothes when she feels up to it.”

“Sounds good.” They then backed out the drive way, heading back down the same long stretch they drove on the way.

As they left, Ashton ran back in the house, calling Amber and telling her what had happened. He then called Rebecca Snider, his secret girlfriend, and told her to come over for the night.


Chapter 24: Amber

Mooresville, North Carolina – Post All-Star Race

“Are you okay?” Dale asked Angelica as he looked over at her. She just shook her head yes, fixing her eyes on the ceiling. “Do you want talk about it?” She shook her head no, as they heard the door open. Glancing up, they were surprised when it wasn’t a doctor, but a police officer. Dale recognized the officer as he had spoken to him earlier. “Hello sir.”

“Hello,” the officer replied before looking at Angelica. “I understand that you’re in good condition to talk to us?” Angelica shook her head yes as she looked up at the officer. She knew what was coming.

“There’s more to talk about then what we spoke of earlier,” Dale added as he could sense the nerves that Angelica was feeling.

“I’d rather wait for that to be spoken till the detective is here since he understands what’s going on with us,” Lindsay suggested as Dale glanced over at her.

“So there is an ongoing issue surrounding her?” The officer asked, and Dale knew he had taken Lindsay’s words the wrong way. “Why wasn’t I made awa-”

“You’re heading down the wrong path so don’t even go there,” Dale started as he looked back at the officer. “There has been some things going on with myself and Lindsay with reference to our past and some text messages. Angelica told us some things earlier that connect with that, in a way.”

“It was no reason for what I did, but it is part of the reason,” Angelica then spoke as the door opened.

“Lindsay, you called?” The detective Terry Burns asked and Lindsay shook her head yes.

“Angelica has some things to say you should know,” Lindsay replied as she looked back at the officer. The detective then walked over to the officer.

“Detective Terry Burns. I’ve worked a previous case with Mr. Earnhardt and am working on a current case involving Ms. McKenzie. She told me about what happened with Mrs. Earnhardt and the accident, but also spoke of some details that I should be made aware of so that’s why I am here.”

“Officer Bryce Jones,” the officer replied, shaking the detective’s hand. “I was one of the responding officers for the accident. I am just here to get Ms. Earnhardt’s side of the story, and tell her of the charges.” Angelica rolled her eyes, knowing what was coming.

“You may go ahead with your investigation and then Angelica can tell me what I need to know.” The officer then turned to Angelica, pulling out his notepad.

“What do you remember, Ms. Earnhardt?” The officer asked as Angelica thought back to earlier that night.

“I remember being angry at my boyfriend Ashton and I remember trying to get a hold of a friend of mine – Kyle – with no success,” Angelica started as Kyle looked away, still mad at himself for not being there when she needed him. “I remember going in the fridge, finishing off a bottle of vodka that was left over from my 21st birthday party. I then drank maybe all of, maybe part of another bottle. I remember trying again and someone else answering, can’t remember who.”

“Danica,” Dale told her as Angelica looked over. That was why Danica and Ricky had found her.

“I then remember grabbing my keys and heading out the door. Next thing, I’m waking up here. I have no recollection of the accident or what happened right after.”

“The other driver stated that you were swerving all over the road and came across the front of truck, going into the ditch and flipping over,” Officer Jones told her as he wrote down what she said. Angelica then looked towards her dad before looking down, wanting to punch herself now. That truck meant a lot to her. It was her pink baby truck that he had gotten her for her 16th birthday, done up exactly like she had dreamed of.

“Guess that means the truck is totaled?” She asked and the officer shrugged his shoulders.

“Heavy damage but may be repairable,” the officer replied as Dale smiled, lightly patting her hand.

“We’ll take care of her,” he told her as he knew how much the truck meant to her.

“Thanks daddy,” she replied, squeezing his hand, before looking up at the officer. “So what are the charges? I know I’m pretty much shit out of luck here.”

“You could say that,” the officer started as she focused her eyes back down. “You’re charged with a DUI – $100 fine and per state law, your license is suspended for 60 days.”

“Okay,” she replied as she thought at over. With her back injury, she knew she wouldn’t be doing much regular driving, much less racing, for the next two months while she went through therapy and possible surgery. It wasn’t as bad as it sounded.

“You’re also charged with reckless driving as per the accident,” the officer continued as Dale took a deep breath. He knew this wasn’t going to be pretty as a whole. “Now that’d be a $500 fine, and a 30 day suspension – so in total, both charges bring you a fine of $600 and a license suspension for 60 days.”

“Okay,” Angelica replied as she took a deep breath. Dale then heard his phone go off, looking to see who was calling.

“Excuse me,” he said as he left the room. “Hello?”

“What is this I hear about Angelica being charged with a DUI?” He heard on the other end, surprising him.

“Where did you hear about that?”

“It’s all over the news. Is it true?” Dale took a deep breath, knowing he couldn’t lie to Mike Helton. He also knew that the next couple of months would be a mess dealing with everything.

“Yeah, it’s true. She also broke a vertebra in her back, plus her ribs. Street license is suspended for 60 days, but she’s not going to be doing much with therapy and possible surgery to come.”

“Glad to hear she’s okay, on a positive note. Now, I don’t want to divulge into your personal business but I am going to ask this. Is there a drinking problem going on?”

“No. She had a fight with her boyfriend and this was her way of trying to say fuck it to that.” Dale then took a deep breath, knowing Mike would find out the rest anyway. “Listen, they’ve been having problems – he’s been hurting her – and she finally cracked. She’s dealing with it now and I can assure you this is a one time thing. I’d just appreciate some time right now. We’ll release according statements Monday and try to keep this down as much as we can. Is that all?”

“Yes and Dale, this is coming from me as a friend, not as the president of NASCAR– take your time with her, support her and if you need someone to talk to, you can always come by my office. The door has always been open. I’ll let you go. Have a good night and tell Angelica I hope she feels better soon.”

“Thanks. Bye Mike.”

“Bye.” Dale then put his phone back in his pocket, before returning back into the room, to hear Angelica finish telling the detective about the details surrounding Ashton.

“Angelica, I’m going to ask you an important question – do you know the woman that he is working with?” Detective Burns asked as Dale sat down.

“No,” Angelica lied as she had done earlier with Ron and Kyle. Though Dale knew his daughter well and knew it was a lie.

“Angelica Earnhardt, you know exactly who it is so I suggest you start talking,” Dale instructed as they locked eyes together. With what had happened that night, Dale wasn’t willing to play games.

“Fine – you want to know who? You want to know who came into my room one night and said that I had to put up with Ashton or else. My own mother – Amber Jamieson. Happy?” As the words came out of her mouth, tears began to trickle down her face as she couldn’t believe she had said it herself.

Dale, meanwhile, stood at the back of the room – shocked. Eyes opened wide, not believing what his daughter had said. What was Amber up to?


Chapter 25: Concern

Mooresville, North Carolina – Post All-Star Race – Sunday Night

Angelica laid back on the couch, trying to get comfortable. She had been allowed to go home, but was told to relax as much as possible. With the back brace and her back currently hurting, it wasn’t easy to get comfortable as she laid there.

“Hey, are you okay?” She heard, causing her to open her eyes and look to her side. She smiled as her dad stood there, watching her. She watched him walk over, having come to expect his check-ins with her. “Do you need anything?” She shook her head no, as she moved slightly once again, trying to find the comfy spot for the night.

“I’m fine Dad but thanks for asking,” she replied. She then only glanced up when she saw her puppy hopping up on the couch and curling up alongside her. She rubbed his head, smiling, glad that he was there to offer her some comfort.

“Are you sur-”

“Dad, I’m okay. You don’t need to worry.” Dale then looked down, feeling his own concern with how she was feeling.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t help but worry about you. You’ll always be my little girl.” She smiled as she thought back to Daytona, when she had told him those words herself.

“I know I will always be, but I’m fine.” Dale then took a deep breath, knowing the next couple of words needed to be said – no matter his own feelings.

“I know the feeling of what you’re going through, with regards to Ashton. If you need someone to talk to, know I’m here for you, always.” He then kissed her forehead and she smiled, wrapping her arms around him for a hug. “Night baby girl.” He then headed out of the room and up the stairs to see Lindsay and Tony.

He walked into the room, smiling as he saw them laying on the bed talking to each other. They both looked up as he walked in the room.

“Is she okay?” Lindsay asked as she sat up, focusing on Dale. Tony sat up also, reading the feelings on Dale’s face as he remembered their time before.

“She’s being quiet right now because she’s scared and you’re worried, right?” Tony asked and Dale shook his head yes. “You know yourself that feeling. Like you, she’ll come around when she feels the time is right.” Dale knew that Tony was right as he laid back between them. However, it didn’t change how he felt about her.

“Everything will work out,” Lindsay told him as Dale took a deep breath.

“Yeah, they caught Ashton right?” Dale asked and Tony shook his head yes, remembering that phone call from the officer. Ashton was taken into custody on the charges.

“And they’re looking for Amber, but haven’t found her yet,” Lindsay added as Dale rolled his eyes. The only thing he got out of that was it wasn’t over just yet.

“Come on, cuddle with us,” Tony suggested as he wrapped an arm around Dale. “You need to get some sleep.”

“I just can’t get over the fact that Amber is behind this,” Dale let out as he thought it over. Why would she try to harm her own daughter? How had they gotten to that point? Was this some kind of sick revenge because her dancing career didn’t pan out?

“It just proves once again that she’s no kind of mother.”

“Tony is right and they’ll find her before she can make things worse,” Lindsay told him as she then focused her eyes on the ceiling. “How do you think she learned of all the secrets, though? I mean, I get the secret about Angelica and the Jimmie deal – but what about the videos and me? I just can’t belie-”

“Sssssh,” Tony let out, cutting her off as he glanced down at Dale. Dale had curled up between them, eyes closed, already snoring away in a deep sleep.

“Sorry,” Lindsay apologized as she rolled over to face Tony and Dale with a smile. “He’s so cute when he’s sleeping like this.” Tony smiled in agreement, before turning serious and looking at Lindsay.

“Lindsay, I need you to promise us something,” Tony said, keeping his voice at a whisper. He had business to take care of after what had happened before.


“Whatever happens, don’t you dare even think of running away and hiding like you did before.” She shook her head, knowing she couldn’t do that again. It had been too much on her heart the last time she had done it, whether feeling right about it or not. Tony then smiled in agreement, as he quickly kissed her hand before climbing out of the bed, carefully. “Thank you. I’m going to check on Angelica and then I’ll be back.” Tony then left the room, tiptoeing, before carefully making his way down the stairs.

He walked into the living room, seeing Angelica lying on the couch with her puppy, fast asleep. He smiled as she looked so peaceful just lying there content. He grabbed one of the blankets that had been thrown in the chair earlier, throwing it over her, carefully telling Winnie not to move. He then headed back upstairs, climbing back in bed with Lindsay and Dale.

Once again, he had to take care of them all. He just hoped that it worked out because none of them deserved to go through this again.


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