The Street Racing Stig – Chapters 66 Thru 70


Chapter 66: Post-Wreck

Jimmie’s POV

“In here,” the nurse says as she points to one of the rooms.

I then walk inside the room, climbing up on the bed as I glance around. I was used to this usual spell of events, unfortunately. You wreck a car, you come back here and they check you out before letting you leave.

I just hated that I was sitting here today as I was hoping to impress Candiss big time with her first race at the track by snatching up a win. That, and I need a good finish if I want to get to the next round of the Chase. If I want to make it to the third round now, I’m going to need to win one of the next two races.

My eyes immediately glance to the floor as I wait for the seconds, minutes to pass by till they come back to check on me. Why couldn’t I just say that I was fine with no pain and leave immediately? Why did we have to go through full physical examinations? That just seemed ridiculous and a waste of time. I guess they have to do it, for insurance and safety purposes.

“Jimmie?” I hear and glance up as Candiss enters the room. I hated having to be here, but perhaps there was a good thing about having Claire here in these instances. I had company! “Are you okay?” I shake my head yes as I glance back up at her, watching her walk in the small room. So much for giving her a great big celebration in victory lane.

“This is just part of the process as I’m fine – no pain or anything at all,” I assure her as I pull her into a hug. Anytime a driver hits the wall they say the significant other and family worry. So if it makes her feel better, I’m all set for hugs.

“That’s good to hear.” She then sits in the chair beside the bed as I keep my eyes locked on her. The hug was supposed to offer her comfort, but yet I can still see that she’s tense. She used to speed and she probably has seen her fair share of crashes. Why is she nervous?

“Candiss, I told you that I was fin-”

“David has made it to Kansas and has track access to pit road via passes, along with fellow crewmates Clayton, Hilary and Jason.” My jaw immediately drops. No wonder she’s nervous. While we tried to hide out and escape, they managed to make it inside the track and close the gap between us and them. Wait – how did she know this? Did someone spot them? Did something happen? Where was Dom? Why was I stuck here?

“How do you know that?” It seemed to be the easiest question to ask.

“Remember when Ron was slow in coming back with the radi-” Oh….

“They cornered Ron and questioned him?” Ron had always warned me that I was going to get myself into some big trouble and I should’ve backed out of this mess as soon as possible. However, I still went about the street racing and games. Now, I had myself wrapped up in a bucket of trouble and Ron had gotten a dish of it, as well. This wasn’t going according to plan at all. Ron was certain to kill me now.

“They also made him agree that he would make sure you were available post-race for kidnapping without any of us around. However, he managed to warn us on the pit box of what was happening. The team is acting as if nothing is wrong, while Dom and I headed back here quickly. Dom is outside scouting the place while I come in to see you.” That makes sense, as Dom was our security measure and she had access via being my girlfriend. However, trying to get Ron to pin me on trouble? I had to laugh at that. That was the worst choice that they could’ve made as Ron would do anything to protect me, as I would do for him. But wait….

“If I’m here and they can’t touch me, they could go back after Dom or Ron, Candiss. We can’t have that happening.” I’m sorry but if something happened to Ron because of me, I would be royally pissed at myself because he was the one that warned me this shit would happen.

“Dom has permission to arrest them as everything has come through so as soon as he spots them, he can put them under arrest. Chad and the whole crew are with Ron so you have nothing to worry about there. It’s just you that concerns us, hence why I’m here and warning you.” I have to admire her. It seems that they had all bases covered. That didn’t mean that I wasn’t nervous as any part of this plan could fail immediately. The only way that you’d make me relax is telling me that David’s whole crew was caught and our crew was fine, together again at the end of the day.

Where are you doctor? I need to go check on my guys!

Chapter 66: Security Detail

Dom’s POV

I was only at the track that reason because I wanted to be there to protect Candiss and Jimmie, given the fact that the twits were in the area. I had made the right decision to be there given the encounters that Candiss and Ron had experienced.

I knew that they’d show again, and this time I was going to be prepared. Brian had finally given me the okay to go through with arresting them as he had gotten the warrants necessary. It seems that they had finally screwed up and left a messy trail behind their wrong-doings. The list of charges that I had them for them – let’s just say that they’d be getting to know a set of bars quite well for the rest of their life.

Though while I had my reasons for being there, I couldn’t help but realize – this stockcar racing deal was cool! Why hadn’t I checked out this sooner?

I had been brought up in the drag racing world, going to the local strip with my father each weekend. Of course, that turned ugly and I was never allowed back after a slew of actions that followed his death. I still regretted what I did, and even took the path of apologizing to the guy’s family.

Even with that, I wasn’t allowed back. Hence the change in my attitude to focus on my own family and friends, as well the cars and street racing. Always living my life a quarter mile at a time, as they’d say.

Brian, Mia and the edition of a little nephew in my life brought forth another change in my life. Rather than always focusing on speed, I was focused on other good things in my life – like helping Brian with these criminal problems. It also boded well there was some street racing involved.

But getting back on track, for my first experience at a stockcar race – I had to admit that I was enjoying myself. From watching the pit crews on pit road to watching the cars zoom by quickly on track and battle for position, I couldn’t help but smile. Perhaps I had found something else to do and would spend some more weekends with Jimmie and Candiss down the road. Come to think of it, the whole team wouldn’t be bad to spend time with as Ron and Chad were pretty cool as I got to know them better. You just had to balance that time with Chad, though.

I was so focused on watching the cars go by in front of me that I didn’t realize Jimmie had made contact with the wall till I heard a loud bang and my eyes glanced at the monitor. There I could see the tore up No. 48 Lowes Chevrolet with heavy damage to the right side. I watched the window net drop, knowing that he was okay by that standard.

“Jimmie, are you okay?” I hear Chad through the headset that I had been given, almost jumping out of my skin as I had been so focused on the series of images.

“I’m fine,” he says. “I can’t drive it back. The right front is tore up bad.” My mind immediately went into protection mode. Driver can’t drive it back…so where does driver end up? I glance around, hoping that the note passed around earlier would lead to someone spitting out some sort of directions.

“10-4. I’ll meet you back in the garage and we’ll see if we can get you back out.” I watch as Chad takes off his headset and grabs his clipboard before heading down the steps. I guess he was headed back to the garage. So, should I head back to the garage? Wait – he said meet Jimmie there. Does Jimmie go somewhere else in between? Why wasn’t I briefed of this before the race?

“I’ll meet you back in the garage,” I hear Ron state as he trades a glance with Candiss. Now I was really surprised. “You should go ahead before me.” I watch as a small piece of paper slips off of his board and Candiss grabs it first. I wanted so badly to see the contents as she looked it over, handing it back to him. Shouldn’t we moving right now? What did the paper say? Why were they trading questionable glances?

“Ron, you dropped this,” she states. She then grabs my shirt, pulling me in her direction and hurrying down the stairs. I guess the note told her where she’d find Jimmie and where we should go – I hope.

We then head towards the pit area as I follow her, ultra confused as she makes her way through the sea of people.

“Where are we going?” I question, wanting answers. There had to be a reason for her behavior, right?

“Care center,” she answers as she hurries through the crowd, glancing back at me here and there to make sure I stayed with her. It was tough, but I was hanging right on her tail, as well as another brown-haired female. I learned pre-race that her name was Amanda and she handled all of Jimmie’s media stuff.

“You can go in upon arriving, Claire, as you’re girlfriend,” Amanda tells us as we reach the care center. She then glances back at me. “You can’t go in, though.” Trust me – as long as I knew that David and his guys couldn’t go in, I didn’t need to be in there. I had other business to attend to out here.

“That’s fine,” I firmly state as I glance around the place while they head inside.

Given their know-how that got them into the garage area, they had someone working out information. That person would know where to find Jimmie incase of a circumstance like this, unlike me. Therefore, they would already be here, set for the tackle upon him leaving. It was just about finding the group that I wanted.

I noticed the first group of people, but knew that they wouldn’t be there. This group was media – you could tell by the cameras and microphone and voice recorders. However, I saw another group hiding not that far off and recognized them immediately – David, Clayton and Jason. That’s who I needed.

I wanted to do this quietly without causing a big disturbance to the group of media members, but knew that’d be impossible by myself. Besides, how was one person supposed to arrest three people?

I tap one of the security’s guys on the shoulder, catching his attention as I hand him three arrest warrants. He gives me a confused glance, but understands immediately as he follows my finger to where it is pointing.

He simply nods his head, before getting the rest of his crop together. We all then head over and I immediately take David into my arms before he can even think of escaping, while the others grab Clayton and Jason.

“You’re arrested for a series of charges, but I’m sure you know that,” I state as I clamp the cuffs closed on his wrists behind his back, feeling pleased with my work.

“That’s fine,” he replies as he glances back at me with a smile. Why was he smiling? People don’t smile when they’re arrested. “Just answer me this. Where is Hilary?” I glance around, remembering the blond female that was supposed to be arrested with him and his crop. My mind immediately flashed as I could only think back to pit road and the one individual who was going to stay behind.

“Ron Malec.” I look over at the security guy as a laugh escapes David. Shit! “Get out a detail on the female in the stack and find her ASAP. She may have someone with her, who goes by the name of Ron Malec. He’s part of the 48 team.” I then hand David over to two of the guards. “Make sure these guys don’t escape.” I then head off, knowing that the laugh and grin on David’s face meant trouble.

If anything had happened to Ron, I was going to be dead – not just by Candiss, but by Jimmie as well. It was pretty clear that he didn’t want anyone getting screwed out of this and I didn’t want that either.

Chapter 68: Where’s Ron?

Ron’s POV

I had delivered the message. They knew what they had to do. the plan was in place to make sure the plans of David and his cronies wouldn’t take place, no matter what happened. Everything was going to work out today perfectly.

Bang! My heart immediately leaps in my chest as I watch the 48 car hit the wall as a result of the tire that had blown. So much for my plan of everything working out perfectly.

“Jimmie, are you okay?” Chad immediately asks, as protocol. He was fine. Those cars were safe and we’d seen hits like that before. It just meant a damper in our spirits and made the next two races even more important if he wanted a shot at the championship this year.

“I’m fine,” he says. “I can’t drive it back. The right front is tore up bad.” Yep, that was to be expected. Get your hammers, get your saws and some suspension parts – it’s time to somehow piece this car back together so we can get whatever points that we can imagine. Don’t you just enjoy the sounds of my job?

“10-4. I’ll meet you back in the garage and we’ll see if we can get you back out.” I watch as Chad takes off his headset and grabs his clipboard before heading down the steps. He wasn’t pleased – that was certain. I also knew that he expected full hands on deck to make sure that the car was put back together as soon as possible, hence why he was leaving already to lead the effort. That just left me to pick up the notes and make sure there was nothing around here that would lead other teams to our secrets. Got to watch for that, you know?

“I’ll meet you back in the garage,” I say aimlessly, knowing that there were others on the pit box. I then noticed those others – Candiss and Dom. Wait, this was their first race. They didn’t know protocol. They didn’t know that he’d be going to the care center. Why hadn’t I included in that the earlier note? Oh that’s right – I didn’t plan on my driver hitting a bloody wall today. I then trade another glance with Candiss, knowing that she had to learn this detail one way or another. “You should go ahead of me.” I then scribble a quick note as I say that, before carefully letting the piece of paper slip on the ground right before her feet. I watch as she bends and picks it up, reading it- good girl. Normally, I’d yell at someone for reading my notes without permission but this was different.

““Ron, you dropped this,” she states as she hands it back to me. I give her a simple nod as she then grabs Dom’s shirt, pulling him in her direction and hurrying down the stairs. Message delivered. I just had to hope that they had things under control for Jimmie.

I then continue to go through the pieces of paper, organizing them and tucking some in the drawer, while putting some in the folder that I carried in my hands. Satisfied that I had everything that I needed, I made my way down the stairs.

I glanced around the pit box, making sure that everything was tucked away as needed – once again, satisfied. My crew guys were trained well and knew how to follow the rules.

I then continue my walk towards the garage, knowing that a workload of crap laid ahead of me. That car didn’t matter to me right now, though. All that mattered to me was Jimmie. I knew that Dom had things in place to take care of David and his group – it was just making sure that we got to them first. Given their knowledge of my pre-race routine, they’d be by the care center and waiting for their-

A hand grabs my hand and gives it a firm tug, immediately sweeping me off of my feet and towards the direction of the source. I immediately go flying, unable to stop the forward momentum before crashing into a female.

I didn’t even need to look at the female. I could already tell who it was. There was only one person that would do such a thing out of the ordinary in this garage.

Hilary Evans.

“Hel-” I go to let out but never manage to finish the words as I feel a cold, metal object against my forehead. Now, I hadn’t been in these types of deals before – okay, so I dealt with idiots that wouldn’t pay their dues on the streets or were set for a fight, but not some crazy terrorist group type level deal – but I could tell you exactly what was against my temple. I’ll give you two guesses, and the first guess doesn’t count.

“Finish those words and draw attention and you’re going to wish that you never said those words,” she tells me as she grabs my hands, pulling them behind my back. I feel the clamp go over them, no doubt she had some sort of handcuff on them so I couldn’t use them if I wanted.

“You’re not going to get away with this.” She then spins me around, snagging something out of her pocket – I think a handkerchief, I think.

“I already am.” She then ties it around my mouth as the fumes immediately begin to take over. I feel myself getting light on my feet as she pulls me from the direction that we are towards some red object….a car, I think – it looks to have wheels.

I quickly drop the folder out of my hand, not caring if anybody sees the precious secrets of HMS or my notes. Actually, it’d be better if someone did as everyone would know what was happening and come help me.

My body begins to feel even lighter and my mind feels like it’s going into a 200mph dizzy, eyes fluttering…fight it Ron, fight it. Try to figure out what is going on as the door opens to the red object. Though it’s no use as when my body hits soft cushioning, the heaviness of my eyes is too much to handle any longer.

Someone, anyone help me…..please.

Chapter 69: The Missing Man

Jimmie’s POV

As expected, I had been released from the care center without issue. But that wasn’t what I was worried about. I had other bigger worries to be concerned about.

Where were David and his crew? Did Dom manage to arrest David and his crew? Where was Ron? I had seen each of the main crew guys since the incident, but hadn’t seen my buddy. That was concerning considering that there were a series of mad men and women (can’t forget Hilary, right?) running around.

“Where’s Dom?” I question as I walk back into the garage, glancing around. I figured that he’d offer me some good answers. Ron – I figured that he was cleaning up things at the pit box since we were more than likely done for the day with the damage to the car.

“No clue,” Cody comments, catching my attention. “Is anybody going to tell me why you’re worried about him and the odd notes?” I wish it was just that easy to spit out every single detail about everything. However, it was already a risk telling Chad. Did I really want to tell someone else? Oh, and that someone wasn’t someone that I was close with yet as Cody had just joined the team this year.

“Long story. You’ll figure it out in due time, when the time is right. Don’t you have a job to do?” That was the easiest way to deal with new crew members – remind them of their job and why they were there. More than likely, they’d run off and do something as they didn’t like to make you mad. He had learned quickly what happened when you made Chad mad.

“I guess…” He then heads off, set to do whatever he had to do. I was glad to get him off of my back even if the rest of the team was glancing my way. Perhaps a team meeting was in store for this week.

“You didn’t need to chase him off like that,” Candiss then states, catching my attention. She was new, remember.

“He doesn’t need to know because if you keep telling people, it’ll get out to the media and I might as well leave right now,” I offer, which was the truth. Could you imagine the story if they heard that I was a street racer? They already wanted to chop Kyle’s head off when he got one little speeding ticket.

“Have you seen Ron?” Chad then asks me, stirring me from my thoughts. I immediately shake my head no, now growing more confused and curious. Where was my car chief?

“I thought he was back at the pit cart cleaning things up,” I answer and Chad shakes his head no as he glances back to the car.

“We’re not done yet.” I then look over the car and then look at him surprised. Was he really going to fix this thing? I was going to have to go back out and make more laps?

“You’re fixing the car?” Candiss questions, obviously as confused as I am. “He can’t win the rac-”

“Points,” Chad cuts her off. “Read the point sheet and the breakdown and you’ll get why this is important. If we miss the cut off because we simply gave up this weekend that’d suck majorly.” He then walks away back towards the car. He was mad. He was always mad when the car was wrecked. That meant that his answers were short, as seen there. He didn’t like to be questioned or anything. This is usually when I walk away and leave him alone. However, I couldn’t do that. I had to answer the question that he had – where was my car chief? He obviously needed Ron so he could help put the pieces back together.

“Don’t mind him,” I tell Candiss, noticing the surprised glance on her face at his answer. “He’s upset and that turns into that.” I watch as her eyes never leave Chad, watching him go around the garage, barking orders and instructions.

“This is the Chad Knaus that you warned me about?” She questions and I simply shake her head yes. I had warned her that he could be like this. Hey, at least I gave her warning. That’s better than some people get.

“Jimmie!” I hear my name yelled as I watch one of the 88 crew guys come into the garage. What was Jason doing here? Shouldn’t he calling the race for Dale with Stevie? “One of our guys was headed back refill the fuel cans when he noticed this clipboard on the ground with notes scattered all over.” I take the clipboard and the notes, looking them over. I knew who’s it was immediately. There was no question who these belonged to as I recognized the writing right away.

“Ron’s,” I comment, catching Chad and Candiss’ attention at the same time. “Jason, where did you say you found this?”

“By the opening at pit road. There were also skid marks by the papers, according to Travis.” There was no more words that needed to be spoken. A glance at Candiss and we both knew the answer. Fuck!

“I am happy to report that we have arrested David, Clayton and the rest of the crop – except for Hilary,” a new voice chimes in as Dom walks into the garage. That was a relief….except for one thing. Where was Ron? Why were his notes scattered all over? Why hadn’t Hilary been arrested?

“What about Hilary?” Candiss questions as Dom immediately shrugs his shoulders.

“Then tell me about this…” I state as I shove the clipboard and papers at him. “Found lying on the ground with skid marks near it at the opening to the garage. Ron was the last person to leave the pit stall. He always is the last person to leave the stall, leaving it by himself as he gathers up notes and such. Where is Malec?” I watch as he flips through the stack, setting it down on the pit box. Obviously, the notes meant nothing to him. There were just a bunch of set-up notes. But, there was a bigger question that mattered.

“Hilary wasn’t there and now Malec has gone missing…..” Candiss comments quietly out loud. Nobody else needed to say anymore as it was obvious as to what had happened.

Ron had been kidnapped.

He had been by my side through this whole deal. When he warned me that I was getting in too deep, I ignored his warnings and stuck with it. I promised him that nothing would go wrong. Now, I stood in the middle of the garage while he was God knows where with some crazy lady. The complete opposite of what I wanted.

“Fuck!” I let out as my hand immediately goes into a fist and I glance around, looking for something to punch. It was my fault and there was no way around that. The complete opposite of I wanted and needed to happen had happened.

“I’ll go see David and see if he has anything to say,” Dom states as he walks away.

“I’m coming with you,” I tell him as I immediately follow, not giving a shit anymore about the car. Chad could say what he wanted but I think we have more serious business to attend to.

“You’re not coming in the roo-”

“I just want to make sure that you do whatever it takes to get me the answers that I need right now.” I knew that I wasn’t allowed in the room. That didn’t mean that I was going to hold back at all in doing whatever it took to get Ron back.

“Don’t worry – he’s not going to have it easy, at all.”

“Kick his ass if you need to,” Chad adds as I notice that he was following us, as well. “I told the guys to load the car up and that we were done. That’s all they know.”

I shake my head, agreeing. That’s all they needed to know for now. That’s all I hoped that they found out down the road; but then again, I would tell them if that’s what it took to find Ron.

Chapter 70: David

Dom’s POV

I knew that I had to listen to Hobbs’ say on everything – he was running the operation of arresting this crop for their terrorist endeavors. However, there came a time when I started to ignore his say and do my own thing – there was always a time in these situations.

Right now, it was that time.

I couldn’t wait for him to get here. I couldn’t play games anymore. There was a crazed mad woman somewhere holding someone hostage, and not just anyone. This was a person was close to the group of people who I had become close with over the weekend.

If you know me, you know one thing for sure – you don’t mess with those close to me.

I reach the police station, making my way inside as this crop follows me. Candiss and Jimmie had stuck to me since finding out that Ron was missing, and it seemed we had picked up on Chad as well. They didn’t bother me as all that mattered was getting close to Ron.

“They’re with me,” I state as one of the officers tries to stop our group from proceeding through the next door. I then led the group inside of a room that had a glass window to see in the holding room, where David sat. Clayton and Jason sat in other separate rooms, as per the usual protocol. However, if anybody knew where Hilary and Ron were, it was this guy. The best part of these rooms – we could see in, but they couldn’t see out. Magic.

“Agent Hobbs is on his way and will be here in the next three hours,” a female police officer says as I glance over her way. Obviously, she was sent in here to the informant and run the show till the federal government took hold of the three people in custody.

“We can’t wait that long.” She then glances at her notes – that’s normal.

“Agent Hob-”

“One of the members of this group is missing. One of the people of interest has been kidnapped. Do I have to do the math for you? We have a hostage situation.” Like I said, I don’t play around.

“Sir, Agent Hob-”

“Anything that you have in front of you in that precious folder…” I then snatch the folder out of her hand and throw it away, since she couldn’t buy a clue if it was right in front of her. “…goes out of the window as soon as there’s a hostage situation. The longer we sit on our asses, the greater danger that the missing individual is at.” I could identify him, but I didn’t want to peak her interest more. As it was, she kept staring at Jimmie and Chad with surprised eyes. “Therefore, I am going to go see Mr. Rhodes and what he has to say for himself.”

“Okay….I guess.” Yeah, she thought better of second guessing me after my little rant. She doesn’t want to be responsible for a human life.

“I’m comi-” Jimmie starts as my eyes immediately glance over at him.

“You can stay here and listen. Nobody is supposed to go see him.” I then go through the door, slamming back shut behind me as David looks up at me. It’s so hard to resist simply punching him right now.

“Well, how are you doi-” David starts, casually. Wrong move, wrong move.

“I’m going to keep this short and sweet,” I cut him off, needing to get to the point. “Where’s Ron Malec?” I watch as a grin forms on his face. He knows exactly what I’m talking about.

“I don’t know who you’re talking about.” Yeah, I expected that answer. When does a mastermind criminal give up their idea?

“Let me try a new approach. Where’s Hilary Evans?” He had to know where his second-in-toe on the crew was.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” That was to be expected, again.

“See, my people tell me that Hilary kidnapped Ron Malec, one of the crew members off of Jimmie Johnson’s team. It doesn’t seem farfetched for me.” I then lean over the table, knowing that he knew the details and I needed those details as soon as possible. “So tell me where they are and maybe I will tell Hobbs to be nicer to you.” Hence the maybe, because the reality is no.

“So perhaps I know where he is. Perhaps I know where she is. Perhaps we can make a deal.” Finally getting somewhere. But he thinks that I’m going to make him a deal?

“I’m listening.” I’ll entertain it, at least.

“You let me go and I’ll give you back Ron. However, the longer you keep me here, the more anxious Hilary gets and the less likely that Ron will be returned to you in a sound condition.” Trade for trade – typical criminal tactic. Of course, they know that we’re desperate for a life that we know nothing as to location. Advice – it never works. We always get our person back and they get nothing.

“How do I know that I can trust you?” Would you trust a criminal?

“Hilary has set up a video feed at the location that she has Ron at right now. That video feed can be accessed via my phone.” I then snatch his phone out of where it was thrown, throwing it at him. Might as well see if he is on to something.

“Bring it up.” I watch as he goes through a couple screens, before indeed – he brings up a video feed before sliding the phone back to me.

“They can see us, we can see them. I suggest you leave it on.” That was fine as there was not much to see from my end.

“Thank you. We’ll be in touch.” I then leave the room, holding his phone tight in hand as my eyes glance towards the pictures.

No doubt Hilary had done her part in kidnapping Ron. It was obvious that she had knocked him out based on the rag that sat by his feet on the floor, and how he laid there motionless, tied up. You could tell that he was breathing by the movement of his chest, so that was enough for me right now.

I knew that once he came to, the games would start and we would have to move quickly.

I made my way past Jimmie, Candiss and Chad without a single word, going over to a small network of officers that were focused on our case.

“Find out where this feed is coming from,” I state as I show them the phone. “Connect it to your computer and do your magic. Also, I need to see that image big at all times so connect the image to a television screen. Beyond that, I want you to be searching up any possible model of car that Ms. Hilary Evans could’ve been driving, and doing a cross check of location. If a possible model shows up near a warehouse, I need that. I need you to find me empty warehouses in the area and be sure that they’re checked out for our suspect. I want notices on all airwaves and television stations about the disappearance of Ms. Evans and Mr. Ron Malec. I want all eyes looking, and possibly reporting where they went after leaving Kentucky Speedway. Understood?” The group easily shakes their heads yes as they immediately get to work. Given my authority, they knew that they should listen or else they’d be in trouble when Hobbs got here. Even worse, they could be responsible for someone turning up dead.

“So what are we going to do now?” I hear as I glance over my shoulder, noticing Candiss standing there. A glance over towards Jimmie and Chad and their eyes were focused on the image that was now plastered on one of the large television screens.

“We’re looking up location and information,” I tell her. “Once we get that information, we can move in and handle the situation. The longer he stays knocked out, the better right now so it gives us time. As soon as he comes to and she starts to get nervous, things could turn. We’ve got time, but not much time.”

“What if you don’t find that information?” I hear Jimmie quietly ask, obviously worried for Ron. For someone who wasn’t inside these investigations, the immediate thought was to listen to the request and worry about consequences later.

“We’ll handle the situation as we need to. One thing for sure – he’s going to be okay, Jimmie. I promise that he will be okay.”

I just hoped that I could keep that promise. I always kept my promises….only broke a promise once. I didn’t intend on breaking another promise.


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