Like Father, Like Daughter – Chapters 11 Thru 15


Chapter 11: The Start Of It

Mid April

“Angelica!” She heard her name yelled, a shiver going down her spine as she recognized the voice, realizing that he was home. She let out a long sigh, already knowing what to expect. “Angelica?”

“I’m by the door,” she replied quietly as she slipped her shoes off, eyes focused on the ground. She couldn’t believe that things had gotten the way they were. She thought they were getting better and he was getting better with his anger issues – but that all changed when he started having some mid-month bad luck. She looked up only when she felt his hand on her arm, wondering what she would see next – the caring side or the frustration side.

“I’m so glad you’re home.” She felt a shove, forcing her back against the wall as he pressed her lips against her. Pain streaming up her back, she wondered if the shove wasn’t supposed to be that hard as kiss felt so right. Though with what else had happened, she couldn’t find herself in that special moment with him.

“I tried to get home as soon as I could.” She wanted to keep him pleased, not wanting him to be angry at all. He always hated when she got home late, thinking that she was out with some other guy or too wrapped up in her work. “I left as soon as Ron and I finished tal-”

“Relax, it’s okay. We can get to what we both love now.” She cringed at the thought, knowing what that meant by his simple words. She followed him up the stairs, wondering how much more of this could she take as she was already contemplating leaving him. Lying back on the bed, her eyes met his and she wanted scream – she wanted to tell him what she thought. However, knowing his anger, she felt a wash of fear come over her. “Now, how about you show me how much you missed me?” He then tugged at her shirt, pulling it up as he knew eyes would be watching to make sure he filled his deed.

“Ashton, I’ve been thinking…” Ashton felt a lump his throat as those words came out of her mouth.

“I don’t like the sounds of this, Angelica.” She then sat up slowly, focusing her eyes on his, ready to let him know the fear that ran through her blood.

“I don’t like the way our relationship has gone.” She then stood up off the bed, facing him, ready to say the words that she had ran through her head multiple times in the span of the past month in the events that had happened.

“Baby, you know I have anger issues.” He then stood up to face her, knowing that he couldn’t let her leave. That wasn’t in the instructions listed out by Amber. If he had to, he would do whatever it took to keep her there. “I love you.” He then grabbed her hand, pulling her back close to him. “You know that I just want to show you that I love you.” She looked down hearing those words, still somewhat loving him. However, knowing the bruises that trailed her back, knowing the pain she felt, she wasn’t willing to go down this road anymore.

“I love you too, but I can’t do this anymore. I’m hurting everyday and I can’t take it anymore, Ashton.”

“I’m not letting you go. You’re not leaving me.” He then forced her down on the bed, as she fell hard on her stomach, him sitting on top of her. She tried to fight it, move in anyway, but there was no way to get him off of her. “You belong with me and you’re not leaving no matter what. If you dare try to leave me, I will kill you.” He then grabbed the pocket knife off of the dresser, flipping it open, bringing it to her neck. “You are staying with me and you’re going to accept what I have to deliver to you, Ms. Earnhardt.” He then brought the blade down the length of her arm, letting the coldness of it touch her skin.

“Why? Why do I have to do this? Why can’t you let me go? Why do I deser-”

“Because that’s how it’s going to work sweetheart,” she heard a female voice, freezing. She recognized it from childhood and couldn’t yet pin it as to why she did.

“Who are you?” She asked as she tried to look towards the person. “What do you want with me? Why do you want to do this?”

“You were supposed to be my way to be with your father. But no, he had to push me away and marry that mob princess.” As Angelica heard her speak, she knew exactly who it was, now feeling confusion replace the fear that was there moments earlier.

“What do you want Mom? He only left you because he didn-”

“Shut up! You don’t even dare talk about my relationship with him.” Angelica then took a deep breath, knowing that she had to take a different route if she wanted to find anyway out.

“What do you want? What are you going to do to me?”

“You’re going to accept everything that Ashton is going to do to you without complaints. If you dare object, he has instructions to kill you and then I will go after your dad, Ms. Leighanne Carter and your dear little Cheeseball.” Angelica took a deep breath, feeling hot tears fill her eyes.

“Why are you doing this to me? Why are you hur-”

“Call it revenge for my life turning out like hell do your little ass.” She then forced herself to look down in bed, not wanting to look at her mom. Though with Ashton pulling back on her hair, she was forced to look into the eyes of her mother. “Nothing worked out for me because of you. All of my plans with you didn’t work out. All of my plans after getting rid of you didn’t work out. You ruined my life so I’m going to make it fair.”

“And if you don’t listen to what Amber is saying, she is going to tell the world about some things,” Ashton added as Angelica felt her blood turn cold, scared of what they could have up their sleeve. “She will kill you all – like she said – but the world will know Lindsay’s real story, or should I say Leighanne’s story.” Angelica shook her head as she heard those words, remembering what Lindsay had told her with regards to the past.

“You’re not going to hurt my family,” Angelica swore outloud as she felt a tug on her hair, causing her to scream. “You’re not going to ruin my life.”

“You’ll think better of those words because this is just the start,” Ashton commented with a laugh. “I also have that video of you drinking at the Prom after party – under age of course.” Angelica shook her head as she remembered that party, remembering how she had gotten into some vodka mixed drinks and totally drunk off of her ass. She ended up going home to Ashton’s that night, not wanting to tell her dad, and Ashton’s parents being away for the weekend. “We also have the details of your father’s fun with Jeff.” Angelica shook her head again, not wanting to even think about that as she heard a familiar voice fill her head. Taking a quick glance towards the television to see the tape that was playing, she immediately closed her eyes – knowing that she didn’t want to see what was there. She had already heard enough details. “Also have that dreaded Hendrick sex tape of Jimmie and your dad…, we could reveal to the world the relationship with your dad, Tony and Lindsay…..and there’s mor-”

“I get it,” Angelica cut him off as she took a deep breath. “Turn that video off, now.” Ashton hit the stop button on the remote, stopping it instantly as she opened her eyes.

“So you’re willing to listen?” Angelica knew she had no choice as she had to do what she could to protect her dad, Lindsay, Tony and Chelsea. She knew she could handle whatever Ashton through her way in the coming weeks and months for however long he planned on doing this for.

“Yeah.” As she said the words, she felt the blade of the pocket knife in her shoulder, screaming as she could see the blood trickle down her arm.

“That’s a good little girl and Ashton, you’ll be rewarded,” Amber commented before retrieving the tape and leaving the room.

“Now, where were we?” Ashton asked her as she rolled over, one hand covering the wound on her shoulder.

“We were about to have sex weren’t we dickhead?” She questioned, then feeling her cheek stinging as he slapped her across the cheek. “If you’re going to make this work, I suggest you leave your hands off my cheek.” She then felt another slap, this time to her shoulder where the wound was, still putting pressure on it.

A couple hours later, Ashton had left the room, leaving Angelica laying there, crying in pain as she wiped off her shoulder, putting a bandaid over the cut. She then curled up in the bed, feeling pain from her shoulder down her chest to her stomach and legs, just wanting to run away. But she knew she couldn’t. She couldn’t stand the thought of seeing her dad hurt again or the thought of Lindsay, Tony and Chelsea being hurt.


Chapter 12: Concern

Told you they were in for some trouble, but you’re right – they all do have Tony.
Mid April – Kansas -Friday

“Hey, are you okay?” Angelica heard, snapping her out of her thoughts. She looked up and saw Kyle Larson standing there. Since their wreck at Daytona, they had become fast friends. She shook her yes as she took a deep breath, washing away thoughts of what had happened with Ashton earlier that week, the days prior and the days after. She couldn’t think about that. She had to focus on qualifying and her goal behind the wheel that weekend.

“Just thinking about qualifying,” she replied as she focused her eyes on him. There was something special about him. She didn’t know whether it was the way he looked at her or his personality, but it drew her in.

“Nervous or something?” She heard and turned her eyes the other way to see her dad had joined them. He had made his way over following his lap, which had him at the top of the board.

“Never. Just ready to beat you.” She then smiled as she saw the expression on her dad’s face while Kyle just shook his head.

“Yeah, good luck with that.”

“I think she has a shot,” Kyle then interrupted them, causing Dale to look the young man’s way curiously. “She may be a rookie but she was fastest in practice. She wouldn’t be the first rookie to sit on the pole here, either.” Kyle smiled as he thought back to his rookie year in Cup a couple years back with Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing and scoring his first pole at Kansas.

“She’ll have to top Kyle Busch’s lap,” Danica then chimed in the conversation as she walked over as they looked to see Kyle had jumped to the top of the board. Danica had made her lap and had planned to come over and give Angelica some tips from what she felt.

“Son of a bitch,” Dale swore as they all shook their head laughing.

“By that response, I would say that you want her to beat him?” Kyle then asked as Dale shook his head yes, smiling.

“Duh! Good luck sweetie.” He gave her a quick hug, walking away, knowing that Lindsay had wanted to talk with him after qualifying.

“I just came over to say good luck,” Danica commented as she walked over closer. “Track seems to be more slippery in turn two then it was in practice earlier.”

“Noted,” Angelica replied as she watched Danica walk away, leaving her there alone once again to stare at Kyle.

“I meant it when I said you had a shot by the way,” Kyle emphasized. He had already made his lap, not doing so well as he knew he’d be starting in the 30s. The car had been too much of a handful.

“I know and I appreciate that. We’ll see what happens. It all depends if Ron has this car set up right.” She then turned her eyes back to the track, watching to see how Kevin timed in. She smiled as he jumped to the top of the board ahead of Kyle. “Now that’s my teammate. It’s going to be a good weekend for us.”

“I hope I can be up front battling with you.” He then put his hand on her shoulder, locking eyes with her. He wanted to emphasize what he had said earlier to her. “When I asked you earlier if you were okay, I meant it. I’m concerned about you. You’ve just seemed off since Texas and I want to make sure there’s nothing going on. If you need someone to talk to, come see me.” She wanted to spill the beans and tell Kyle. However, she knew she couldn’t. She couldn’t risk it with what was on her shoulders.

“Thanks for the concern, but I’m fine Kyle.”

“Just remember what I said.” He then walked away as she let out a long sigh, feeling the pain that she had grown used to once again in her back. She shook her head, wanting a way out, wanting to tell Kyle, wanting to tell her dad and Tony. But the instant that came to mind, fear came with it and closed the shell up tight.

“What was he talking about?” She heard, causing her to bite her lip as she recognized the voice all to well. Where was Ron when she needed him? “Huh Angelica? Are you cheating on me?” She looked towards Ashton, eyes full of shock by the statement.

“How can I be cheating on you when I’m having to deal with the pain that you put me through, Ashton?” She asked as Ashton kept his eyes focused on her.

“We don’t speak of that out in public, Angelica.”

“Nobody heard me.” She then knelt down, fixing her shoes as she knew it was almost time for her to go out. As she did that, Ashton knelt down with her, grabbing her hand tightly.

“Don’t stray or else I will follow through with what I said. Hope you do well.” He then stood up walking away as she stood up, grabbing her helmet. To anyone that was watching, they thought it was a simple conversation of good luck wishes. Though to Angelica, she knew it was a simple reminder of why she had to keep her mouth shut.

Chapter 13: Family Concerns
As I’ve said, everything will be revealed as we go. And who will find out about Angelica’s troubles and how? Hmm…..this should add another layer.
Mid April – Kansas -Friday – Post Qualifying

Angelica walked through the motorcoach lot with her puppy on it’s leash, letting him do his business. She had done as well as expected in qualifying, taking the pole away from Kevin. As she looked towards the race, she was hoping that she could score her first win of the season.

Mused with those thoughts, she only stopped when she heard some familiar voices. Glancing up, she noticed what motorcoach she was standing near.

“So this is something that I think Lindsay should tell you about,” Steve started as he glanced towards Lindsay, before turning back to Dale and Tony.

“I’ve been getting these weird text messages since February,” she started, feeling nerves build up through her whole body.

“Since February?” Dale repeated, shocked to hear those words. How come he hadn’t found out sooner? “And you’re just telling us? Why are you telling us now and not then? Wh-”

“She was afraid to tell you both and I finally convinced her to,” Steve cut him off before he could continue.

“So what is the deal with these text messages?” Dale was still mad about just finding out, however that didn’t matter as all he wanted to know now was the content. Sliding her phone across the table, Lindsay allowed the boys to read them. There were two dating back to February, and then after that, the next one that showed was dated beginning of April. In the span of the past two weeks, there was series of six messages. There were some threats in there, as well as some interesting choices in words surrounding their past.

“Have you told anyone else about these?” Tony asked as he knew what had to be done.

“I told the detective that was on the case with us before,” she started carefully. “They haven’t been able to trace the number or anything. They also checked with Jeff at the prison and there’s nothing that’s gone out as they’ve scanned everything.”

“So what is going to be done about this?”

“Somebody is after us and we need to find out who,” Dale added. “But who the fuck would know about what happened and the secrets?”

“Ingrid,” Tony spit out as Ingrid had one of the only people that had been closed to Jeff during that time and would know anything going on.

“It’s not her – they’ve scanned that option,” Steve assured them. “She’s busy living her life in California, allowing the kids to see their grandparents. She’s been very nice with Carol and John, who are still confused about everything that happened.”

“I don’t think I could handle having a kid do that anyway.”

“So who is it then?” Dale asked again, concerned as he felt a familiar fear returning to him that he had felt before and grown used to.

“Jimmie?” Tony then questioned as he thought about who they had talked to when things went down. Jimmie had found out the details virtue being told them out of a concern factor and the tape that was still hidden. “We told him everything that night at Bristol.”

“Jimmie wouldn’t do it,” Steve stated as he believed that Jimmie was innocent of everything.

“Then what is your idea? I’m at least trying to come out with possible suspects.”

“Relax Tony,” Lindsay coached as she took a deep breath, thinking. Could Jimmie really be the person behind the messages? “Jimmie isn’t it because he was over a lot, being very supportive and understanding.”

“But what if he turned on those morals out of anger?” Tony wondered aloud.

“You would see it in the way he acts around us,” Dale stated as he knew Jimmie wouldn’t be the person. The relationship they had was done and they were now just really good friends. Jimmie had a family to care for and that’s why they had grown to what they were. “So what are the detectives doing now, Lindsay?”

“Obviously not their job if they can’t figure this out in a span of two months! Are you sure that he’s using all of his options?”

“I am sure Tony and he says that he is continuing to look into it,” Lindsay told them as she shook her head. This was exactly why she didn’t want to tell them.

Standing outside still, Angelica looked down as she knew who was probably behind the messages – either Ashton or Amber. Though she knew that she couldn’t tell as that would lead to one big blow up in everything coming out. At least this way till she thought of something, it would be kept to threats.

She then finished off her walk, returning to her motorcoach, letting her bulldog off of his leech after she got inside.

“That was a long walk,” Ashton commented, causing her to look up.

“I got distracted,” Angelica admitted as she wanted to bring up what she heard to Ashton. “I have a question for you. Have you or my mother been sending text messages to Lindsay?” Ashton had seen Amber sending one in one of their meetings to remind Ashton of what he had to do. Ashton wanted to hide from her words and not listen, but he had no choice.

“Amber has. How did you find out?” Ashton then stood up, walking over to her. “I asked you a question, missy.”

“I overheard a conversation between Steve, Dale, Lindsay and Tony. Lindsay was telling Dale and Tony about the messages.”

“Well isn’t that swell?”

“Not really if you’re them.”

“Why is that?” She then handed her pup a treat, before watching him run off to his normal spot.

“Because they’re afraid, like I am. And they’re on a man hunt in trying to figure out who the person is so they can kill them.”

“They’ll never figure it out.”

“And what will you do if I tell them?” He then grabbed her arm, pulling her close to him. “They’d kill you so anything you’re going to do won’t wor-”

“How about I kill you right now and we end it then?” She felt a hard pull of her arm, forcing her against him.

“Listen, I won’t say anything, okay?”

“Promise?” He then wrapped his free arm around her neck. “But if you do, you know what will happen. I won’t hesitate in doing it.”

“I know you won’t.”

“Good. Now make me dinner.” He then let her go, returning to his previous spot.

“As you wish.” As she turned to teh stove, she felt hot tears stream down her face. How did she get herself stuck in this situation?

Chapter 14: Nightmare
Mid April – Kansas -Saturday Night

Dale opened his eyes, sitting straight up in the bed as he wiped his eyes. How could he even think back to that? How was that even fair?

“Dale, are you okay?” He heard, causing him to look over and see Lindsay’s eyes open with the moonlight shining in as their eyes met.

“What’s going on?” Another voice perked up as Tony sat up in the bed, to see what the noise was about.

“I felt him jump up quick and it woke me up.”

“I’m fine…” Dale let out as he laid back down, staring at the ceiling.

“Are you sure?” Lindsay asked, still concerned. It wasn’t like Dale to do that in the middle of the night. They had gotten used to being able to lay comfortably together.

“Positive.” Though both Lindsay and Tony knew he was lying as they saw the tears trickling down his face.

“Did you have a nightmare?” Lindsay had grown used to his nightmares before in times shortly after they had dealt with things. However, in the past couple of years, they had subsided.

“You can tell us,” Tony added as he felt his heart turn to instant worry.

“I can’t get over those text messages,” Dale let out quietly as he knew he couldn’t lie to either of them. “I’m afraid. I don’t want to go back down that road.”

“You won’t because I won’t let anyone hurt you, ever.” Dale then turned to Tony, knowing what he wanted more than anything. It had helped numerous times before and he hoped it did again.

“Hold me….please….” Tony instantly did as requested as Lindsay laid on her side, smiling at the pair of them. It didn’t bug her to see them like that as she had grown used to it and grown a strong liking for Tony herself.

“Feel better?” Lindsay asked as Dale snuggled in closer to Tony.

“Yeah a little,” he replied as Tony kept his arms wrapped around Dale, holding him right close.

“I promise to protect you forever,” Tony said outloud before kissing the top of Dale’s head.

Over at Angelica’s motorcoach, she stared at the ceiling. She had tried to get to sleep, but had no luck. She knew that she needed sleep with the race being the next day. However, she just couldn’t find a way to close her eyes. Glancing at her phone, noticing it was 2 in the morning, she wondered where Ashton was. Having wrecked in the race, she was expecting it to be a very long night of dealing with his frustration. Instead, he was no where to be found.

She smiled as she felt her puppy come and lay up beside her in the bed, cuddling into her. She instantly responded, wrapping her arm around the little guy.

“Love you too babes,” she told him as she closed her eyes once again. She was so glad that she had decided to get him from her best friend Demi. Demi had a litter of seven pups – three boys, four girls. She had offered Angelica one and right away, Angelica connected with this little guy. With what she was going through, she was glad to have him near her to give her comfort. It was that shade of comfort that she felt kept her going at times.

“The dog is in the bed again?” She heard, surprised as she recognized the voice right away. When did he get back? “What have I said about tha-”

“He climbed up because I couldn’t get to sleep.” Ashton then climbed in bed beside her as she cringed, scared of what he would do next.

“Well I guess he can stay for one night. You just better be thankful that I had the night that I had.” She rolled her eyes as that thought, knowing that he was probably either out with the crew or some random girl. It just didn’t seem fair with the pain that she felt. Though picking up the pup and putting him on top of the blanket in her lap, she smiled as she was glad that they could sleep together for the night.

“Thanks.” She then rubbed the pup’s back a couple of times before his little quiet snores allowed her to drift asleep.

The race the next day saw all three of them – Tony, Dale and Angelica – not do well. Angelica was out early due to an engine failure while Tony got caught on the wrong strategy and Dale struggled with the handling all day. Though to Steve, Tony and Lindsay, they knew Dale’s problems weren’t just strict to the car. It had been partly due to the lack of sleep the night before.

With a week ahead before the next race, they all hoped that they could comfort his worries and maybe there would be some leads in the case. However, knowing what happened at Daytona and seeing how Talladega was next, they knew that may not be possible.

Chapter 15: Talladega
Talladega Speedway – Saturday Night

Dale sat there, outside the motorcoach, overlooking the night sky. Tomorrow marked the second plate race of the season and after what happened at Daytona, he had some mixed emotions going into it. What if Angelica got herself involved in another wreck? What if he got himself involved in one of the ugly wrecks the track is famous for?

“Hey, are you okay?” Dale heard as he looked over to see Tony had made his way over to where he was laying on the grass. Tony sat down, carefully, eyes focused on Dale as he tried to read his mind. “What are you thinking about?” Dale scooted closer to Tony, laying his head on Tony’s legs as Tony smiled, brushing his hair.

“Tomorrow,” Dale simply answers as he knew Tony would understand what he was talking about.

“It’ll be fine. Daytona was just a freak incident.” Tony kissed Dale’s head, continuing to run his fingers through his hair, wanting to offer whatever comfort possible. “I love you. Why don’t you come in to bed?”

“Guess I better.” Tony smiles as he stands up first, before holding out his hand for Dale. He helped him up and they both retreated inside of the motorcoach. “Chelsea still won’t sleep?”

“Me no sleep daddy,” Chelsea spoke as Dale sat down beside her, looking up at Lindsay, before turning his eyes back down to his youngest daughter.

“Why not?” Dale asked as he wrapped an arm around her. He knew that she hadn’t been feeling well lately, but that was besides the point. “You need to sleep so you can watch Daddy, Uncle Tony and sissy race tomorrow.”

“Can I sit in sissy car temarrow?”Dale smiled as she found her way to say the word, though also knowing that Angelica would let her sit in the car. It had become a bit of sister tradition between them.

“Of course, but only if you go to bed like a good little girl.” Chelsea then pouted as she shifted herself on to Dale’s lap, leaning against him.

“But daddy, me tummy no feel good.”

“She was sleeping, but woke up when she had to puke in the toilet,” Lindsay explains as she sits on the coach opposite to them.

“Mommy give me gaavooo,” Chelsea comments as they all laugh slightly, knowing she meant gravol. She had come down with a small case of the stomach flu and it was bugging her as much as it could.

“Well that should make your tummy feel better so you can sleep,” Dale commented as he grabbed her blanket, wrapping it around her.

“You need to sleep so we can all sleep and then maybe daddy can win tomorrow,” Tony suggested as he leaned against the kitchen counter, watching and smiling. He couldn’t believe how close he had grown with Dale over the past five years, but also with Lindsay and Chelsea.

“Daddy sleep with me?” Chelsea then asked to their surprise, with a slight pout.

“Of course,” Dale told her as he let her up so he could lay back, before she laid down, tucked up close to him. He knew he couldn’t say no to her no matter how hard he tried.

“Night babes,” Tony said as he gave Dale a kiss and Dale smiled.

“Night Tony.”

“Night Chelsea.” Tony then gave Chelsea a kiss on the cheek before heading back to the bedsroom.

“Goodnight,” Lindsay told them both and joined Tony after giving them a small kiss.

“Guess it’s just us,” Tony commented as Lindsay smiled, climbing in beside him.

“When Chelsea wants something, she knows how to convince Daddy to get her way. And I don’t mind your company anyway.”

“Really?” Tony then gave her a kiss, before pulling the blanket over them both.

“I’ve grown used to your sexiness.” Lindsay then moved closer to him, laying her head on his chest. “Sorry but I like to be cuddled at night.” Tony smiled as he wrapped an arm around her, not fighting it one bit. It was that odd special factor in their relationship.

“Night Linds. Sweet dreams.”


Dale walks Chelsea down pit road, knowing that he has to hold true to his word.

“Go get your sister!” He tells her as he lets go of her hand, about 10 steps away from Angelica. Chelsea was getting really good at walking and it always brought smiles to see do some on her own without holding on to anything.

“Come here Cheeseball!” Angelica said as she noticed Chelsea coming near her, smile crossing her face. She had called Chelsea since she was a baby since she was chubby and loved cheese – it seemed perfect. Chelsea successfully made her way over, grabbing on to Angelica’s leg.

“I sit in sissy car?” She asked as Dale smiled, making his way over.

“She wouldn’t sleep last night so I told her if she went to sleep like a good little girl, she could sit in your car,” Dale explained as Angelica smiled in return.

“She can sit in my car anyday!” Angelica commented as she picked Chelsea up putting her in the seat. Chelsea stood there, smiling, as she held on to the wheel. As they watched Chelsea together, Angelica wrapped her arm around her dad, knowing what he was thinking. “It’s going to be okay today. Relax.” She then kissed her dad’s cheek with a smile.

“I’m going to believe you.” They both then looked into the car, smiling as Chelsea made car noises. “Think she’ll be a racer like you?”

“It wouldn’t surprise any of us,” they both heard and Angelica smiled as she recognized the voice, knowing it to be her crew chief, Ron Malec.

“I’m waiting for you when you start getting her go-kart racing,” Angelica commented as Dale shook his head.

“I’m scared to start her off too young,” Dale said.

“I want to go fast!” Chelsea then exclaimed as they all smiled.

“One day sweetie, one day. But you have to come out now so sissy can race.”

“Sissy gonna win!” Dale then pulled her out of the car, smiling as he looked towards Angelica.

“That’s what sissy wants to do,” Angelica replied as she gave Chelsea a quick kiss. “I promise to be careful, Daddy.”

“Sissy gonna beat daddy!” Chelsea then commented as they all laughed.

“We’ll see,” Dale said before walking away with Chelsea as Angelica leaned back against her car.

“Is he wor-” Ron then started as Angelica looked towards him.

“A little,” she cut him off knowing the question. Ron then wrapped an arm around Angelica as they both watched Dale and Chelsea head back down pit road to Lindsay.

“It’ll be fine. You won’t repeat Daytona.” She shook her head yes as she believed those words also. But in the back of her mind, she asked herself a couple times – what if?



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