A Night Out – Chapter 7: The Date

Chapter 7: The Date

This free fall’s got me so
Kiss me all night don’t ever let me go


As scheduled, Chad showed up at her hotel and smiled as she walked through the lobby. She then climbed in the rental car, looking over with a smile.


“Hey,” she says as he pulls away.


“Hey,” he replies. “You look beautiful tonight.” She simply smiled in response.


“Thank you. You look pretty handsome yourself. Oh, the place is up here on the right just off the main street. If you like pasta, you’ll love it.”


“I’m always up for a good pasta dish.”


They arrived at the restaurant, and went through figuring out what they wanted. The waiter took their order, before heading off to leave the pair to discuss things amongst themselves.


“So, does the crew chief have a good car for the weekend?” She questions with a smile and he shakes his head yes. “I’m surprised considering where you qualified.”


“You sound like every critic that I’ve dealt with,” he comments. “The car isn’t good on the first couple of laps, but it’s great for the long haul. We’ll be at the front when it counts on Sunday.” She hoped those words played true as she’d like another opportunity to see him.


“Would it give you extra motivation that I am in charge of victory lane festivities tomorrow on behalf of the track and ISC?” Chad looks at her surprised as she shakes her head yes with a smile.


“Guess I’ll have to tell Jimmie to get up on the wheel a bit more for me.” She didn’t have any doubt about that as she knew the type of Jimmie was, and how he could get the job done. She just hoped her predictions would come true.


“Go easy on the poor guy. He’s doing the best that he can always. You have to remember that.” Chad grins and shakes his head, agreeing. He knew that now, but sometimes forgot that in the heat of the moment. Hence some of their arguments on the radio that were always forgotten later.


“Okay, enough about Jimmie and me. I want to hear more about you.” She then looks at him surprised as he crosses his arms with a smile. “I want to learn every bit about you so get talking. I know your job background and how you got involved with NASCAR and ISC. I can tell that we relate in many ways. But there’s got to be more.” She then looks at him curiously, intrigued by his want to learn more.


“What do you want to know, Mr. Knaus?” He thought over the possibilities of what to ask her.


“What’s your dream place for a vacation?” She thinks it over, going through the dreams that she had.


“Jamaica. I’ve wanted to check out the culture and places that everyone talks about.” Chad hadn’t been there himself yet and he loved places that were warm. Could he possibly have an idea for the off-season already?


“I’ve never been there but I’m set for any place that is warm so I could easily be interested in going there.” She knew the game that he was playing already, and that was fine. She could play that game, too.


“So where is your dream vacation spot?” He thought about the previous trips that he had taken, though knew there was a spot that he hadn’t been too yet.


“I’ve done a lot of trips down south, but I wouldn’t mind going over to Ireland and Scotland during the off-season and seeing some of the sights there. I’ve heard so many great stories.” She smiles as she had taken a trip there about five years ago with some friends.


“I could be your tour guide as I’ve been there before. There’s so many great spots.” Chad smiles, seeing how she had caught his reason for asking the original question.


Throughout the rest of the evening, the pair kept going back and forth about each other. They both had to admit – dinner was the best idea that they could’ve had as they certainly had a connection. Perhaps their initial feelings weren’t so far off.


With the night complete, Chad did the liberty of taking her back to the hotel. Though rather than just dropping her off, he also took the liberty to walk her up to her room.


“This one,” she says as they arrive at the door, slipping her key card out of her purse.


“I had a great time tonight,” Chad tells her, regretting that their date was set to be over. “I hope you had fun as well.”


“I had a great time. Thanks for calling me and asking me out. We’ll have to do it again.” She then turned his eyes to look into his, leaning forward set for a hug. Though rather than ending up wrapped in his arms, their lips clashed. Rather than pulling away, she took advantage of the moment, taking over his lips with her own. She then backs away after a couple of seconds, letting out a breath. “I’m sor-”


“You don’t need to apologize for kissing me. Actually, I’ve been waiting all night for that.” He then pulls her back close to him and returns the favor, before backing away with a smile. “We both have early mornings to get to. I’ll see you around, Ms. Daniels.”


“You better keep that promise with those lips, Mr. Knaus.”


He then heads down the hall, knowing that if he stayed there any longer he’d end up following her into the room and it’d be a long night.


She then slips the keycard into the door, slipping inside before closing the door behind her. As she leans back against the door, she can’t help but smile. She could’ve handled having that man in her arms for the rest of the night with those lips against hers. How did she get so blessed to meet someone like him?



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