The Street Racing Stig – Chapters 71 Thru 75


Chapter 71: Captured

Ron’s POV

My eyes feel heavy. They feel as though as they could never open. I feel like I’m in one of those sleeping slumbers where I can’t ever wake up, that or I’m right drunk off of my ass and can’t move. Curse Jimmie and Chad for that party after one of the championships.

Can’t think about that right now. I need to think about where I am. I need to get my eyes open and glance around my surroundings. I can’t let a second pass without knowing the details. Let’s face it – I was kidnapped. I know that all too well. I remember her grabbing me, I remember the car…and something that knocked me out. I don’t know what, but there was something.

Try to move my eyes but they feel heavier than anything. Try to move my legs but feel a cold, bounding against them – leather. I try to move my hands but feel a sharp, cold object against them – chains. No doubt she had bound me down somewhere while I was knocked out.

I must’ve been knocked out for a long time to allow that to happen.

Taking a deep breath, I force my eyes to open and take in my surroundings. I was in a dark room that had one bright light so everything could be seen. I got a glance at the bounding on my waist, and then the ones on my ankles. I glanced to the left and could see an assortment of things that I wished weren’t there, and then a glance to my right and I saw the person responsible. Let me loose and I’ll kick your ass, lady.

Oh, and did I mention there was a camera above me? I wondered where the video went – whether just for her disposal if she left the room, or perhaps else where. Why would she need a camera anyway?

“It took you long enough to wake up,” I hear and glance back over at the blond. She was small in size, but definitely worked out based on how she was able to grab me earlier. She was the perfect person that you’d want on your crew as you wouldn’t suspect her to be as evil as she was turning out to be. Wasn’t her name Hilary? “Do you have anything to say?” That’s a loaded question. I wanted to ask about her plan. I wanted to ask about the camera. I wanted to ask if perhaps she could let me loose somehow. Perhaps we could ‘work together’, if you get my idea. Though let’s just assume that the fourth idea wouldn’t work as she seems too smart for that.

“Why is there a camera above my head?” I asked, giving up on asking the third question. She was too smart to let me loose at all, too. Plus, if she told me the camera, that may divulge her plan.

“It’s showing images live to a suspecting audience. Everything is being streamed to David’s phone and he can see and hear you, and whoever has his phone. Considering he was arrested, he probably handed it over to the police and they can see you.” So wait – he was arrested, but yet he’d turn in his helper for doing this to me. That seems….confusing?

“Why would he want to give the video away?” Now is when I find out the plan so I know what I am up against.

“Let’s just say that I have a plan for you, Mr. Malec. That plan is to slowly torture you, killing you in the end if needed. However, they can prevent that if they work a trade.” In other words, I was doomed. Everybody knows that the federal police aren’t going to give up a potential terrorist for my life, even if Candiss’ best Cop friend Dom was part of that investigation. If I was going to survive, I was going to have to put up the fight and do it myself.

“So what is torture plan?” I might as well know the way that she plans on eventually killing me.

“Have you heard of the lethal injection process that is used in prisons?” Was this girl insane?

“No. Enlighten me.” I’m not sure that I want to hear the details. But, if she’s sitting and describing things, she isn’t doing anything to me. That’s a start.

“Prisons use a three-step process – sleep agent, muscle relaxer and finally a drug to stop the heart. I’m going to skip the sleeping agent – sodium thiopental – because you don’t need that.” Of course, because anything to lighten my torture wouldn’t be fair. Damn. “My first step will be to inject pancuronium into you. It’s a muscle relaxer that will have all of your muscles doing nothing within three to four hours of the injection.” No feeling – I could get used to that. At least I wouldn’t feel anything. However, able to see and watch but not able to feel? That’s a little ludicrous! “Then I’ll inject potassium chloride after that, in a spell of time, and that is what will stop your heart and cause death via cardiac arrest.” As I said, I’d be dead. “Plus, I have other ideas for you. You better hope that your friend works a trade or somehow saves you.” I told you my thoughts already. I might as well buckle up and work on mass survival.

“Good luck with your plan. You don’t know who you’re messing with.” I’m not letting her know my doubts. Sometimes you can fool your attacker by out playing the game in their mind. And hey, perhaps I’m right. Dom seems like a badass dude from what I’ve learned, and maybe he can pull this off. Actually, he better pull this off. I want to make it out of here alive!

“Neither do you, peaches.” I watch as she snatches a belt off of her railing, snapping it in the air. I then close my eyes, having a feeling what is coming before the leather bounces off of my legs, followed by a bounce off of my chest. The pain immediately sears through my body, redness probably forming underneath my clothes. It takes every bit of power to not scream but I cannot scream in pain. I can’t show weakness. Must…remain…strong….but oh the pain in unbearable.

“Can’t we work out a deal?” It’s worth a try, right? Besides, I can’t take this pain.

“I don’t make deals. I haven’t gotten to where I am conforming to people.” Well, I told you that was going to be a failure. Now you know that I was telling the truth.

Closing my eyes, taking a deep breath, trying to ignore the pain that remains, I say a prayer to myself of survival. Dom, if you are anything as Jimmie and Candiss say, you better start working that magic now.
Chapter 72: Fear

Jimmies POV

Somehow, someway, I was trying to understand Dom’s logic. If Ron was knocked out, they couldn’t do much so we had some time to buy to find the location.

I knew that they were checking the phone to see if it led to clues. I knew that they had people searching for the getaway car or any signs of his escape. But yet, I couldn’t stand to tremble a little in fear of what was going to happen to my best friend.

I had focused on the police members’ activities, seeing how they were going about their search – basically, making sure that they were doing something. Dom had resorted to continuing to question the squad of arrested members over and over to see if he could crack one of them to give the details. However, he had come up short on doing that to date.

Of course, if that wasn’t enough, I had noticed the movement by the individual in the video. I could tell that Ron was awake, which meant that the time that we were supposedly buying was running out with each passing second. That just meant that we had to find him quicker.

Did I see that happening? Let’s see – no clues or nothing thus far left me unhopeful. The fact that police won’t work a trade like this – would you let a mass terrorist go – meant that the only way of getting him was to find him and storm in like storm troopers.

Every bit of my gut felt fear and the worst happening, but yet I still held hope. I still believed in Dom….for some reason. I still believed in the police. We were going to figure this out.

“Have you heard of the lethal injection process that is used in prisons?” My curiousity is pegged to the screen, hearing those words. I knew that Hilary was crazy, but was she this crazy?

“No. Enlighten me,” Ron replies, and I had to agree. What could be on the list of attack?

“Prisons use a three-step process – sleep agent, muscle relaxer and finally a drug to stop the heart. I’m going to skip the sleeping agent – sodium thiopental – because you don’t need that. My first step will be to inject pancuronium into you. It’s a muscle relaxer that will have all of your muscles doing nothing within three to four hours of the injection. Then I’ll inject a very high dosage potassium chloride after that, in a spell of time, and that is what will stop your heart and cause death via cardiac arrest. Plus, I have other ideas for you. You better hope that your friend works a trade or somehow saves you.”
My stomach immediately twisted into tighter knots, hearing those words as I glanced over at Dom. He had returned from his round of questioning, hearing the same details that I heard.

“Well, what are we going to do now?” I questioned with a glance at Dom. He had offered confidence and everything to make things work perfectly earlier so where was that now?

“We’re working at finding the location,” he offers as I roll my eyes. He said that earlier.

“You told us that earli-” Chad starts, before I have a chance.

“We’ll find it before she can do anything that’s desperate. If she goes through with the first injection and we get a couple hours in without anything, we’ll work at the trade.” I was honestly surprised to hear that.

Normally, police don’t do trades – esp. with mass criminals for individual citizens. Of course, this was Dom so I guess that made things different. As Candiss had said, he’s very loyal and won’t let his friends get hurt. Now, I believe her and believe that he can hold his own. However, could he honestly pull that off? Guess we’d just have to wait and see. Meanwhile, I’ll go throw up with worry.

“I suggest you keep your ass working then,” Chad advises as Dom looks over at him. Do not ever stand around two badasses at once. It’s a little nerve-wracking.

“I’m doing what I can,” Dom replies before walking away.

I then glance back at the screen, stomach knot growing as I watch the belt slap against his skin. I immediately cringe, glancing away. Hold on Ron….we’re coming…..soon….I hope.

“I still can’t believe that you were involved in street racing and people like this,” Chad comments quietly as I glance over at him. Was this really the time for comments like that? I knew it was my fault! Ron had told me to give it up and yet I went about my business as usual, thinking that I was smart. I knew I was going down for this! If anything happens, I can’t forgive myself. But does Chad have to rub it in right now?

“I fucked up, okay?” I tell him, taking a deep breath. “Besides, most of the people that I dealt with weren’t like this. Actually, 99% of the people aren’t like this. They’re just people looking to have some fun and do it for the same reasons that I did it. One of those being Candiss, one of those being Dom, and one of those being Ron at one point. You can hang my head all you want, but I’m doing that already and don’t need you riding my ass.”

I then walk away, not wanting to face a longer discussion with Chad. I knew the way that he got when it came to these situations – angry, willing to pick a fight with anyone – and had learned the best thing to do was walk away and let calmer heads prevail later.

Whether or not there would be a point for that, I didn’t know. I could tell that Chad’s anger ran deeper in this situation than any of our previous situations. I had to wonder whether we could go back to the relationship that we had before he found out, before this happened. It was just a matter of whether he could forgive me for mistake.

I guess it also depended whether Ron would be okay, too. He was going to be okay. He had to be okay. I couldn’t live with him not being okay. That just wouldn’t be fair as it was never his fault. If anybody should be lying there right now, it’s me – not him.

“Are you okay?” I hear a quiet female voice as I glance up at the blond looking down at me. I slowly shake my head yes, returning my eyes to the floor. “Jimmie, he’s going to be okay. He’s going to be okay and you’re going to work things out with Chad.” I wanted to believe her optimism. I had to believe her optimism.

“How do you know that?” The future looked so bleak with no information to rely on.

“Trust me. Trust Dom. Trust everybody in this room. Believe in your friend.” There was no way that I would lose belief in Ron. He’d fight to the end of time. However, trusting these individuals? It was hard to do with the situation as I saw it.

“Johnson!” I hear my name yelled and my eyes immediately go over to Chad. His tone had obviously grown a touch deeper based on that yelling. “Rick is here and wants to talk to you.” I swallow the lump that had formed in my throat.

Even though this was currently the least of my worries – Ron’s safety was priority, I couldn’t think of any positive reason for the boss to be here.
Chapter 73: The Boss

Jimmie’s POV

I swallow every bit of nerves and fear as I walk over to where Rick was standing. The only other time I had been nervous was the first ever meeting that we had, when Jeff told me that he had arranged a meeting for me with Rick. Since then, each meeting has gone with ease and no problem. However, today, that nervous feeling immediately returned.

I follow Rick away from the rest of the people, every possible scenario running through my mind. He probably heard about the circus at the track. He knew of those charges, thanks to the police report. He knew that Ron was missing, as did the rest of the world. He knew there was an arrest warrant out for Hilary.

With that in mind, he probably wondered – or knew – of the connection that I had with those individuals. It was now a question as to whether he’d offer me any forgiveness as I couldn’t lie to him. How do you lie to one of the most caring people in your life?

“I came down here after I heard about everything,” he starts as I stay focused on him. I wasn’t set on speaking till he was ready for me to speak. “I heard about something happening at the track, so Amy filled me in.” That figures as Amy handles everything public relations with regards to me, so she obviously saw everything as she waited for me to come out of the medical center.

“I’m willing to tell you whatever you want to know, sir,” I offer, knowing that I couldn’t go back from here. I just had to hope that somehow, someway we got through this storm.

“I’m glad to hear that, Jimmie. Amy told me that there were four individuals arrested outside of the care center. She showed me the police report, in which they were charged on an assortment federal terrorism charges and street racing. Now, I didn’t get curious or anything about that as it’s strange for a NASCAR race, but it could happen.”

Obviously, the police report hadn’t mentioned my connection to those street racing stunts – per Dom probably keeping it quiet in what he shared with Hobbs and the squad. Perhaps I should kiss the guy’s ass…..nah, that’ll be after he saves Ron’s ass.

Though even with my part not being mentioned, Rick was still here, seeking some sort of answer from me. That meant that I wasn’t off the hook for explaining what I had done, as obviously some connection seemed to show now that Ron was kidnapped.

“She then informed me that there was a missing person’s report and an arrest warrant that had been released,” he continues, and I already know what’s coming. “So, Ron Malec was kidnapped by Hilary Evans?” I shake my head yes, not speaking any details yet. “You’re best friends with Ron. Did he have any connection to these people at all?” That’s an easy question; however based on the seriousness of his tone, I’m in shit.

“No, sir. Ron wouldn’t do anything like that.” It was Ron that was trying to chase me away from the street racing scene and these evil people, sir. It was Ron that was trying to save my ass from being fried. However, everything turned on its ass and now he’s kidnapped. Why is this happening?

“Okay, and you’re being 100% truthful right now?” Well, not totally. Ron was involved with street racing back in the day when we were in California. But, that isn’t something that’s warranted as part of this discussion, is it?

“Yes, sir.” No, sir, but that’s the only lie that I swear I am telling right now.

“Interesting, because I also spoke with Cody. There was a note traded on the pit box during the race between Chad and Ron, under the peering eyes of your girlfriend and her guest.” I then watch as he pulls out a piece of paper, handing it to me. I immediately look it over, remembering the discussing with Candiss from the care center. This was what she was talking about in how she learned about them being here through Ron. I have to admit – Ron is pretty clever. “Do you want to explain that code, Jimmie?” I take a deep breath, knowing that there was no going back. He knew that somehow, someway we were all involved. I couldn’t throw Ron under the bus. That wouldn’t be fair after all of his pleading.

“He was late getting to the car pre-race with the radios due to being caught by David Rhodes and his crew. They agreed that they wouldn’t kill him, as long as he found a way to hand me over, whether post-race or at the medical center if I wreck. He then advised them not to react as that’d tip off them.” In other words, this confirms that they wanted to kidnap me. However, because they couldn’t get their hands on me, Hilary took the one person who was available and close to me. It was my fault that Ron was caught in this mess. It was my fault for not listening to Ron’s pleads. It was my fault that he was now in her hands as based on this note, it should’ve been me and he knew that from pre-race. I could honestly throw up from guilt right now.

“You told me that Ron was not involved with these individuals. However, there’s a note here and as you’re saying, the note told them that they wanted to kidnap you. Care to explain?” Wish me the best of luck. I hope I found the compassionate side of Rick today.

“Street racing. On Wednesday nights, in an effort to get away from the craziness of NASCAR and break free, I’d go street racing on the back streets of Charlotte. There was a big group of people that go there. We all simply meet up, race each other a couple times and you either win money from the other person, or race for pinks. I met these individuals there.” I then pissed them off and caused them to chase me across the country. I then failed to listen to the warnings from Ron and Malcolm to get out of this immediately for my own safety and career.

“Jimmie, are you serious?” I slowly shake my head yes. “Wow.” That’s the reaction that anybody would give me, should they find out. Remember Chad’s reaction?

“It’s true, sir. I’ve done it since I was the age of 17. Ron used to street race with me, but he gave it up a couple years ago and kept pleading for me to do the same. However, I couldn’t let go. I couldn’t let go of the feeling. There’s a certain feeling that you get – freedom, escape – that I can’t describe to anybody. It’s addicting, honestly.” Should I add that I agreed to quit? Should I add that I agreed to give it up last week?

“So, why are these people chasing you across the country?” Hey, now there’s a good question. Once again, wish me luck.

“Not wanting people to find out who I was, I raced as the ‘stig’ – nobody knew my identity, just that I was bad fast and unbeatable. It pissed off David and he was determined to find out, one way or another, my identity. Through some sources and punches, he learned the truth.” There was also the case of the girlfriend, but I think I’ve told Rick enough.

“So rather than just exploit you, he decided to chase you down?” Okay, scratch that. I guess I should tell him the truth.

“Candiss also street raced. We sort of met on the street, actually, after racing each other a couple times. He was also after her as she had wronged him in a deal gone bad awhile ago.” Did I also mention that she was originally the spy that gave up my identity?

“Jimmie, I can honestly say that I’m in disbelief right now. I never expected this, and this isn’t the type of conduct that I expect from my drivers.” That should be obvious. We know Rick likes to keep his boys in a proper fashion and well-behaved so of course he wouldn’t want criminals.

“I know, sir. I am so sorry for everything that I’ve done, to you, to the sponsors, to the entire organization and also myself. It’s why earlier this week, I had agreed to give up street racing altogether without looking back. Both Candiss and I agreed to it as we were done playing the games, and both started to realize that it wasn’t as clean as it used to be. You can even ask, Dom. He was brought forth to basically end David and his crew and then we’d be gone.” That’s the whole truth in honesty, sir. I can tell you that happened in the garage. I can tell you that’s the reason why I’m either going to have to sell my baby, or change her paint color.

“I like you and I can tell that you’re being sincere. So, I’m going to tell something. I’m going to pretend that we never had this conversation.” Either his worry for Ron, his love for me or his pride in watching Jeff win today are clouding his judgment. Did I just hear that? “There’s been noting stated in the media as to connections right now. I’ll get Amy to release a statement saying that we encourage people to keep their eyes out for Ron as he’s a valued member of the organization, and our thoughts are with the family as they go through this process. Nothing will be mentioned as to possible connections or reasons. If there’s nothing mentioned, like I said, I’ll pretend we never spoke – as long as you keep that promise and behave, young man. However, if it leaks out even a bit, I can’t continue to back you as it’d put my whole company in question.” That sounded fair. He had my back as a friend because he cared about me and believed me – and believe me, I’m done this time. However, I could never allow him to put the company on the line for my dumb mistakes, even if I was a multi-time champion.

“I understand sir.”

“Good. Now, let’s hope they find Ron as soon as possible.” I shake my head in agreement as we return back to the rest of the guys.

Chapter 74: The Pain

Ron’s POV

No words can describe the pain that I am in. I mean, there’s none at all. Don’t even try the words that your mother told you to never use as they don’t even describe the amount of pain that I am feeling.

I tell you – I think I have met the she-devil. This lady loves her belt and loves to whack it wherever she feels like. She’s enjoyed the sound it makes off of my stomach and even though I still am wearing my uniform (light shirt – didn’t have the firesuit today), I bet there’s marks on my skin below it. I’m actually surprised the crazy lady hasn’t undone the buttons of the shirt to reveal the skin beneath and make it hurt more.

She has used it on my legs and chest, trying to instill as much pain as possible. And yes, she used it down there too. Let’s just say that if I have any balls left, it’ll be a bloody miracle. I think I felt tears come to my eyes as I let out a scream on that one, as well as some those choice words. Ever hung out with a drunken sailor before? Yeah, picture that vocabulary in scream tone.

Ranging from biting my tongue to crying to screaming to swearing, it seems the pain never ends. It’s just an endless cycle and as I predicted, this is my torture session. I might as well count my blessings now as it may seem.

At least I got to live the glamour life with success with Jimmie and Chad, and at least I got to set records and do things that people dream of. Guess you could say that I left my impact, right? It’s just too bad that I won’t get a say in the eighth championship. Thanks for ruining the dream team, bitch.

However, as much as I count my defeat, I can’t find it in myself to stop fighting yet. I guess that’s because I’ve always been the type of guy to never give up, no matter the circumstances, whether it came to racing or life. Perhaps there’s a chance at survival. Perhaps Dom and his police officers will find me. Perhaps I will get to say that I met the devil and lived. I guess that’s why I keep craving eventual survival beyond this place.

“I’m surprised your friends haven’t come looking for you yet,” I hear Hilary comment as she rubs her hand along my cheek. Yeah, she has a fixation of rubbing her hand along your cheek, almost in a lover’s way, while talking to you. It’s creepy and even more nerving considering what else she’s done. It almost believes me that if she wasn’t doing this for some camera and way to get her guy back, she would have me stripped down to nothing by now.

“They’re going to sho-” I start, obviously lying through my teeth because we know that’ll probably not happen. However, you never know. Like I said, I can’t conceal defeat yet.

“Wouldn’t they be here already?” Ah, isn’t that obvious question? Normally in movies, it’s quick rescue and saves without much harm done. I guess you could say real life was different. There was investigative time and the search for answers, without any.

“They don’t know where to come.” Okay, why hadn’t I thought of that sooner? It’s not like she left any notes or signs indicating where she had taken me. Hell, I don’t even know where I am. I just know it’s some warehouse somewhere in Kansas. Know of any abandoned warehouses? If so, call your local police department as soon as possible and help me. I’ll gladly give you tickets to any race of your choice – wait, I’ll give you tickets to every race next year and for the rest of this year.

“That’s where you’re wrong, cheeky. As soon as they give word to David that they’re going to work a trade, he’ll spill the details.” And right about now since Dom is supposedly watching this video, I bet he’s storming off down the hallway to wherever they’re keeping David locked up and now questioning him for information. I hope he beats the piss out of him. If I’m going to take an ass whooping, you might as well give one to the guy that has threatened a whole country at one point.

“I’m sure Dom is getting that information right now as we speak.” Suddenly, I feel more hopeful about my chances. Remember how Dom said he doesn’t let anything go? Yeah, I feel good now.

“Good luck with that.” Yeah, I think it’s the other way around because your ass is about to get handed to you.

“So, what are you going to do in the meanwhile? Play human piñata?” With how many times she slapped me and such, I feel like a piñata. I think I’m going to tell all my friends with kids to avoid those things. They’re going to give me nightmares. I’ll dream one night after this that I’m one filled with candy and Hilary is trying to eat all my chocolate bal – on another note, forget that I mentioned that. That’s an even bigger nightmare. I don’t want to associate the word ‘balls’ with Hilary, ever.

“Nah, I’m getting bored.” I watch as she walks over to her tray of devices. Trust me – it’s as scary as it sounds. An arrangement of belts and straps are laid out on a table, along with some needles and bottles of medicine. There’s also a knife – actually, a pair as she’s got both sizes for whatever suits your fancy. You could say that she fits the perfect description of a psychopath.

“Oh?” She could keep using me as a piñata, now that I think of it. Boredom isn’t good with psychopaths. Isn’t that where people usually die?

“It’s time to up the anty.” She then glances at the camera with a smile on her face. Yep, she’s a true psychopath. I’m not a psychiatrist, but I say she’s the attention seeking case that you probably have heard about. She seeks attention – hence her role of importance in setting up things this weekend, hence her love affection with cameras and technology, and why she’s using the camera as her toy. Now this is when a psychiatrist would question her childhood, and whether she was left neglected.

“Can’t we hold our horses on that?” I will be your piñata. Feel free to use me as one. All my wounds shall heal in time. I shall deal with the pain, master.

“It doesn’t seem so, Mr. Malec.” I watch her eyes flip back to me with a smirk, before returning to the camera. Definitely a psychopath. “Here’s how things are going to go. Since you’re taking your sweet time making a decision Mr. Toretto, I’m going to start on phase two of the plan. Perhaps it’ll make you move faster. In just over three hours, your friend will be unable to move a single body part as all muscles will be frozen. At that time, I will be forced to use the second injection. I suggest you start moving as right now…” I then feel a prick in my arm and no doubt, that bit of pain means that there’s a needle and with that needle, comes liquid of the muscle stopping variety. “…as the clock is ticking.”

Let’s face it – she was right. The clock is ticking. Three hours isn’t the biggest window of opportunity. However, I can’t be far from the track and Dom should always be kicking David’s ass into a plump. So that means that he should have his information and be standing in the doorway within the next hour, or so.

However, I had to admit – there was a good thing right now. Extreme muscle relaxer – I forget the drug name – could be to my advantage. Remember the pain that I was talking about? Well, if my muscles are all frozen and unable to be felt, doesn’t that mean that I can’t feel the pain? So basically, while I wait for Dom to finish kicking David’s ass, she’s actually giving me a break and some relaxation.

Perhaps I should give her a card to say thanks. Maybe send her to a psychiatrist and offer to pay for the appointments. On second thought, what am I thinking? The clock is ticking. I was set to meet my lethal injection in three hours. That meant I only had three hours to live! Why would you give someone a card in that case? I must be going crazy.

Someone….anyone….save me…..
Chapter 75: Questioning

Dom’s POV

I walk into the small integration room, slamming the door behind him as I watch the male sitting at the table glance up with a sly smile.

He knew that he had over a table, bent over backwards. He knew that he had something – more like someone – that I wanted badly, and was willing to do almost anything for. He knew that it was only a matter of time, or thought a matter of time, before I caved and went for the trade. He knew the cards that he played presented a strong hand.

However, I knew his hand as well. I knew that he had the one piece of information that would return Ron back to my hands immediately. I knew that if I found someway to get that information on the table, then the game would be flipped.

However, once again, my hands were tied. This was a federal case with high precautions. Everything had to be done strictly by the book as any slip-ups and this kind of criminal could find himself back on the street. When it comes to a national threat, a terrorist, you don’t want that to happen.

For that reason, he held the winning hand. He had everything that I wanted and he knew that it’d take a lot of work to convince the offices here to allow the trade to go through.

However, I’m not the type to give-up. I am going to do everything in my power to get the information that I need. I am going to do anything in my power to save Ron, as I promised to Jimmie and Candiss.

“So, have you come to agree to the trade?” He questions as I sit down across from him. He would just love to hear the words ‘I surrender’ as that’d mean that he won the fight. But, let’s face it – I don’t lose.

“Perhaps that is the reason why I am here,” I offer, knowing my own thoughts without stating them. It was time to see whether I could get him to spill. “However, I have a question. How do I know that I can trust you? How do I know that you will lead me directly to where Ron is?”

“You’re just going to have to believe me, now aren’t you?” Would you believe a terrorist?

“I don’t know if I can do that after everything that you’ve done.” Let’s face it – his credentials don’t resemble someone of the trustworthy type.

“It’s the chance that you’re going to have to take. You want your friend back, right?” There’s no question about that. I couldn’t let Jimmie and Candiss down. I had almost done that once to Candiss, and I wasn’t about to do that again. When I say that I’m there for my friends no matter what, I mean it.

“Obviously, and that’s why I’m set to agree to the deal. So, before I can take this to a higher person, I need to know something from you. I need something to go to them with that you can be considered trustworthy.” Perhaps if he gives me some clue, I can use it in locating where Hilary is with Ron.

“I agree to stay with you, under arrested form, till we arrive at the location together. I agree to stay with you, under arrested form, till you have your friend in your presence and all signs of danger away from him. I will fully comply every step of the way.” I couldn’t help but smile at his suggestion. Perhaps I could agree to the trade – or at least tell him that – and then turn it against him, by re-arresting him after we got Ron in our hands. It seems fair, right? That’s not against the agreement.

“I will see what they have to say.” I then stand up and heads towards the door. I was going to take that information to Hobbs and go from there. I could bet that more than likely, I’d be back in here demanding answers.

“By the way, you have no other choice, Mr. Toretto. The video location is encrypted and can’t be tracked.” That’s what the bank said – we have top-notch security and you can’t steal the money. Then, I flat out stole the vault and broke into it later using a hand print that had been scanned onto a piece of clear plastic. Yep, I don’t do well with the word can’t because nothing is impossible.

“Nothing is impossible. As of right now, I have the best computer hack in the FBI working at breaking the inscription and tracking.” That was only partially the truth. There was someone working on it, but maybe not the best ever. Let’s just say that I didn’t have that much pull.

“Good luck, then.” I then close the door and head back to the main hallway, glancing at the workers as they continued to sort through their normal doings.

Glancing at the video feed, followed by the clock, time was certainly ticking before us and I knew that I had to do something before time ran out.


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