Flight 88 – Chapters 26 Thru 30

Chapter 26: Sacred Garden

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Dale comments as he sits with Daniel waiting for the time. “What time is it?”

“3:20,” Daniel answers as he glances over at Dale. He could tell that Dale was nervous and unsure about the whole situation. No doubt it wasn’t something that was in the comfort zone as he couldn’t believe that they were doing it either. There were so many ways this could go wrong and blow up in their faces, but he also knew that they had to try. He knew how much Dale and Marie needed to see each other and talk about things before they moved forward in even thinking of her coming back home with them.

“Are you sure this is going to work as smoothly as you planned?” Daniel shrugs his shoulders as Dale focuses his eyes on the gates closely. Every part of him kept saying that he was going to get caught by someone and that’d just be the beginning of trouble. Certainly someone is going to recognize him and bring him to Owen, resulting in whatever sort of punishment that he could receive. Based on Daniel’s words earlier, the punishment for dating this guy’s daughter and having a kid with said daughter wasn’t going to be pretty.

“Just do what I told you to do and don’t hesitate. If for some reason someone stops you, play it off as the lost tourist – but don’t give away your identity.”

“They’ll probably recognize me.” Daniel knew that Dale was probably right as given how angry Owen sounded, he probably had everybody on watch for Dale. Based on that thought, he was surprised at how Marie was openly at the café earlier in the day. Sure, they were guards, but having some freedom? That didn’t sound like the captured person that she was. Perhaps there was some things going on behind the scenes. Perhaps she was at the bad end of something. Perhaps Owen had someone lined up for Marie to get hitched with. “Based on no response, I assume that I am right with what I said. So thank you very much.”

“Listen – do you want your girl back or not?” Dale looks over with a surprised face. They both knew his answer. “Then you have to take some chances. You have to figure out a way to do it and connecting with her and talking is the start. Your idea of going straight to Owen was more gutsy than this. You were basically handing yourself directly to him. Think about that in relation to the consequences that could be headed your way for dating his precious sweet daughter.”

“At least my intentions would be shown in a positive, direct, forth-coming right rather than sneaking around his country.”

“There’s the castle door right over there – feel free to waltz your ass right in and see what he has to say to you. It is highly unrecommended though.” Daniel then rolls his eyes as he looks at his watch once again, counting down the seconds to when he was set to make his move in this deal.

“I hate when you’re right. By the way, what is the punishment?”

“Like I said earlier – you don’t want to know. Your manly pride would be hurt.” Dale looks at him surprised as Daniel shakes his head yes. “For dating the daughter, you ass meets a belt and your wee-wee has a surprise of its own. Trust me – completely disgusted and surprised. For having a baby with the daughter, don’t go there.” Dale looks away with a slight wince, knowing what those words mean. “Now don’t walk around with your hand over that now.” Daniel then stands up and heads towards the gates.
He stands there calmly as he watches Marie walk over with an older gentleman.

“Pierre?” The older gentleman says and Daniel shakes his head yes as he keeps his eyes focused on Marie.

“It is a pleasure to see you once again Pierre,” Marie states as she shakes his hand, no doubt sticking to her royal roles.

“It’s a pleasure to see you once again, princess,” Daniel replies, shaking her hand in return with a slight bow, remembering what the book said about greeting royalty.

“Mi señora, qué necesita ser acompañado?” The older gentleman asks and Daniel holds his breath, hoping that she caught on to the plan earlier.

“No,” she replies. “Que vaya por favor al cuadro de distribución y abrir la puerta?” The gentleman shakes his head yes and walks off. “I purposely chose this gate due to the location of the switchboard.”

“Smart lady,” Daniel whispers. “I was hoping that you’d catch on to what I had in mind.”

“You’re a smart man, but I guess we both knew that already.”

“Why thank you. I’m surprised that you have freedom.”

“Oh sure, I have freedom. I just have a guard that follows me and makes sure that he can see what I am doing 24/7. I also have an arranged marriage that is set to take place in six days that I cannot get out of. Daddy told me that I better say I do if I want to stay in my current state.” Daniel winces, no doubt his suspicions being true with her words. He also knew that they had that long to do something.

Dale, hiding in his spot, watches them closely before turning his eyes to the gate. He watched at the gentleman went into the switch room and waited for it to open. He hoped that nobody else was around and watching when he made his move from the tree to the garden. The place couldn’t be this empty, right?

“Here we go….” he comments outloud as he sees the gate openly slightly. He watches it fully open, double checking his surroundings for someone to be around. As the gate comes up, he begins to move from his spot to the opening and gets to it when he feels a hand on his shoulder.

“I figured that you were around,” he hears and without making a move, he knew that he was under the hand of one Owen Calantay. “Pierre? Real clever cover name for your friend there. That didn’t help as I could tell upon entry that you and your family were here. I was just wondering how long it would take before we crossed paths.” Knowing that Owen was in the position to control things based on the people that were with him and their weapons of choice, Dale knew putting up a fight wouldn’t help.

“I love your daughter with all my hear-”

“Oh save your voice!” He then twitches his fingers as he walks away as the guards grab Dale’s arms and pull them back, placing them in cuffs. They then push him off towards the castle direction, where they cross paths with Daniel and the other set of guards.

“I told you that they’d recognize me. Now what do we do?”


Chapter 27: The Castle

After entering the castle and per the guard’s requests, Daniel, Dale and Marie stood before Owen in the royal chambers. Dale and Marie caught a quick look at each other, mixed emotions filling them both in the simple glance. There was no doubt that they both missed each other and were so glad to see each other again.

“So here we are – everybody together,” Owen starts, catching the eyes of everyone.

“Let them go!” Marie instructs without hesitation. Her own anger at her father boiled at that moment as she couldn’t believe that this was happening.

“You can’t keep us here held hostage,” Daniel adds as Owen glances towards him.

“And who says so?” Owen questions as he walks up to him.

“They are citizens of the United States and technically, they haven’t broken any crimes in your country, daddy,” Marie states for a fact. She also knew that the line could play for herself as well, but she wanted to at least see them safe. Alyssa needed at least one of them and it wasn’t Dale’s fault that he had been brought into her crazy family.

“No crimes committed, huh?” He then snaps his fingers and the officer undoes the handcuffs that hold Daniel in place. “You can leave and I suggest that you leave right now. I suggest that you go get the rest of the family and fly your ass out of the country.” Owen then walks down the line and looks over at Dale. “As for you, you broke into the garden so I have something on you now.”

“Go Daniel,” Dale instructs as he keeps his eyes focused on Owen’s. “Go tell the others. I’ll figure this out myself. They deserve to know.”

“Are you su-” Daniel starts.


“Alright.” Daniel then slowly walks out of the castle as Dale keeps his eyes locked on Owen’s.

“Now for you…” Owen starts as Dale takes a deep breath.

“Before you do anything, I ask that you have some understanding,” Dale says as he keeps his eyes locked on Owen’s. “I didn’t know that Marie here was a princess of this country. I didn’t know your laws. If I had known your laws, I would’ve come to you and properly asked for your permission before dating your daughter. I apologize for that and I’m sorry that you’re angry with my behavior.” Dale then glances over at Marie and smiles. “However, I don’t regret a single moment with your daughter.”

“I also don’t regret a single moment with him either,” Marie starts. “He’s my true love and nothing will change that.”

“Oh really?” Owen questions as he backs up with a smile on his face. “We’ll see about that after Friday. I look forward to the wedding that is planned. I think it’d be great to have Dale in attendance, don’t you? Perhaps then you’d learn some respect, my dear. I can’t tell how much I am disappointed in you, Marie-Ann.”

“I’m sorry that you feel so disappointed but I have no regrets. Perhaps you should go find your sweet dear Mariela and ask about her sexual escapades through the years.”

“Don’t talk about your sister like that!” Owen then looks over at Dale. “I have to say that I am quite disappointed in her. I thought that she would’ve done a better job with you.”

“Looks like she underestimated how awesome he is. Perhaps you should try and get to know someone before you stand here and act like this. Please daddy, give him a chance. He did apologize. Doesn’t that mean something?”

“Please sir, I promise that I have the best intentions for your daughter,” Dale begs as Owen sits back in his chair. “I promise to take care of her properly and love her fully. I promise to treat her like a princess and never hurt her.”

“None of your words will work on me as you obviously don’t understand tradition….” Owen states as Marie rolls her eyes.

“Enlighten me. I’m curious to learn more about where Marie is from.”

“Oh so you want to be enlightened?” Dale shakes his head yes.

“If I’m going to marry your daughter, I should know more about where she’s from.”

“See how nice he is?” Marie questions as Owen rolls his eyes.

“Go up to your roo-” Owen starts as Marie shakes her head no.

“I’m not moving.”

“Joseph, you know what to do!” The guard standing behind Marie picks her up and carries her off as she struggles to get out of his gasp. After she’s left the room, Owen turns his eyes back to Dale. “Now this is how it should be.”

“What do you have in mind?” Dale questions as Owen walks over to him.

“You broke a crucial law in my country and I’m disappointed,” Owen states. “I don’t want to hear the excuse as Marie should’ve known better. She’s got her lesson coming to her and been taught her lesson. I’ve made my point clear to her and she knows how things stand. Now with you, you need to learn where things stand.”

“How so?”

“Easily.” Dale felt his nerves growing as he felt the grasp from the guard’s hands on his tighten up. He remembered Daniel’s words from earlier.

“Please….give me a chance….”

“I told you that I don’t want to hear it!” Owen then walks over to the far wall, grabbing one of the leather belts and holding it firmly in his hands as Dale felt a lump in his throat. Owen then walks over and keeps his eyes locked on Dale’s eyes.


Dale takes a deep breath as he walks out the front gates of the castle, slowly, searing pain felt all the way up his thighs. He honestly had lost count earlier of the amount of slaps that Owen ensured in his ’lesson’ period.

“Oh shit….” Daniel says as he catches a glance of Dale. “Are you okay?”

“My legs feel terrible,” Dale tells him as Daniel walks over. “The pain is just brutal.”

“Countless belt slaps on the thighs?” Dale shakes his head yes. “I figured that’s what he had planned.”

“I thought I could win some sympathy but I don’t think he has a heart.” Daniel then flags down a cab and they get in, beginning the ride back to the hotel. There was no doubt that they were done for the day and Dale needed some rest.

“I called your sister. She knows about Owen’s little kidnapping spree. They’re back at the hotel. L.W. and Trisha are going to leave later tonight with the kids as Steve and Kelley refuse to leave knowing that you’ll stay. However, as much as you love that girl, Steve may be right- this may be a suicide mission. I think we need to reconsider what we’re doing here. however, I already know your response so that’s why we’ve made the decision that we’ve had in making sure us three stay with you because we don’t want you to do this alone.”

“I’m not leaving without Marie. I can’t leave her, Daniel. I need my girl back. Alyssa and I need her.” Daniel shakes his head understanding.

“I know – trust me. That’s why I have my own plan.” Dale then looks over at Daniel curious.

“Oh really?”

“When he sees the plane leave, he’s going to think that we’re all on board. I’ve called in a favor and have a plane coming our way. Now if Marie goes out and we can get her in our hands and on that plane, we can get out of here. Let him attempt to follow and lead us home. I’m sure our government won’t take too kindly to a kidnapper from another country. The only tough part is getting Marie out of his hands and on the plane. Given that she loves to go to the café and a couple other spots – I did my research – I have some places picked out that could work for kidnapping a princess.”

“Why does every plan you have involve breaking one of Owen’s laws?”

“Because the man has too many laws for me to even try to work around.” The cab then pulls up to the hotel and Daniel pays the bill before they head inside, Daniel lending a hand the whole way.


Chapter 28: My Little Girl

“Lay down and relax…” Daniel instructs once they’re up in the hotel room. “Do you want anything?” Dale shakes his head no as he lays back on the bed.

“So do you want to tell me what you both were thinking?” Kelley questions as she looks between them, obviously not pleased.

“We thought the plan was fool proof and I wanted to give him a chance to see her as I thought that’s why we’re here. Obviously, someone picked up that it was us when we entered the country and Owen has been spying since.”

“I know you’re mad Kel, but we all knew something like this was possible when we set foot here,” Dale adds as Kelley rolls her eyes. That wasn’t a lie, however it wasn’t comforting. She cared a lot about her brother and hated to see this happen. She couldn’t believe it when Daniel texted her. If it was up to her, they’d be all leaving the country and finding another way to get Marie back. She wanted Marie back as much as anyone in the room, but she wasn’t willing to take these risks. “I warned you and it was a chance that we all agreed upon. So save the lecture because I don’t want to hear it.”

“Dale, as much as you’re frustrated with it, you have to understand that she is only acting like this because she cares about you,” Steve informs him as Dale rolls his eyes.

“I get it – Steve. I’m just sick of hearing it.”

“So are Trisha and L.W. cool on the plan to leave tonight?” Daniel asks, changing the topic, as he could see that this would just be a mess. Steve shakes his head yes. “Good to hear. I just feel that it’s best the kids leave now since Owen knows we’re here and it’ll make him think that he has chased us off. I think it’ll make the rest of the plan easier.” They then hear a knock at the door, causing them all to freeze. “Who is it?”

“Karsyn,” she announces as she peaks into the room. “Someone wants to see her daddy.”

“Alyssa?” Karsyn shakes her head yes.

“She knows that he’s home and she’s missed him all day. Beyond that, if we’re leaving tonight as L.W. explained to me, don’t you think that she deserves to her daddy before she goes?”

“You’re too smart!” Steve comments as Karsyn smiles.

“Wait – what are we going to tell her?” Dale questions, knowing that he couldn’t tell Alyssa the truth.

“That you have some things to do and she’ll get to spend special time with her favourite cousin?” Daniel suggests as Kelley crosses her arms.

“Do you think that’ll really go over well with a three-year-old that is attached to her daddy like crazy?” Kelley questions.

“We got her to spend the day with Karsyn today.”

“I’ll do it – send her in,” Dale instructs, thinking that he has this figured out in his head. All the adults leave as Dale lets out a long sigh. He then relaxes back and waits a couple minutes before he sees his favourite little blond running in and jump up on to the bed.

“Daddy!” Alyssa lets out as she wraps both arms around him and gives him a hug. “I had fun!”

“Oh really?” Alyssa shakes her head yes. “Did you see all the flowers with Karsyn?” Alyssa shakes her head yes. “That’s awesome. Daddy had fun too spending time with Daniel.”

“I see flowers. I pick flower!” Alyssa then takes the flower out of her carefully and hands it to Dale. He smiles immediately – a tulip. She was so much like her mother in some ways.

“I think you should put it back in your hair as it looks pretty.”

“Help daddy?” Dale then helps her put it back in her hair. “Love you.” She then kisses his cheek.

“I love you too. Listen, I need to tell you something, okay?” Alyssa shakes her head yes. “You, Karsyn, Kennedy, Wyatt, Tyler, Ashlyn, Trisha and L.W. are going to fly home tonight. However, daddy needs to stay here with Kelley, Steve and Daniel.” The little girl then looks at him confused.


“Daddy has things to do – importa-”

“But I no leave!” Dale shakes his head yes. “No daddy. I stay!” Dale lets out a sigh as he pulls her close.

“I know you want to stay, but I need someone to help Karsyn take care of the animals. What if Karsyn forgets to feed Killer, Laverne and Shirley? She needs someone to help her and I’m sure Killer has missed you. Plus, don’t you want to go take Misty for another ride?” He knew how much Alyssa loved Karsyn’s new pony Misty as she had enjoyed herself the other day going for a ride. “How about this? You go be a good girl for Karsyn and help her with the animals and daddy will bring you back something special, okay?” Alyssa looks at him and shakes her head yes.


“That’s my girl.”

“You come home soon? You no leave like mommy?” Dale lets out a sigh and holds back his own tears as he feels his heart fall apart at the mere mention of those words.

“I’ll make sure that I come home to you – I promise. I love you. I could never leave you.” Dale then pulls her close and kisses her head. “I also know that mommy loves you a lot and will be sure to see you soon, too.”

The pair then spent the next couple of hours cuddling before it was time for Alyssa to head off with the other kids. As she got her stuff together, there was no doubt that it wasn’t easy for her or Dale to do as they both knew that they’d miss each other.


“You’re lucky that he let me play guard tonight,” Joshua comments as he walks into Marie’s room.

“I appreciate this,” Marie replies as she finishes getting ready to head out. “I need to see him. I need to make sure that he’s okay. I can’t have something happen to him because my dad is an ass.”

“I totally understand. I just wish that your dad could be understanding about your choices. But was he ever understanding?” Marie shakes her head no as she exits her room quietly with Joshua in toe as they head out.


Chapter 29: Marie

“I can’t believe they’re gone….” Dale says quietly as the quietness of the hotel room takes over their thoughts.

“If it’s up to me, we won’t be separated for long,” Kelley assures him as she already has some ideas up her sleeve and how to kidnap Marie to themselves. She heard Daniel’s plan earlier and hated it completely. Everything about it spelled bad news, especially with how things had gone for them so far. However, she knew that their options were limited.

They then hear a knock at the door – catching them all off-guard.

“Who is that?” Kelley asks as everyone shrugs their shoulders. “Should we answer it?” Everyone slowly shakes their head yes. If it was someone that could cause them trouble, they’d break in anyway. If it was someone innocent, they could chase them away quickly. “Okay….” Kelley then walks over to the door and peaks into the peak hole, a smile forming on her face immediately. “It’s safe!” She then opens the door, throwing her arms around the female on the other side immediately.

“Is he here?” Marie asks, not wanting to concern herself with Kelley right now.

“Yeah, in the bedsroom there. I’m so glad to see you….I mean, I wish it was under different circumstances. How did you get over here?” Marie motions to Joshua with a smile before hurrying through the room and into Dale’s room.

Upon her entrance, the pair look at each other – shocked and surprised to see each other – as Steve and Daniel slowly make their way out of the room to give them some privacy.

Marie swallows the lump that has formed in her throat as she slowly makes her way over the bed. She debates in her mind what is going through Dale’s mind with his reaction. She couldn’t imagine going through the roller coaster that he has been through. From learning that she was dead, to what happened on the plane, she couldn’t imagine the thought process.

“Dale, say something please…” She whispers as she sits on the edge of the bed beside him.

“Please tell me that this is truly you sitting here before me,” he starts. “Please tell me that this isn’t a dream.”

“This isn’t a drea-”

“When they told me that you were dead, every thought crossed my mind as I couldn’t believe it. Now for you to sit only inches from me, it’s a total shock.” She takes a deep breath as she relaxes.

“I understand whole heartedly. Take your time. I’ve got some time tonight.”

“Does your dad know that you’re here?” Marie shakes her head no. “So you snuck out?” She shakes her head yes. “Oh, okay.” Dale then lays back and takes a deep breath. He simply wanted to pull her close and kiss her lips. Part of him wanted to demand answers in why he was finding about her family just now through this whole mess. However, he couldn’t bring himself to do either as he was in total shock still. He thought that she was gone forever when he heard that news. Now, she was here before him. “Why did you never tell me about being a princess? Why didn’t you ever tell me about your family? Why didn’t you tell me that your dad could one day find you like this?”

“Because I didn’t want to talk about it. I didn’t want to
remember that past in my life as my whole life was centered on us and Alyssa, not that. I thought that was all gone when my mom ran away. Dale, I’m so sorry that you’ve gone through everything that you’ve gone through because of me.”

“It all doesn’t matter now….” Dale then sits up and leans in, kissing her lips lightly. He then looks into her eyes, before bringing his lips to hers once again, kissing her this time with more passion. “I can’t begin to describe how much I’ve missed you. There’s no way to say how much I missed you.”

“Then don’t say a word and kiss my lips again.”

“I think I could do this all night long.” He then kisses her lips once again as he pulls her close to him, this time.

“I just want to be with you like this again.”

“I do too…..That’s why I’m glad that you’re here tonight.” She then looks at him surprised. “Daniel has called in another plane and it’s going to be here shortly. Come join me on the plane. Let’s fly home and not worry another second about what your father has to say. Let’s head home and if he follows, he’ll regret it. I want my family back together.” He then kisses her lips once again as he runs his hand up underneath her shirt.

“I want to be back with you as well. I have no problem with running away with you.”

“Daniel!!” Daniel comes into the bedsroom, freezing at the door when he sees how close they are. “Relax, we have clothes. She’s willing to escape with us. When will this plane arrive?”

“2 hours – tops,” Daniel answers. “Do you have enough time?” Marie shakes her head yes as Daniel enters the room. “What about Joshua?”

“He can either come or stay,” she answers. “He won’t spoil our plan.”

“How do you know?”

“I can trus-”

“Just like earlier? How did he know that we’d be at the garden? I think we deserve answers.”

“Daniel….” Dale warns. “Owen said that he had followed our tracks since we landed. You can leave the room now.”

“You know that I wouldn’t do anything to hurt Dale, right?” Marie questions. “I love him. I wouldn’t put his life in jeopardy.”

“I hope you can truly trust this girl,” Daniel comments before leaving the room as Marie looks back at Dale.

“Do you trust me?” Dale shakes his head yes.

“If I didn’t trust you, why would I be here right now?” Dale asks as she smiles.

“I love you so much,” Marie comments before sharing another kiss.

“Marry me.” She then looks at him surprised.

“Did you just say what I think you did?” Dale shakes his head yes. “Seriously? Did you just ask me to marry you? Wait…..are you truly asking me? Or is this because of my father? I’m sorry but you’ve caught me off-guard.” Dale then grabs her hands with his.

“I love you so much, Marie, more than any other person in this world. I should’ve asked you much sooner, like a couple years ago. I mean it when I am asking you. It has nothing to do with your father. It has nothing to do with what happened. I truly want to marry you. Now, will you marry me?”

“I think we both know that answer.” She then kisses his
lips once again as she slides her hands underneath his shirt, pulling it off, as Dale pulls her shirt off.

“I’m glad, because this would’ve been one wasted trip if you said no. I promise you a ring when we get home…..perhaps. We’ll see how this goes.”

“Ring or no ring, it doesn’t matter as all that matter is that we’re together.”

“Best words spoken all day…” Dale then pulls her down close to him as he runs his fingers underneath the edge of her bra.

“Are you going to admire all day, or unclip? We aren’t going to get nothing done like this.”

“Who says I wanted to do something? Perhaps I wanted to lay here and admire my beautiful princess. By the way, I think you make the most gorgeous princess around. I’d like to see you with your crown one day. Now do we call you Princess Marie? Or something else?”

“Princess Marie-Ann for short, or Princess Marie-Ann Belle Kastona Calantay. Kastona is my mom’s last night and Calantay is my dad’s last name. Belle was my dear sweet aunt.”

“I think I’ll stick with Princess Maria, or Princess Marie. The rest is too complicated.” She then laughs as they hear banging on the door outside. “You didn’t leave any trace of where you were going, did you?” The pair then sit up, grabbing their shirts as they hear Daniel, Joshua, Steve and Kelley debating what to do.

“He’ll break in if you don’t open the door,” Joshua comments as Dale and Marie fight with their shirts.

“Shit!” Marie swears as she runs out of the bedsroom, ready to do whatever it takes to stop her father if he was at the door. She wasn’t letting him ruin things again.


Chapter 30: Daddy

This may be for your reading pleasure mid-chapter -> http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/002498.htm. Google can be interesting in doing research.

“He’ll break in if you don’t open the door,” Joshua comments as Dale and Marie fight with their shirts.

“Shit!” Marie swears as she runs out of the bedsroom, ready to do whatever it takes to stop her father if he was at the door. She wasn’t letting him ruin things again.

“Marie, I swear I didn’t tell him anything…”

“I believe you, Joshua.” She then runs to the door before any of them and opens it, immediately locking eyes with her father. “If you’ve come here looking for me, here I am. Beyond that, don’t you dare touch any of them.”

“And who says I’m going to listen to my daughter when she can’t listen to me?” Owen questions.

“Because it’s not their fault! It’s my fault, okay?”

“That isn’t enough for me.”

“Excuse me?” Dale then comes out of the bedsroom, as everyone stands there facing the father-daughter combo in shock. Owen then looks up at Dale and smiles.

“I thought that you’d left the country,” he starts. “Didn’t your plane leave not that long ago? Didn’t you understand my words for you? I thought I gave you a clear cut warning that you were through with my daughter. Why are you still here?”

“Because we’re engaged.” Owen then looks at Marie shocked and then looks back at Dale.

“Really?” Kelley questions and Dale shakes his head yes. “When did you ask? Why don’t I know as your sister?”

“I just asked her not that long ago,” Dale answers as he keeps his eyes on Marie. He then looks towards her father. “Please give me a chance. Please understand that your daughter loves me and I love her. Don’t make the same mistake that you were forced into by your parents.” Dale then walks over carefully. “Isabella told me how you were both forced to marry because of her parents. She told me that you were forced to marry and then take over rule of the country. Why keep the string of pain and suffering continuing, generation after generation?”

“You have no right to step into my country and question our customs,” Owen states, anger written all over his face. There was no doubt that Dale’s comments were bringing out every bit of anger that coursed through his veins. “Lucky for you, there won’t be anything left to say when we’re done.”

“What do you mean?” Marie questions. “Daddy, what are you going to do?”

“Sweetheart, you have to understand that you need to follow family traditions and what needs to be done – has to be done.” He then snaps his fingers as some guards run in, each guard grabbing hold of each person in the room before anybody can even think of planning a counter attack of their own.

“I’m sorry that I broke your rules, but please let the others go,” Dale requests as Owen walks over to him.

“Daddy!” Marie yells at the top of her lungs.

“My sister, Steve and Daniel don’t deserve whatever you have up your sleeve. This was my fault and my doing. Please let them go. It isn’t fair.”

“None of this is fair damn it!” Kelley yells as Owen keeps his eyes locked on Dale. “We didn’t know that Marie was some princess of some country. We didn’t know that you had some law up your ass. How could you do this?”

“Shut up!” Owen barks as he pulls a bottle out of his pocket. He swirls the liquid around in the bottle.

“Daddy….” Marie warns.

“I won’t hurt your precious sister or those others if you co-operate with me. I just want to make sure that we won’t be meeting again. Perhaps this version of the lesson will work wonders on you.”

“Whatever you do, don’t swallow the liquid.” Marie knew what was in the bottle as she knew the customs of the country, despite not being there. If someone needed to be quieted or harmed in such way, they would make them swallow a liquid known as ‘hydrochloric acid’.

“Oh but he will swallow the liquid, or else I have a special plan in mind…” Owen then glances over at Kelley, who’s eyes turn to slits immediately.

“Don’t you dare!”

“Try anything with me buddy and you’ll have no balls left,” Kelley warns as the guard tightens his hold on her. “As for you buddy, I suggest you watch your paws.”

“Is that all you have to say?” Owen questions. He then pulls the cap off the bottle as he swirls it around again. “Now open wide or be surprised with what I have in mind. We both know that you’ll co-operate.”

“Don’t do it….” Marie warns. “You don’t want to taste that crap!” Owen closes the gap between himself and Dale.

“Hold him.” The guard strengthens his hold as instructed, well Owen grabs hold of his face, clawing to get his mouth open. “Come on…” Owen then gets the mouth open, though before he can stick the bottle in, teeth come down on his fingers. “You son of a bitch!”

“I suggest you keep your paws out of my mouth then,” Dale comments. “What is that stuff anyway?”

“Hydrochloric acid, the same shit that is in pool chemicals,” Marie explains as she tries to break free herself. “You don’t want to taste it.”

“Oh but he does…” Owen states as he tries again, getting Dale to open up wide enough to slip the edge of the bottle in and watch as the liquid slowly starts to drain out.

As the liquid continues to dispense, Marie kicks her foot up, kicking the guard straight in the balls as he lets go. She then grabs the gun out of his pocket, pointing it at her father.

“Lower the bottle or say goodbye to your precious life,” Marie instructs as her father laughs.

“Don’t you know the damage has been done sweetheart?” Owen questions as he drops the bottle on the floor. “Now you wouldn’t do anything would you? You don’t have the heart to kill your daddy, do you?”

“Marie….” Dale lets out in a warning tone as Marie cocks back the gun. “You don’t need…..” Before Dale can finish his words, Marie lets the trigger go, as bullet flies across the room, piercing her dad in the arm. She then lets it off once again, this one hitting him square in the chest.

“Per Pitronia Law, you aren’t to threaten a member of the royal family,” she states before turning her eyes to the guards. “You all know that rule and for you to threaten my life, I hate you all. You should know your own laws. Now let them go and take his ass out of here!”

The guards immediately do as instructed as they carry Owen’s body out of the room.

“Dale?” Steve questions as he walks over to Dale.

“Did you swallow any?” Daniel wonders and Dale slowly shakes his head yes.

“It…burns…” He lets out as he sits back on the chair that was behind him, hands on his neck.

“Marie! Do something!” Marie then tosses a cell phone over to Daniel. “Mar-”

“I sent a message to Dr. Sharon,” Marie interrupts him as she walks over to Dale. “Someone get their hands on him and follow me. Her office is only five minutes from here and she will do what’s required.” She then kneels before him, kissing his cheek. “You’re going to be okay – trust me.”

“It…burns….” Dale lets out once again as she backs up. Daniel grabs hold of him and they make their way down the stairs.

“Less talking the better,” Daniel instructs as they reach the doctor’s office next door. Sure enough, Dr. Sharon meets them there and takes him in instantly.

“Is he going to be okay?” Steve asks as Marie looks back at him.

“He’ll be fine, trust me,” Marie answers. “I went through the same thing when I turned 12 and kissed a boy.” Steve then looks at her surprised. “That’s why my mom decided it was time for us to leave the country. My father made me drink it and then got Sharon to take care of me. The amount that he got isn’t deadly; it’s just real painful and possibly some of the worst pain to go through. It burns at your throat and stomach, and leaves some burns that take some time to heal. So stop worrying and realize that he’ll be okay.

“I hope you’re right, Marie,” Kelley comments as she sits back in a chair.

I hate cliff hanging these chapters, I really do. However, it’s at four pages and that’s my absolute limit for length wise. Please don’t get too mad over a second straight cliff hung chapter. Please don’t worry too hard. I have lots planned for this story, still.

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