A Night Out – Chapter 6: The Phone Call

I’ll never be the same if we ever meet again
Won’t let you get away

With qualifying in the books and having gone through a full debrief – surprisingly with not many concerns despite qualifying 21st, the boys were set to split for the night and go about their own ways. Chad knew that meant the crew guys would normally go out to dinner while Jimmie would go back to the motorcoach to spend time with Chandra and the kids. That usually left him either going out with the guys, continuing to go over notes or having a quiet relaxing evening.

Tonight, though, he was ready to change the tune.

It had been about a month since he had met Keshia at the bar that night. The pair had spent a bit of time texting each other since then, chatting about various things. For Chad, the text messages were comforting. It helped ease the nerves that were there about whether they could truthfully have a future together. It also added confidence in the possibility of meeting up again.

Being in Kansas and knowing that she was working that weekend and would be in town, he was seriously thinking about texting her and seeing if she wanted to have dinner with him.

“So, what are your plans for tonight?” Ron breaks the silence as he packs up his notes. Chad glances over his phone, debating whether to call Keshia or to go about one of his normal plans. Besides, she may already be out with someone.

“I don’t know yet,” Chad sheepishly admits, catching the car chief’s attention. That wasn’t a normal answer.

“This isn’t like the Chad Knaus that I know.” Chad simply rolls his eyes as a smile forms on Brandon’s face.

“You have been playing with your phone a lot,” he begins. “Gonna call up the girl and go see her?” Chad’s eyes immediately dart over to the gasman, a little frustration setting in. It never failed – the guys were always in the mind to tease.

“What were you told about talking about my dating life?” Chad questions as Brandon simply shrugs his shoulders with a smile.

“It’s okay to admit it, Chad. Besides, we know that you’ve been texting her. I’ve seen you with that phone and smiling in meetings. Give her a call. You may get lucky.” Chad then takes a old piece of paper, squishes it into a ball and chucks it at the gasman, who ducks laughing.

“I say give her a chance and see what happens,” Cameron Waugh encourages as Chad shakes his head.

“I don’t need you guys telling me advice or trying to push me to do it,” Chad warns. Ron then gives the pair a glance and they immediately leave the trailer. “What do you want, Mr. Malec?”

“Listen, they’re doing it in their teasing ways, but we all know that you like her,” Ron starts. “Do yourself a favor and take a chance so you’re not left wondering. You’ve been a little extra stressed lately and the issues last week certainly haven’t helped your attitude. You could use a break. It’s all about that balance, remember?” Chad lets out a sigh, knowing that Ron was right. It never failed that Ron and Jimmie could tell before he could. “You do like her, right?”

“Absolutely,” Chad admits with honesty. “More than I want to admit to myself. I like a lot – more than I’ve liked any other girl. What if I’m falling too fast?” Ron smiles a little, glad to see this side of Chad.

“Just keep your guard up – lightly of course – and go about it carefully, and everything will be fine. Give her a call. What’s the worse that could happen due to dinner?” Ron then finishes packing up his stuff and heads for the door, glancing back. “I expect to hear details tomorrow so don’t chicken out.” Chad laughs as he holds up his phone.

“I’ll take your advice just this one time.” Ron gives him a thumbs up and heads off.

Chad then takes a deep breath and dials her number, hoping for an answer.

“Hello?” He hears at the other end and simply smiles. It was nice to hear her voice.

“Hey Keshia,” he says. “It’s Chad. How are you?” Keshia took a deep breath, trying to contain her excitement. She was so far having a boring night with nobody to hang out with as all the other girls had planned.

“I’m doing good. How are you?” Chad smiles as he kicks his feet up.

“Just fine. Got done the last meeting for the day and set for a nice, relaxing night.” Keshia was set to punch something upon hearing those words. If he was looking for a quiet night, that probably meant no going about the original offer of getting together again. “So, do you have any plans tonight?”

“Got done my events for the day and not really, actually.” Chad hoped that her day hadn’t been too busy as he didn’t want her to say that she was too tired to hang out that night.

“Have you eaten yet? If not, I can come pick you up at your hotel and we can head out for a bite to eat. I don’t know any good places around here, but I imagine that we could find something.” Keshia was set to jump up off of the couch and let out a big scream in the offer.

“I think I know of a place that I went to last year with the girls. It’s a local restaurant, but their food is amazing.” Chad couldn’t help but smile.

“Pick you up at 8?” He knew that’d give him a bit to go head back to the hotel, grab a quick shower and get changed.

“That’s fine. I’ll text my hotel address.” She was glad that she had some time. With plans of lounging for the night, she knew that she had to fix her hair and find something decent to wear.

“Okay. See ya after.” Chad then hangs up, gathering up his stuff quickly.

As they both got ready for the night ahead, neither could hold their own excitement in as they couldn’t wait to see each other again. They both were set on making a good impression as if they had things their way, this wouldn’t be the last time that they’d see each other.

Chad had let her get away once that night and he wasn’t intending on doing that again.


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